Where is Indeed Corporate office Headquarters

Indeed Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 7501 N Capital of Texas Hwy
    Austin, TX 78731

  • Phone Number:
    +1 203-328-2691

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: support@indeed.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 2004

  • Founder: Paul Forster & Rony Kahan

  • Key People: Rony Kahan, Paul Forster

Indeed Headquarters Location & Directions

Indeed Headquarters Executive Team



Rony Kahan

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Paul Forster

Co-Founder and Senior Advisor

Anne Murguia

Senior Director of Corporate Marketing

Paul D’Arcy

Senior Vice President of Marketing

About Indeed, History and Headquarters Information


Indeed was founded in the year  2004. The company has been operational for 14 years now. The founders of the company were Rony Kahan and Paul Forster. The company started its operations in two cities in the USA, namely – Austin in Texas and Stamford in Connecticut. The product development staff was for the office located in Austin, Texas, USA. While the company’s sales, finance, client services as well as the human resources staff used the office located in Stamford, Connecticut, USA. In the year 2005, the company launched its beta website to the public, with a ‘pay per click’ job advertising network policy. Apart from doing mere job listings by the company, it also started to tune in the recommendations by allowing the occurrence of the most used words over time, thus showing the trend in the job market.

The first investment received by the company was for an amount of $5 million from various investors such as The New York Times, Allen & Company and also Union Square Ventures. Then in the year 2007, the company had finally become profitable, and therefore, no new additional funding was needed by the company. The early revenue growth of the company was led by a strong sales team composing of Brendan Cruickshank and Christopher Campbell. In the year 2021, the company had become an independent operating unit of Japan-based Recruit Company Limited. As of the year 2016, Recruit Holdings Company Limited announced that it has taken over the competitor of Indeed, known as Simply Hired, and will, therefore, become the publishing partner of Indeed as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 7501 North Capital of Texas Highway. The name of the place is Austin, while the name of the state is Texas, USA. The pin code of the area is 78731.


Indeed is an American company that focuses on employers and employees to have the platform to post job listings for various types of employment needs and services. The services of the company are available in over 60 countries worldwide and are available in 28 different languages as well. In the year 2010, the company passed Monster.com as the most massive trafficked job creating website in the USA. As of the year 2018, the Amazon Alexa rank of the company’s website is at 167 places.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing employees and employers to use the online website platform offered by the company. The company not only provides for jobs to be posted as advertisements but also allow job seekers to apply as well directly. It also helps job seekers to create their own resume.

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  • Robert Catone says:

    This company has the customer service of a dead tadpole. 2 weeks I’ve been calling as an employer and speak to many but nobody calls back with a solution after was told they would within 24 hours. I’ve used this company gor years but recently is worthless. Rony Kahan should be ashamed of himself for the way his company is being run!!!

  • Rodger A Bagwell says:

    I just sent an Email to indeed support, and it immediately came back as undeliverable, so I think indeed is just a scheme to get people’s money. I sure hope they contact me to prove me wrong. Bet that won’t happen

  • Rodger A Bagwell says:

    I would like to know why you need my zip code if you are going to post jobs over 1000 mile away. If I post my zip I would expect jobs reasonably close to be posted.

  • joe says:

    indeed are you trying to hide something. where the hell is texas city, never heard of it. what is your mailing address

  • Christy mulligan says:

    I need Applies to show you evidence that 1 of your employers advertising is a hostile work environment to people with disabilities. Under this advisement and with this evidence you should be removing any of their job postings

  • Gail Popiolek says:

    I, too, have to spend my valuable time rejecting job applicants who do not meet my required criteria and are located thousands of miles away from my location, despite using your “filters”. I called customer service and spoke to a representative who continued to tell me how great your filters work although “a few can fall through the cracks”. Today alone I had to reject dozens of “matches” ranging from Atlanta, Georgia to Fairbanks, Alaska – all within the 25 mile filter – NOT. Ad may be paid for by accepted applications, but the cost in time is tremendous!

  • Jane Blow says:

    I truly hope that your outrageous increase in prices coming up will be put to good use to improve your mediocre services. To give you a quick example; the resume searches that do not match basic criteria such as a 25 mile radius from a specific zip code with results showing applicants hundreds and thousands of miles away.

  • Jarrid says:

    Scammers, gave me and charged for people who are not even close to what I needed. Thieves!

  • Mike says:

    Try and contact someone at indeed, and you won’t talk to a person. You get a full voice and an email from someone that is to long to read. They don’t help.
    Not user friendly!!!

    • Jane B says:

      True. I just tried their email address to contact support (support@indeed.com) and got an automatic undeliverable reply.

  • Hector Vela says:

    I believe this job offer from Indeed may not be legitimate. Please reach out to me to confirm my instincts. There are no level if hierarchy or execute members in The Hofler Logistics. There is always a recording and I am never able to speak to a human being or be transferred…please see below:
    Hector Vela,


    I am attaching the LABOR AGREEMENT document to this letter.
    This is agreement for the trial period (14 days). After successfully completing the trial period, you will be offered new long-term contract for this position.

    I sent you step-by-step instructions so that you can provide me with the necessary information for the employment process.


    1. I have attached the Labor Agreement to the letter.
    2. Print, fill out and send me the first page of the contract.
    3. Print and sign the last page of the contract.
    4. Please take a photo of yourself where you holding the last page of the contract
    (Make sure your face is clearly visible and all contract details are clearly readable).

    After you provide me with the information I need, I will enter the information into the company database. You will also be interviewed by one of our operators.
    View more

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been scammed by a job called Moonlite Courier Worldwide / Adaptive Manufacturing Technologies please look for this! Report this as soon as possible and contact the New York Department of Labor and Division if you are a victim of this scam. Apply for a IC3 through Indeed.com. I am trying to email Indeed of this issue but their email isn’t working for some reason.

  • Sheila says:

    Be careful using indeed because my Son was scam out of money and most likely sending stolen passage off.

  • Elias Sanny says:

    Sir, I am form Bangladesh. I am doing the many email and apply in this company for d catagore job but one answer don’t come to normally. I can’t understand that why don’t come to normally answer… I have cv….. Indeed company have to many d catagore work. Plz

  • Patty Denton says:

    I have been putting application in for 3 months I’m getting emails to set up interview but the interview never get set up .it’s going back to the say prosses as filling the application could you be so kind and fix this problem

  • Edwin Bugg says:

    Ur company really sucks u do not give a damn about older workers are helping them. Shame on you.

  • Gary S Samboy says:

    As the self proclaimed leader in this industry, why do you hide your email access from people trying yo use your site, to offer suggestions for your improvement? You are ignoring the fastest growing Demographic in the country. Baby boomers are educated, knowledgeable and EEXPERIENCED, yet your application process works hard to eliminate them from being hired. When I submit my resume including years or experience, and past employers it is quickly dismissed because I am TOO OLD for hiring consideration. My short concise resume is deemed “too short ” for retention on your site, yet is gets fast response from companies seeking qualified experienced employees.

    Why do you not allow for easy upload of references and past employment? Filling out your application, listing every past employer job by job, year by year, duties and responsibilities is a JOB in itself. Resumes, descriptions of ones abilities and accomplishments, are not the same as A LIST of past jobs, yet a lengthy list of employers is reason for immediate use of the DELETE button.
    By now you have deleted and ignored my input as you are helping employers ignore qualified experienc3ed talented applicants.

    Is it really a wise business model to ignore the fastest growing Job seeking demographic? Your response, or lack there of, will demonstrate your commitment to work with employers AND job seekers. .

  • Lisa Smith says:

    I saw your advertising on TUCKER Carlson and are prently using your company. I WILL NOW BE GOING TO YOUR COMPETITOR. see yA!

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