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  • Address: 738 Eonju-ro, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Phone Number: +82 2-542-3322
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 2,50,000
  • Established: 1967
  • Founder: Chung Ju-yung
  • Key People: Chung Mong-koo (Chairman & CEO)

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Mong-Koo Chung

Chairman & CEO

Peter Schreyer

President & Chief Design Officer

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About Hyundai, History and Headquarters Information


Hyundai was founded in the year 1967. The company has been operational for almost 51 years now. The founder of the company was Chung Ju-Yung. The founding of the company goes back to the establishment of the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company, in the year 1947. The first car model of the company was released in conjunction with Ford Motors, in the year 1968. In the year 1974, in order to create their own car, the company had hired George Turnbull, who was the managing director of Austin Morris at British Leyland. Also, other five top British car engineers were also appointed as well. Then in the year 1975, the first South Korean car, which was the Pony, was released. The powertrain technology that time was provided by Mitsubishi Motors as well. In the year 1982, the company had entered the British market and therefore sold more than 2,900 cars in the first year as well.

In the year 1984, the company started exporting the Pony car to Canada, and not in the USA, since the car will not meet the emission standards in the USA. The sales of the car in Canada was great, and it exceeded expectations. It was also the top-selling car in Canada at one point as well. By the year 1985, almost one million Hyundai cars were manufactured. From the year 1986, the company started to sell cars in the USA. In the year 1988, the company released the Sonata model. In the year 1990, the company had manufactured its four millionth car. The following year, the company was successful in manufacturing its first gasoline engine that has four cylinders. In the year 1996, the company opened up a new manufacturing plant in Chennai, India. In the year 1999, the founder of the company transferred the company to his son, known as Chung Mong Koo. The parent company of Hyundai also started to invest heavily in design, quality and even manufacturing of various kinds of cars. The company also invested in R&D as well. In the year 2004, the company was ranked at number two in terms of initial quality by JD Power. The company has also been the sponsors of the FIFA World Cup, since the 2002 iteration. Then in the year 2006, Chung Mong Koo was arrested and charged due to a corruption fraud of almost $106 million. The headquarters of the company is based in 738 Eonju-ro, Nonhyeon-dong. The name of the place is Gangnam-gu, while the city name is Seoul, South Korea.


Hyundai is a South Korean company that focuses on the designing, development, manufacturing and selling of various kinds of automobiles, cars and vehicles to its customers and clients, all over the world. The current CEO and president of the company are Lee Won-hee. As of the year 2016, the total revenue generated by the company is more than 93.6 trillion Yen. Also, the overall production output of the company, as of the year 2016, is more than 4.8 million units. The number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2013, is more than 104,700. The company has its presence in over 193 different countries with more than 5,000 dealerships as well.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to purchase various kinds of automobiles, developed and designed by the company itself, with the use of mostly in-house technologies as well. The company also owns Kia Motors and Genesis Motors and therefore manufactures cars of these car brands as well.

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  • DINESH KUMAR says:

    worst service by Hyundai india dated 30.03.2019

    I was one of proud customer of Hyundai creta 2017,

    today my vehicle got damage while driving, i was trying to contact Hyundai India people and Plaza Hyundai people, but I was shock to see the service they are providing India.

    All the phone number mentioned are either switch of or they were not picking.

    I m relay surprise to see how Hyundai is on the top for there service.

    Hyundai india has no hold over there dealer ,or we can say Hyundai India is least worried for there customer

    dinesh kumar


    To whom it may concern:
    I had been so pleased with my Hyundai experience when I purchased in 2012 that I upgraded to a 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport in 2015. However, my last purchase was not as good as the first.

    I have been so displeased with my Hyundai experience for the last four years. I have driven a Hyundai Sonata since 2012. I had a 2012 Sonata and upgraded in 2015 to a Sonata Sport. My first purchase was awesome with great perks. My second purchase was not so good. I purchased my second Hyundai from Wilson Premier in Ridgeland, MS. The service there sucks. The service department is so understaffed that it takes days and sometimes weeks before you can get a simple oil change. On several occasions, I got oil changes and they checked everything as ok. However, everything was not always ok.
    (1) There were several occasions when I needed an oil change and I couldn’t get an appointment for at least a week. I started going somewhere else to get an oil change and would have to go back to the dealer to reset my service light. I was told on occasions that the next oil change would be on them, but they never honored any free oil change.
    (2) I got an oil change and I told them that my brakes were bad. They told me that the brakes were good and I could drive many more miles on them. I called them the following day because I could hardly drive the car. I was told that a rock may be stuck in it and to bring it back. I had to take the car back to the dealer and it was there all day. They later told me that the brakes were to the metal. I got pissed and took my car elsewhere to get brakes. I could have easily had an accident and it would have been their fault.
    (3) I got an oil change and told them that my car was shaking. At this particular visit, I also got an air filter. I was there at least two hours before they told me that they had no air filters in and someone from Auto Zone was bringing one. Now bear in mind, the filters at Auto Zone are only $18. However, Hyundai still charged me $36.95 for the filter. They would not give me the Auto Zone price. After that, they told me that everything else checked out. I called the following day and asked if they rotate tires during an oil change. They told me, “no, that’s a different service”. I took the car to another shop and was told that two of my tires had knots and a third tire was wearing from the inside. Again, I got pissed and let another shop replace my tires.
    (4) I reported back in January 2019 that my antenna cover came off the car. I think it may have flown off during my commute to work. I contacted cooperate and spoke to Brandon (714) 965-7080, case# 14767901. I had read up on this issue and clearly it’s a recurring issue with these vehicles. He called me back in five days and stated that they would NOT assist me with a replacement. I have been riding around with plastic over the antenna to prevent any other damage. I contacted my dealer and was told that only the cover would cost $203.00 and the labor is $287.00. I feel like the labor cost is extreme. Matt, who is in the service department at Wilson Premier in Ridgeland, MS, sent an email on my behalf to ask for assistance again. At this point, they decided to buy the part but I would have to pay for the labor. I feel like the labor cost is way too much. I asked Matt if the labor cost could be discounted and he stated that the general manager said no.

    I have had many people ask me about my car and if I like it. I initially loved my car. It’s very spacious and has a lot of cool features. However, I swayed them from buying one because the service sucks and the perks are not that good anymore. Also the parts just fall off and no help is out there. I will not buy another Hyundai or recommend one to anybody again. I will also start going elsewhere to get services done to my car.

  • Dr. Wallace Sife says:

    Hyundai Public Relations Department
    March 15, 2019


    I have tried to get help in my personal search, for when I served in Korea in 1953.
    I wrote to your Embassy and even your largest newspaper, thinking they would be glad to assist me. This would be a wonderful public interest story, and it would bring honor to anyone helping me. But nobody ever had the courtesy to send me a reply.

    It was suggested by my Hyundai dealer, here in Brooklyn, NY that Hyundai PR Department in Seoul has a fine newsletter for all your employees and friends – and you may want to include my search it in your next edition.

    I am 87 years old. In 1952-1954 I had the honor to serve in the Unites States Army. I was a corporal in the infantry, fighting all over the hills and mountains – especially “Pork Chop”, where I was wounded. But I healed and was returned to my company to continue active duty.

    I loved your beautiful country, and wept for what ravages it was undergoing. The KATUSA in my company (Company L, 17th Infantry) were wonderful people and we became friends. They taught me many words and expressions, and even dressed me up for some of your festivals. I still have some old photos of that.

    The cease-fire on was signed on July 27, 1954. A few weeks after that I was walking along a road not too far from Seoul, and saw a very little boy crying in a field – in several yards from the roadside ditch. I jumped that hurdle and went to him. He was about 4 years old, very skinny, and crying “etai, etai”. He couldn’t speak English, and was very much in pain. So I picked him up and leaped back over the ditch, to the road. And I anxiously waited there until a jeep with some officers came by.

    I stopped them and explained what was happening, and asked them to drive us to the nearest medical location. They gladly did that, and left us off, there. I rode in the back, with that sweet little crying boy in my arms. It broke my heart. When we got to the medical post the army doctors examined him and said they were going to give him emergency treatment, and they took him away. I then had to return to my unit.

    This was such a powerful experience for me, and I never forgot it. I felt very responsible and close to him. All these years I have been wondering about how that little boy fared, and what kind of man he grew up to be. Is there any possible way that you can publish this and find that out for me? I know that this is a very unusual request, but it would be so very much appreciated.

    Thank you for these considerations. Gomawo,

    Dr. Wallace Sife
    1420 Ocean Parkway, Apt. 4J
    Brooklyn, NY USA
    Telephone: (718) 339-3592

  • Dr. Wallace Sife says:

    An Article for your Corporate Newsletter

  • JoAnn Russo says:

    I had a Hydraulic Failure with my Hatchback , where the large Hatchback Fell on me landing on the Thoracic Area of my Spine and also on my Shoulders. As I was reaching in to get something. I was twisted trying to get to the inside release . I already since then had my first Shoulder Replacement Surgery on April 4th 2019 and the other Shoulder Replacement just 10 months later January 16th 2019 , 1o months apart. I also have this accident with the Hatchback , 3 Vertebrae Collapsed . I am so upset because I suffer having previous Spinal Surgery. To this present day , the Hatchback is not operating correctly. I have brought the SUV into service , but they cannot find to correct this HORRIBLE HATCHBACK, of which I am afraid of using . My sister was witness as I was trapped ,( not sounding funny ) but looking like a clam . I had to bend and maneuver myself while actually looking and seeing the entire Hatchback on me , then finally released the Hatch. To this day , all I can say , this one time accident malfunction should never had happened. It only takes 1 time . Imagine if a Child or Pet was in the hatch , like children always like to help, well they would have died .I too could have died. People with any Hydraulic feature should be made aware of this feature .It’s all on record , this was in November 2015 with my 2008 Veracruz , I cannot afford a new car so I must continue using this car. I only have approx. 66,000 miles on a 11 year old car . Owning a SUV that you are afraid of and always reliving that terrible night is a God Aweful way to live. That is why my mileage is so very low. Most people enjoy the vehicle they own , but NOT ME ! Thank You for reading , please help.

  • Wenceslao Santiago says:

    I had a 2016 Tucson I drove it to SC from SA and after 3 hours on the road the AC went out the air was not cold. When we got to SC and parked the car overnight the AC started to blow out cool air again while we stayed in SC which was four days we were driving short trips the whole stay. On our departure date after around 3 hours the cool air started to get warmer gradually until the AC no longer blew any cool air. The weather outside was cool so we lowered our back windows half way and that made the ride back to San Antonio comfortable. The next day I called the service department at World Car Hyundai and they said a recall for the AC may of been the problem and they made the appointment. I specifically asked them to check the system out and not to depend on the recall item.
    I got the car back and it was cooling. The next month was had to drive six hours to attend my wife’s nephews graduation celebration. The temputure outside was aroud 102 after 350 miles driven into the trip once again the ac started to blow warm air. We couldn’t open the windows it was to hot outside. We made stops at every gas station we saw to cool down along the way.
    well the next day the air was blowing cool.
    Once we started our trip back home which is a six hour drive at around 355 miles into the trip once again the air stopped blowing cool and only warm air was blowing. The temputure outside was 104 once again we stopped at all gas stations to cool off.
    When we got home I ask my wife to lay down and rest. that was around 4:30pm at around 7:30pm she said she wanted to go to the emergency room her heart was beating so fast it felt it was going to explode. Once in the exigency room. She was wheeled off and was treated by a cardiologist and some other specialist the stated the heat she suffered in the car ride caused her to have a heart attack and were trying to determine the level of damage her heart suffered due to the heat she had to withstand during the car ride.

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