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Where is Huntington Learning Center Corporate office Headquarters

Huntington Learning Center Headquarters Address and Contact

Huntington Learning Center logo
  • Address: 496 Kinderkamack Rd, Oradell, NJ 07649, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 201-261-8400

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1977

  • Founder: Dr. Raymond Huntington

  • Key People: Eileen Huntington (CEO)

Huntington Learning Center Headquarters Location & Directions

Huntington Learning Center Headquarters Executive Team









About Huntington Learning Center, History and Headquarters Information

The Huntington learning center in USA is one of the oldest learning centers which has gained excellence in providing courses for primary and secondary students in USA. The institution offers tutoring on reading, writing, vocabulary, science, mathematics, and other subjects. With this, it additionally provides test preparation for different exams such as SAT, PSAT, GED, Regents, and many more for the students of USA. The learning center was ideally started at New Jersey in USA in the year 1977 by Dr. Raymond Huntington and his wife. By the year 1999 the learning center was successfully operating in 200 cities of USA. The Huntington learning center has developed excellence in providing all types of tutoring and test preparation with proven results, certifications, and accreditations. The courses are available for high school as well as college graduates for the tuitions and various test preparations. The faculty at Huntington Learning Center is well groomed to provide relevant knowledge on the tuitions.

Huntington Learning Center Headquarters Photos

Huntington Learning Center Resources

  • Whistle blower says:

    I know someone that is copying your work books and selling them

  • MPS says:

    CONTINUE TO receive mail for someone at this address who does not exist. HOW THE HECK do we get removed from all mailing lists.

  • N/A says:

    Please be aware there is an temp/employee in the Oradell office that is using the Huntington server to view inappropriate and culturally/racially offensive podcasts (without headphones).

  • Timothy Williamson says:

    I had the opportunity to meet with Karen Selnick, the director of the Williamsville, NY branch, today to discuss possible employment and I wish to express how impressed I am with her exemplary professionalism and attitude toward the importance of assisting each student at the appropriate level and with the appropriate instructor. I am equally impressed by the ease at which the meeting was conducted; I have never been so comfortable when engaged with a prospective employer. Karen was as interested in my background and educational philosophy as she was presenting the learning center as an enjoyable and still challenging place to work. I have not decided yet if I will continue to pursue employment with the company but if Karen Selnick is any example of the type of individual who works for Huntington Learning Centers, I am certain students will benefit from their experience there.

    • Karen Selnick says:

      Hi Timothy, I happened across your comments today and had never seen them before! Thank you so very much for your kind words. Not everyone understands that Huntington Learning Centers are locally owned and operated and our family owned the Buffalo centers from 1986-2023 and now they are owned and operated by another Buffalo family. We care deeply about our students and staff and it was really validating to read this comment from you. Sincere gratitude and warm wishes for continued success in your career. ~Karen Selnick

  • Nagwa Amin says:

    We hired Huntington learning center KOP to help our daughter with her SAT. The plan was help achieve our score goal and they made it sound like it is achievable with their curriculum . HLC ( Natalie )asked to take an assessment test to see where she is and what she needs help with to customize the course based on her needs and told them she took test before and studied for test but she needs help in some areas– sounds good ,right !!!
    Most tutors do 2 hours a week , they said 4 hours a week !!! which is out of the norm given also that she had studied and had tutor before ( so we are not starting from scratch to need 4 hours a week ) – we agreed on 3 hours a week which was too much – that was first sign – all about taking as much money as they can !!
    We started course , they went over basic stuff and moving very slow and going over material for someone just started to study for SAT for first time. I expressed my concerns to center , they said they will reach out to teachers and ask them to skip what she knows and focus on material she doesn’t know – few weeks later –that didn’t change and did not resolve issue !! They continued at same base

    Missing HW emails – is their backup for any failure – I heard this from many people using HLC and how they use as excuses to not improving . My daughter is very good with getting HW done on time – few times, she didn’t understand HW and emailed teacher – teacher replied don’t worry – will go over it in class so it was not missing – I emailed center ( Natalie ) and told her the issue – she said ok . of course it is same story every time to cover up if student doesn’t improve !!

    Throughout the course , I expressed my concerns and my disappointment about the progress many times and that my daughter is not happy and frustrated – same reply every time – we will address with teachers …blah blah blah
    My daughter lost her confidence and felt it was all on her which caused her a nervous breakdown – can’t express how much pain that caused and affected her performance

    3 weeks before 8/28/21 test date , I expressed my concerns that they have not finished the materials and she is still learning new materials – they were half way . I said she should be using the time now for review , taking practice test and get ready for her final SAT exam ( I told center that 8/28 is the last test she is taking) – Natalie told me she will talk to teachers – the week of the test … they didn’t finish all materials AND didn’t do the proper review to get her ready for test … I told Natalie — how is it possible to have my daughter take the test and go to the test without covering all materials and without review … no action was taken at this point – it was too late
    My daughter took the test ..of course she was in very stressful mode – going to test knowing that there was no review done and knowing that a lot of questions in test were not covered and doesn’t know it – imagine you as an adult not even as 17 years old how would you feel – how would you feel going to take a test that will determine your future and the college you go to
    We got the results back – her score went up by 30 POINTS , yes 30 points !!! I paid $4k for 30 points which she could have easily done by herself and I would have saved the money and lack of confidence this process caused to her self-steam !! now she can’t submit her score to the college of her dream and now she lost hope of getting where she wanted to go – basically ruined her future !!!

    A lot of promises and by I time I realized this was not the right decision and that this was not the right place , it was too late to switch and find another tutor plus we have already paid in advance

    I reached out to Natalie again and complained about the process and the results and damage they caused – reply is so sorry you were not happy – nothing we can do now !!! seriously , Well the damage is done
    I told her I need to speak to owner about this because I need my money back. She said no . After going back and forth , the owner called me . He listened to all my concerns then he said , I’m not an educator ,this is a business I’m running – we are franchise business and we give same steps to each student and we don’t modify course ( one size fits all ) I said but that is not what I was told by Natalie and so what was the reason of the assessment test you give out in the beginning , isn’t that to see where the student needs help with !! yeah but we have to go through material regardless – I said this is the first time I heard this and we were never told that . He is like we can’t customize for each student . He seems nice in the beginning of the call then he was very very rude. He said teachers attended the class and did what they were told to do – so it is all about checking the box basically. I explained to him that I regret using them and he doesn’t understand the damage that was done and what they have done to my daughter – no regrets at his end – he kept saying well we provided the classes then hung up on me !!!
    Not professional at all , not caring about students , not caring about my concerns or not even thinking for a second may be we are doing something wrong ….all about business and bottom numbers and get more people – this is my worst nightmare and I hope no parent or student go through what we have been through .

  • Nagwa Amin says:

    Hi , I need to file a complaint and would like to discuss the issue I’m having at King of Prussia Center location in KOP, PA
    This center didn’t provide service as promised . Very poor management and attitude. i can be reached via email


  • Sue says:

    I have a formal complaint and would like to discuss with someone in charge of the Neb centers.. not happy with the owner if that’s what you would call the person..I guess I can always get ahold of the BBB. and dept of labor and dept of Ed..

  • Annoyed says:

    We have repeatedly tried to get our address removed from their mailing address, called many times, someone at one time said they would contact the main office to remove us from their mailing list. We are still getting mail from them, have not used them for 8 years! Very annoying to keep getting their ‘sign up letters’!!!!

  • Tenzin says:

    Staff are good at passing the buck so not helpful at all, “leave a message and someone will get back to you” even after telling them I have done it 100 times, empathy is not in their motto. It took almost 7months to get my refund back after cancellation of the service.

  • LeeAnn Erb says:

    I am in need of executive mgmt contact to request Who is in charge of your southern California specifically in San Diego location .

    I have requested on several occasions with the manager of the Carmel Mountain Ranch San Diego location to give me a refund for the tutoring services they failed to deliver my daughter

    they assured us back in November 2017 when they took our $3000 they could help my daughter get high testing scores on ACT and SAT exams when in fact they failed her.

    The center mgr is Ulrika Myggen she is refusing to refund us when they knew this was a financial hardship for me as a single parent/widower they knew I had to max out my credit card to afford paying for this and had been a benefit no problem but this was a complete failure on their part and now I’m stuck still trying to pay off my credit card for services that turned out to be of no benefit at all for my daughter.

    They told us they had highly trained professionals with educational degrees but they failed to recognize my daughter needed extra timing practice to complete reading and English portions and it took my daughter requesting extra timings on practice exams to even get any further help but this was not until the end of our 50 hours we had paid for.

    I am completely disgusted and dissatisfied with the performance of the staff of your Carmel Mountain Ranch San Diego location I wanted was a refund I think I’m entitled to that since they failed to help my daughter in anyway

    LeeAnn Erb

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