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  • Address: 625 US-46 Parsippany, NJ 07054 USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 973-567-3708

  • Fax Number: 250-753-6522

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1925

  • Founder: Howard Deering Johnson

  • Key People: Cynthia Liu, Geoff Ballotti

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Cynthia Liu

Brand President

Geoff Ballotti

President & CEO

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  • Paola Mejia says:

    I stayed at your HJ by Wyndham in Fullerton, Ca

    Let me tell
    you it was the worst hotel I have ever stayed at. The room we dirty, no one had vacuumed in who knows how long. I booked 3 rooms, on the first night one room the toilet was clogged. Called the front desk, took
    3 days to come clear it. The front desk responded very rudely saying all 3 times I will leave a message for the maintenance staff to take care in the morning. So I guess there is no maintenance workers for 3 days (WOW). The other room, my children found fake finger nails on the floor, and other unnecessary things children should not find. In the third room there was a slug 🐌 on the wall. I can not believe they would not take care of this hotel, especially since it shuttles to Disney parks. From 12/31-01/04 the rooms were not cleaned at all… and I mean at all. Not a clean towel was given to us the entire week. When again I called the front desk, the answer was, well I don’t have enough to give all three rooms. On the very last day we were there, the housekeeper decided to show up, I asked why the room hasn’t been cleaned the entire week, she said they were short staffed and this wasn’t her job. I go to Disneyland once a year every year since my oldest was born, that’s 27 years. I will expect a quick response and also a refund. This whole experience was very unpleasant and unacceptable.

  • Anita Ward says:

    I stayed at your Howard Johnson in Anaheim Ca. From 10-8-2023 through 10-11-2023, has soon has I got home on the 10-11-2023 room 115. I called and went online to file a list and found report of a stuffed cheetah animal that was left on the bed, my granddaughter has had it for 17 years. I have called everyday since and nothing, so someone threw it away or someone took it home. My granddaughter is very upset, we just lost her brother on 6-26-2023. So it is a emotional spot.

  • Brian Hiag says:

    I stayed at your Las Vegas Hotel Tropicana on the 4th and 5th November 2022. They took a refundable deposit of $100 from my debit card, and on check out I asked for my refundable deposit to be refunded to me. They said it would take 3-5 working days for it to be back into my account. I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT BACK INTO MY ACCOUNT.

  • Anita Rosas says:

    0n 11/11/22-11/12/22 I paid $92.94 for 1 night stay at Ramada Inn, 1286 Twin View Blvd, Redding, CA 96003.

    I was headed South on the I5 fwy from Portland Or to Los Angeles, Ca. Redding was a good stop after many hours of driving. I paid for the room. Went in, showered and went to bed. The following morning awoke early to resume my drive. When I went to wash my face I picked up a hand towel, the towel had black oil stains on it. I went to pick another towel it had fresh makeup stains. Someone used both these towels and they were NOT washed for the next guest. That being me.

    I was pretty sickened to know that my health could be compromised due to poor cleanliness at this site. I was really upset not knowing what was on the towel I used the night before. I didn’t examine the towel prior to using it because I was so tired from my drive, and I assumed the towels were clean. I’m paying for a clean room. Does management not promote and encourage their staff to be on top of cleanliness. Has anyone here heard of Covid? Cleanliness? CDC guidelines??!! Hello…!!

    As I was leaving I went downstairs and complained to the desk clerk. I brought the towels with me and showered her the dirty towels. She acknowledged that the towels were dirty, not clean. She apologized. In front of her I took pictures of the dirty towels and I asked for management so that I can show the proof of unsanitary towels. The front desk clerk, Tia, said manager Shirley was not there, and provided me with a contact number for Shirley.

    After arriving home and settling in I contacted Shirley today explaining what transpired last week and asked for compensation. I asked for a full refund of $92.94 due to the horrible conditions her hotel has to offer guests. Not washing towels that can spread germs. Shirley’s reaction was not what I expected from a professional manager for this line of hotel. Seems she was pretty unfazed about the dirty towels. Under her breath she gave me a half-ass apology. The apology was not sincere. As I was explaining what happened and asked questions she talked right over me. She kept forcing me to send my complaint online. She said she couldn’t help me further, and hung up the phone.

    I am appalled and lost for words… I’m sure the Howard Johnson Corp has absolutely no idea who they have selected for management at this Ramada Inn Redding location and how it’s being run. My idea, executives, have a secret shopper stay at the Ramada Inn Redding location and see what it’s like to be a guest here and how a guest is treated under these substandard conditions. Is this what money gets you here?

    I’ve stayed at other Ramada Inn locations: San Francisco and San Diego, and it was a nice stay.
    I will make sure to spread the word of my experience to family, friends and co-workers (physicians, nurses and support staff) so that they do not have the same experience I have gone through. This experience added more stress to my cross country drive.

    I really do hope Ramada Inn management reads this, and if you care about your guests, you make things right by me. For me and all others that have paid you good hard earned money for a stay at one of your many locations and we had a horrible experience.

    Department of Health and Better Business Bureau are always interested in experiences like these.

    A stressed guest.

  • Brian Haig says:

    I stayed at your Las Vegas hotel and checked out on Sunday 6th November 2022. I paid a refundable deposit of $100 using my Debit Card. At check out I requested my refundable deposit back. The lady at the reception said it would be returned to my Debit card account within 3-5 business days. IT IS NOW 7 business days and it is still not in my account!!!!!

  • Lisa Stephenson says:

    My husband and I reserved a room at the Toms River. NJ location on October 8, 2022. Upon entering the room we were greeted by a smell of stale cigarette smoke. There was a dirty washcloth on the bathroom floor, the radiator/air-conditioning unit, which was right near the bed, was broken and displayed mold and a tremendous amount of dirt. The dresser draws were broken and pieces of wood extended out. The bed were NOT changed from the previous guest. This was obvious once I pulled the blanket back and observed a dirty and wrinkled bed sheet underneath.
    In addition, the website advertised a fitness room, which upon arriving, we discovered did not exist.
    Within 20 minutes my husband and I approached the front desk and the young lady threw up her hands and exclaimed” I can not help you”. No offer of another room nor apology. She would nit give me her name and nonchalantly kept saying that she couldn’t help me.
    We left the hotel and since gave been trying to contact the manager to no avail. We are asking for a refund of 224.86 which has been charged to my credit card. We did not stay.
    Thank You
    Lisa Stephenson

  • Byron Stokes says:

    I stayed at the location on 0ld State Hwy (279) in College Park, GA last weekend 8/6/2022.

    The TV in the entire facility was out, though the clerk told me they’d see what the issue was. He later admitted that he knew.

    The room had no towels, missing light bulbs and broken racks for the curtains. I showered and while drying off roaches were crawling on the bed. The assistant clerk told me most hotels have roaches.

    I was given another room. I had an engagement and when I left temporarily it took me 20 plus minutes to get back in the new room the key card malfunctioned. The clerk said it happens a lot.

    On my last day I was showering and the bath tub stopped up with black water.

    I intend to send a list of these complaints to the GA Department Of Health.

  • Jen D says:

    Don’t stay here. Employees don’t care. Checked in on Tuesday and had mold all over the bathroom wall. Was told there was no manager until Thursday. Went back again Wednesday with pictures of the mold and they still said sorry there is no manager. And she said the room above leaked from a pipe and that’s probably what caused it. So they knew and still rented it out. Thursday as we are leaving to go to knotts for the day I finally get the manager. He offers for me to change rooms I told him we are leaving for knotts and won’t be back until 10 or 11 and checking out in the morning no point now. Then we ask for towels we have two rooms with 4 people each and she gives us 3. She laughed and said we don’t have any more towels in the building. Saw the manager outside unloading stuff out of his car. He apologized for her and brought 3 more towels. Said I will see you in the morning at check out. Go to check out and the manager walks begins the desk into the office as I walk in and when I ask for him they said he is in a meeting. Pretty funny as I had just watched him walk back as I walked in. So beware, the other room has a microwave with a faulty plug. We didn’t use it but once and it started having sparks and realized it had a prong missing. They don’t take care of their property and surely don’t care about their guest

    • Michele Wilt says:

      We just got back from staying there this weekend and the hotel is infested with roaches! I have pics/videos, our bathroom was filthy and bed sheets stained and had hairs all over them! This hotel is disgusting and I’m contacting the health dept tmr. The manager didn’t care when I complained either! They know there are bugs and they don’t care! We should all contact the health department and whomever else we can. I just emailed Corporate so we shall see…

  • Louise Poisson says:

    Follow up on where I stayed…

    Oh, this was in Woodstock, New Brunswick.

  • Louise Poisson says:

    I’d like at least half of my $166 back.
    The FILTHIEST bathroom I’ve ever seen in any motel or hotel. NO bath towels, one hand towel, 4 facecloths, one bath mat and they were ALL dingy. The room door was ajar when we arrived as was the fridge door. Doesn’t feel safe when your room door is already open BEFORE you swipe your card. Male dirty hand print right above the toilet…drink MEN do this. Walls were disgusting.
    I will NEVER stay at a Howard Johnson hotel, nor associate, ever again. I’ve cleaned 5 star hotels before. These rooms were beyond atrocious and WAY overpriced for what you got. Don’t let the pool fool you. They charge extra for that. Not worth the continental breakfast, either.
    I want at least HALF my money back and a PROPER apology from the person in charge of that specific hotel, as well as from HQ. This hotel shouldn’t even exist…it was THAT bad. I mean, at least stock the towel and are sure those and the bathroom are actually CLEAN!!!! Grey is NOT a clean colour, in ANY hotel, motel nor Inn.
    I’m appalled

  • Michael Epley says:

    We stayed in pigeon forge tenn. Worst time ever they had a party with music blaring from a blue truck with windows down and doors open . Couldn’t get in the pool because of that and party going on. We should have been notified Fri 15th when we checked in about Sat to make other arrangements. I feel we was forced to stay in the room or go in town to get away. That’s not any kind of relaxation to me. I hope something can be done about this because I feel it was wrong. I could have Easley went somewhere else but was not offered anything. The staff was out at the party so I felt like must happen alot.

  • Carla Shay says:

    Hi, I called Howard Johnson’s in Lexington Va, had a block put on 3 rooms for the wkend of May 20-22 2022! My husbands nephews & their family were coming from Michigan & his sister from WVA to his Memorial Service! Rooms 310,314 & 318 were not very clean, bathrooms were very dirty & 318 had a bowl for Marijuana left in their room! I know places are very short handed on help but this should never of happened
    Im sorry I made reservations🤬🤬

  • Conny says:

    Very disappointing stay in Helena, Mt. There was no maid service. We had to get our own towels for our second night stay. The coffee pot leaked and we had to carry it down to the desk and leave it while the attendant found a replacement. More often than not there was no one at the front desk. Amazingly poor customer service and maintenance.

  • Christina says:

    Worst experience in my life. I paid $127 to book a room the receptionist was not accommodating at all. I told him he can take the deposit out of the card I already laid for and he said I have to pay with cash so I said I have a digital card and Google pay and he wouldn’t accept any of my payment. I said I would go to get cash except when I went to look for cardtronics or. Place I can withdraw money with my digital and my phone happened to end cause I had 0 percent battery. I went back to the hotel to ask for assistance in possibly helping me to charge my phone. To sum it up he couldn’t assist me with anything then he said he would give me a refund and to call hotels.com knowing that my phone doesn’t work so I got more frustrated and I said I want his name and managers name and then he started telling me he felt unsafe I said if anything I don’t feel safe and he had the nerve to tell me he would call the cops for trespassing really! The receptionist at Howard Johnson Indian short bald headed dude is a piece of crap lack professionalism and customer service, I told him I would report him for lying that he felt unsafe and the fact that he would not give me his name to make a complaint. He disrespected me on front of my 4 year old. I book this hotel through hotels.com it was non refundable and no cancelation. Well I wasn’t trying to cancel nor was I asking for a refund but why would I want to go back there when he treated me and mynson and had a security who was high as he’ll escort us. I hope the guy gets fired and they hire better employees. I’m disgusted at the way we were treated and if I have to sue I will because I was discriminated upon in front of my 4 year old son and that’s unacceptable.

  • Sonja Raymond says:

    This place is overpriced and underserviced. Management is rude and run poorly. It has gone down hill since my last
    visit 1 year ago considerably. The complimentary breakfast was completely bare minimum. The only fruit served was
    bananas. (last time they had apples & oranges also) No bagels or pastry. Hot tub hours are 10 am to 10 pm instead
    of opening at 8 am so guests have time to use it before check out at 11 am. (check in at 3pm) Nearly $300/night
    for 20 hours? They overcharged the room by $45.00 when we arrived. My reservations clearly stated a lower price.
    I went back to the office with my paperwork. After waiting several minutes for the Manager to review my reservations,
    he reluctantly refunded our money with not so much as an apology. It was more like resentment refunding us. They never even thanked us for our business. (a must in any successful place!) The room itself had no towel bars in the bathroom, no closing curtain in the room. Only a white sheer that lets all the light in. No room darkening curtains??
    Lastly, the blankets were horrendous. They were comparable to army blankets that were more like burlap sacks.
    They were rough and scratchy. After staying at a wonderful B&B in Capitola the night before for the same price,
    there was no comparison, like night and day. I don’t know how this place stays in business with management
    like that. Replace them with people who know what REAL HOSPITALITY is! We were basically treated with contempt.
    If it weren’t for customers, they wouldn’t have jobs! They are very fortunate and should be thankful to manage a hotel in a wonderful seaside town like Santa Cruz!

    SIDE NOTE: The place is noisy with lots of passing traffic on Cliff Drive. Howard Johnson Santa Cruz CA

  • Patricia Cabrera says:

    I made a reservation for 10/10/2018. The site that I used said that there was no fee for pets but, when I checked in I was told that they did not allow cats and was finally told that they had one room they would allow in at a cost of $50.00 per cat. It had no AC and the room smelled heavily of cigarettes. I have not been treated fairly.

  • Tracy Williams says:

    Went to check in to a Howard Johnson motel in Burlington Iowa and as soon as we walked in the room it smelled of mold. The ceiling was falling down above the tv. Carpet stained beyond belief. People outside the room doing drugs in front of their own children. Also was charged twice for the room

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