Where is Hotels.Com Corporate office Headquarters

Hotels.Com Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 5400 LBJ Freeway
    Suite 500
    Dallas, TX 75240
    United States
  • Phone Number: 1860 500 4141
  • Fax Number: 866-331-1968
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 1150
  • Established: 1991
  • Founder: David Litman & Robert Diener
  • Key People: Stuart Silberg, Gregory Porter

Hotels.Com Headquarters Location & Directions

Hotels.Com Headquarters Executive Team



Stuart Silberg

Chief Technology Officer

Gregory Porter

Secretary and General Counsel

Maureen Carrig

Director of Public Relations

Adam Jay

Vice President of Global Product

Sam Richards

Senior Director & Global Partner Marketing

About Hotels.Com, History and Headquarters Information

Hotels.com was incorporated by David Litman and Robert Diener in 1991. It started as the Hotel Reservations Network (HRN), where hotels were booked using a toll-free phone number in the United States. In 2001, USA Networks Inc (USAI) acquired this company and it also became part of Expedia, Inc. In 2002, it was renamed to Hotels.com. In addition to this, they also launched the offline brand 1-800-2-Hotels as well as allowing hotel bookings online. In 2011, this company introduced an iPad application and updated its mobile phone product to make it available on both iPhone and Android.

Hotels.Com, L.P. is a website that provides online hotel booking services. The Company gives you the choice to either get the hotels booked via telephone booking services through its call centers or through third-party marketing and distribution agreements. The company has a total of 85 websites in 34 different languages and has a list of more than 325,000 hotels in approximately 19,000 different locations. Bookings are available for hotels and B&Bs, and condos and other types of commercial lodging as well. The company is managed by Hotels.com LP, a limited partnership located in Dallas, Texas, in the United States.

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  • Jennifer Black says:

    My name is Jennifer Black and I have been a loyal member for many years now. Not only myself, but my entire extended family as well. I have never had a problem with the service until just recently I have been getting passed on and on with no resolve. The most recent issue is something that does not make any sense at all. Yesterday, I was given a voucher/coupon of $100 for inconveniences I had to endure. Somehow this coupon and my booking was canceled. Which resulted in my coupon being void. So I am currently on hold with a representative stating that I have to wait 24hrs or more for a call back to see what they could do??? How in the world is this taking care of your customer? Jennifer Black (360)742.6110 -jennyblack0509@gmail.com

  • Sherri Jones says:

    So called and ” thought” that I had set up reservations at a respectable property. Got there and the restaurant staff was running everything. NO MANAGER ANYWHERE!! I called hotels.com to get a cancellation and the guy was a complete ass!! He no more cared about what was going on!!! I called back and the woman in the Philippines. She tried to called the place and I was told “no manager was available and to call back in the morning”. My account was charged and I CANNOT GET IN TOUCH WITH ANYONE BUT THE PHILIPPINES!! IM ABOUT TO CANCEL MY HOTELS.COM ACCT. I NEED SOMEONE HERE IN THE U.S. TO CALL ME ASAP. OR I WILL BE WRITING A REVIEW ON YOUR SERVICE!!!

  • John Shaffer says:

    Can someone at corporate please explain to me why my reservation couldn’t be changed. I was scheduled to arrive in Salt Lake on 11/1 in the afternoon, pick up my rental car and drive to Moab UT. American Airlines cancelled my initial flight and rebooked me on a flight that arrived at 930pm. The rental car company closes at 4pm so I’m stuck without transportation. I called your customer service I use that term loosely in this case and was told sorry all this is your problem. They claim to have called the hotel but I also called them too The hotel said they had available and would consider changing the reservation but Hotels.com would not authorize the exchange of dates. In a circumstance where the traveler has no control over a cancelled flight that in turn disrupt their trip. Why couldn’t you have helped by changing the reservation to 11/2. It wouldn’t have hurt anyone and was a simple easy fix. Instead you all just piled on. I look forward to your response

    John Shaffer


    Property Name
    Bowen Motel
    Moab, UT

    Date of stay

  • Crystal Takacs says:

    This website is a joke. i abooked a nice room a week before my daughter bday to go e her a nice sweet 16 the day of my reservation i showed up to the Hampton inn airport in phx az just to be told the room i booked in advance was sold out. 5 hours later im given a room at a different hotel but by the time we fot in a room due to hotel.com customer service taking their dear sweet time to locate me a different hotel it was almost 8 pm just tild be told sorry you wont have much or anytime to setup for your event but we are going to be so nice to give u a future coupon for up to 75 dollars stay for any future stay i book with them
    I paid almost 200 to give my daughter a beautiful room for her birthday party what a insult to us. Then tried contacting customer today to be told oh well take the future stay up to 75 coupon n be happy. Never again will i book with hotel.com nor refer anyone to so the same.

  • JB says:

    Hotels.com is a GIANT RIP OFF.

    4-6 HOUR WAIT TIME to speak to an agent. Online chat never works. Stay as far away. They screwed up my reservation and I’ve been waiting since June for my refund on a trip booked Feb 2021

  • Sabrina says:

    I drove 9 hours attempted to check into the baymount in Morganton NC. On the Hotel.com website they listed this hotel as pets welcome. Upon arrival I was told they didn’t take pets. After driving 9 hours.

    I called hotels.com immediately. I was put on hold while, hotels.com rep said she was contacting the property to cancel. That continued for 59 mins, she finally told me she cancelled. I went on about my day until the hotel called to tell me the reservation isn’t canceled.

    The rep told me she cancelled but that was a lie. The hotel number on their website is not a working number. When I offered her the right number she refused the number stating they have to go by the number on their site even though the number was wrong.

    I did everything I was suppose to do, I called hotels.com and was told the reservation was cancelled

    Now this hotel charged me for one night stay even though I never stayed at the hotel because I have a pet and they don’t accept pets.

    The customer (me) is being penalized for the lie that hotel.com told. Hotel.com could have sent an email and the hotel could have listened to the me with emotional intelligence. They know it wasn’t my fault and still charged me.. This is unacceptable behavior as a business

  • Amy says:

    I was promised a refund and then told to contact the hotel. The hotel continously has ignored my phone calls for the past 2 weeks. I was told that I would get a refund due to me not staying both nights at the hotel, the hotel was suppose to have a hot tub which it did not. Hello my name is Amy Judge my parents and I along with my significant other were a guest at your hotel at noorwood inn in eagan Minnesota. Upon making reservations we were told that my parents who were in room 162 was a handicapped accessible room. Upon pulling in there were two cop cars and people outside. Upon checking in and going to my parents room, we found the room overly neglected. I have attached the pictures. The pictures reflect that there was at least an inch of dust on all four ceiling fan blades, their were no handle bars in the bathroom. The couch was broken, so much that my mother fell through the couch. The bathroom door could not be shut due to it being broke. There was a hole in the shower,, which also did not have grab bars for handicapped accessible either..We called the front desk for a remote and were greeted with if we can find one then we would be lucky. My mother suffered an extreme asthma attack along with pain from falling through the couch. After being told that that was the only room left for my parents , we expierenced our own troubles. We got our swim gear in as it states in the book that swim hours were until midnight. When we had found that it was only until 9 we went back to room 114. We then went for a relaxing soak in the whirlpool. Little to our behold, the jets did not work and when turned on it made a loud buzzing sound and then clunked. After this horrific night I went to go complain and was told that their was nothing they could do. Since I checked out a day early which I check out on 8-21-21. I brought these problems with pictures to the morning front desk crew. The lady was very apologetic and said that the manager would call me by the end of the day, it being Saturday I understand. I did not hear anything Saturday. I called Sunday and got the same lady who apologized and said that they were extremely busy and I would hear back that day. Since then I have traveled home and i called 12 times on Monday with only getting 1 answer on those 12 times the person said that they will have the manager call me before the end of monday. Today is Tuesday and I have called all day 16 times because the phone does not get answered. I was told that the manager does not come in until 10, so today I called at 1030 got someone to answer to be told they won’t be there until 11. However they took my name and I was promised a call back as soon as they got in. I had then called the desk 13 times with no answer. I got ahold of someone who stated that the manager had just left. I have already contacted hotels.com, however they have also tried to reach a staff member and can not get ahold of the manager or anyone for that matter. The excuses that I get are they are terrible busy and short staffed. I also understand that with covid and such breakfast can be limited. However on the website the changes were not made either, reduced pool houra no breakfast and no handicapped accessible room. I called and was assured this when making my reservations. I would like to talk to the manager to resolve my issue. I can be contacted at 515 291 5315. Today after being told on Friday that I do not have to contact rhe property that hotels.com will do the refund. I was told today that I needed to contact the property, after hanging up from hotels.com the property told me that there was no manager asking for corporate I was hung up on I then called back and said I think you hung up on me and he said yes I did and hung up again.

  • Robert Ford says:

    This company is so awful that any travel user should be aware of how they handle customer problems. You end up speaking to a customer service rep in the Philippines, who for the most part is barely understandable, yes I minored in English at University, and the attempts I have had to get resolution to my hotel problem somehow get all confused and end up going nowhere. I honestly believe that this so called travel company headquartered in Dallas, Texas should be thoroughly investigated. I have spent months now trying to get back my money for a hotel in Amsterdam who agreed to cancel my reservation and pay back what I had paid but still I get the Hotels.com run-around that they are working the problem, one they never seem to resolve.
    Avoid using this company as they are not going to act in your best interest.

  • Honestly says:

    We Booked hotel stay based on their reviews but we were given a tiny room in a old run down house behind hotel. The place had a different name. When we called to dispute we were given the runaround and refused refund and cancellation. It was clearly a bait and switch to another place. After so many years dealing with hotels.com this was the worst treatment. The hotel manager was nicer and cancelled the reservation themselves without charging anything

  • Irene Schmidt says:

    Hello to all who are complaining about Hotel.com. I agree with all of your comments. I have the same experience. Be ware! Hotel.com on top of everything else is lying. The Grand Harbour Hotel in Malta informed me that Hotel.com has to refund me my money. My reservation was for May 2020. I have no intention of going there, because travel plans dates have changed for 2021. Hotel.com tells me that they have an agreement with the hotel, that the voucher they will be giving me is only for the Grand Harbour Hotel. In other word, Hotel.com is dictating me where to I should travel in the future. I find this kind of treatment despicable.

  • Alma Mcmillion says:

    I have been using this company to book hotels here and in Jamaica. My flight was cancelled and my money refunded back to from Spirit. Hotels.com refused to refund my money, this had to be cancel because of a travel ban. They will not be getting anymore business from me, my friends or family. So go ahead and enjoy 717.42 because you will be loosing more than that in the future.

  • Cristine Reid says:

    I have tried to reach or communicate with ANYONE at Hotels.com for the past 7 weeks. I get canned messages to try back later and jammed phone lines. Just got nice email from Adam Jay saying any expiring nights will be extended starting April 1, 2020. (Hey your link at bottom of email to “contact us” is fruitless! More of the same unavailableness!) This was the reason I was trying to reach Hotels.com on and off for 7 weeks–mine expired/were expiring March 30, 2020. I started my quest to reach someone at Hotels.com in mid March and tried yet again today via online chats and help strings and got more of “no one is available”, dead ends and unanswered questions. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE RESPOND?? I want my nights extended, as I missed the deadline by 2 days. The extension should have covered those dates in March, why starting April 1? Like who was gonna make travel plans to go anywhere in the world as this unfolded? I have 2 days coming, one for a mistake you make and gave me a credit and the other was an earned reward night. HELLO??? Please take this to a supervisor with the authority to make this happen.

    Adam Jay….you have a lot of people who are not happy, 7 weeks into this and looks like I am not the only one not getting answers.

    • Fara says:

      I am not a lawyer, but they are in Texas, so I personally am looking into a Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act filing against them. Please get a class action lawyer so we can join you!

      • JB says:

        Count me in on the class action lawsuit. Let me know if you get it started, as thousands will join in & AG of Texas is a good & VERY sharp guy.

  • Mary K Yankowski says:

    I have a reservation in Copenhagen for May 29th. Just spoke with a lady in the Philippines who had no idea what I’m talking about. I asked for the Mgr but this person was no better. All they will do is give me a credit for the hotel in Copenhagen -I’ll never have the chance to go there again. My entire trip, cruise/air was cancelled (not by me) and Hotels.com will do nothing to help me. I’ve been a customer of Hotels.com for years but not after this. I’m going to try writing to Corporate

  • Evon says:

    Hotels.com – Prior to this pandemic, I had planned to travel to California to attend the graduation of a friend from USC. Due to the current situation, USC has cancelled the traditional graduation and scheduled a virtual graduation. After the graduation, a group of us planned to fly over to Napa Valley for a celebration. We made reservations to stay at The River Terrace Inn – A Noble House Hotel. My reservation was a non-refundable reservation. I never imagined a pandemic. Long story short, Hotels.com is refusing a refund, they’re offering a voucher to be used at THIS LOCATION ONLY to be used within the next 12 months.

    Needless to say, Jack, the Manager that I spoke with at Hotels.com and I did not see eye to eye. I advised him that I would let social media know about this and everyone can make their own determination as to how they feel the situation was handled, and whether they would would want to be a loyal customer of this establishment as I was.

    I was hoping that Hotels.com would be more understanding as to the magnitude of this outbreak of a disease that is affecting the world.

    I would think that the hotel industry would be able to recoup most of their losses through stimulus incentives offered to businesses.

  • Shaunna says:

    The actual hotel reimbursed Hotels.com but Hotels.com has not reimbursed me and will not respond to my requests for refund. When I call they say I will receive an email of which I have yet to receive. It has been since the beginning of March that I have been trying to get the refund.

  • Tonya Hamilton says:

    Piece of shit company,won’t refund people’s money because of covid 19,don’t use this company for anything

  • Rosemarie Sasser says:

    Due to the corona virus outbreak I had to cancel my reservation at Park Central Hotel New York by email on March 12, 2020. So far I was not able to reach anybody to speak to. Please refund $2,064.24 to my account.
    My confirmation number is 8007995312243

    • Rosemarie Sasser says:

      Today is April 1, 2020 and I am still waiting for a response or refund. How much longer do I have to wait for a sign or answer?

  • Cecilia Gil says:

    These are hard times for all with this outbreak of Coronavirus and your company is not doing anything to help with reservations that can’t been canceled without the consumer losing all their money. Can’t speak to a person and when I was able after almost 2 hour wait, the person who helped me said that they would get back to me within 48 to 72 hours. I did hear with an explanation of no refund because of our cancellation policy. Your policy is stealing from the consumer. Will call the news and get as many people as I can to post on social media. It’s disgusting that a company would take advantage of people like this.

    • Scott kaufman says:

      Agree 100% this is beyond disgusting and all they allow you is to speak to some idiot on some island that is useless and cant find your reservation..we need class action lawsuit.

  • Frank Dal Maso says:

    Hotel.com, we booked with you, trip to Clearwater Florida. Staying at the stay-n-play hotel. At 333 Hamden dr. Clearwater Florida.
    Checking in March 1st, checking out March 18th, 2020.
    Reservation #16846000.
    We were not made aware at the time of our booking that they were building a new resort directly across the street from our hotel.
    The noise starts a 8:00am till 4:00 pm daily.
    The banging and excessive noise is non stop for 8 hrs a day.
    It’s unbearable noise. I have recorded 3 videos of the ongoing noise which I would be happy to send to you. You really need to hear these videos to understand the severity of the noise.
    I would appreciate some kind of reimbursement for our ruined holiday.
    As I said above, send me an email address and I would be happy to send you the videos that I have recorded.
    Await your reply
    Shirley Andreatta
    Frank Dal Maso
    Email- fdalmaso@bell.net

  • Renu says:

    Get your pr people and someone on the lines to resolve travel from COVID

  • Ina Omogbehin says:

    This is the worst company ever. In times of national crisis, they steal people’s money.. You cant reach anyone to change or cancel your bookings. I am sure this company will go down after Codiv 19 is over. Shame on you..

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