Where Is Hooters Corporate Office Headquarters

Hooters Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1815 The Exchange SE, Atlanta, GA 30339, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 770-951-2040

  • Email: hooterspr@icrinc.com

  • Established: October 4, 1983

  • Founder: Lynn D. Stewart, Gil DiGiannantonio, Ed Droste, Billy Ranieri, Ken Wimmer and Dennis Johnson

  • Key People: Terrance M Marks, Claudia K Levitas

Hooters Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Hooters Corporate Office

Hooters is an American business that lies in the food services industry. It currently has more than 445 restaurants in different locations worldwide and is majorly famous for its chicken wings, seafood, beer, and burgers, along with its services.

Consumers may have the following set of questions in their mind, for which they would like to contact the Hooters headquarters:

  • To contact about any marketing or advertising proposal.
  • To enquire about any nutritional information and ingredients.
  • To enquire about purchasing gift cards, coupons, merchandise, and wing party cards.
  • To enquire about Hooters catering services.
  • To register complaints, feedback or queries.
  • To seek information regarding the return and exchange policies.
  • To know about the status of the order.

In case of any such query, or any other one, the consumers may contact the customer care service of Hooters in the mentioned possible ways.  Keep reading to know more!

Ways to contact Hooters

There are many ways you can contact the Hooters headquarters and customer services. Some of the prominent ways are explained below:


For the customers who would like to go around the headquarters to enquire about business partnership, community services, etc. here’s the address to visit them. You can also write to this address if you’re living in a different location to get your queries answered or register a complaint:

1815, The Exchange SE, Atlanta, GA 30339, United States of America

Phone number

To get personalized guidance to any of the problems, questions, complaints, or issues, consumers may give a call on the provided number. The customer care staff is for the service of every consumer out there to help them in the best light.

+1 770-951-2040

Email Address

For general questions or comments, customers can shoot an email regarding the same on the provided email address.



Mentioned below is the Hooters Customer Support email address – for the fresh customers and those who would like to seek any information about Hooters.


Hooters Headquarters Info & Photos

Hooters has several restaurant locations spread worldwide, including countries like Austria, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, England, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, Venezuela, and Taiwan. The company is operated from the American-based retail building headquarter in Atlanta with an 8.50% Cap Rate. The double-storied building, constructed in 1984, is spread across 1.42 acres with 20,703 sq. ft. size.

Hooters Headquarters Photo
Hooters Corporate Office Photo

Hooters Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

1815 The Exchange SE, Atlanta, GA 30339, United States

Hooters Headquarters Executive Team

Lynn D. Stewart


Lynn Stewart was born in America in 1943. Now a businessperson and the co-founder of Hooters, Lynn was a painting contractor by profession. He, along with five other businessmen, started first Hooters restaurant in Clearwater, Florida on April 1, 1983. He owned a contracting company L.D. Stewart Enterprises before this. He also held the position of Director of Pearly’s Oasis.

Terrance M Marks

President & CEO

Terrance M Marks is known as the current President and the Chief Executive Officer of the Hooters Group since October 2011. He also held integral positions in Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc, as Executive Vice President (2006-2008) and as Senior Vice President and Division President (2005-2006).

Carl Sweat

Global Chief Marketing Officer

Name Title
John Weber EVP Franchise Operations
Michael McNeil VP of Marketing & CMO
Michelle Walker VP Controller
Mark Whittle Chief Global Development Officer
Marc Butler Senior Vice President Marketing & Product Development
Larry Linen Vice President Global Franchise Operations
Fred Sigmund Vice President of Development Services
Tim Baum Vice President of Operations
Kevin Vandiver Vice President Supply Chain
Beth Loon Vice President of Human Resources
Trista Kimber VP Training & Organizational Development
Sal Melilli EVP and Chief Strategy Officer
Nouh Ahmed GM
Grey Arnold GM
Nikki Asbell General manager
Will Barnes General Manager
Michael Belcher General Manager
John Bolt Training General Manager
Steven Caskanett General Manager
Lisa Clowes General Manager
Joe Cssio Training General Manager
Josh DeBord General Manager
Adam Dempsey General Manager
Matthew DeZalia Training General Manager

About Hooters


Hooters was founded by six American businessmen in 1983, opening the first Hooters restaurant in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. The six Clearwater-based founders are named Lynn D. Stewart, Ed Droste, Dennis Johnson, Billy Ranieri, Gil DiGiannantonio, and Ken Wimmer. The first Hooters restaurant was deliberately started on the April Fool’s Day as a joke because its founders believed that the business would fail.


Hooters is an American restaurant chain that is prominent for its food and fun. It features a casual beach-themed atmosphere for its customers, accompanied by the noteworthy menu that features seafood, Hooters special, and world-famous chicken wings and sandwiches with peerless services provided auspiciously by the All-American cheerleaders.


  • Mostly all of the restaurant’s original recipes belonged to Lynn Stewart’s test kitchen.
  • The name of the first Hooters girl is Lynne Austin.
  • The waitress’s appearance is the chief selling feature of the restaurant.
  • The company began franchising in 1986.

  • Panayotis says:

    I am a regular at your franchise location located in midlothian,va. I have seen in the past year a disastrous change in service due to management decisions to alter the perception of your brand!!! Upper Corp. Managment is causing employees to quit some of them long term because they are forced to restrict their guests to how many beverages they can consume versus the amount they can handle in a suitable time frame or any other situation! Your bar tenders are trained to determine this!!! I am said to say I see good employees leave and the clientele has depleted so bad I am disturbed that once my favorite place will soon be history. Just another business shut down because of stupid management! For the sake of your brand and the livelihood of your employees please look into this travesty,I would hate to see more out of work!

  • Simon says:

    There is a server working for the Merrillville location that I started sitting with for a brief minute until I saw her be disrespectful to multiple black guest then turn around and complain about them. The way she did everything is close enough to being racist. She claimed that others think that I’m weird. One of the people being a girl that I’ve known for a long time. I investigated her claim. No one said anything like that. Every single girl said that she tends to do all the time. She goes by the name Emily. If you don’t do anything about it I will be glad to get more of the blacks she gets complaints from to contact you about how poor of service she gives them. I watched her be so rude to many of them. Sooner or later it could turn bad for hooters allowing someone like her to serve there.

  • Steve says:

    I don’t understand why Hooters removed the city of each location from the bottom of their shirts. I had quite a collection going from each Hooters I would visit. I have not bought anymore shirts from any location since. I have a feeling that I’m not the only one. I’m sure this has hurt your sales from your gift shops. Bad idea, Bring it back !!

  • Donald Stewart says:

    Hooters in Springfield, Illinois-July 19, 2022. My wife and I were seated by Holly. We waited for 15 minutes before I flagged down Holly. I told her we have not been served yet. The explanation was a misunderstanding between Jess and Holly. Holly apologized and took our orders. She was doing her best to keep us happy. I was very disappointed with manager. The manager never greeted us with apology. Holly had to do all the leg-work. She is a certified trainer not a manager. Holly had to ask the manager a permission to get a discount for our lunch meal for the screw up. I gave Holly the tip for her part. Holly continued apologizing to us before we left the restaurant. I hope for someone will make improvements at the Hooters in Springfield, Illinois. We never experienced this awful treatment. You should thank Holly that save you little respect for your restaurant. I’m sorry to say this, we will never ever stepped in your restaurant.
    I don’t have managerial experiences, skills, and knowledge. I think I might do better.

  • David Dudgeon says:

    Worked for hooters in brandon,florida for 2 days was discriminated against and still havent gotten my paycheck from them its been over 5 days can i just get the money I earned for myself please thatd be great!! I domt even care to be in the stink of hooters anymore please fucking pay me my goddamn $$$
    My case # is 2022060804. Please resolve asap

  • Bert Gay says:


  • Bert Gay says:

    Your location on Pine Ridge Road, Naples, FL has serious problems. Your afternoon manager needs to be fired. Followed closely by the line cooks. You want more details, call me. 781.696.5827. I will see just how serious you are about customer feedback.

  • rick s. says:

    On 6/2/2022, at approximately 9:40 pm. I entered the Hooters on 5350 Southwest Blvd, Ft. Worth, TX 76109. As I walked in, I noticed my nephew was there eating with his friends. So the reception girl that was pregnant told me you can sit anywhere we are not busy. So I went to greet my nephew. Keep in my mind he is not 21 and was drinking a beer. So he must of not been carded. So when I started to walk to sit somewhere there was a waitress being rude and disrespectful. Once I sat at the corner table, I waited over 25 minutes and no one asked me, if I wanted something to drink or gave me a menu to order some food. The place was pretty empty and that is no excuse for them to act like they did not see me. Several waitress kept on looking my way and even the pregnant girl came by and pretended to do something at the stationed(ice and drinks) behind me. Then I waved the manager down after, I saw him. I told him as a disabled combat veteran, this is the worst customer service,I have ever received. I kept my cool and waited because I was watching the basketball game. Manager offered to take my order and drink and told him my appetite went away. Waitress had plenty of time to come by and ask me for my drink instead they would gather by the pregnant receptionist and were sitting on the table where they put food of customers. There is a time a place for everything. The waitress should not be massaging the pregnant girl back. I am a regular at this place and this night crew is the worst ever seen. I don’t think I will being going to this place again. I rather go some where better that has better customer service.

  • Nidia orozco says:

    Se los boy escribir en Español no lo puedo escribir bien en ingles le doy muchas gracias ala corporation por averme rreconosido por todos los ❤️ 💖 años que e trabajado por usted gracias muchas gracias diosito los vendiga ahorita que me ciento un poco triste medioeron la sorpresa si usted medan la oportinidad de seguir con usted cuando me rrecupere 🤩😍💓💓💓💓🙏🙏🙏

  • Michael Morell says:

    My brother and I went into the Hooters in Knoxville, TN. We arrived at 8:00 pm and when we got there no one greeted us to seat us. I saw an empty table and we sat down. We waited for over ten minutes without any service. I saw the waitress walk by for the fifth time and flagged her down to get some service, she asked us if we were seated and I said we waited and no one came so we sat ourselves. Finally we got our waitress she greeted us and asked us what we would like to drink, we gave her our order and waited. She brought the beers over and asked if we wanted some appetizers and we asked her for menus. She said they don’t have menus anymore and we had to use the qr code on the table. That would have been nice to know when she came over the first time. She walked away to bus a table I tasted my beer and the glass had just come out of the dishwasher and it was hot. Cold beer in a hot glass isn’t what we wanted. Icalled herover and she immediately had a bad attitude. I asked her if she had cold mugs because these we not acceptable. She got a worse attitude and asked if we wanted to speak to a manager. We said sure, the manager came up to the table and didn’t not care about our problem she just demanded we pay for the beers and leave. Apparently the waitress already spoke to her crying. I don’t know how you do business but the customer being right went right out the door in this place. I will never go back into a Hooters uwithout an apology from that manager of yours. No one wants warm beer in a hot glass.

  • unhappy mother says:

    my daughter was fondelde by the n ightmanager at hooters on font beach last night and nothing was done even after police was called
    in pcb fla

  • Gwen says:

    Restroom has no toilet paper or paper towels!!!! Manager rudely says want me to put some in there for you!!! Then he walks us to our table saying he will after he seats us!!! THEN our waitress tells us they have NO straws!!!!! OMG what’s next!!!!! NO sorry from manager and an attitude!!!!!!

  • Mark says:

    Trying to contact your marketing department with regards to out of home advertising

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