Where is Infiniti Corporate office Headquarters

Infiniti Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 183 Queen's Road East
    Hong Kong
  • Phone Number: +852 2756 9123
  • Fax Number: 852 2756 9135
  • Email:
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1989
  • Founder: Bill Bruce
  • Key People: Roland Krueger, Joseph G. Peter

Infiniti Headquarters Location & Directions

Infiniti Headquarters Executive Team



Roland Krueger

Chairman & Global President

Joseph G. Peter

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Kaczynski

Vice President of Administration and Finance

About Infiniti, History and Headquarters Information

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Infiniti Headquarters Photos

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  • Rebecca Jackson says:

    Good evening:
    As a long term proud Infiniti owner of a QX56 as well as G35. My very first purchase was in 2007, I have done nothing but share my Infiniti stories within my own business along with my friends and family and the private school ST. JOHNS Lutheran in Orange, CA.
    If you could see the results of my sharing if would place large smiles on many faces. It is heavy Infiniti SUV and very little Chev SUV’s, I would love to take credit for all of it although I can not. Word of month travels. So the reason for my message. I purchased my QX56 in July of 2013 from Tustin Infiniti in Irvine, Ca. My sales persons name is Joseph, Joseph is still employed at this location. I started experiencing this chugging problem when driving up hills in the first 6 months. I contacted Joseph regarding this many times. Joseph explained to me that this SUV is a smart system and that it requires premium gas. So I followed his advise. The problem continue to grow worse many times my car was pulled for service lots of times un-documented. Melissa Wilkes is still employed with Infiniti as I have followed her from different locations, she too stated it was a huge problem, Infiniti Tustin Irvine lost many employees from 2014-2018 including GM. I went to Mission Viejo to seek help. They told me that the transmission was completely gone. They changed out the transmission. I get the QX56 back and drive back to Anaheim Hills in the process I hear this pinging sound. I contact Melissa, she stated bring it back. I cold not get back ASAP, so I went back in three weeks and she has moved up in the company and is no longer at that location. So I contact Joseph he states Omg Rebecca this is been an absolute nightmare yo really need to explain your story to headquarters. I took my car back into Irvine Infiniti it will sometimes shift and sometimes not and the sound they state possibly could be timing change. Although they need to see it appear on they testing machine, they do not see it. Long story climbs on and on, my car is not acting normal and is very loud as if it the pistons are missing or something is about to crash. The intermitting shifting is only getting worse as I stated to the tech Gabriel while I was there. I try to explain everything to them. This experience I have gone through has so many more details and I’m exhausted from all of it. Not to mention I am a business owner and need my SUV to be reliable. I have lost my trust with Infiniti at this point, processing the idea of purchasing a new SUV with another company.

    Thank you for hearing me in advance,

    Rebecca Jackson

  • Gloria Perreault says:

    I’m interested in the Qx50 but only if I can get it in liquid copper. is this possible?

  • >