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Toshihiro Mibe

President, CEO and Representative Director Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Shinji Aoyama

President & CEO American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Chief Officer, Regional Operations (North America) Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Steven Bailey

Vice President, Parts, Service & Technical Operations, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. ,

Ed Beadle

Assistant Vice President, Marketing Division, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. ,

Steven Center

Vice President, Sales Strategy Division, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Mamadou Diallo

Assistant Vice President, Acura National Sales, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Honda Motor Company, History and Headquarters Information

Honda first established its operations in North America in the year 1959. The company now boasts of over 4000 employees in the region. They majorly deal in the developing, selling, servicing and manufacturing not just Honda but also Acura automobile parts.

The Street Address of the business is at 700 Van Ness Ave for those that want their main headquarters. The main phone number that customers can use for contacting the company is (310) 783-2000. On twitter you can contact them for inquiries vi their handle which is @AmericanHonda. The website for Honda North America is where you can find out more information regarding their services and location.

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  • Me says:

    this company is disgusting and awful, been with them for over 10yrs, and not one person throughout honda top down has ever responded back to my calls in over a month, not one good human being in this company, ignored and ghosted by everyone, while I drive a new vehicle that is unsafe and continues to be problematic, when this vehicle kills me, there will be a big law suite from my family which has connections with the media, my death will be on your hands due to your negligence and true unprofessionalism across the board, you’re all awful human beings, and you are all liable and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent, Murdering/killing me. Honda is the worst company ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabrielle Wright says:

    I have been waiting on a seat belt for a 2013 Honda Civic for over a year, since May of 2022 and it is July of 2023. $9000 worth of damage and they can’t get a seat belt? The poor garage has been storing my car for over a year! I am single and was forced to buy a car when the one I have is already paid off. NO ONE WILL HELP ME. Shame on you, Honda. This is disgraceful.

  • Anthony Gayfield says:

    I need to talk with the president of this company because I’m not getting treated right in downtown Honda I bought a car about 15 days ago 2018 Honda accord sports has problems I’ve been taking back-and-forth BS in me now it’s time for the company of this company to get involved and get the situation fixed because I don’t have to come out of my pocket for a car that has problems and I haven’t even had it a month. My phone number is area code 323-809-7433 add appreciate if somebody give me a call back today soon as possible cause I need my car and aching foot footing around town but another day another day that’s not acceptable this is not how you do customers buying from your organization to make your company great so I need a response please

  • Maria Nabergal says:

    Waiting for Catalytic Conventer over 3 months. Why!!!!!! 740(974-7242)

  • Ceeann Dalton says:

    Your sevicere really sucks here in Grand Junction Colorado on your atvs they won’t return calls or let you know what is going on they have had are pioneer for almost 2 months and no comments on it need it new

  • Vicky Taylor says:

    2022 Acura MDX Advanced
    Accident : March 1, 2022
    Entered the shop: March 1, 2022
    Parts Ordered: March 8,2022
    Part # 60400TYAA00
    Part # 71350TYAA01
    Part # 7410TYAA00

    These Parts were promised to us on the following dates:
    April 9,2022
    April 15 2022
    April 29, 2022
    May 8, 2022

    NOW June 9, 2022

    At this point I understand a supply issue, but this seems deliberate on the suppliers part and now I have a hardship that is facing me. Can you please assist me. I am very upset and really need someone to understand and need help with the rental car so I can maintain my business or set me in a loaner from a dealership ( Athens does not have one) I would also like to know the information as to the production of each part and when this will actually happen.

    Please help. – Vicky Taylor Atlanta, Ga

    Write to

  • Vicky Taylor says:

    Steven Bailey: Good morning, I hope my message finds you well. I have been having some issues with a car that I purchased in February that has been in the shop since March 3. As of this moment the part that we have been waiting on has been in critical back order and from what I was told yesterday the part is not being manufactured. I have patiently waiting and have had the same conversations with the GM of the Athens, Ga Jimmy Branton , customer service ( case # 12972682) parts at Acura, the body shop and whoever will listen to what the issue is. My biggest concern at the moment is that as of Monday, I will no longer have a car to get to work. I am a Realtor and rely on transportation every day. From what the folks at State Farm and your claims have told me is that this not their issue and will not cover me for any additional time in a rental. Since it has been 2 1/2 months and the part has been promised to us in Mid April and not has had the 4th extension to the sue date of the parts, I have asked the GM to find to what is the root of the problem, He has said of this morning that his hands are tied and has to rely on their reps to get back to them. He shared with me yesterday that the part is made by a third party and not Honda. What I would like to have happen is that we find out if the part is actually being produced, where it is in the line of production it is ( there were 180 orders for this part this year, were these order filled?), is Honda really relying on a third party to manufacture this part or can this be made in Ohio where the car originally came from. If you can please help, I would be eternally grateful. I just am at a loss and need someone that makes the decisions for your services help. Here are some key bullet points that you may want to be aware of.

  • Sandra Speer says:

    I have never done business with a worse company. I bought a 2021 Civic, that is now not worth the metal holding it together. I have a malfunctioning ECM, which is also causing my transmission to fail. Even though this is a prevalent problem with Honda, no one is able to help me. A Google search will educate you. I have evidence of one of Honda’s technicians diagnosing the problems. The dealerships staff and a customer service manager at Honda Corp, (Taneeka) sware I am wrong. My gosh, Honda of Slidell known for selling stolen cars. Yes, they are capaple of helping with a Honda SCAM. I have been lied to, offered to have me pay for the fix, and the owner of the dealerships involved also going along with the SCAM. Pat Peck Honda of Gulfport, MS, Honda of Slidell of Slidell are both owned by Group 1 Automotive. No fix was offered because when an ECM starts to go bad, it will not allow hook-up to online discovery of the problem. Seeing that you need a diagnosis, and it is impossible to acquire when ECM is failing, this looks like a SCAM conducted by Honda to get customers to pay their dealerships to fix the problem. I learned that the SCAM is perfect because to claim Lemon Law, the defect in your car must be diagnosed by a certified Honda technician. By the way, Taneeka defined the Lemon Law for me. If the problem were easily diagnosed by Honda Techs or outside mechanics the SCAM would not be continuing to work. And, those involved would not be advising customers to keep seeking a diagnosis. If failing ECMs were more easily diagnosed, owner companies and Honda US Headquarters would not be going along with the situation. The key here is to inform the public that a no diagnosis with a failing ECM when your car has the symptoms is actually proof that you have a failing computer system in your car. We as customers need to speak up because malfunctioning if an ECM fails, the driver and their passengers stand to be left locked in their cars possibly injured because of losing control of their vehicles while driving. Hopefully, they will be alive to call for help. Thank you Honda for caring about our safety.

  • Delfina Saenz says:

    I purchased a 2018 honda civic with 7 miles in Tennessee my was switched do t know how but when Honda sent me to t hff e master mechanic he said there were three keys on the vehicle’s computer I said they only have md two wne I purchased it, they reset the keys at no charge, I took my car for an oil change in Texas they left the plate off the bottom not sure why that would be needed before leaving Burleson Honda I was approached by a person that worked there wanted to know if I wanted to sell my honda I said no, the next time i took it in I never received the car back in the prime co edition. It was in they cut the rug on the driver side the vehicle had to have the right passenger they said bearing replaced the car leans to the front left there is s ok mahjong wrong with the front suspencion,, they looked like they were covering something up the car was detailed with grease the new car smell was gone and my seats were changed out and stained the manager wanted to trade out my car to make it right but I would have to old have to pay fees and cost for the price difference… I belevthey changed out the 2.4 engine and the front end the three days they kept it at the dealer for engine issues it was having when all I wen thg in was for an oil change Honda customer service did not help they brushed it off like if nothing said if I have anymore issues to contact them, I did they said take it thg o another Honda dealer they looked at it that’s I thg did not tell me anything else the car I never had an accident in etc. I feel like I’m driving a salvage vehicle. I cringe when I have to take my car in to the dealership for an oil change.

  • Parveen Khurana says:

    June 30th, I bought 2021 Honda CRV EX, after 100 miles this car stat giving me trouble one after another. I am not getting proper service neither proper response. I lost my peace of mind. Please prove me contact info for Mr Steave Bailey .

  • Keith Christian says:

    I bought a 2017 Honda civic and at 40 thousand miles I need a power steering rack. My mechanic said 5his was being recalled but my vehicle does fall under the recall. This is a joke.

  • >