Where is Hoover Corporate office Headquarters

Hoover Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 7005 Cochran Rd Solon, OH 44139 USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 800-944-9200

  • Fax Number: 512-374-4051

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 211

  • Established: June 2, 1908

  • Founder: William Henry Hoover

  • Key People: Ralph F. Hake

Hoover Headquarters Location & Directions

Hoover Headquarters Executive Team



Ralph F. Hake

Chairman of Maytag Corporation ,CEO of Maytag Corporation and Director of Maytag Corporation

Jill Spiekerman APR

Director of Public Relations

Lori Miller

Brand Manager

About Hoover, History and Headquarters Information

Hoover company was established in the late 19th century as a vacuum cleaner company. The company was famous to sell the best electric vacuum cleaners in the world. All the vacuum cleaner users know how efficient it is to work with a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is very helpful in cleaning and cleans all the dust in one go. This electronic device also helps you in reaching out the places for cleaning which is quite difficult using a broom. The company has progressed with the development of technology and has always provided the best service. The company has never given a chance to complaint to any of it’s customers and has always been the most preferred company in selling the latest electronic vacuum cleaners in the market. If you are wanting a vacuum cleaner with a warranty and guarantee then this company should be your preference for it. The vacuum cleaner it sells are very durable and affordable too.

Hoover Headquarters Photos

  • Bruce says:

    We had bought a rug scrubber and never opened the box because we moved and we were building a new house so we never opened the box. When I opened the box 3 years later and took it out the tank that was with it was the wrong and HOOVER won’t back they product what poor customer service you have I work with 500 employees that will no how your customer service is so poor and don’t stand be hind your products.

  • Melanie says:

    How do I get to customer/purchasing service? Two hours on hold – this is ridiculous!!!!!! I have a welcome 10% off coupon which was clearly in my cart. When I came back from paypal, I was charged the entire amount – the 10% was removed!!! I need to talk to someone Asap – today!!!!

  • Amber T Sparks says:

    it has taken me 2 months or more to deal with my blown up shampooer I’ve now had surgery and it is nothing less than a nightmare I am dissatisfied with the customer service no one calls you back then finally I get a call back and they want me to find the receipt from a year ago through the Walmart site which is like looking for a needle in a hay stack and the wo.an insinuated that I was lieing and I hadn’t purchased the shampooer. way to go hoover

  • Mary Lee says:

    I had a Hoover that I loved for 12 years but last year it quit working. I bought a new one just like it but after one month the prong broke off of the plug and blew up the outlet causing a short and almost a fire. I ordered another one just like it last month and today after using it only once, I found the wires were exposed at the point where the cord comes out at the bottom. I can’t use it because it’s an electrical shock hazard now. I have requested a refund from Walmart but I wanted to tell you how disappointed I am with the poor quality of the last 2 vacuums. I would appreciate any kind of compensation or even a new vacuum that won’t break. Here’s my info:
    Mary Lee
    1101 S. Muskogee Ave
    Box 1213
    Tahlequah OK 74465
    Email: momma_br@yahoo.com

  • Amanda says:

    This company is a joke. Their hours say that they’re available for chat from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time pretty much 7 days a week. I just sat on hold to speak to an expert and then after an hour on hold and I gave all my information the agent ended the chat. So I proceeded to go again and all of a sudden the chat is closed. I even have, gone as far as emailing the Better Business bureau. I have done everything possible I went and filed a complaint prior to the Better Business Bureau pissed off customer.com because that was the only way to get through and they neglected and refused to respond to it. I have both carpet shampoo and a vacuum sitting here both of them under a year one of them only 2 months old Hoover has become a joke. I need to know who to call I’m about to call corporate and if I have to go higher I will I am beyond pissed and my patience is very thin

  • Dan says:

    Hoover is a JOKE! I have a brand new Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe shampooer. It does not ‘scrub’. Brushes don’t turn. I’ve called the phone number, been on hold for 30 mins. I’ve left my number for a return call back. Oh if only I could put in the laughing emoji. I’ve sent messages via the website. I’ve tried to use the broken ‘chat’ button. I emailed International customer service hoping they would be better. I even went so far as to Fax headquarters. Ralph Hake/Hoover at  512-374-4051
    ZERO reply from anyone. As for the fax…yup, you guessed it. NO ANSWER!!!!!

    • Lexi says:

      The same thing happened to me. I have provided all the proof that I bought it and the same day the brushes did not work on it also. So now it’s been jumping through hoops just to get any response. Corporate greed at its finest.

  • Tomekia says:

    I have attempted to get help with my less than 1 year old vacuum. I’ve tried changing the belt and contacting customer service with little to help no help. All Im asking for his help on getting a practically brand new vacuum to work.

    Mrs. Williams

  • Kathy says:

    I am so disappointed with this company. I have called customer service and after 2 hours on hold still no one answered and I asked for a call back and yet still no call! I have finally chatted with someone who said I would get a email in which I never did then was told to be patient because they are short handed! I have never had to wait or go through as much to speak to anyone at any other company! I’m just trying to get a replacement cleaner for the one that I purchased and it stopped working!

  • Eileen says:

    I am so dissatisfied with the run around I am getting from Hoover customer service. I bought the Hoover spot in May and the solution tank has leaked since then. All I ask is a replacement for that part. They ask for the same information multiple times. I am very disappointed in the non response. I even wrote to the CEO at the headquarters and never heard back.

  • Danielle Happ says:

    To whom this may concern:

    I work in the pet care business and I constantly have animals in my home. I wanted a machine that could clean the floor and sanitize the floor without a hitch. So after some heavy consideration between the Bissell cross wave I decided on purchasing the Hoover one power floor jet.
    I love that I have the cordless option and it could clean up spilled messes on my floor, wash the floor then suction the dirty water. It was ideal!

    I’ve had it for almost 3 years I bought it at the Gardena target in California….. I believe at the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. I recently I realized the hose broke. I’m not quite sure how but it did….. so I called expecting it to be taken care of no problem under warranty only to be told that the model that I have is no longer being made and basically shit out of luck because they don’t sell that model or even sell the part I need. So my options are:
    1-getting a new one or
    2-getting a new one

    Which makes me wonder why you even have a warranty.
    I feel that selling me this product was very deceptive. Now if I had enough cash to spend every three years on a new machine that would be wonderful but I don’t have it like that.

    I’m really disappointed in your company and now I’m kicking myself for going with your brand. Now I have a $200 machine sitting here that just needs a replacement hose and it is useless. I expected more from such a big name. Hopefully you can rethink your support for future customers that run into the same problem.

    Your disappointed customer,

    Danielle Happ

  • Dorothy Knebel says:

    Can’t get a bag holder for my Hoover Futura!!! A 7 dollar piece of plastic makes my vacuum obsolete!!
    I’ll keep using my 40 year old Air Way Sanitizer–IT STILL WORKS


    I have been trying to get this fixed and getting the run around. I have taken hours of my life to get NOTHING. I am disillusioned and sick of Hoover. you say get a hold of these people ebay says the same thing THIS IS PURE BS. Whom ever sent this email to me did not tell me or give me a website, a phone number…This is the first time I have ever used ebay…or done any thing to order anything in line AND THIS EXPERIENCE WILL BE MY LAST. I did everything Jamie told me to be told I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ELSE. LUCY THIS IS THE RUN AROUND A SCAM AND IF I DO NOT GET SATISFACTION AFTER HOURS OF TRYING TO FIX THIS AND GET THIS REPLACE I WILL SOCIAL MEDIA HOOVER LIKE THEY HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE…PLEASE CONTACT ME REGARDING THIS BS. MY PATIENCE HAS RUN OUT AND I PRAY YOU DO NOT TAKE THIS AS A THREAT BUT A FACT I WILL EMBARRASS HOOVER LIKE THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN EMBARRASSED BEFORE! I am a senior citizen and a man of means and knowledge. Please do not take this lightly for you have never dealt with a man of my capabilities…Please Lucy call me at 248-628-0199 or email me. Thank you and am looking forward to hearing from you. God Bless, Alex McKinnon aka Big Al.

  • Hyeon C. says:

    Hoover’s Onepwr series of products are a great use of my frequent cleaning routine; especially that I live in an apartment and don’t have access of a power outlet to clean a car interior. I purchased the spotless go upholstery carpet cleaner and the 3 gallon wet dry utility vac. Cleaning the car interior became possible thanks to the portable cleaning tools. It’s super easy to maintain, a breeze to use, and provides good to great results. I’ve been super eager about the onepwr hepa upright vac to use in my home’s 90% carpeted flooring but the cleaning tool is only available as a kit with two batteries and a charger. I already have two chargers, two 4ah batteries, two 2ah batteries, and just bought four 6ah batteries less than one hour ago that will total 8 batteries of combined 36ah of cleaning time; more than enough plus back up batteries just in case of any surprise battery failures. Done and ready to clean. Now, with all my Hoover purchases, I don’t really need two more 4ah batteries plus a third charger along purchase of a Onepwr upright hepa vac. I’m hoping Hoover would consider the option of “tool only” sales at their internet store for the OnePWR series…. Reselling the included ‘new’ batteries and ‘new’ charger will void Hoover’s warranty of the products for any buyers leaving me too many paper weights :

  • Ted Atkinson says:

    I purchased a Hoover REACT cordless vacuum about 2 years ago brand new. This has to be the worse sucking vacuum I ever had. Always liked Hoover products but not this one. It won’t even suck a single piece of cat food off the floor unless you put the smallest tip on it. It leaves more dirt than it picks up. I’m not using the powered roller most of the time just the brush on a smooth floor. The filter clogs almost immediately and then you have to wash it and let dry overnight before re-using. The instructions are BAD. They do not even explain the battery charging lights. Merely states “charger will illuminate to indicate charging process”. What the heck does that mean when I see green light, flashing green light, flashing red light? In the first couple of weeks I was emptying the dirt bin and the rubber cap fell off without me knowing. About 1-1/4″. When I discovered this I called to order another and was told they do not sell it by (2) different Hoover employees. The accessories are extremely hard to plug and unplug. I doubt anyone over 60-70 could even do it. I must say If I had only spent $20 I would still be upset. Unfortunately this was much much more expensive. I wrote to Hoover when it was only 3 months old stating the same issues and they did a giant ZERO. No offer of refund. NOTHING. Sad to see a company build junk like this.

  • Rachel says:

    I’ll never order from
    Hoover again,
    Placed a order almost a month ago and it still hasn’t shipped. Customer service keeps saying it will ship soon

  • Ann Morgan says:

    I’ve been trying since September to get refunded for a machine for which I didn’t accept delivery – it was taped wrong (not untaped, tape was off-center from the factory) and pieces from the top packing were missing. Emails to customer support have been useless – no response at all, or a response that’s completely off target. PLEASE REFUND MY ORDER. # 248407, $264.99, placed 9/20/21, declined delivery 9/30/21 (UPS code 26), my emails ignored in September and November. Ann Morgan 3261 Starting Gate Ct. Woodbine, MD 21797

    • Hyeon C. says:

      Hey there Ann! I’m fairly sure it’s the lack of customer support relation specialists at Hoover. It’s most likely not Hoover’s negligence or fault for not providing you with a resolution in a timely manner. Beside that, it’s not ideal to post your personal info like your name, address, transaction details and other questionable correspondence between you and Hoover. You should request that post to be edited or removed asap. Good luck!

  • Lori Crane says:

    Since the time of learning to vacume from grandma and her 100lb vacuum I have been a Hoover fan.
    Unfortunately I Recently ( 3 months ago) had my vacume die and had to get another. Pickings are slim. And you guys are American so should not have issues. But you seem to because my option after 4 stores was one that SAID it was good for animal people.
    OH MY GOD WHAT A Piece OF DOG POO. You guys failed HORRIBLY. 3 FREAKING months people. I can’t deal with the absolute failure of even a basic vaccume. Let alone a general pis vaccume from anyone.
    You failed. Badly. I will be buying another one. But I’m not sure you guys are in the running anymore . Maybe progress and I don’t know ,Dyson has made you dropped in quality. But this has really bugged me. Even companies who were quality are just fading into the past. It still just bugs me I no longer can go to companies that growing up represent something that lasts.
    It’s sad. Just something else going down the tubes.

  • Lateicia says:

    I have a Hoover upright vacuum that I purchased in 1978-79. It’s a concept 1 I believe. It’s green and has been running strong since. Never been serviced and still using it to this day. Thought you’d like to know that. Great vacuum!

  • Joonyeong Jeong says:

    Pls check my order#227942
    I waiting for so long.
    Still no one help this matter.

  • Ahron Regev says:

    Dear Sir,
    Do Hoover have a formal representation in Israel for selling Vacuum Cleaners?
    I would like to buy Vacuum Cleaner model TWDH-1400-011
    Best Regards,

  • carol a sansevero says:

    i need someone to call me about changing a c/c info to a diff c/c. i called at 9:am this morning and no one has called me back. if i can’t have someone call me i will have no choice but to sent the smartwash back.i just rec’d the smartwash today 9/30/2019 all i need is to change c/c please have someone call me by tomorrow carol sansevero 828 308 2775 redheadedyankee0458@yahoo.com

  • Ron Trotta says:

    Just wanted to let you know that when you’re competition came out with the cross wave I almost bought it but I was not happy because it did not have a cordless option. I just saw you’re commercial for the Floor Mate Jet and I will be ordering one soon. Thank You

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