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  • Address: 605 N Glendale Ave, Glendale, CA 91206, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 818-242-0922
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 70,000
  • Established: 1958
  • Founder: Jerry Lapin, Al Lapin Jr. and Albert Kallis
  • Key People: Darren Rebelez  (President)

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Bill Alexander

Vice President of Franchise and Business Development

Nevielle Panthaky

Vice President of Culinary

Kirk Thompson

Senior Vice President of Marketing

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  • Mattie Warren says:

    My husband ,Hugh, who is a Army Veteran went to IHop on the loop in Longview, Texas Veterans Day for free breakfast for Veterans. He had a great breakfast with red, white & blue pancakes, 2 eggs, several bacon, $3.50 coffee. He could not finish meal because he was full. He ask the nice waitress for a to go box, she said her boss said no to go boxes for meal. I think this was a slap in the face for Veterans who have served our country. This meal would have been thrown away, what a waste. We have eaten at IHop and we love the food. I now have second thoughts about ever going back there. We need to respect our Veterans.

  • Marge says:

    Hi I’m massaging your regarding that kind of upset me. I was in your restaurant in Carbondale, Il. The server Linda came up to me to take my order and I said to her where is her Mask and she said that she didn’t have one because it is mandatory in Illinois to have one on when indoors. So I asked for a different server because I don’t want to take any chances of getting Covid even though I had gotten my vaccine but the numbers are high. She is risking her life and others by not wearing a MASK especially with the fact that she is working with the public. This was at 11:30am September 20th. Plus I sat there for almost 20 minutes before she had even approached me to even see what I wanted to drink very disappointed with this server. She was made because I wouldn’t let her wait on me.

  • Albert Swank says:

    We moved to La Pine, Oregon from San Bernardino, California when my wife and I retired. We use to eat at the IHOP on University Parkway near California State University, San Bernardino. The food, especially the pancakes we great. However, during the last decade it had deteriorated to the point that we began to eat at the Denny’s near Palm. I took that decisive measure when the server brought me a short stack of pancakes the were unquestionably burnt on the outside and the inside of each cake composed of uncooked batter. Although those in the kitchen were undoubtedly enjoying the Mariachi music blasting out of the back, I neither enjoyed the music nor the pancakes. Incidentally, we take precautions not to eat at the IHOP in Bend, Oregon either.

  • Bob says:

    IHOP moved in to my neighborhood….epic failure ??

    They should have never opened yet. Poor training or simply no training of staff! Arrived at 8am Sunday morning. Never greeted stood there watching the worker play on the iPad. After a few minutes I asked if we were to seat ourselves? Only after I ask do we seat ourselves He says someone will seat us. Few minutes later a guy comes up talks to the iPad player in another language and then we are finally seated. We Give our order to him and now another waitress comes up about 5 minutes later asks us what we want (still no greeting) I ask her if she has vegan sausage she looks at me like I have two heads and then says u mean turkey. We wait a few minutes then I smell something awful look up and a scrub bucket is placed next to where I’m seated. I see a woman washing the floors. I ask the waitress walking by to please move the scrub bucket because the smell is strong and she pushes near another table the woman continues to wash floors. We are served our breakfast pancakes by yet another waiter but no butter. I ask the server can we please have butter but he never comes back after a few minutes another worker walks by and I ask him. After a few minutes he walks over with one butter. I look at him and say can my wife get butter also? He says well u never asked for two butters! The waitress never checked on us we had to search her down for our bill and when she gave us our bill she proceeded to complain there was no help! I went to do the brief survey on the receipt but the code was missing all the numbers. As we were walking out we heard a woman grumbling to another worker they didn’t get silverware! What a place!

  • Bruce ^ Audrey Dressler says:

    My husband and I visited the IHOP on Greenville Blvd. in Greenville, NC. The restaurant appeared to be understaffed but did not excuse the poor service. Although there were table available, everyone who arrived was told it would be 5 to 10 minutes which turned into more than 30. A lady trying to pay her bill waited 30 minutes for staff to help her. We waited close to an hour for a seat and others that arrived after us were taken in first. My husband uses a walker and your IHOP staff was incredibly rude. What happened to all your previous good staff? We walked across the driveway to Chick-fil-a and enjoyed a pleasant lunch. We used to come to this IHOP whenever we had our car serviced at the dealer across the street. Never again! Bruce ^ Audrey Dressler
    101 Summer Place Lane, Merry Hill, NC 27957

  • eileen says:

    can you tell me if Ihop ever had a restaurant in poughkeepsie, ny on raymond ave


    WOW, WE LEFT DENNY’S FOR THIS! We were seated and left at the table! Regular customers sat on both sides they got thier order in and received thier food as we waited like oliver twist asking for food! Just so stephanie can say “Your serve is behind and didnt ask for help, so ill take your order”. Well, thank you for making us wait for 20 awkward minutes! You seen us several times as you socialize with the regulars. I wanted to leave but, my husband said “lets see how long it takes for them to come to the table.” They sat us down!

  • Victor Roy says:

    I have been a long time favorite of IHOP….but the last 2 yrs, I will not go back…The last several times (3 different locations in LA), the service was lousy, the order was wrong or the food was cold. We stayed away for several months, and I thought, lets try again….IT WAS NOT GOOD….To start of with, my wife ordered hot tea. The waitress brings tea, in a glass with no ice…we stated Hot tea…she said it was hot when she put it in the glass, with no ice. We said Hot tea, like coffee, her reply “we don’t serve that’…I pointed it to her on the menu. When the food came out, it was cold. We asked to have it remade. My wife ordered scrambled eggs with cheese, I have a picture on my phone, scrambled eggs, with a slice of cheese on top….We did not get everything we had ordered, but we had waited so long and it was getting late, so I did not complain. I used to love IHOP, but now I refuse to go there. I hope management takes this to heart, THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE…..

  • George says:

    I am trying to file a complaint. I visit the IHOP in Hillsides, Illinois tonight. I was vary disappointed in the service and attitude of the manager. We were being waited on by the waitress when the manager call her away to wait another table. Before she came by to complete our order she waited on the other table and finished them. I stated to her that is was wrong for her to leave us and go wait on another table. She stated her manager call her away and told her to do it. So I asked for the manger who stated she knew it was wrong so she’s sorry. Her apology did not seem like she meant it at all. She then ask me did I want the waitress to finish taken our order or what to which I responded only if that her job. I decided that I did not want to eat at all and left my family there because I had really lost my appetite again I could tell she was not sincere and I was becoming upset so I stayed to the manger I was leaving because I didn’t want her. calling the police saying we did anyway. Upon leave I ask for the corporate phone number because I wanted to complain and really felt it was discrimination to pull the waitress from our table a black family to wait on a white couple. she never said that wasn’t the case and then blamed it on the kitchen and shift change. After she went to the kitchen I just left. I have eaten at IHOP before and never experienced service like this before. My family decided to leave because at that point with the manager attitude they didn’t trust the kitchen it was that bad.

  • Lynn says:

    Can you add vanilla ice cream scoop on the side with delicious pancakes ?

  • donald pierson says:

    good service.good food.here in mo.we need a ihop in lebanon,mo .right along i-44 interstate.

  • M. GOODSON says:

    GET IT TOGETHER at 4103 LEMAY FERRY RD: I don’t understand your logic of spearheading a franchised operation and then staffing it with POOR MANAGEMENT! Unkempt facility, NO utensils? (I had to get up and fetch them for my table of six even after I requested them), and an hour+ to get eggs. The place is in NEGLECT mode – EMPLOYEES, WINDOWS, and FILTHY lobby.

  • IRENE WARGO says:


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