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  • Address: Olof Palmestraat 1, 2616 LN Delft, Netherlands
  • Phone Number: +31 900 2354532
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 2,00,000
  • Established: 1943
  • Founder: Ingvar Kamprad
  • Key People: Jesper Brodin (CEO)

IKEA Headquarters Location & Directions

IKEA Headquarters Executive Team



Jesper Brodin


Jon Abrahamsson Ring

chairman and CEO of the Inter IKEA Group

Mark Foutch

Chief Financial Officer

Hisham Mossalli

Chief People Officer

About IKEA, History and Headquarters Information


Ikea was founded in the year 1943. The company has been operational for almost 75 years now. The founder of the company was Ingvar Kamprad. The company started its operations mainly as a business for mail order sales. Later after five years, the company began to sell furniture. The first store of the company was opened in the year 1958. Apart from that, outside of Sweden, the company first opened its stores in Norway in the year 1963. Then in the year 1969, the company had opened another store in Denmark. The stores of the company slowly started to spread to other countries as well in Europe, during the 1970s. In the year 1973, the first store was opened in Switzerland, and then in the year 1974, a store was opened in West Germany.

The company had received an increased success during this time as well, and therefore new stores were opened in Japan in the year 1974. The following year, stores were opened in Australia, Hong Kong, Canada. Stores were opened in Singapore, in the year 1978. During the 1980s, the company started to expand further as well. The company opened up further stores in Belgium, Spain, France, the USA and the UK, etcetera. The company expanded more into Germany, during the 1990s and also the 2000s, and therefore opened almost 53 stores all together. Germany is still the company's largest market, as of the current date. The company has nearly 50 stores in the USA. In the year 2010, the company had opened its first store in Latin America. In the year 2017, the company was awarded the Nordic Language Award for the introduction of Scandinavian culture and also language, across the globe. The founder of the company passed away in the year 2018. The headquarters of the company is based in Olof Palmestraat 1. The name of the place is LN Delft, while the name of the country is the Netherlands. The pin code of the area is 2616.


Ikea is a company based in the Netherlands which focuses on the designing and manufacturing of various kinds of well-designed and also functional home furnishing products, for its customers all around the world. The company has its presence in over 420 locations across the globe. The current chairman and CEO of the company are Jesper Brodin. In the year 2018, the overall revenue generated by the company is more than 37 billion Euros. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2018, is more than 208,000. The company sells its products via its e-commerce website as well. A range of nearly 12,000 products is sold by the company, as of the current date.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have both online as well as a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of home furnishing items, designed, manufactured and sold by the company itself. The company sells numerous types of ready to assemble furniture along with homewares as well.

IKEA Headquarters Photos

  • Miha Uhan says:


    iam writing from Slovenia. Our company is delivering and assembling Ikea kitchens furniture for our costumers. We are buying in different Ikeas around Europe (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary and also Poland). We could give a lot of informations, what could you do different in every country if you are interested? Main problem is, that we dont get tax return from Hungary, cause they are ignoring our calls and mails completely until we send them all original bills. I would really like if you could respond to this mail and we get to some kind ofsolutions, cause we are one of the best costumers. Thank you for your answer.

  • Lise says:

    Hi, I woulld like to express my disapointment with IKEA Chile. They publish products that are not in stock and provide arrival times that never meet. I bought a mattress for an IKEA’s bett but I am still waiting for the delivery expected between 09-11 jan 23. Actually I’ve been waiting for the mattress for more than 3 months!!! they sold the bett but they did not have the matress in place or near Chile… . I know IKEA fom EU and US and I have to say that Chile is damaging the image of a well known global brand. I read IKEA’s code of conduct, but IKEA Chile does not respect the consumers at all. It does not make sense to do any claime al local level because they do not care about. IKEA Chile cumulates more than 700 claims in the official government body “Sernac”. Only the 24% of them are satisfactory solved for the clients.
    I hope someone can see this comment and take the necessary meassures for them to adhere to the company’s ethical behavior .

  • Joyachan says:

    I want to start 3 IKEA Unit in Kerala – South India. I will be highly appreciated if you could reply me on investment part on it.
    Cell: 00919847233930

  • Jennifer A Peshut says:

    I am a first time IKEA shopper and given my experience it may be my last purchase. I relocated to Lisbon Portugal and recently bought an IDANAS bed for delivery and task rabbit assembly. The delivery came 2 hours later than the 9AM-13h delivery period. The young man with TaskRabbit who came to assemble almost left. The bed did not come with slats. The Portugal site I looked at when ordering showed that the IDANAS bed comes with the LINDBADEN slats. When I called the local IKEA customer service the person on the phone said the bed did not come with slats. I am elderly and need slats so that I can sleep on my IDANAS bed. Please assist.

  • Walter Watzin says:

    Ikea Bulgaria is cheating.
    On Saturday 27.08.2022 we received from CVC eood an Ikea Delivery. The driver already told us that 1 position is missing and he will bring it on Monday 29.08.2022. We checked after he left the Apartment the delivery and there was also a second position missing. We informed CVC on Viper about the missing position and also Ikea costumer service via email.
    We paid the full amount of the order and received position for 193,00 Leva (100 Euro) less.

    Copy Viper message from the Lady of the sales department.


    Получих част от поръчката. Липсват комплект от 2 масички: 802.806.76

    и 2 рамки 40х50 см 503.871.36
    Втората поръчка ще дойде в понеделник, доколкото разбрах.

    I called on Monday the Lady again and she said i will get the money with a credit note in cash back.
    Since them Ikea and CVC blocked my and my wife number and also dont answer emails.

    This is after i furnished 2 apartments with Ikea. Very nice costumer service.

  • Aldo Arias says:

    Hello, I´m in Chile do not get answers about my order nr.ISO0015016. This is the first order through your new chilean webside and I´m looking forward to hear from your people here. Is there any possibility to know when I shall get my advanced paid order? Thanks for your help and regards – Aldo

  • cc says:

    RE: 1268807677 plan de travail
    c c
    vous vous excusez pour une réponse tardive ?????????

    ce problème date depuis décembre 2021 !!!
    rappelé entre autres par email à Virginie le 22 mars 2022

    félicitations pour votre efficacité,
    très décevant !!!

    pour votre info ce n’est pas ma commande
    j’en déduis donc que non seulement vous réagissez hors délais acceptables
    mais qu’en plus vous ne connaissez même pas le problème

    je vous suggère de lire attentivement les courriers et d’ensuite me recontacter avec une proposition correcte.

    et en plus je ne m’appelle pas Fancy. Même mon nom est erroné.

    De : customer.support.be@ikea.com
    Envoyé : samedi 20 août 2022 08:09

    Objet : Re: 1268807677 plan de travail

    Hej Fancy

    Merci pour votre question concernant votre commande. Et bien que vous choisissiez IKEA!

    Nous nous excusons pour la réponse tardive.

    Nous nous demandions si entre-temps votre problème avait été résolu. Si ce n’est pas le cas, vous pouvez répondre à cet email, afin que nous puissions faire le nécessaire pour vous.

    As-tu une question? Nous sommes heureux de vous aider. Appelez 02 719 19 19 ou répondez à ce courriel.




  • Darlene Chandler says:

    I went to your new store in Toronto on Yonge Street and was told I must use self serve. I disabled. I am unable to use the self serve and the cashiers were standing around ready to instruct how to use it. I spoke to a manager and he checked on the second floor to see if cashiers were there and none also. But did say if I wanted to purchase goods he would have a cashier for me. I had wasted 1/2 an hour just trying to explain that I needed a cashier and had to leave the store without purchases because my service for disabled was picking me up. The manager said next time I visit, to ask for him and he would get me a cashier. I should be able as a disabled person go to a store and not be embarrassed because your staff have no clue on or have not been trained to deal with customers with disabilities. Why are you staff not trained to treat us equally. I did tell the manager that in Ontario, Human Rights Commission for the Disabled this was noted as Discrimination and all people with disabilities are to have access, and not have to explain our disability to get a cashier. I just have left a message with your staff in Montreal regarding this and hope your train your staff to know how to deal and service people with disabilities, that can’t use your self serve. I am so disappointed that Senior Level Manager and Ikea is so insensitive to people with special needs. This incident took place on June 28/22 at 2:15 pm at your new Toronto Ikea at Gerrard and Yonge Street. Please train your staff and management to not generalize how a customer’s abilities. If this is going to be the case that you NO longer service with cashiers at this store, then I will not be going back there. I have shopped at all of your Ikea Stores in Canada since they opened and this was a slap in the face. I never had this issue after taking a special vehicle for disabled to your North York Store, but takes me 1 hour each way or your Etobicoke store. This is unacceptable and so disappointing for those with disabilities.

  • karina says:

    IKEA in VALENCIA, SPAIN is a disaster. Customer service gives diferent answers every day I call them.
    The apointment for installation was on june 2nd. nobody showed up, after 10 calls, they said june 3rd. nobody showed up.
    Then 7th, then 8th. The person who came on 7th to install the kitchen didn´t finish it. He came the next day and left without finishing. Then Customer service told he would come june 14th.
    I just called and the agent said, the appointment for tomorrow WAS CANCELLED. Nobody in IKEA seems to be worried, concerned or something about my situation despite I have called them no less than 20 times since last week.
    The worst you can do is no answering your clients after a payment of 7.000 euros in advance.

  • daniel says:

    Buenos días, llevo 5 meses intentando solucionar el problema con el horno y recibí el RECHAZO por parte de IKEA, con recomendación de actuar via judicial en caso de desacuerdo. El producto no ha cumplido ni 4 años. Abajo copio la correspondencia para su valoración del servicio nefasto y pésimo que un cliente puede esperar.

    Me dirijo a ustedes por el motivo del horno defectuoso de vuestra marca Electrolux Kulinarisk primera versión 2018/Novedad comprado en IKEA con anuncio de garantía de 10 años.

    Tal y como hemos explicado en la conversación telefónica, el horno de vapor fue adquirido en abril de 2018 como artículo de novedad de IKEA. Según nos informaron en IKEA, en el mismo año 2018 este modelo fue descatalogado (por algunos defectos).
    Durante el último año usábamos la función de vapor más de lo habitual (por una condición grave de mi salud/leucemia). Un día comimos pescado y vimos el polvillo de óxido y empezamos a buscar problemas. Descubrimos que la parte superior del horno es la más afectada: llena de agujeros que normalmente no se ven. También nos dimos cuenta que debajo del ventilador la chapa tiene unas rayas que se convierten en agujeros de óxido y las aspas del ventilador oxidadas.

    Durante la visita el técnico nos ha dicho con seguridad que lo más probable es que este horno se sustituya, y que el aparato no se podía reparar, era un fallo de la fábrica. El técnico nos dijo que iba a dejar un informe correspondiente en la central.

    Lo que no nos esperábamos es que posteriormente, en IKEA nos dijeron que Electrolux se ha negado a asumir el problema y en un informe breve se nos informó que el óxido no se cubría por la garantía del fabricante, que para nosotros ha sido chocante por los siguientes motivos:
    – no se nos ha mencionado nada de esto durante la visita del técnico
    – como verán en las fotos, el óxido viene desde dentro donde pasan las tuberías de vapor, hacia donde no tenemos acceso
    – óxido sale no solo dentro del horno, sino también se ve el chorro de óxido en la parte exterior del lateral
    – hasta la responsable de IKEA que amablemente ha visto el aparato notaba que las partes esmaltadas de las chapas no deberían oxidarse de esta forma y esto obviamente no era de esperar de un producto de calidad, ni siquiera llegando a los 5 años.

    Quedamos a la espera de su pronta respuesta y su amable comprensión de este tema. Imaginense tener un horno así en su casa y cocinar para un enfermo de leucemia. Si tienen duda, estamos dispuestos de enviar el informe médico confirmando la enfermedad.

    Para su evaluación adjuntamos las fotos que demuestran los defectos del horno Kulinarisk, el informe de incidencia y el recibo (por el valor de 565,97 Eur).



    Good morning, I have been trying to solve the problem with the oven for 5 months and I received a REJECTION from IKEA, with a recommendation to take legal action in case of disagreement. The product is not even 4 years old. Below I copy the correspondence for your assessment of the disastrous and lousy service that a client can expect.

    I am writing to you because of the faulty oven of your brand Electrolux Kulinarisk first version 2018/Novelty purchased at IKEA with a 10-year warranty announcement.

    As we have explained in the phone conversation, the steam oven was purchased in April 2018 as a novelty item from IKEA. As we were informed at IKEA, in the same year 2018 this model was discontinued (due to some defects).
    During the last year we used the steam function more than usual (due to a serious condition of my health / leukemia). One day we ate fish and saw the rust dust and started looking for trouble. We discovered that the top of the oven is the most affected: full of holes that are not normally seen. We also noticed that under the fan the sheet metal has some scratches that turn into rust holes and the fan blades are rusty.

    During the visit, the technician told us with certainty that this oven would most likely be replaced, and that the appliance could not be repaired, it was a factory fault. The technician told us that he was going to leave a corresponding report at the central office.

    What we did not expect is that later, at IKEA they told us that Electrolux has refused to take on the problem and in a brief report we were informed that the rust was not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which for us has been shocking because of the following reasons:
    – none of this was mentioned to us during the technician’s visit
    – as you will see in the photos, the rust comes from inside where the steam pipes pass, to where we do not have access
    – rust comes out not only inside the oven, but you can also see the rust jet on the outside of the side
    – even the person in charge of IKEA who has kindly seen the appliance noted that the enameled parts of the plates should not rust in this way and this was obviously not to be expected from a quality product, even after 5 years.

    We look forward to your prompt response and kind understanding of this matter. Imagine having an oven like this in your home and cooking for a leukemia patient. If in doubt, we are willing to send the medical report confirming the disease.

    For your evaluation we attach the photos that show the defects of the Kulinarisk oven, the incident report and the receipt (for the value of 565.97 Eur).


  • Rosemarie Armstrong says:

    IKEA Kitchen – Nice practical designs, beautiful models, great advice from the design team, very quick payment transaction, efficient on time delivery and this is when the brick drops hard. Box after box is opened only to expose very poor quality counter tops. 3 months down the line after several trips and several more boxes opened we are left without a kitchen. What is the solution – None. My question is does the UAE get B grade products or is there no quality check. We designed the kitchen based on the IKEA furniture (Floor tiles, paint and lightening)

  • Mohamed Elzeiny says:

    Happy new year ….

    Currently am in Ukraine, for marketing new technology that savings the electric consumption for KW/H by 30% , and I found your company’s site, will be better if we can have a viber call for more details ,
    Looking for our cooperation..
    Regards ,
    Mohamed Elzeiny
    +380664539767 Ukraine
    +201001250206 Egypt

  • Sonia somohano says:

    IKEA in Bayamon, Puerto Rico is a mess. We have been waiting for our purchase since October 2021 and any employee can give us an explanation on why we have not received our purchase. It is frustrating and we are very much dissapointed with the terrible service we have received.

  • Robert Anzelde says:

    I’m a loyalty member who frequents IKEA in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA regularly. Being a loyalty members allows us free coffee when we purchase our meals there, though the coffee in the restaurant there is either out, cold, or the machine is broken. I’m starting to not go there to eat in the restaurant anymore because of this.

  • Helen Kanaris says:

    I have been searching for a reception desk at Ikea in Cyprus and they suggested I contact head office for assistance.Please advise if you have reception desk in your catalogue

  • David Dury says:

    I have paid for some items , Forsend doors for me to collect at Troyes on Sunday 14th . but as i have made a mistake on the open days and times i wont be able to collect them on my way through france until next year again , can you advise please

  • Anthony makowski says:

    What is the point of ikea Business? Where is the benefit from it being any different than ordering online? You have to pay multiple shipping fees because nothing is in stock… The staff have zero idea what they’re doing, constantly getting items incorrect. I would truly love to know.

  • Mia says:

    Ikea Croatia – the worst one! For a majority of articles it’s stated on the website that the online shopping is not possible (even if articles are on stock!!!)!
    I wanted to buy following articles, but it’s not possible: TOMMARYD (493.875.28) and YNGVAR (604.007.45).
    Ikea Croatia do not want to sell online!
    Such a strange policy guys…Definitely not buying Ikea anymore anywhere.

  • Hubert Schnitzler says:

    Hi, I ordered plastic boxes at IKEA in Turkey, tracking no. 210910211730896. Since 10 days I wait now for the delivery and they are still not here. I order a lot online in Turkey and the services are very fast, but not from your branch and seemingly as bad is the cargo company that they use here. I am a member of a foreigner group in Turkey and I will comment on this unreliable service, so nobody will have these bad experiences with IKEA!

  • Ana m echeverri says:

    Since ikea Miami opened after the pandemia ,I have to say their workers are the most rude people you would ever encounter. You may want to give some customer service training.


    The worst ikea staff I’ve ever met. In BAYRAMPAŞA IN ISTANBUL I’ve been to many ikea stores around the world like UK gulf etc but not like the misbehavior,ill treatment, hostility discrimination, provoking,never professional. I regret buying things for more than 10000 tl, but make sure I’ll never repeat this again. The staff,management and customer SERVICE SAME and no one listened to me

  • Denise P. says:

    I am very disappointed regarding the customer service I received in your store (Via Nuova Marchesi, 4 2009 Corsica) on Thursday, 23-July-2021. I was in this store on 21-July-21 and made a multiple item purchase totaling 152,95 Euros on my Deutsche Bank Visa card. After reviewing my purchases I determined there were 4 items that did not suit my needs. On 23-July, I returned to the same store to return these items. All items were unopened and in original packaging. The customer service clerk asked for my photo ID. I presented my German resident permit. She asked if I had Italian ID. I said no, only German resident permit or German drivers license. She accepted the resident permit, keyed it into the computer, scanned the items being returned and then presented me with an IKEA return card in the amount of 55,95 Euros. I asked why I could not have a refund on my credit card, she said she could only give me a return card, with no explanation as to why. I asked if it could be used in Germany, she said no, only in Italy. I asked when the card would expire, she stated ‘2 years’. I would like someone to please explain to me why an EU resident can not receive a refund on a credit card from an EU Financial institution from a Global company such as IKEA? The items were returned after only 2 days and in unopened original packaging. One week later, after my return to Germany from my vacation in Italy and I am still aggravated over this situation. The US return policy states: “If you’re not totally satisfied with your IKEA purchase you can return new and unopened products within 365 days, together with your proof of purchase, for a full refund.” YET, the Italian return policy states: “If you are not totally satisfied or change your mind about your purchase, you have 365 days to return your purchases to any IKEA store * with the purchase document and the product intact and clean and receive a refund in the form of a Return Card. The Return Card can be spent, even on multiple occasions, in all IKEA stores in Italy and on IKEA.it and is valid for 2 years.” Isn’t it time to get your act together and have one global policy?

  • Seval Korkmaz Akaltın says:

    My Brimnes sofa bed order (ordered on 20 June 2021) with order number 212006212003546 was delivered by Horoz Cargo. However, the friends who came to the assembly discovered that the package number 2 was missing. At the moment I have 1 and 3 packages.
    Package number 2 needs to be delivered to me urgently in order to be able to assemble it.
    Whenever I called customer service, they said ‘its noted’ that does not solve my problem.
    I will have a guest next week, but there is no bed for them.
    I do not think it is not hard and take time to solve it.
    I am waiting the missing package next week, very important. Please help.
    Ms Seval Korkmaz Akaltın
    Bodrum Turkey

  • Giovanna Gandy says:

    I placed a on-line order with delivery and assembly. the wardrobe was delivered, but the Task rabbit people never showed up. i got an email saying they cannot deliver, no reason why. How am i going to put a wardrobe together by myself. That’s why i bought it at Ikea and selected delivery and assembly.
    this is not the first time i have issues with Ikea. And the delivery people don’t even speak English WTH! I’m very very disappointed in IKEA.

  • ELIZABETA says:

    I am Elizabeta Petrovic, Zagreb, Croatia. I hope someone reads this and i get a written statement. IKEA ZAGREB works very unprofessionally. I canceled the couch I bought a month ago and received a confirmation e- mail. However , until this day I have not received a refund even though I have intervened five times already.Every time, for a month now, they been waiting for th the goods to be returned from the deliveryman;s warehouse, and then they will return the money.I have been waithing for a month for that famous return of goods whose delivery did not even happen.
    Please, return my money nicely or are you maybe petty thieves?

    And all this was badly done by your employees. I canceled on time

  • Faisal Yousef says:

    Ikea in Kuwait don’t have any comments or complaints officers, they don’t even care about what they represent
    “Ikea” !!
    Ikea is great store all over the world , but by treating the customers like this I’m sure it will be the worst…
    Thank you

  • Anna says:

    Delivery order placed June 10. Credit card billed June 11 for $177.24. Original delivery date June 16 – NO DELIVERY MADE.
    Called customer service July 30 (4 hours on hold) and was told that they would reschedule delivery within 5 days.
    Checked “order tracker” today and noted that someone has cancelled my order.
    No delivery, NO REFUND.

  • Lakisha says:

    IKEA is a joke! Customer service is non existent! Needs to be closed permanently

  • Amneris says:

    I want assistant to be able to return my product and get a full refund or exchange it. It make not senses that I have to wait until they open to the public who knows when to be able to do a return or exchange. This is outrageous. My situation: I placed an order online with Ikea@Sunrise, Florida, I was forced to pay expedited delivery fee because it was the only option available (pick wasn’t available and regular delivery wasn’t available). Then the nightmare began. When they delivered the item, the guy couldn’t even ring my doorbell to let me know he arrived even though it was raining and he knew I was at home. If is not because I looked at the window and see the truck leaving I wouldn’t know my item was at my front porch. I ran out and told the driver why he couldn’t ring the doorbell and he played the “I don’t understand card,” so Ok I spoke to him in Spanish to make myself very clear but he didn’t care anyways. Then the craziness continues… Ikea has a partnership with task-rabbit to put items together but they are not responsible of any fees or issues. Now I also wasted my money because when the guy came, it ended up not only that I was missing parts (i.e. the legs of the item that I paid extra for), they got me mix parts so I couldn’t put it together. I called the delivery team and they said they are not responsible for this. On top of that, trying to call Ikea was and still is horrible. I called for 3 hours straight but they weren’t taking calls. Finally I was placed on hold, explained my issue but they can’t do anything other than filling a claim for you. Another waste of time. Then, yesterday I got an email from Ikea@Sunrise saying they can’t schedule pick up or returns until Ikea open. This is insane, unfair and unprofessional. I don’t have space at my place to just have useless things sitting around. I should be able to return the item and get my money back to buy the item some place else, or be able to exchange it. I am very disappointed and will never ever again purchase something from Ikea. I want an immediate response and immediate action with steps to return/exchange the item.

  • Angela & Joshua Mercer says:


    I’m writing from the beautiful state of FL. You may or may not have seen a few short months ago our state was hit with a category 5 hurricane. So many of the residence here, in Panama City, lost everything they own including their homes. Some have finishing rebuilding or bought new homes and some are still living in campers (and some in tents). Soon after the hurricane came thru many relief efforts were put into place. Many gave away furniture and food. However, at that time thousands of people still had no homes to put furniture in. Now all the help is gone and people have poured all their money into rebuilding and are left with empty homes. As one of the families that lost everything I can confidently say it is overwhelming at times dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Micheal. I’m writing in hopes that your company may be willing to donate furniture to one or more families businesses, and or churches in need. There is a non profit organization I have been working with that the furniture can be donated thru. I am attaching my phone number and email in this message. I’ve also attached a photo of my family. Every person that was hit by this hurricane has a face. Let this photo be a reminder of that. Please feel free to contact me either way. I appreciate your time and consideration.

    Angela Mercer

  • teena says:

    We bought furniture for my mom who is moving to a new senior home. It was scheduled to be delivered on Sunday 04/27/19 between 2-6. We waited all day with my 70 yr old mother in an empty apartment. Delivery never showed up. No call, not email, not contact of any kind. I called customer service to find out what happened and was on hold and never came back on the line. I disconnected and called back. Lady told me that the store was not able to find my purchase then later came back to said they had it in their delivery truck but was not able to deliver because it was late. I than rescheduled for today 05/01/19 to be delivered. It was told to me by email my purchase was going to be delivered between 2-6 pm. This morning I get an email stating that my delivery has been rescheduled again. I called customer service and they said that they are not able to locate my purchase. WTF!!!!!! How is this acceptable? My 70 yr old mother has been sleeping on the floor for several nights because of Ikea’s store screw up. I am beyond mad at this point. No one wants to take responsibility for the screw up and I am being yo yo around. Not acceptable.

  • >