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Ideal Image
  • Address: 1 N Dale Mabry Hwy Suite 100 A, Tampa, FL 33609, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 813 347 9152

  • Number of Employees: 2,000

  • Established: 2001

  • Key People: Robert Dingess,

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Robert Dingess

Chief Executive Officer & Owner

Corey McCoy

Divisional Vice President

Brian Cicco

Vice President, Human Resources

Kevin Eyerman

Chief Accounting Officer

Yogi Jashnani

Chief Commercial Officer

Nicole Strothman
General Counsel

Ideal Image, History and Headquarters Information

Ideal Image Corporate is a business that was founded in 2001. The business CEO is Robert Dingees who manages over 2000 employees that are employed on the network in diverse locations around the United States.

Ideal image Corporate has based its headquarters at 1 N Dale Mabry Hwy Suite 100 A, Tampa, FL 33609, United States. For contact purposes, customers are advised to call the organization via their main phone number which is +1 813 347 9152.

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  • Keri Strickland says:

    I have had an ongoing issue with Ideal Image of Ocala. They were not professional when handling phone calls and questions when I first reached out. They then told me my contract ran out. I found the old contract and e-mailed Johna Detweller for assistance she stated they do not have my contract but it expired. I found the contract and e-mailed that to her and have not heard back. I don’t see anything in the contract about an expiration and I definitely wasn’t made aware of that. I also did not go anywhere during covid because I stayed quarantined and feel they should take that into account. I would really like someone to reach out to me. I can send the contract if needed. They also did not know what previous services I had received and seemed clueless about the entire process.

  • Sad mama says:

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS! They will bamboozle you into a contract, charge you, and even if the services are horrible you can’t get out of the contract. Please please please stay away from this company. $2000 out of my child’s college fund, had turned 18 years old 5 days earlier. Targeted and scammed.

  • Denece Merino says:

    your nurse burnt my skin

  • Marinella Nieddu says:

    I did Ultherapy on the upper face. the treatment, (first of 3 )was painful because they did not use any numbing cream. but also after the treatment my sculk went numb and now after 2 months I am in a lot of Pain. they re assured me it will pass. I can’t perform the other 2 treatment because obviously I am not a candidate. They are refusing to refund me the $1,700 saying the agreement states no refunds. They are thieves and I will report them to the BBB . the lady that was doing the consultation on zoom made me sign really fast and she was very deceiving. She never once mention that if you don’t do the treatment you loose your money. Stay away from this business. they are a fraud!

  • Teresa says:

    Never ever be fooled and sign with this company. Multiple numbers where the phone is not answered. I have been sent to collections and I sent the package back and have documentation that it was received and signed upon delivery. Horrible company. I will not pay this bill.

  • Pamela Bang says:

    m very hesitant to do this knowing it will most likely be a waste of my time. I have complained on several occasions and received help once only to be taken away almost as fast.
    My video consult was a joke. She said i was not a candidate for lol sculpting on my stomach but a great one for my upper arms. I paid via credit card. I went to my appt and low and behold i was a great candidate for my stomach so that is what we did. I had two sessions on my lower stomach and while i was there they work led up a quote for the additional eight sessions. I reviewed the quote, called the office and went over it with the front desk person. I financed it through ally. I showed up for my next appt. I had four more sessions done two on my middle stomach and two on my upper. I had six sessions left that i had already paid for. I had my next appt set up already and upon leaving the front desk girl< not the same one that i went over the plan with, tells me i need to pay another 1490.00. I had already paid for over 7000.00. I told her no that was not what i had been told and to please have the manager contact me. The manager was in New Mexico at this time. I left the office and within minutes received a text message confirming an appt for that afternoon. I had just left so i knew that was incorrect. That day i also found out that another inquiry had been made to ally for the 1490.00. I did not authorize this and was very upset and still am. I waited for a week I called back spoke to the initial person that i went over the plan with and she again left a message for the manager to contact me, which she did the following day. She told me that my credit would not be affected by the second inquiry, she also told me that she would credit me two sessions. After this i was never able to get an appointment. I then received a second bill from ally for 1490.00. I called and placed a dispute. Why would i open another account when the services paid for hadn’t been used as of yet. Besides the fact that i still had plenty of credit available bon the account that i opened.
    Next i get a call from Ideal image stating if i do not drop the case i would looses all paid for treatments. I had to end up paying the additional 1490.00 to save my credit report.
    I have done everything I promised in the agreement and your company has not.
    I really don't expect to hear back from anyone there, as that has been the case since the problems started.

  • Aethelinda says:

    Cannot get a refund even if you choose not use their services. It be nice if they tell people about this before hand.

  • Sharmila says:

    Very poor service. Tries to steal money and doesn’t even follow through of what they planned. Transit office buffalo rude people. Very rude. No customer service skills whatsoever. This is fraud

  • Sukhman kaur says:

    Committed a fraud with me for $5000. Made me sign a contract. Cancelled on me and didn’t rerun my money or calls. Kept on assuring me that it has been “handled”.

  • Carolyn Stewart says:

    I has been hearing about Ideal Image on the local radio station talking about hair removal and the great results the female host was having. In my opinion she was paid or was given free services to promote this company over the air. Months later I finally decided, made an appointment to be contacted. Ally representative called, did the paperwork over the phone, that part went smooth as silk, they had my money. Mind you this was about 1 1/2 ago at the Germantown location, Memphis. My first appointment I should have been suspicious then because as soon as they heard I has a autoimmune disorder it was like, lets see if we can see you, let me call the staff doctor, etc. I consulted with my own Dermatologist before this and was given the ok, so what made them think I would be so silly to pay this kind of money and not consult my own provider first!! Fast forward I never received one service, my appointment was rescheduled and of course I was never seen. Appointments were cancelled by them with no notice. Got fed up and called Alley first about my money. I must say, they totally agreed and was advised that Ideal Image was getting lots of complaints. A few months ago I tried another place her in Memphis, and was told that the advertisement on the radio was geared to African American stations to lure us to use Ideal Image for service. She stated she and other companies like Ideal Image were aware of the unethical practices. Now I am trying to contact Ideal Image corporate to let them know of my experience but looks as if it really doesn’t matter from looking at all the emails. I still have a charge for $400 they are trying to make me pay for a package that I can not even use. Wish me luck

  • MADHAV KUMAR says:

    My castamer id kiya hi

  • Natasha Adams says:

    So your company canceled my appointments after informing me they did not have the staffing to provide my services. I never ever got to set foot in the facility. Now I’m getting push back on a refund of just under 5,000.00! This is UNACCEPTABLE I expect a full refund asap!

    • Sukhman kaur says:

      All the best I have been doing that for 3 years and have not got a single penny from them. I have even filed a complaint against them but I guess since they are a big company nobody wants to do anything about it.

  • Lori K Stai says:

    Where do I start? First , when I initially set this up and was approved for $5000 by Ally I was not told it takes over a month to get an appointment and that was if I wanted to drive 30 minutes away instead of the 2 locations closer to me. I go to my first appointment and what I was expecting to get was 4 areas and they only had time for 2 and the time for the appointment was grossly understated leaving me late for other engagements. The communication and customer service is unprofessional and terrible. my next appointment was now 7 weeks later in a different location. In the meantime, I took advantage of the free service that came with my membership by getting the IPL, I was actually very interested in this so I asked to schedule another appointment and secure a package of 3. The gal couldn’t figure this out so I was promised a call first thing the next day, No call, I called several times over the week and couldn’t get a straight answer but I was getting contracts to sign for more money. Thank God I did not. I called corporate and filed and requested that this debacle be ended. I did get a call from one Erin Moore and an email which i requested clarity from her on then suddenly nothing. I emailed and called for a month with no response. Yesterday I called an asked for her supervisor and was told they were at lunch and would get a call back, NOTHING! This morning I call and ask the same thing and was left on hold for an hour so i called back and was told she doesn’t have a supervisor and is unavailable. One thing all these calls have in common is keep making your payment. When the lady told me this morning again, I was naturally upset and started to say this is not about me and my payments but your terrible treatment of people and she hung up on me. Needless to say, I have now opened an investigation with Ally and will be referring this to an attorney. PLEASE PLEASE do not engage in business with these people.

  • Ashley says:

    I just found out I am pregnant and can not have the treatments done and they will not return my money because it is not a medical problem…. but I can’t do treatments while pregnant… I WANT MY MONEY BACK

  • Guest says:

    This place needs better management and a much better job navigating staffing issues. I have paid a fortune for services and to wait 3-6 months for an appointment is a complete joke. Clients need to be offered an appt within one week or purchasing service. Sounds like a bunch of greedy, morons run the business. Sell, sell, who cares if we can’t get them seen.

    My last appt so much Botox was injected my eyes dropped and I could even get a follow up to fix it. Disgraceful Ideal Image!!

    Piss poor service. Management get your head out of your ass. Stop selling if you can’t get those seen within a timely manner or start hiring. Your priorities are ass backwards.

    Oh and those free services they tempt you with, good luck getting them schedule. My was wasted due the piss poor availability!

  • Guest #2 says:

    Wow! Wish I had thought to read these comments before I signed up! And I would’ve never signed up. You have to book about 1 and a half months to get each appointment. Can’t tell any difference yet. Found out I have a umbilical hernia and need a $4,000 plus surgery…and so I cannot get the stomach fat freezes I signed up for…I’ve asked for my money back (so I can pay for the surgery) but so far am told that I can get more treatments instead…for what? I already signed up for all the areas I needed and now I can’t do all of them due to medical problems, complete with a letter from my surgeon. I have yet to receive an answer from Corporate, but am persisting.

  • Guest says:

    What a JOKE! The sales person apparently no longer works there and they will not provide manager information. They claimed to “not know who the sales person was” when I said she does not respond. Sold me a package for more than I even needed. Kept adding on “cycles”. When I got there, I did not even “need” the area the sales person sold to me!!! Not to mention, I will NEVER return to the unprofessional, one location, establishment. It was dirty and one staff member told me not even to “bother” having the service because it doesn’t work! Would never return to complete any service at this joke of an establishment! Sales pushed, pushed, pushed to get me in so they have the funding established. They initially scheduled me out two months! Then found out I could cancel my funding if they couldn’t schedule me. All of a sudden I had an appt that week. The people were not fully trained though! Girl called for follow up appointment, after nurse told me to wait, the girl was rude and hung up on me.

  • Angie Edwards says:

    Robert Dingess, your the owner, be professional and get these complaints taken care of. People that work for you are ripping people like myself off. Thus my my last HOPE and boy my sales person really sucked in my emotions and pain. Had my neck, face and abdomen done, the pain alone was awful, now making these monthly payments for this SO CALLED special that Ideal Image was having is slowly killing me. This WHOLE thing did nothing, my neck, face and abdomen all look the same, nothing has changed. I would like someone to call me to figure something out!

    • Marlene says:

      It seems that this company has numerous valid complaints.
      Here’s what I found out you can do. It might not get your money back but might put them out of business
      Call your State Attorney General
      Go to Small Claims Court (up to $4,000.00)
      Try them all!!!!!

  • Laura Canter says:

    I was looking into cool sculpting in Las Vegas Nevada Henderson location and my husband bought me the $5000 package . The girl that evaluated me was not a nurse but a sales consultant after my first session I was told by the nurse that the 16 cycles were not enough to get the results that I wanted and needed an additional 20 cycles . I was upset because this was not the information I was told by the sales person . I complained and open a case and was waiting on a call on a corporate level I was told a Mary . Mary called me once left a voicemail stating because she was not able to be read he’d she was closing my case not giving me a chance to return her call. I left her a voicemail and reached
    Out to her via email and I got no response after that . I called the main office and was informed Mary no longer worked for the company and that my case was handed over to someone else I am yet to receive a call months later. The communication is un -professional and feel I was ripped off . I have not contacted the better business bureau on how horrible this type of treatment and service is . They under sold me what I was told was enough . I would like a response to this to my email as soon as possible . I wish I would of known the ratings on this company I wouldn’t of ever stepped in their office . I moved from California trusting you them with a service they offered with wrong advertisement. Think twice before you step into this place they are in for money not for customer service

  • Fatima says:

    I paid over $8000 for laser hair removal packages, and even though there is a certain amount of time that the package is valid for, your Gainesville, FL location repeatedly cancelled appointments, rescheduled, etc. This leaves me with far less treatment than I paid for. I asked the staff at the Gainesville location to connect me to a manager. They said she would call me. Not only did she not call, when I called the main number, I was told that a request was never placed. To top it off, the person performing my laser treatment told me that, yes, clients tend to get upset over the cancelled appointments, but what can the staff do since they can’t control the laser not working, being down, etc. And she said that they try to help the clients that are nice, but really don’t make an effort for the ones that aren’t nice about it. !!! Why should a client need to be nice about cancellations, etc., in order to receive what they paid for??? Entirely unethical! I really think that a group of people should get together to form a class action lawsuit. I’m honestly extremely disappointed in this company and I feel that people should come forward and leave their negative reviews in detail so that new potential clients can beware.

    • Maile Espinda says:

      I am preparing for a small claim lawsuit but also considering a class action lawsuit.

    • Teresa says:

      I am totally onboard with anything to get my money back as well.. I wish I would’ve read through all these negative comments before I got tied into this.. it’s all a scam, something has to be done to these scammers!!!!

  • Chris Klein says:

    No accountability with this joke of a place, their consultants don’t know what they’re doing/promising to potential clients. I was told I could do both the Cooltone and the Coolsculpting even with a medical device in my back, this is the ONLY reason I moved forward. So they tell me I can still get the Coolsculpting done because that’s what I paid for, the Cooltone was free so they can’t help me with a refund. Again this was the only reason I signed up was to get the Cooltone along with the Coolsculpting, and was assured by their consultant that I absolutely could get both done. 4hrs before my procedure is to be done I get a call telling me I’m not a candidate for the Cooltone. A corporate lady tells me that I should be happy that I got a call before my appointment, what a joke!!!! DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE, IT IS A SCAM!!!! Now I have to get a lawyer, and I am also going to media!!

  • Chris Klein says:

    So I signed up months ago almost $3,000 to get the Cool Sculpting done and the Cooltone. I spoke with Mary O’Hare a consultant (Works out of Canada). I have had several back surgeries and I have a Spinal Stimulator in my back, I made her aware of this right from the start of our conversation. I asked her if I can do the procedures with my stimulator, she assured me not a problem. After waiting months I get a call from the local facility where I am to have my procedure done in 4hrs and the girl tells me sorry due to you having a stimulator in your back you are not a candidate for this. Nobody looked at my chart until hours before I was to get the procedure done. Seems to be lack of communication between consultants and staff that actually do the procedures? So I then let them know I want a refund since I can’t get what I wanted and told I could get. So another Mary was given my information at Corporate (Mary Biele) she left me a message saying she would be handling my case for my refund. I called her back within 10min, of course no answer, I also sent a email and with both the phone message and email I explained what has happened. I have now left 3phone messages and 2 emails with no response. Unfortunately now I am going to have to get a lawyer involved.

    • Maile Espinda says:

      Hi Chris, I am dealing with a similar situation. I live in Arizona and I am preparing to file a small claims lawsuit. I am wondering if you went to this level and what your outcome was….or if I am just wasting my time. I have also considered a class action lawsuit against them. I have filed a complaint with the BBB.

  • Kamisha says:

    . I called for an appointment and I was told that my services would be performed the same day. I went into my appointment and we discussed the treatment I read and signed the contract. The contract stated that they do not provide refunds for situations other than medical reasons. I wasn’t worried about it because I was told upon making the appointment that my services would be the same day. I paid for my service and I signed the contract, The representative then told me that there is no availability for a month. I told her that I want to cancel everything and that was not what I was told when I made my appointment. The representative told me that I would be refunded the same day and someone would reach out to me.Two days went by and no one contacted me and the money was not refunded. After 6 days I spoke the the regional case manager and he said that he will refund the money but there is a $100 processing fee. I was the one lied to, I signed the contract because of false information I was given. They are crooks GET your services done with another company.

  • Jill Hanna says:

    I showed up to my appointment at 6:45 pm on Wednesday, April 13th at the Burlington MA location for Botox. I checked in at 6:40, by 7:40 I still wasn’t seen by technician. Finally at 7:45 they were ready for me. I met with nurse who left room to “mix the Botox” . After 20 minutes she was still mixing the Botox, very weird experience. Spoke with manager sho assured me I was overacting and told me to continue to wait. At 8:15, one hour and 30 minutes after my appointment time I left. Horrible experience , extremely unprofessional and inconsiderate of my time.

    • Sally Marie Luckett says:

      Thank you I had a bad experience also and I’m composing a letter but I was just looking for their fax number as well. I don’t know how else you contacted them but I also went to ideal image and had a bad experience. Did they ever answer you?

      • Kerri Schull says:

        I mailed a letter of issues and being blown off for 4 months. I sent it to the corporate office as certified mail and just got it returned. HORRIBLE service!

    • Anonymous says:

      I am going to report them to the Better Business Bureau we all should do the same thing. I have had a horrible experience myself.

  • Jill Hanna says:

    I had an 8 am appointment at the Newton Ma office this morning. I waited around until 8:20 am, no one ever showed up to open the shop, no answer to my phone call, no response at all. I confirmed the appointment 2X earlier in the week. This company is the biggest mess and scam I have ever experienced.

  • Stephanie Connors says:

    Denied a treatment due to medical issues, promised full refund. Just got bill from Ally lending for over 2,000 none of this has been communicated in writing aside from the paper document from Ally lending. Professional theives.

    • Lydia says:

      Please tell me you eventually got
      your refund? I too was denied injections for a childhood allergy I grew out of. I never should have shared my story. I didn’t have an anaphylactic episode, just hives and some minor swelling. I truly believe they find ways to get out of an appointment. Not only did I not get the injections I had paid 2 months in advance for, (approx 3k) I was informed I would not be refunded the $250 for the lifetime membership, nor would I receive the complimentary procedure (worth $450) I was promised during the initial consultation. I’m guessing they can afford to kick patients to the curb like the do. I took time off from work, drove 100 plus miles and paid for a Hotel room – All for absolutely nothing.

      Ideal Image is a joke. As the Property Manager of a luxury 452 Apartment Community – When asked – I’m happy to say I will NOT be referring any of my residents to one of their locations.

    • Carolyn Stewart says:

      Stephanie the same thing happened to me at the Germantown location in Memphis, TN. I was sold a packet, over $2K, financed through Alley. My first appointment was for services that I didn’t receive because I have an autoimmune disorder that affects the skin, no problems now, haven’t had any problems for over 8 years. That was the excuse used, so they could “consult” with the staff MD somewhere else, over the phone mind you. That was the last time I was at the place, my next appointment cancelled by them, never got any service. I raised holy hell with Alley and they cancelled the financed contract only because no service had been provided. But….this packet was sent to my home to use after each treatment, they are still charging me $400 for which is why I’m getting information about corporate. This may to be to no avail. I wish you luck.

    • Teresa says:

      I wish you good luck.. the same thing happened to me!! They promised my refund twice.. I have received nothing except my credit score is going down.. they refused me treatment because I had an allergic reaction to poison oak, poison ivy, and sumac which I was collecting to make wreaths with( I didn’t know what they looked like)… since I had an allergic reaction they couldn’t give me fillers!!!! That was why I took the loan out to begin with.. ( this incident happened more than 30 years ago) plus I have had fillers in the past many times with no problems!! I am up for any kind of law suit, anything do that anyone even thinking about this rip off unprofessional place won’t lose any money like all the rest of us did.. I went to the Germantown rd. location in Memphis Tn….

  • anonymous says:

    I’m really disappointed with the service that I receive here at the ideal image. This is not my first time telling about it. I’ve sent many comments but looks like no one cares about the customers and all this company needs is the money. I’ve paid $3000.00 for my laser. When it’s time for consultation you guys are all ready and when it is the time for appointment no one picks up the phone and just reschedule the appointment whenever you want. Let me ask you if you pick a time from the dates available it clearly means that either you are not available or working on the days. And you take your day off from work in advance because you don’t want to miss the appointment and then just right before the appointment they call you and tell you that they had to close the clinic so the appointment has been moved and then they schedule you at the time they can service you and you make your plans accordingly. Then I get another phone call saying it’s been rescheduled and then another call saying it’s 10 minutes early and then 3 another phone calls and then they call you and tell you I apologize and we don’t have any laser appointments available at this time. This is insane and ridiculous. I mean I’m so done with this company. There are rude people on the phone who don’t even know how to book appointments and when you get to the appointment you hear oh you’re too early we need to reschedule it. Where is the management ? How this company still running. I paid for the service and I’m 200% disappointed with all your staff. There’s no management at all. If you can’t handle how to manage this business then stop taking money from us loyal customers. I want someone to get back to me about the money, time and patience that I waste with your company. When the customers are late you charge $50 for being late and my appointment gets rescheduled 20 times already ever since I signed the contract. So you guys owe me 20*50= $1000. You’re stealing my money. This company only knows how to rip the customer hard earned money. I hope my comment gets to the higher management and I would appreciate if someone can get back to me regards to this. I’m positive that none of the customers voice ever gets heard by this company otherwise someone should’ve done better to make this a better place.

  • Ileana C says:

    On 04/01/2022 I spoke with the specialist with the name of Elise Brown. Ms. Brown and I discussed everything on zoom call what I was getting and the payments. Once Ms. Brown received my payment she stated she couldn’t see any availability and will call the clinic and call me right back. Ms. Brown did not call me back until 5 hours later and then stated she still have not received a response and will give me a refund if she couldn’t schedule me and she will call me the next day on 04/02/2022 in the morning, I never received a call or update. So at this point I have paid for the service and have not been scheduled or given a call back. I am trying to be patient but this is very unprofessional and I feel like this is ending up to be fraudulent. I just want my refund at this point.

    • Stef says:

      I am currently disputing a charge for over 2,000 for a service I was denied after being promised a refund over the phone. This company is bad news. Total con artists.

      • Teresa says:

        The same thing happened to me.. I was promised refund Twice!!! Never received one dime… after reading all these comments, I don’t believe we will receive anything back… unfortunately!!! These people obviously don’t care and are scammers! People definitely need to know this before entering into any kind of contract with them!!

  • Barbara Turner says:

    My daughter needed hair removed for surgery. I bought a ‘package’. The work was excellent and the people at Ideal Image professional. However, my daughter needed less treatment than for what I paid for. I asked the manager for a check to the amount of the difference. She said no, but the rest of the money can be put toward another service, such as leg hair removal. Fine. Here’s the problem, although I don’t mind signing an email contract, I don’t know how to access my laptop email from my phone. Switching services entails a contract being sent via my phone to my laptop. Your company requires me to be tech savvy. Long story short, I’ve been trying for 6 months to schedule my daughter. The paperwork is daunting.


    I purchased a membership in November 2021 and had to cancel 2 weeks later due to life issues. I was financed through ally lending and when I put in my cancellation, several weeks later, a partial refund was given to Ally Lending. I received no explanation as to why a full refund was not issued. After further investigation I found it was due to me having the kit they sent to me. I was advised to take the kit back to the post office as “return to sender”. I returned the kit in December 2021 before Christmas. As of today, Ideal Image is denying the refund for the kit saying they never received it. This is ridiculous and in my opinion, stealing. The rep advised me to provide a shipping label/receipt. They advise customers to do a return to sender, and wait for their warehouse to check the product back into their stock. Well, unfortunately, the post office does NOT provide customers tracking labels nor receipts when sending mail and/or packages back as “return to sender.” This is their way to steal from you. Don’t use their services by any means. I signed up for their services and cancelled 2 weeks later and still being charged for a package I do not have nor can tell you what was in the package.

  • Kirsty says:

    I bought 8 laser hair removal treatments. On treatment 4 I was told my hair was not coarse or dark enough. My hair was never coarse or really dark. So why did they do the first couple of treatments? No one from the Garland Texas office will call or email me back about the situation.

  • Stacy Wright says:

    I’ve canceled an appointment a week before my first visit snd tried to cancel a week before my appointment due to a medical issue that I’m still experiencing, this company has made me email them my entire medical documents with personal information just to tell me that I can’t get my $500 refund, after cancellation two hours after paying it. I want my money back immediately just like it was taken off my card immediately, or I will forward every email to my Lawyer and have him draw paperwork for a law suit if my money isn’t back by Monday

    • Marlene says:

      PLEASE contact me I’m experiencing the same type of service from them
      There’s quite a few people upset with this company (using the word loosely) maybe we can get a class action suit against them
      cell (775)721-9224
      Home (775)420-5138

  • Barbara Garcia says:

    I’ve made 3 visits to the VA Beach VA office starting back in December, I even tried by emailed to reach out to Julianne Mehtrens, I assume these people are their selling specialists that make commissions after they set you up with these procedures, she never responded back to my email, and I contacted the home office, they supposedly sent my concerns over to a CLIENT SUPPORT TEAM, they were suppose to contact me in 2 or 3 days and this was over 2 weeks ago, I’VE TRIED TO GO THROUGH THEM TO MAKE THIS RIGHT, and again, they won’t reach out to me, because they know its wrong Guess I’ll have to take my concerns else where, and see what my next step is to achieve satisfaction.

  • George says:

    Hello, i paid for 16 cycles. My first treatment was 4 cycles. As i was checking out the guy said i completed 8 cycles. He is counting plus sizes applicators are considered two. This dont make sense to me and I didn’t agree to doing it this way. 16 cycles is 16 cycles.

  • Michele D Golin says:

    This company is the biggest theft greedy scam I’ve ever dealt with I’ve made over 7 months of attempts to get my money back ypu ignore these issues your people are rude and now it’s time for states attorney to end your business

  • Janette says:

    Winston Salem Nc…. my last 4 appointments have been canceled due to lack of staff. Why did I even buy a membership? Stay away from this place

    • Erika says:

      I totally agree. I had an issue with my appt results and they canceled my follow up appt and I’ve tried to contact them by phone & never get called back, through social media and i was blocked, replied to an email from someone reaching out to come back for my birthday and they ignored me. Don’t trust this company.

      • Marlene says:

        I asked for a refund bother couldn’t give me an appointment for 90 days
        They said they refunded my money but they didn’t and because of that they won’t give me any appointments
        So they have my money and won’t give me service
        This is STEALING in my books
        I get a lawyer next they CAN’T keep your money!!!!!!!!

  • Patrick Hoke Jr says:

    I have a yearly membership and go to you location in the Robertson area of Pittsburgh.
    I tried to make an appointment there and was told I had to fill out a “no show” form and they would email it to me. After trying for more than 10 mins the form wouldn’t accept or send, I called and got someone that basically called me stupid and that she would send another one… well it didn’t work so I gave up. A few hrs later I got a text saying my appointment was cancelled!?? I called again today and there is not enough space to explain the the rudeness and condescending persons I spoke to!! I called another local location and asked if I could cancel my membership and get reimbursed. They said no, I said that’s to bad and she hung up and proceeded to cancel my membership via email. Is this really how you treat your customers, if so this is a pathetic way of keeping and getting new business!! Please explain how this behavior is acceptable. I would like to know. Thank you

  • Darlene Johnson says:

    I have prepaid 9 laser hair removal treatments for my son, who has extreme anxiety and severe OCD. He is non functional and dependant on myself and my husband. He has received 5 treatments; however, the Ideal Image on Teages Rd, Arundel Mills in Maryland has refused to schedule him the last 4 treatments. Apparently, there is an allotted amount of time to get these appointments completed, which I wasn’t aware of. He has not left the house since March 2020 due to COVID. I would like for him to receive his remaining 4 treatments, whether at the Aundel Mills location or one of your corporate owned locations. (if any are available?) I paid over $3,000 upfront. Can you help me make this happen. Please.

    Darlene Johnson
    Michael Johnson, client
    8238 White Star Xing, Pasadena, MD. 21122

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