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  • Address: 183 Queen’s Road East
    Hong Kong

  • Phone Number:
    +852 2756 9123

  • Fax Number: 852 2756 9135

  • Email: Infinitiownerservices@infiniti.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1989

  • Founder: Bill Bruce

  • Key People: Roland Krueger, Joseph G. Peter

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Roland Krueger

Chairman & Global President

Joseph G. Peter

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Kaczynski

Vice President of Administration and Finance

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  • Kedrin Hood says:

    I have an infiniti Q50 that is having issues with the air conditioning. I live in Arizona where it has been 110+ degrees for the passed 30 days. Infiniti manufacturers are aware of this issue and they put out a service bulletin that warrants customers of the increased risk of having this issue if your vehicle falls between the model, year, and vin number posted in the bulletin. Although manufacturing knows that this is a faulty issue that will most likely happen to the vehicle at some point, it is not covered because it’s not listed as a recall. Whenever I need maintenance done on my vehicle, I always go to Infiniti to get it done. It’s not about me having to pay for this maintenance but ensuring customer are getting quality vehicles and taking responsibility when manufacturing is at fault. These are pricey vehicles and the least they could do is take responsibility when at fault. I do not recommend purchasing a vehicle from here and more importantly please find out what service bulletins are associated with the vehicle before purchasing. When I spoke with Dayana, the service member, she asked for my vin and proceeded to tell me there are not any service bulletins associated with my vehicle. I spoke with a local mechanic that provided me with the number and when I called back, it magically appeared. I am very disappointed with how they value loyal customers and will not be purchasing another vehicle from Infiniti.

  • Sadiqa Bokhari says:

    To WHOM it may concern,

    Though this SHOULD concern every top-level Infiniti executive.

    My name is Sadiqa Bokhari, I live in Somerset NJ and I am writing to convey my MASSIVE disappointment with Infiniti w my current experience. Please note that I have been a loyal Infiniti owner for the last 5 past leases and eagerly awaited the new QX60 2022. Even extended the lease by 4 months when a different brand if equal plus more was available. What a disappointment 3 weeks into the car.

    The screen on the dashboard went blank, and my car landed in the dealership awaiting part for 35 days. On two separate occasions 1 week and then 25 days the second time. My summer went belly up… I had family visiting and our travel plans were screwed. Not to mention the major inconvenience of everything else that had to be shuffled around it. I git two loaners. The first one was a sedan Q50 that started problems and fuming at the hood. The second one was a QX60, and both older models loaners with no navigation or anything comforting. I used my phone both times and that’s an accident risk.

    Long story (and it IS a long painful story) short. The part came back and it took them a week to put it together finally after 35 days and a lost Memorial Day and 4 weeks into summer I got my car.

    NOW the REALLY CHEAP punch by Infiniti was when they called for the compensation. The CS Rep says the final offer they have is 1-month payment!!! UNBELIEVABLE I MEAN RIDICULOUSLY UNBELIEVABLE and DISGUSTING. They should pay at least 3-4 months compensation for my pain, suffering and not to mention the total embarrassment of what I would now consider to be a LEMON car wrapped in NEW!

    How shameful for this corporation to treat its customers this way. This doesn’t hurt the big guys the CEOs and the directors enjoying their summer BBQ w 15 cars on their hands. This is a problem for the average person.

    I’m a woman’s owned small business and this is something even I wouldn’t do to my loyal customers.

    Shame on Infiniti!!! Really!! This is a new low in corporate in a post-Covid economy!

    Heck with the $747 I paid and non-negotiable down or mileage. I could have gotten a Tesla

    Infiniti should FIX this and regain some respect because this will be the talk that will go far!

    Very very very poor judgment on Infiniti!

    Look forward to a response and a legit and fair compensation for
    my trouble and stress.

    I didn’t hold back Infiniti but man you guys are cheap as hell!! Shame on you!!

  • Thomas Herbert Bray says:

    I need to know the location, address and CEO if Infiniti corporate headquarters in the USA.

  • Annie Marx says:

    We keep seeing your ridiculous ad for Infiniti SUV in the United STates where a horrible sounding band screeches out music and the female Infiniti owner slowly rolls her window up so SHE doesn’t have to listen to it but….WE DO…your future customers? Thanks for annoying the heck out of us and making our ears hurt. This is a terrible commercial. You insult your customers.

  • Denise Walker says:

    To Whom It May Concern,
    Last month, the battery in our QX80 was dying daily.  We took it to our local Infiniti dealer.They said our tow box was draining the battery, so we removed it.  The cost was $139 for that information.  The next day, the battery was dead.  We took it back to Infiniti of Dayton.  This diagnosis was that it was the radio that was draining the battery.  They quoted a new battery of $8000!  Another solution was to unplug the fuse to the battery after shutting the car off.Since we have done that, the proximity detector constantly goes off even if there is nothing else around us.  Again, we called Infiniti of Dayton and James said this is no coincidence.Can you believe that?  When we purchased the car in April 2021, Dave at Infiniti of Dayton said the car was under full warranty until April 2022.  We informed Dave said he had no idea it was not covered!This is unbelievable.  We have had eight Infinitis and loved them all.  We use the local maintenance department for everything.We have been dismissed over this latest issues.  It is difficult to understand how a company, with whom we have been very loyal, refuses to help us.We currently have two Infinitis, these will be our last unless your company (which formerly was customer driven) helps us out.Thank you for our anticipated concern,Sincerely,Denise and Bill Walker937 2861731Case # 45833121

  • D'Andre Hollinger says:

    I took my car Nalley Infinite in Doraville and I had a bad experience with them. I took my car up there for them to fix a problem I had with my car. I jumped my car off and the air condition wouldn’t go off and the radio wouldn’t come on either so I took it them. They couldn’t fix that part and they tried to charge me 3,174.00 to fix it or order a part and they’ll fix for 450.00so they found something else wrong with it some belts so I let them fix that go pick it up 2 hour later my radiator explode call them that said it not our responsibility what to your car pay them 320.00 dollars for them to tear up my car. My experience with infinite is a bad experience I don’t advise anybody to go Nalley Infinite or probably any Infinite dealership they are Infinite probably going to F**k your car up too!

  • Melany Suddith says:

    I went to the Nalley Infiniti Atlanta to have my 2017 QX80 serviced. After having purchased a GX470 Lexus New and serviced for 15 years without any problems at Hennessey Lexus Atlanta (a stones throw from Infiniti), I expected the same superior service from Infiniti to my dismay. This was my 4th time at your Nalley Atlanta facility. The second time I was there, you kept my car for a week and when I came to get my car your service center drove the car out to me STILL SQUEEKING – the main thing I asked them to check. Turns out it was my fan belt which had to be replaced. I had to wait an additional 21/2 hours after your facility had my car a week! TODAY, after making an appt to bring my car in, I had to wait 30 min for the loaner, and then discovered you were giving me a Nissan Sentra to drive. WHAT?! UNACCEPTABLE! I spoke to the manager he did NOT care at all and merely stated a scripted statement, “I’m sorry our service is not up to your standard.” It’s not that your facility’s service is not up to my standard. Your facility at this site is not “up to standard.” I requested my own car be returned to me immediately. I wasted an entire morning. Your manager should NOT be satisfied with his low quality service delivery. I will NOT return to this service site. I I will try one other service facility site, and if I discover Inifiniti is a poor service deliverer by policy, then I will sell my QX80 and go back to Lexus. I refuse to deal with sub-par service for the next 10 years!

  • Patricia Dodson says:

    I filed a complaint ( case #37312411) against Harper Infinity Knoxville TN for outrageously charging for labor and parts to “repair” (this is unclear) a leak. And leaks on a 2012 G37 are common and a factory defect. My certified preowned warranty and my extended warranty are coincidentally expired. I was told these warranties did not cover leaks anyways coincidentally. The labor to service my car was $2502.00 and parts $328.82. Grand total with tax and supplies $3130.91. I did get a couple of hoses and windshield wipers that squack and barely work. Plus I have another service center bill totaling approximately $400.00 for towing and some diagnostic tests. Don’t get me all wrong. I loved my G37 before the leak, it was one of finest cars I’ve ever owned and I bragged on it all the time. I have owned almost every make car out there, but for these problems to happen to a vehicle with approximately 50,000 miles is simply not quite right. My story gets worse. Went to dealership to pick up my car. Paid my bill. I asked service manager if my car would go 25 miles and he said “probably”. That was a little scary. Then I asked if it would go to my home in Florida and he said “probably not”. As a result I am terrified to drive it. He also added “I’ll say a prayer for you”. Please advise me. Thank you.

  • Pietro Niedda says:

    I bought an Infiniti FX30Da year and a half ago, the car was fine. He then started to turn on the emergency light that was turned off in the Nissan center of Olbia (Italy) now once a month. After several washes of filters and cleaning of the EGR valve, the car finally stopped in July, the month in which “the drama” began… the headquarters of MIlano closed for holidays 2 weeks, the piece arrived in September and today 26 September I picked up the car to which the cooling of the EGR valve was replaced, at a cost of more than 1300 euros. My question is; Since this spread is common to many FX and the same is known about the Infinity, why do you stay 2 months without a car and fidget to spend a disproportionate amount? What kind of warranty or assistance does Infiniti provide? I will be forced after this unpleasant experience to sell it, despite the machine I like, but the defect (recidivism) is worrying and the assistance really outrageous. I’m sorry about the name of this factory, but it was all very disappointing.
    I do not rule out the use of a legal office after what happened.

  • Angel Hidalgo says:

    We purchased the 2015 Infiniti QX60 and it only has 32,000 miles. The AC blower and rear blower failed. I took it to my mechanic and the troubleshooting determined that he was not getting a positive outlet from the BCM. Of course that the warranty expired about three months ago. I was thinking in the future of replacing the vehicle for another Infiniti. However, after this encounter I find this vehicle (Infiniti) to be unreliable for a breakdown at such a low mileage. I also replaced the front blower because it was pulling to much amps.I also ended up replacing the battery because it couldn’t hold the charge. The warranty says 84 months pro-rated but they advised -no only 48 months

  • Dennis Lentin (leased in the name Dolores Lentin, spouse) says:

    We leased a 2017 Infiniti Q50 some 30 months ago. We both like the car, but two problems have developed that the local dealer, Schumacher West Palm Beach, FL, chooses to tell us that that is normal. One complaint is that the trunk has become difficult to lift, dealers answer ” within character of a Q50″. I disagree the shocks that ease the lift have worn and need to be replaced. The other problem is that if you release pressure on the accelerator and then return pressure to the accelerator the vehicle will stall for a few seconds causing a “SAFETY HAZARD”. They test drove the car and found that it happened to them as well claiming it is the character of the turbo. I again disagree. Why did it take almost three years for this problem to occur. The service advisor Danny Solorzano indicates the cause maybe the use of regular gasoline and advises we start using high test as indicated, even though the salesman told us to use regular. Now we have another problem, I asked the sales advisor to write a letter on company stationery stating the problems and his comments. He told me that he would do that and texted me that the car, letter and keys where ready to pick up, he lied to me, there is no letter only a no charge invoice with the details on it. Why did he have to lie. I can no longer trust the service department at Infiniti of the Palm Beaches, inc. I will send copies of this memo to the dealer, the service manager, the owner of the dealership and Infinti Corp US, as well as the National Safety Council. For your information this is the 5th Infinti we have bought and or leased. My 2002 Q45 was the best car I have ever driven, to bad you don’t make them anymore.

  • Rebecca Jackson says:

    Good evening:
    As a long term proud Infiniti owner of a QX56 as well as G35. My very first purchase was in 2007, I have done nothing but share my Infiniti stories within my own business along with my friends and family and the private school ST. JOHNS Lutheran in Orange, CA.
    If you could see the results of my sharing if would place large smiles on many faces. It is heavy Infiniti SUV and very little Chev SUV’s, I would love to take credit for all of it although I can not. Word of month travels. So the reason for my message. I purchased my QX56 in July of 2013 from Tustin Infiniti in Irvine, Ca. My sales persons name is Joseph, Joseph is still employed at this location. I started experiencing this chugging problem when driving up hills in the first 6 months. I contacted Joseph regarding this many times. Joseph explained to me that this SUV is a smart system and that it requires premium gas. So I followed his advise. The problem continue to grow worse many times my car was pulled for service lots of times un-documented. Melissa Wilkes is still employed with Infiniti as I have followed her from different locations, she too stated it was a huge problem, Infiniti Tustin Irvine lost many employees from 2014-2018 including GM. I went to Mission Viejo to seek help. They told me that the transmission was completely gone. They changed out the transmission. I get the QX56 back and drive back to Anaheim Hills in the process I hear this pinging sound. I contact Melissa, she stated bring it back. I cold not get back ASAP, so I went back in three weeks and she has moved up in the company and is no longer at that location. So I contact Joseph he states Omg Rebecca this is been an absolute nightmare yo really need to explain your story to headquarters. I took my car back into Irvine Infiniti it will sometimes shift and sometimes not and the sound they state possibly could be timing change. Although they need to see it appear on they testing machine, they do not see it. Long story climbs on and on, my car is not acting normal and is very loud as if it the pistons are missing or something is about to crash. The intermitting shifting is only getting worse as I stated to the tech Gabriel while I was there. I try to explain everything to them. This experience I have gone through has so many more details and I’m exhausted from all of it. Not to mention I am a business owner and need my SUV to be reliable. I have lost my trust with Infiniti at this point, processing the idea of purchasing a new SUV with another company.

    Thank you for hearing me in advance,

    Rebecca Jackson

  • Gloria Perreault says:

    I’m interested in the Qx50 but only if I can get it in liquid copper. is this possible?

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