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Where is Huntington National Bank Corporate office Headquarters

Huntington National Bank Headquarters Address and Contact

Huntington National Bank logo
  • Address: 830 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 614-480-0095

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 15,000

  • Established: 1866

  • Founder: P.W. Huntington

  • Key People: Stephen D. Steinour, Chairman, President & CEO

Huntington National Bank Headquarters Location & Directions

Huntington National Bank Headquarters Executive Team



Stephen D. Steinour

Chairman, CEO & President

Howell D. McCullough III

Senior EVP & CFO

Paul G. Heller

Senior EVP, Chief Technology & Operations Officer

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  • J B says:

    I use to have an account with this bank – they closed it down on me because apparently, I filed too many disputes…which I am very picky about finances and if something looks off to me, then yeah, I am going to file a dispute on it (but I guess its against the rules if you do too many), well anyhow, I had a couple disputes going and they canceled them on me, putting my account negative over $600 and then got a letter saying they were closing my account! I called and pleaded with them to please not do this to me and they refused…seriously?? If it was such an issue, why didnt they inform me or let me know? I had no clue but whatever was out of my hands. Now I am dealing with a company to get financial help and this company needs validation to show that I owned specific debit cards in my name with them (and a few other banks I bank with). I called Huntington about this and they said they can’t do that (which is false, it is something that was in my name with them, so yes, I am entitled to this) My other banks had no problem providing it to me but apparently Huntington cant…I even called a branch and the lady said “It’s not like we have typewriters here that we can just use to type you a letter” I am like, really? Who uses typewriters these days? Um, it’s called a computer! You simply do a print screen or type a letter on word and boom, you have a letter! I do not know what to do because they are standing in my way with help I am trying to get. Also, when I called them to get a statement sent to me, they said it is a $5 fee but since I do not have an account with them to use to charge the fee, they cannot send it to me! I am like that is BS! I even offered to pay them over the phone to get a statement and they said no! So you closed the account on me and when I call to get a copy of my banking history with you, you say no????? I am beyond pissed at this point!

    Seriously???? Are there no human beings that work at this bank? Is anyone that can be a decent human being at this bank help?

  • Martha says:

    Those dancing commercials are ridiculous … please nix them and do ads pertinent to banking. I hate them do bad.

  • Jay says:

    Piece of shit bank taking 7days to clear a check I’m closing this account ASAP!!!!

  • Keonah says:

    After Reading all these comments I would never use this bank at all I love banks that’s respectful plus my sister in-law having a hard time getting her brother money out the bank and she did everything they told her to do like get his release form sign and his check still on hold why

  • RAY GETS says:

    The customer service is terrible inside at the eastmoore branch, bexley area. I’ve witnessed racial profiling at its best especially from one particular banker of which her name is Hanna. I heard her say to a customers ( African american) “oh im sorry but you all look alike”. Not only is she rude to customers she’s also rude to fellow employees. Its seems to be only one person working the banking area while other employees migrate in one room at the busiest time during banking hours. There should something ( a secrete survey) done about the management that is being displayed at this branch.

  • Tom Miller says:

    There is no way to report fraudulent charges on the Huntington App, even after they email a fraud notification… which is always AFTER they are closed and do not answer the phone! And their automated phone system is worthless and does not recognize account holders.

  • Jenny Poppe says:

    terrible to deal with at the Northgate Ohio location. wanted to make my moms deposit of $100.00 was told they need my ID to key in the computer. Dumbest thing I ever heard of. We will be changing banks.

  • Steven Blair Stout says:

    I have been a TCF Bank member for many years. Just recently, Huntington Bank took over TCF and I received many communications leading up to this transition, assuring me that the transition to Huntington would be flawless and easy. NO WAY has it been flawless or easy. From day one, there have been issues. Like
    1. My checking account that I’ve had for years and years, ceased showing up on line once Huntington took over. This means I cannot see my account on line.
    2. I was told it was because my name was not entered (originally) the same as with my other 2 accounts and that they would correct it and that I should see the account posted on line anywhere from 2-5 days. I have yet to see my account posted so I have no way to follow the activity on my own checking account. It has been nearly a week.
    3. I called headquarters in Columbus, OH (today, Oct. 18} and am told the situation is due to the fact that my checking account is listed as a ‘business account’ ( and I have no idea why ). Headquarters tell me that this is a situation my branch office in Ann Arbor has to correct themselves with me in person. My branch office in Ann Arbor never told me my account is listed as a business account. Why is is listed as a business account? It has always been a personal checking account to my knowledge.
    4. I go into my bank on Pauline Blvd in Ann Arbor, MI and have talked to numerous folks there. They are all very nice (manager, Michael, coworkers Alana and Dawn). However, I am sitting here a week later and nothing has been corrected. They can be as nice as they can be, but if my personal is situation is not corrected, I really don’t care about “nice”. They say the bank transition has revealed many, many thousands of accounts with similar problems and that this is going to take a while to correct. How did this happen?
    5. In the meantime, I cannot see my checking account. I cannot see activity on my account and have no idea what is going to with the account. This is a sinking feeling and one that I am not happy about.
    6. I am about ready to pull all three of my accounts and go else where. Never have I dealt with such shoddy treatment from any banking institution. Come on Huntington. Get this right.
    7. Now when I go to the Ann Arbor branch, I find the lobby closed with directions to the drive thru windows only for transactions. The lobby was closed on Oct. 15 and still closed today, Oct. 18. How does one take care of this type of problem in a drive thru window?

  • Linda Rosenjack says:

    Your is a pain to deal with! I will be posting on Facebook and anywhere else I can to let everyone I know what I think of your bank!

  • Michael thomas says:

    My moms is 82 she got a lump sum my crack head brothercwalked hercin bank until every dime was gone she has dementia 60k gone bank manager put me on the account i got some funds sent there they froze account said its fraud because im just the power of attorney and its considered fraud closed my moms account after yrs of dealing. Im in awe.

  • Kelly Shaheen says:

    I am the legal guardian and conservator for my aunt. It recently came to my attention that her name was on an account at Huntington with her former power of attorney (who, by the way, embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from my aunt and left her destitute). The bank refuses to recognize that I am her court appointed conservator and won’t, at the very least, remove my aunt’s name from the account. They requested that she come to a branch to make the request herself. Umm….there is a reason that I am her guardian/conservator. The court gathered information from her physician, the nursing home, her hospice provider and her guardian ad litem and made a determination that she is unable to make her own decisions. Duh. But I’m supposed to find transportation for a wheelchair-bound individual with dementia, take her to the branch to remove her name from an account, only to have them tell me when we get there that they won’t be able to do it because she doesn’t even know her own name? Does this make any kind of sense to anybody??

  • Roscoe C. Beall, III says:

    Who does the Bank Manager in Elkins, West Virginia, report to ?

  • Jeffrey M Grahamj says:

    I have been a loyal Huntington Bank customer since it was Mid Am Bank and then Sky Bank. I have my personal mortgage through Huntington and they have likely made about $200,000.00 in interest off that loan. I also had 4 mortgages for rental properties and never missed a payment. On December 26th, 2015 my wife of 23 years told me she wanted a divorce. I was forced to try and refinance the rental properties but Huntington Bank would not do it. That led to the meeting I had with my lawyer where he told me I was going to have to file bankruptcy. I had no choice since no bank would refinance. Here were are years later and Huntington Bank will not allow me to deed the property to them and will not work with me to get rid of the house. The house has been completely destroyed and I am being killed with fines from Toledo for zoning violations. I have attempted to work with Huntington Bank but they refuse, telling me to go through my lawyer (costing me thousands of dollars I do not have). Recently I have found out I had warrants for my arrest. I am a law enforcement officer and this could kill my career. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau but the lady who called, Brooke something, again would not or could not help. She did tell me that my account has a person assigned to it but would not give me a name. The only reason they can have for not working with me to get rid of the property is in spite. Every other bank has foreclosed or allowed me to do a deed in lieu. So much for caring about loyal customers. I cannot recover from my wife leaving me or my bankruptcy until I get rid of my last properties, but thanks to Huntington I have had to hire another lawyer and am looking at thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees. I guess they only liked me because I was making them money.

  • S O'Brien says:

    I make deposits on behalf of my employer. It has come to my attention that my personal information has been stored to this account. That information includes MY social security number!! They use this information to complete CRT forms. I NEVER gave anyone authorization to store my information to the system!!!! It seems that getting them to remove my information is going to be difficult. I would NEVER do personal banking with Huntington. YOU DO NOT HAVE AUTHORIZATION TO STORE MY PERSONAL INFORMATION IN YOUR SYSTEM!!!!! REMOVE IT!!!!!!

  • Gari says:

    i you are looking for a bank that has the words customer service in its vocabulary, don’t choose huntington – a very difficult bank to work with.

  • Kevin says:

    This is the absolute worse bank I have ever dealt with. I just removed a large sum of money from a money market with them, and their local manager acts like she could care less! No way to contact senior management, they insulate themselves from customers!

  • Taleb Talaat says:

    Huntington tried to steal 65000 from our company account. We caught them and they reluctantly returned the money. It is either a criminal or incompetent organization.

  • Coleen Landris says:

    Huntington attached my Money Market account to my granddaughters overdraft protection without my consent or knowledge. They credited her account $100 of my money before she had even overdrawn it that much. Now they won’t give me back my $100. This was Huntington’s mistake not mine. Will be moving all my accounts to an honest bank. I have filed my compliant with the BBB.

  • Linda Harold says:

    My husband and I have a large safety deposit box with Huntington Bank Ellet Branch, Akron, Ohio. My husband died April 26,2019
    i went to the bank to add family member to the box we own and was told ALL SIGNERS NEED TO BE PRESENT IN ORDER TO ALL A SIGNERS MUST BE PRESENT IN ORDER TO ADD ANOTHER SIGNER. needless to say my husband cant be present –he is dead. The bank personal said the only things I can do is close the box and open a new one. This leads to another problem: we were a 1st Merit customer and as a customer I get a discount on our box. Well now because I HAVE HAD TO CLOSE THIS BOX AND OPEN A NEW ONE I lose my discount on the box. I have filed a complaint #00720177 with your customer service.
    Is this the way Huntington Bank does business??
    This many not be a big thing in the big picture but it is one more hurtle a person in my situation has to endure.

    Linda Harold

  • Sandra Yeager says:

    Wow, you do not make it easy to find a way to leave a comment. It took me quite a while to get here. I had a problem using my debit card the other night. My card was denied several times but did go thru without my knowing. in the mean time, I used a card from a different bank. turns out I paid for something twice. You questioned it, texted me, and a very lovely employee named Alicia from the credit card dept helped me, got it fixed, ordered me a new card, and I finally slept knowing it was fixed. Thank you.

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