Where is H&R Block Corporate office Headquarters

H&R Block Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1301 Main St
    Kansas City
    MO 64105
  • Phone Number: +1 816-854-3000
  • Fax Number: (715) 568-2884
  • Email: support@hrblock.com
  • Number of Employees: 2700
  • Established: January 25, 1955
  • Founder: Henry W. Bloch & Richard Bloch
  • Key People: Robert A. Gerard, Jeffrey J. Jones II

H&R Block Headquarters Location & Directions

H&R Block Headquarters Executive Team



Jeffrey J. Jones II

CEO & President

Henry W. Bloch

Co-Founder & Honorary Chairman

Tony G. Bowen

Chief Financial Officer

Colby R. Brown

Vice President and Corporate Controller

Delos Lavern Knight III

Senior Vice President of U.S. Franchise & International

Karen Orosco

Senior Vice President of U.S. Retail Sales & Service

About H&R Block, History and Headquarters Information


H&R Block was founded in the year 1955. The company has been operational for 64 years now. The founders of the company were Richard Bloch and Leon Bloch, whereas Richard Bloch joined the company later on. The company was started with a capital amount of just $5,000. The founders of the company opened a small bookkeeping shop in the city of Kansas, Missouri. After operating for a few months, since the business was not doing very well, Leon Bloch left the company and therefore Henry Bloch was the only one running the store. He then hired his brother, Richard Bloch for doing tax returns. The name of the company was changed to United Business Company, and it provided tax preparation services as well, besides bookkeeping too.

In the year 1955, the company had run an advertisement for $5 tax services, and the next day the office was full of clients, and therefore the company was born. The company also started franchising in New York City as well, in the year 1956. In the year 1962, the company had become a limited public company. Then in the year 1980, the company had taken over Compuserve online service and was handling more than 10 million tax returns. The company also opened its offices in Australia and Canada as well. The company also introduced electronic filling as well. During the 1990s, the company started giving mortgage loans too. The headquarters of the company is based in One H&R Block Way. The name of the place is Kansas City, while the state name is Missouri, USA. The pin code of the area is 64105.


H&R Block is an American company that focuses on providing the best consumer tax-related services to its customers and clients. The current CEO and president of the company are Jeffrey J Jones II. The total revenue earned by the company, in the year 2018, was more than $3.1 billion. Also, as of the year 2018, the total number of employees working at the company is more than 90,700. The company has approximately more than 12,000 local tax offices spread all around the world, in the USA, Peurto Rico, Australia, Canada and other countries as well.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have the retail presence to opt for various kinds of consumer tax services offered by the company itself. The company helps its customers and clients in tax preparation and other business services as well. It also performs online tax filing and preparation via their online website too.

H&R Block Headquarters Photos

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  • Greg Kolinek says:

    Hi I’m having a problem with the office manager that is handling my IRS dispute I’ve tried numerous times to contact her and all I get is she’s busy with a customer or she’s on the phone.
    I need some one to help me resolve my problem. The office that is handling my problem is in Sycamore Illinois the office Mgr is Carmey Gregory The notices that I’m now getting interest added to the amount. I need a District Mgr that is above the Premium off ice to get this resolved.
    My contact info
    Greg Kolinek
    Thank you

  • Kevin says:

    You can’t pay taxes at harker heights tx so they want me go to Killeen tx to pay

  • Patrick Justice says:

    I had a HR Block tax pro fordge my signature on Esign pad for emerald advance last November I’ve only herd back once from HR Block corp office so I’m now consulting with a lawyer to file IDENTITY theft charges and a Law suit on HR Block because they wouldn’t contact me back or even have enough respect to treat me with enough respect to to file my return which I went to another tax office and filled a week ago and nothing keep telling me the tax price has to be updated through the irs to be certified to do taxes idk anyone know what I can do because I can’t get a call through to any HR Block office


    Haven’t received 2018 or 2019 refund and its h n r made mistake now there giving me the run around I am getting a lawyer this is crazy they owe me about 8000 bucks

  • BJ says:

    They are a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are happy to take your money but then you can NOT get any help!

  • Suzanne Capp says:

    You people at H&aR Block are worthless filed our taxes in Febuary still no refund!!!!! You say you will get ahold of IRS we’ve been waiting 2 weeks for that to happen !! Quit giving us the run around!!!!

  • chance stiles says:

    this is trash ive called from 2 phones and cant get an answer. finaly got an answer and i get put on hold again for an hour this is bullshit service absolutly horrible.

  • Rebecca Miller says:

    I have waited 6 days for a District Manager to respond to my agent concerning your prices. I missed the 1st small PPP business loan deadline as my taxes were not filed in time and have no intention of missing the second PPP offering. This is a disgrace and I will not remain quite about the hideous service. I still do not have an answer yet and the woman in NYC where my tax preparer works could not have been more dismissive. I will secure her name and add it to my social media outreach. The CEO may expect to hear about this – perhaps best pushed out by my friends in the media. We are all busy trying to outlive COVID-19 but this is so disrepectful.

  • Rebecca Miller says:

    Trying to find an H&R Block employee to talk to me and Explain how a senior cicizen who was 84 years old in 2017 and Only receives SS, and 2 Pensions; one which is TAX FREE and the second one is Small Owes OVER $11,000. I als0 Would like an Explanation as to WHY the MISTAKE Wasn’t CORRECTED in 2018; Which Resulted in the IRS Sending him a Letter Along with his H&R Block Tax Forms, in 2019, Informing him that he Owed that Amount of Money. Trying to Get Answere BEFORE I Ask The NEWS MEDIA FOR HELP.

  • Debra says:

    Field office didn’t explain how billing amount was calculated, still trying to find out ($248, 2-1099R, 1-SSA1099 & 1-W4). They didn’t know State filing date is 4/30 and insisted state must be filed 4/15, to which they (another associate got involved) threw a small temper tantrum over. After looking it up on my phone, they agreed to give us the paper copy to file ourselves, after some scolding (!) as to when it would be paid?! Too much small talk, it’s not a social call and yes, my husband looks great. (omg) Never once has anyone said “we’ll try to save you some money” or explain ways that we could in the future. Corporate office customer service is horrible…no questions about anything can be answered if field office was the preparer, field office must be contacted (for the same service we received while there? no thanks, never again). I welcome corporates response via email.

  • JAMES DOYLE says:


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