Where is HSN Corporate office Headquarters

HSN Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1 HSN Drive
    St. Petersburg, FL 33729
  • Phone Number: +1 727-872-1000
  • Fax Number: 727-872-6559
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 6500
  • Established: 1977
  • Founder: Lowell Paxson & Roy Speer
  • Key People: Mike Fitzharris

HSN Headquarters Location & Directions

HSN Headquarters Executive Team



Mike Fitzharris


Geoff W. Brownrigg

President of Improvements

Jason Jones

President of Grandin Road

Joy Mangano

President of Ingenious Designs LLC

Ryan McKelvey

President of Ballard Designs

Claire Spofford

President of Cornerstone

Michael J. Attinella

Chief Accounting Officer & CFO-HSN

Carmen R. Bauza

Chief Merchandising Officer & Executive VP

Karen S. Etzkorn

Chief Information Officer & Executive VP

William Hutchinson

Executive Vice President of Supply Chain Operations

About HSN, History and Headquarters Information


Hsn was founded in the year 1982. The company has been operational for 36 years now. The founders of the company were Roy Speer and Lowell Paxson. The company was founded as a local cable channel in the city of Pinellas County, located in the state of Florida, USA. After three years of operation, the company had expanded on a national scale and was also the first national shopping network as well, under the name - Home Shopping Network or commonly known as HSN.

In the year 1986, the company had started a second network as well, that was broadcasted over the air on a number of television stations, which the company had acquired under the name of Silver King Broadcasting. In the year 1999, these stations were sold to Barry Diller, which was again resold to Univision Communications in 2001. In 1999, the company also launched its online website as well, which became one of the most trafficked e-commerce websites in the USA. In the year 2000, the company officially changed its name to HSN or Home Shopping Network. The founders of the company passed away in the years 2012 and 2015. Then in the year 2017, Liberty Interactive had announced that it would be buying the rest 62 per cent shares of the company, it did not own, in order to bring HSN under the QVC Group. The CEO of the QVC Group became the CEO of the two merged companies. The headquarters of the company is based in 1 HSN Drive. The name of the place is St. Petersburg, while the name of the state is Florida, USA. The pin code of the area is 33729.


HSN is an American company that focuses on providing the platform as an online marketplace and community, for selling clothes and other products an also discuss life and fashion too. The current CEO of the company is Mindy F Grossman. As of the year 2012, the total revenue generated by the company was more than $3 billion. The current number of employees working at the company is more than 6,700. The HSN channel only broadcasts in the 1080i resolution. Apart from being transmitted in the USA, the channel also operates in the UK, Germany, Japan, Canada, Italy and even the Philippines.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have an online as well as television presence in order to sell various kinds of products and services that are listed on the company's marketplace as well as those are broadcasted on television, by numerous merchants and sellers. The company's online website also provides a platform for users to have discussions too.

HSN Headquarters Photos

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  • Michele Alexander says:

    I sent a check to pay off all of my Flex Pays on June 30, 2022 and have not heard a thing. Please check into this for me.

  • Brenda says:

    I wanted to order an item and called to do so but found out that I had a $9.00 outstanding balance (which was an oversite). I was told that my account went into collections. I was given the name of the collection agency and no one answers the phone and you cannot leave a message. Their message states just call back. I looked up their collection agency (Diverse Funding LLC) to try and get a different number and I did and that number has the same message. I have been calling for a week. THIS IS VERY BAD BUSINESS – I WOULD NEVER ORDER A THING FROM HSN AGAIN. I tried calling HSN Corporate office to try and get this taken care of and no one answers that phone either it is just a recording.

  • DavidR says:

    Just a FYI when selling TV’s please mention what tuner it has. Nextgen ATSC 3.0 will be the latest for OTA (over the air) watchers since there are so many cord cutters like myself out there this info would be helpful and make good business sense for HSN.

  • Brad g says:

    Please i love working for hsn please consider keeping the employee pay the way it is now from what I heard if it goes back dont may lose alot of employees that have been there forever because mcdonalds will be making more than us if j go back down in pay

  • Reni says:

    I ordered an item from Wolfgang Puck. when I arrived yesterday I had a complete different item in the package and more exspansive. the item I did ordered was for use at thanksgiving. I called HSN and talked to a KImberly. I hope she wrote everything down on my acct. In the past I had similar problems and stopped ordering. this got me quite upset, and I cannot understand how this could happened. I was not home yesterday and whoever delivered the item just left it laying in the open it could have been stolen. would like to hear from you by email
    thank you

  • Wilma says:

    HSN Customer Service Insinuated I am a thief! I ordered a face cream from Signature A Club that I have been ordering from your company for many years. The order I placed this year in September was never delivered to me, even though delivery service claims they delivered it to a lock box that the apartment builds has. I e lived here for over 7years and we’ve never had a lock box for packages, they all deliver packages on the floor in front of the mail boxes. I reached out to customer service and they mailed a replacement to then email me and send me a letter telling me if I don’t return one of the two packages I will be charged a second time! I NEVER RECEIVED THE FIRST ONE! I e been a car holding customer of yours for a very long time and will not be purchasing any longer from your company! This is outrageous and I have no reason to steal a bottle of cream…
    I will be contacting the BBB as well. Thank you but no thank you! Bad customer service!!!!

  • Joyce Stadalninkas says:

    For Suzanne Runyan, have been looking for Diamond Press Gift Bag Stamp & Die Sets “You’re the Best” and
    and “Trick or Treat” cannot find them anywhere. You presented these items with Beth Kingston and they were autoship all thats left is the Holiday Gift Bag Stamp & Die Set which I purchased 2 sets of, but I really need the above items. No one at HSN can help me that is why I am reaching out to you not even Diamond Press people. I am 70 years old and all I want to do is craft with the time I have left and with the items that I like.

  • Robert says:

    I have been reaching out for 20 years trying to collect my 401k
    money from when I was employed by HSN.
    I have made call after call with no response back…please please…someone take ownership of this matter for myself and the other former employees who have been effected by this and take care of this very important issue.
    It is critical

    • Rex says:

      did you ever find out how to collect/withdraw? i don’t even remember what investment firm they used 2018 through 2020. I think schwab…. but i can’t find any documentation anywhere.

  • Aileen Kelly says:

    Please remove Lisa Rinna. She is on Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her behavior is disgusting. She talks about using drugs and shows her bag. She comes across at hateful and says terrible things to her cast members. A person who talks about a book she wrote on blow jobs and mentions three-somes should not be on HSN or QVC. I refuse to buy any of her merchandise. She is a offensive to the core. If she worked for me I would fire her. Either be on HSN or the housewives. My children think she should be removed – they see her with the pills and the blow job comments

  • Linda says:

    Why do you allow Iman to appear with a protest poster behind her. HSN should not allow any vendor to display their political preferences on air with HSN. Get the lady off the air.

  • Irma says:

    I purchased a heid dahs necklace in May wore today for first time 30 min later 1 earring fell off notice broken clamp when I took off necklace 3 hrs later I stone fell out called hsn spoke to a very rude lady she gave the name Mary said she was a manager yet refused to help me out said I could call Heidi dahs myself.i responded I purchased from hsn and have bought many items from you given my loyalty can you please help me never the less got no where with her.hopefully corporate has better solution for loyal customers tempted to cancel order I placed over weekend.

  • James Stenzel says:

    I recently tried to contact your company regarding broadcast of HSN content on an OTA broadcast licensee using 7-1 in the St. Louis Mo. market. The person who answered the phone when I said “CEO” to your phone system wanted to know my name so i told him my given and surname. When I inquired as to what his name was he said “Craig”. I observed that I had given my full name and expected the same courtesy in return and was told he wouldn’t divulge his name “because this is a place of business”. What sort of a coward will not divulge his name to someone who has divulged his? I don’t know. Maybe your HR department can figure it out. My final comment was “FUCK YOU” and if you’re reading this message on behalf of HSN you can consider it to be said to you as well. For the most part considering my experiences with talking to your employees I would say the main qualification for working at HSN is not having the sense to pour piss out of a boot.

    The email address I provided is “a valid email address” but is not active because yahoo! has a lot in common with your endeavor and they lost that account somehow—as I understand they did many others. Because that network is largely manned by people who also don’t have sense enough to pour piss out of a boot.

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