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Houston Garden Centers Corporate office Headquarters

Houston Garden Centers Headquarters Address and Contact

Houston Garden Centers Logo
  • Address: 5345 W Loop S, Houston, TX 77081, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 713 218 0860

  • Number of Employees: 51

  • Founder: Matt Hooper

  • Key People: Maddy Hooper,

Houston Garden Centers Headquarters Location & Directions

Houston Garden Centers Headquarters Executive Team



Maddy Hooper

Vice President

Ean Johnson

Receiving Manager

Cruz Medina


Houston Garden Centers, History and Headquarters Information

Houston Garden Center is a company that was invented by Matt hooper and it manages around 51 employees around different parts of the United States. The main products that Houston garden Center deals with include fertilizers, mulches, decorative stones, soils and other chemicals you might need for farming.

The official address of the business is located at 5345 W Loop S, Houston, TX 77081, United States where its main operations are based. Customers who want to contact the company can do so via their main phone line which is +1 713 218 0860

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  • Ann says:

    Houston Garden’s website clearly states that Webster store #34 is opened at 8:00am on Sunday. I arrived around 8:45am and was told that they didn’t open until 9:00am. The assistant manager said he didn’t care what the website said he can’t control that. He and several of the workers were rude and acted as if I had no business being there. They spoke hardly any English. This experience has left me not wanting to return to Houston Garden.

  • Grandma Blue says:

    I have shopped at the Pasadena store for many years, ever since HGC took over the site from Teas Nursery. During this time, I have had various shopping experiences, with employees who did not know one plant from another, to employees that don’t speak English, to no manager available, etc. Today I purchased over $240 in merchandise, but as I was going over my receipt while sitting in my vehicle, I saw that the two Plumeria that I purchased were charged to me at full price, not half price as the sign at the front of the row said. I went back into the store and asked the cashier about the pricing. She turned to a Mexican man who was working at another register, and asked if the plumeria were on sale. He said no. So I told him to please take them out of my truck, because I did not want to pay full price. I bought them assuming they were on sale as the sign stated. He said ‘No refunds’ with a smirk on his face. That’s when I got angry. I understand why you would not refund a customer or take a return after they had left your facility, but I never even started up my vehicle! This is no way to keep long time customers, and no way to treat them either. If I had gone home and then returned, fine, no refund. But I never left the parking lot!
    Also, I now need to walk with a cane. I have a lot of pain at times, but I still manage to get around. Not one of your employees offered help loading my purchase, nor did anyone ask if I needed help. Not good!

  • Michelle says:

    Y’all really need to check the camera on your North west loop store, your manager has been taking money then replacing it

  • EA says:

    I went to the Humble store and there was 2 ladies and a guy working. I did not know the gentleman was working when I first arrived. I asked the 2 ladies if they could show me where a plant was that is in your ad. The older looking lady looked at me and then looked at the younger lady as if she didn’t understand me or didn’t care. The younger lady had ear buds in here ears and her body language had shown as if I interrupted her conversation with the other lady. She looked back at the older lady, spoke Spanish to the older lady and then shrugged her shoulders while pointing to the front Northeast corner of the store. I walked to the location and the plant was not there. I walked to the northwest corner of the store and saw a couple other plants I wanted to purchase and picked them up. I was still looking around for the initial plant I asked for. I then went back to ask where is the plant. I also explained to her the plant is in your current ad and she presented as if she didn’t care if I made a purchase or not. The gentleman had shown up and asked if he could help me and I asked him about the plant. He was very polite and directed me to the proper location.

    My suggestion to your company is to hire employees that want to do there job. Also, I suggest you have a secret shopper to visit your locations to actually see how your employees are doing there job.

  • Unbelievable says:

    Went to the Atascocita location to get our Christmas tree this year. We also wanted to get some gardenia bushes. Signage was wrong and we couldn’t find them. We looked for a while and found 2 different people that worked there but couldn’t help us because they couldn’t speak any English. My husband spoke to the manager, explaining the situation. The manager stated “I pay them to work, not speak”. Considering they are in the business of helping customers, they definitely should be able to communicate with the English speaking customers. Problems did not end there! The manager then went to show us where the bushes were located, he picked one up, then tossed it on the ground and said ‘here they are”. What a horrible place! We will not be back! We have shopped at other locations for years. We just moved to Atascocita and I assure you, we are done with Houston Garden Center.

  • Mila says:

    I visited the i10 garden center , Rude !!! They definitely need social skills training , they filled out an application at the establishment , not me . So it’s not my job to tell them how much a plant costs , isn’t it theirs ? Forget about being a friendly environment to customers . ☹️

  • AWG says:

    Kingwood location had water right at the entry with no signs out to warn us, customers and my spouse fell

  • Mary E Hall says:

    Just got home from going to the “new” store on I-45 at Louetta! Oh my goodness! This company needs to be put out of business! My husband & I wanted hibiscus but had questions. I walked inside to ask asst mgr for help and she told me I could bring the hibiscus to her! I asked her “aren’t you here to help the customer?” She shook her head yes but did nothing. I said I need you to come look at these plants you are selling. What’s your question? She said! I then turned to young men at cashier and it only got worse! I asked the 1st one about them and he said ;
    A) we don’t have any! To which I told him different
    B) they are dead anyway! I said no they aren’t! What’s wrong w you? And asked for his name. He proceeded to tell me I didn’t know what I was talking about! He called me IGNORANT! Wow!!
    He thought I was going to lay back and take it! Incredible!!
    My husband was furious and he let him know it!
    We need to start protesting this place!! I will spread the word w signage on my car!!
    In the end we saved money at Lowes and had a very pleasant experience!!!
    Karma Hoppers!
    Damion was respectful!
    I have photo of boy who was so ugly and disrespectful!

    • Dulce Quintanar says:

      Just so you know you can’t take pictures of people at their place of work unless they’re public defenders. Just by the fact you felt entitled to do that, I’m fairly sure you were actually a nightmare to deal with.

  • Alice Mosing 🌸 says:

    I went to the HGC on WLS Houston after school drop-off-
    Arrived at 8:35am today 5/10/22,
    Along with my 4 lb. Pomeranian-
    I mention this so your staff may remember me-
    I filled a 2 tier cart with 12 Pink Knock-out Roses and went into store to ask cashier if someone could assist me in getting 10 additional roses-
    He said he couldn’t leave cash register- although there were 2 cashiers and no customers –
    I understood and asked if someone could help me-
    There were 5 other employees outside and 2 older gentlemen customers at this time of morning-

    Cashier pointed to a woman he named as manager Myra & said she could help me-
    I approached Myra and asked for assistance in purchasing 26 roses and additional plants –

    Myra said all employees are Busy-watering and arranging plants – it’s busy for staff getting plants ready in the morning-

    I said I know what I want –
    I’m in a hurry / I have a puppy with me and I have people at my home waiting to unload and get plants in the ground –

    “Aren’t you here to SELL Plants?”

    She turned and walked away-
    I have the video I’ll send it to anyone who’d like to see it –

    I have 240 Roses in my front yard on Inwood Drive –
    I’m asked yearly to be part of Azalea trail -although I don’t have Azaleas-

    I will not EVER shop at
    Houston Garden Centers again –
    I’m informing this to my Garden Club also-

    Have a wonderful day

  • Linda Buchanan says:

    Went to the Kingwood location today and saw a sign that said Azaleas for $9.99. We walked around the nursery and found a table full of Azaleas with signs amongst the plants, in front and on the ground around this table that stated $9.99. We picked out 4 and bought 2 Day Lilly’s also marked at the table that they were on $9.99.
    While checking out the cashier said the total was $109 and I questioned him as to how 6 plants for $9.99 and fertilizer for $12.99 could add up to that much. He had me look at his screen and we were being charged $16.99 for the azaleas. One of the checkers went out with us to show us which ones were $9.99 and just kept saying we got the wrong Azaleas. He stated that we should have looked at the variety on the sign and hunted for them and that it’s not their problem basically. Asked to speak to a manager who just kept repeating the same thing the cashier told us. Would not listen to anything we had to say. An apology would have done wonders.
    I wonder how many people end up paying more than they thought they were paying and just not paying attention.
    I really feel like this is a scam and misleading people as to the price.
    Terrible customer service. They should be trained to listen and I felt that an apology was in order. Cashiers were laughing at us after we paid while we walking out. Very rude.
    We will not go back to any of your locations.

  • Ron says:

    Long time customer, even after moving to the Austin area back in 2000. Recent visit to the Cypress location, 30 gallon trees in the parking lot fell over onto my vehicle on 3/18/2022. Luckily only lots of scratches and damaged the PPF but luckily no dents. I filed a report with the manager who assured me that this incident was covered and that he would file a report which would be FAXed to the corporate office. He also provided the corporate contact number and also mentioned that this sort of thing happens all the time. I have called the corporate number sooooo many times. I was told that “Kim Cooper” is the only person that could help me. After leaving numerous voicemail messages on her voicemail box to no avail, I have come to the conclusion that this person does not exist. It is just a convenient way to ignore the company’s responsibility. Atrocious business to say the least and I will NEVER spend another red cent with any Houston Garden Center location.

  • Noel says:

    Went to FM 1960 location in Humble close to Atascocita shopping for tree and shrubs trying to redo my whole backyard stop by at the counter saw a young lady name Mandy writing down some pricing on a cardboard, I politely asked her if I can bother her for a second coz I just have one question, she told me straight up without even raising her head to answer that she can’t be bothered I said just to clarify coz I was shocked when she told me that so your telling me you don’t have time for a customer and you can’t be bothered she answered yes again without lifting her head I was in shock and walked out of the store and on my way out I saw a young Mexican guy and asked him if he can answer a question for me he answer back like what do you want in a way that he is annoyed than I am bothering him from doing his job. I worked in retail for almost 20 years been through a lot of store but I never encountered a group of store front in employees that is out of this world rude and don’t want to help customer even though the customer is buying something they were into finishing whatever assigned work they have to do instead of helping customers to buy something right now every store you go to because of the pandemic all the sales rep or customer service personnel are very nice and all about customer service satisfaction and survey focus I guess all the money they spend on commercials about being helpful to customers are all fakes or waste of money I will never go back to any Houston garden store I will stick with the small store where you get more personal customer service

  • Diane J says:

    Absolutely the worst customer service. I was charged an incorrect price and manager stated he did not have time to deal with the mistake and refused to correct.

  • Charles says:

    Jennifer is very rude!
    She has no etiquette.

  • Chester Poplaski says:

    Buy a Christmas tree all the pine needles are dropping off. Want my money back. Totally disgusted with product

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