Where is Hy Vee Corporate office Headquarters

Hy Vee Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1700 Valley W Dr, West Des Moines, IA 50266, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 515-223-4597
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 90,000
  • Established: 1930
  • Founder: Charles Hyde & David Vredenburg
  • Key People: Randy Edeker (Chairman, CEO and President)

Hy Vee Headquarters Location & Directions

Hy Vee Headquarters Executive Team


Randall B. Edeker

Chairman, President & CEO

Michael D. Skokan

Executive VP, Treasurer & CFO

Jay T. Marshall

Executive VP & COO

About Hy Vee, History and Headquarters Information

Hy Vee Headquarters Photos

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  • Cyndie says:

    This is bad information. This the address for their West Des Moines #1 store. The correct information for the corporate office is:

    5820 Westown Pkwy, West Des Moines, IA 50266
    West Des Moines, IA 50266


    (515) 267-2800

  • Lori says:

    I have a real problem with the pharmacy in your Ankeny store. It seems you get prescriptions filled from a central location. Your pharmacists no longer fill them in your store. This is ridiculous. They have screwed up several of my prescriptions, always causing me to make a second trip in to the store. I live out of town. This is a real inconvenience and it costs gas money. One more time and I will be transferring all my prescriptions to walmart. Your fulfillment centers might sound good to you, but much customer service is lost in the transfer. Go back to the old way.

  • Rodney DeWayne Williams says:

    To whom it Concern:

    I have a real serious concern regarding the Raytown Hy-Vee because I was at work Sunday September 22, 2019 and trying to bring in the pallet of banana and could not do my job plus the pallet fell over because of the whole between the Produce Cooler and the Salad Bar Prep area that has been their more than 2 years and has yet to be fixed. Because if this I also hurt my back as much can’t do my jobs as I have done for 10 yrs giving 200 % of myself at Hy-Vee please forward this on to the Head Guy or Lady over that region because I have a Lawyer on speed dial if I get hurt because of this problem that has been and ongoing issue in the Produce Department. Please have someone address this matter and fix the whole that is between the produce & salad bar prep area

  • Debra Irvin says:

    Hy-Vee in Red Oak needs to stock more items not remove what people like it has so much wasted space. It is getting so bad that items that are in sale and etc workers have to explain trucks have not arrived as schedule not once but several times. I like to shop local but this store does not stock a lot of items anymore. Why is Shenandoah well stocked with many items. As you know Red Oak has closed lot of stores are you next. You are showing the signs of closing a store.

  • Phillow says:

    how can i become a supplier to hyvee?

  • K Pullman says:

    I was at the HyVee on SE 14th and Park Ave a little bit ago and noticed the Cereal Truckload Sale 5 for $5.00. I selected 5 boxes and went to pay for them. When the cash register rang up a total of $11.00 I pointed out the 5 for $5.00 sign. The clerk called for a manager. When the manager showed up she said that all 5 had to be by the same manufacture. It DID NOT show that on the sign. It said must have 5 in basket. I left the store and the cereal there. I have been shopping at HyVee for more years than I can remember and this trip has really upset me to the point where I am going to try to find someplace else to do my shopping. I know that HyVee won’t really miss me, but that’s ok.

  • Susan Moore says:

    I have been using Hy-Vee brand creamy peanut butter regularly over the past couple of years and our family likes it. Unfortunately, the last 40 oz. jar that I purchased at Hy-Vee in Cedar Falls, IA had so much oil sitting on top that when I pulled off the inner protective seal, the oil went all over the counter and myself. Instead of pouring the rest of the oil off (bad decision on my part), I stirred it back into the peanut butter thinking that it might be dry without it, and now I have a jar of runny peanut butter. Don’t know if it was just a bad batch or what, but now I am leary of ever purchasing your store brand peanut butter again. The code printed on the jar reads as follows: BEST BY AUG/21/2019 TA8233A 04:08:24.

    • Cyndie says:

      the best way to handle this is to return it to the store. They will refund your money or replace. I’ve also had success sending a message to the specific store on Facebook. But I would suggest you use the message button instead of trying to post on their Facebook page. That way they see it and can address it.

  • Nan Kloberdanz says:

    My name is Nan Kloberdanz, I am rather confused, I feel bad and need your help. I am trying to help 3 children whose father was in an accident, he was paralyzed and sent back to Mexico for treatment, he will not be returning.. Two weeks ago these 3 children lost their mother to “Breast Cancer”. They have an uncle who is single but no one else to care for them.. I went to the Hy Vee Headquarters to ask if it would be appropriate for me to ask Hy Vee for a gift card to help these 3 children with buying some groceries. A representative from Hy Vee called me, he was very nice but I am so confused about who from Hy Vee I need to talk with regarding my request. I have the story of these three children so people can read it. I am just trying to help Dr Tom Ahart and his wife with this endeavor as these children attend school in the Des Moine Public School District. I need your advise on Hy Vee’s Policy regarding this issue. Thank you so much!! I will look forward to hearing from a Hy Vee representative.
    Nan Kloberdanz

    • Cyndie says:

      HyVee store directors have the authority to make donations. Contact any store and they can help you out. I would suggest you make the request in writing — even if you want to go directly to the store — it will be beneficial to the store to have the particular information in writing so they know who to contact.

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