Where is Hotwire Corporate office Headquarters

Hotwire Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 655 Montgomery Street
    Suite 600
    San Francisco, CA 94111
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 415-343-8400
  • Fax Number: 415-343-8401
  • Email: marketing@hotwire.com
  • Number of Employees: 300
  • Established: 2000
  • Founder: Karl Peterson, Eric Grosse, Gregg Brockway and Spencer Rascoff
  • Key People: Barbara Bates, Henrik Kjellberg

Hotwire Headquarters Location & Directions

Hotwire Headquarters Executive Team



Barbara Bates

Group Chief Executive Officer

Henrik Kjellberg


Pierre-Etienne Chartier

Vice President of Operations

Dara Khosrowshahi

Chief Executive Officer of Expedia Inc and President of Expedia Inc

John Brown

Group Senior Vice President of Strategy & Innovation

Sahana Jayaraman

Executive VP & Global Head of Digital Brand Lab

About Hotwire, History and Headquarters Information

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  • Michelle Binkley says:

    Good Morning, 

    This will be the 5th time I’m reaching out for someone at Hotwire to step up and provide customer service. 

    This morning one of your help center supervisors took it to a whole new level of insult and aggravation, telling me that I didn’t call you when the problem happened even though I spent an hour with your agent thru the text HELP to 45190. She told me the number is on the reservation email but I’ve attached a screenshot of it and there is no phone number for Hotwire only Stix, and a link to your help center (screenshot as attached) which also does not have a phone number. I did not need to contact Sitx, my reservation was paid in full to Hotwire. Therefore Hotwire is responsible to fulfill my reservation. 

    She told me if I would have contacted Hotwire by phone you would have secured me a car for the same price. That messaging isn’t the same. Does Hotwire have different policies depending on how I ask for help? I repeatedly asked your agent to find me a car via the help center. All he kept telling me was additional funds were needed because he couldn’t confirm that no car was available. Never was it mentioned to call anyone, a phone number was not offered, I was not offered a car for the same price, nothing but I’ll open a ticket for investigation. Today I’m told that since I secured a second reservation by myself, after trying to get help for an hour, and I didn’t call you on a number no where to be found, that there is nothing Hotwire will do. 

    I do not believe that requesting Hotwire to honor there reservation price of $138.40 is being unreasonable. All I’m asking for is the $113.40 back that I’m out of pocket for using Hotwire to get a car so I could leave Chicago. I’m not asking for compensation for my hour wait at the rental company trying to get help or for the hours I’ve spent since then trying to contact customer service for support. Today was the first time I actually spoke to anyone in person and that was because she called me. I still can’t find the phone number anywhere to support Hot rates reservations. 

    This is a copy of an email I sent several days ago and still have not received a response from. 

    RE: ‘HW=005-897-259’ Hotwire Itinerary 3752111124

    I am responding to your email regarding my Hotwire reservation #3752111124. I read your response and appreciate the refund of my money for a car that was not available, very kind of you really. 

    I am however incredibly insulted and unsatisfied with the $25 for my inconvenience. I rebooked through hotwire the cheapest car available that was able to travel to Michigan, my final destination. The rebooked car through Hotwire with Budget was an economy class versus the full size on my original reservation, and cost me $252.37 Hotwire reservation #3035999554. This is a difference of $113.97, almost double the cost of the $138.40 of the reservation you were unable to fulfill. 

    My original contact with your customer service was at 8:06pm to inform you of the issue at Sixt and final text was received at 9:16, over an hour later. Your agent informed me that he was unable to confirm this information with Sitx and would not be able to issue me a refund, kinda in a polite way, calling me a liar since he can’t confirm my information with anyone else, I can’t just take your word. 

    I guessing that by now you understand how $25 in a Hotwire credit for the inconvenience of an hour of my time and a new reservation that cost me $113.97 more than my first one is inadequate. That having to actually pay out of pocket the entire amount of 2 rentals while waiting for you to confirm that I’m telling you the truth is insulting. 

    I requesting you please try again to actually do something to correct your companies inability to fulfill my paid in full reservation. Your proposed offer is unacceptable. 

    Michelle Binkley

  • Abraham khatib says:

    I have made a hotel reservation I ended at a hotel shut down for remodeling. After a 40 minute hold for customer service I was denied relocation or A refund till the following day because no supervisors were on hand. As a director for finance firm this was the worst experience I have experienced in 17 years in my position

  • Paula Jones says:

    You may try their number i suppose +1-8-5-5-2-9-8-2-5-O-7 this might do the trick

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