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HomeGoods Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 400 Cochituate Rd Framingham, MA 01701 USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 508-872-6522

  • Fax Number: (508) 390-2828

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 249000

  • Established: 1992

  • Founder: Max and Morris Feldberg

  • Key People: Ernie L. Herrman

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HomeGoods Headquarters Executive Team



Ernie L. Herrman

CEO, President & Director

Carol M. Meyrowitz

Executive Chairman

Scott Goldenberg

Senior EVP & CFO

About HomeGoods, History and Headquarters Information

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  • Carmen Iris Jefferson says:

    Please call me back asap

  • Sonia Soller says:

    I am very upset about my experience at the Frisco store located on 121 and Preston in Frisco Texas. I was helped by a very rude cashier. I had a set of dishes that was at the bottom of the cart, I struggled to put them on the counter and instead of making room, she loudly scolded me to not put them on the counter where she was ringing up other stuff. The dishes were heavy and I pushed the other items aside and made room. She became even louder and ruder, I asked for the manager to come and she was saying things like I am gonn smack her if she doesn’t stop. What kind of service is that.

  • Terri Morrow says:

    I will never shop there agian,I am in st.louis Missouri I shop at the town and country location.every time I check out the two cashiers that are normally there check the price of everything you buy,I don’t know what that means but it takes forever and I would like to know why

  • Linda Hodgins says:

    I am very unhappy with my my shopping experience today at your Poway Ca store. The manager, Michelle, said we left our cart too long, and took it upon herself to put our items back on the shelf. I am disabled, my daughter was pushing me around , as we shopped we would return to the cart and add items. Not leaving it more than 15 minutes at a time. She was extremely rude and loud. Other shoppers around heard her commented on how loud and unprofessional she was then she went to the loud speaker and announced that any cart left more than a half hour is considered abandoned. We chose to not to re shop our items, and to leave. She would not listen to us, just kept yelling and said she could show us on tape how long the cart was left alone. Followed us out of the store, Due to her attitude, your store lost about $500.00 in sales. We will not ever return to this store.
    Linda Hodgins

  • Maricela says:

    I shop a lot at home goods on the San Antonio Tx locations . My subdivision there’s always have a friendly and fast service .
    I do have to say the Rim location is horrible and they have the longest lines and even when they have 50 customers waiting to pay with kids ,elderly people and foreign customers they will have as little as 3 registers open . WHAT A SHAME ! For this store manager not to hire and have the employees require for this location . Even when o asked for the manager to request to open more registers he state that there was no more people to help .
    I will not shop here no more

  • Joanna says:

    Please consider putting a HomeGoods and TJMaxx in White Lake Michigan

  • Gigi Scott says:

    We need a store in Palm Coast, Fl. This coastal town is growing so fast, and there’s no quality home stores in the area. There’s no doubt it would be a hit. A Belk store just closed down and they turned it into an outlet store. It won’t make it. That would be the perfect building. Check it out.

  • Lisa Johnson says:

    I was hoping you would consider putting a Homegood Store in the Michigan City , Indiana area , all we have is a TJ Maxx !!!
    It would be great to have all the sister stores in the same area
    The closest Marshall’s ,Homegoods etc , is a hour away
    Please ,please 🌸
    We have no shopping near us
    Just Walmart !! Yikes

  • David says:

    The address and phone number for Homegoods Corporate office is incorrect..the correct address is 770 Cochtituate Rd NOT 400!!
    Phone number 1508 390 1000

  • Maria says:

    I brought an outdoor dining set on July 4, 2022. The outdoor dining set is made out of wood and it was not manufacture to withstand rain. By the end of the summer the dining set looked old and damaged due to the weather condition. Please inform me on how I can return this item and get a refund. I tried to call Homegoods Headquarters with no luck. Thanks, Maria

  • Mrs Mad says:

    I haven’t gone anywhere this whole week dec 27/22 I go to home goods in Tucson on Broadway and the young man/cashier is sick no mask and jokingly saying boss won’t let him take time off. Now my elderly friend 80 yrs old and I are very I’ll.

  • KCE says:

    Please consider putting a Homegoods/Marshalls in the Pelham Road area of Greenville, SC. The only current location is on Woodruff Road which is a total nightmare for all of Greenville. The traffic is horrific because they did not plan properly, and there are way too many businesses along that road. You would get a lot more foot traffic on Pelham because that area is home to many nice neighborhoods. The location now is always overcrowded and parking is bad.

  • Desiree Stinson says:

    Horrible customer service practice to have a hold on funds and an actual charge for items purchased.

  • Udine says:

    I have never had the worst customer service I have been to home goods TJ Maxx and Marshall’s from one end of the States to the other I went to a store in Atlanta Georgia the1801howellmill r ste 280 in Atlanta Georgia I was ready to purchase an item and it was cracked I asked this manager on duty if he could mark it down he told me he would take $5 off I got to the register he told me that another manager told him no the item was $40 I said well normally they’d give me 10% off that would have only been $4 he still said he wouldn’t do that he could sell it at regular price i will never go in that store he was very racist.

  • Arturo Madero says:

    Bad customer service from manager named Adriana North McAllen home goods store. She was bothered / rude when asked for a discount on a damaged item

  • Ms Henry says:

    Is it normal practice for the manager to tell the Black employee that she looks RUFF

  • Carol Weinstein says:

    In Jacksonville FL there is an empty former retail space of 46,660 square feet of heated area that would be a perfect location for a Home Goods store. It’s adjacent to a busy established shopping area. It is 4399 Roosevelt Blvd 32210. I live in the area & know my friends , neighbors, interior designers, affluent & diverse community would support a home goods store here! Please consider this seriously!

  • Deborah Shannon says:

    I live in the Avondale/ Riverside area of Jacksonville, FL 32204.
    I would love to see a HomeGoods move into the empty SteinMart location on Roosevelt Blvd. It would be a great location as there is not one close to this area. I can attest that it would be welcomed by many in the area. I for one would shop there weekly if not more, as would many of my friends and neighbors!!!

  • Diane Wolak says:

    Just purchased items totaling $32.24 at Homegoods in the Pavillion in Port Orange, FL. I aM appalled to see I am being charged 1.000% PIF. It may be a small charge but that’s not the point. I will contribute to whom I like. I do not like being charged additionally for a center’s upkeep without my knowledge. I am a senior on a fixed income. Some stores ask if you would like to contribute giving you the option of doing so or not doing so. So when can I charge you for my driveway upkeep?!!!! Shame on you Marshalls’ Homegoods. I will not be shopping in Port Orange again.

  • David says:

    It is impossible to find a place to communicate with Home Goods corporate office. I am, quite honestly, not at all surprised. I just shopped at the Home Goods retail store in Madison, MS. I was carefully attempting to help the check out person load and bag my many items (over $190) and, in the process, she failed to put one of the bags into my cart, or hand it to me to do so. I called shortly after arriving home. The clerk, who was clearly agitated to talk with me even before I informed her of my question, rudely and abruptly told me that there was no way she could look for the bag I left the store without. In that bag, of course, was also my receipt, which I clearly pressed “print” at check out, because pressing email subjects you to being bombarded with messages. She then told me that even though it was less than an hour after I left the store, she would not print a duplicate receipt for me…”WE DON’T DO THAT” she very rudely advised me.
    Is this how Home Goods trains its employees? I know the stores are all short staffed. But as a formerly regular customer, I am not sure I can ever go in a store again if someone does not reach out to me and explain a corporate policy of not giving duplicate receipts, not even attempting to locate a bag filled with merchandise clearly left by mistake, and having no where on the corporate website an easy to find and navigate “chat” or message feature.

  • Linda says:

    I just bought some peanuts from your store in North Hollywood, on Victory Bid. The peanuts were completely rancid and inedible. The brand name was Gotta B Sweet by Aimie and the package is labeled “Classic Roasted Peanuts”.

  • Eva says:

    Why is it so hard to get a letter saying that someone is no longer employed there

  • Susan Judge says:

    Please consider bringing a home goods store to Missoula Montana we only have a TJ Maxx the closest Home Goods is more than 2 hours away!! Our population here is exploding we need you!!

  • Lisa Pavone says:

    I very rarely give negative reviews but, I’m compelled to comment on the Plymouth MA Homegoods. Every time I go in there lately, I’m met with rude miserable store personal. I’m not sure if I just have bad luck but I know I’m not imagining it, as I frequent other Homegoods in Norwell and Braintree and for the most part the people are MUCH more friendly and helpful. Maybe the Plymouth store needs lessons on customer service.

  • Vicki Smith says:

    Suggestion for a store in lovely Blue Ridge, GA. There is a TJ Maxx there now but no HG store for 75 to 90 minutes ! There is a large Rose’s Dept store there which is a joke. Buy out their lease and be the only show in town. Lots of people we’ll north of Atlanta would love it. Plenty of money, 2nd homes here.

  • Scott from Maine says:

    Can someone please tell me why, on July25, there are already Halloween Decorations flooding your stores, a full three months before the actual day, and at least two full months before we might actually need all that junk?

  • JT says:

    This morning of July 23, 2022 at around 10:30am at an Austin Home Goods. I was walking at one of the hallways of the store in my gym close. One of the male employees was walking by. I proceeded to say “good morning” from which he responded “good morning, then said out loud “did you loose your clothes?” … and then shook he’s head” …. Which made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I tuned around and told him “I heard what you said” and he kept walking and ignored me. I found this to be extremely offensive and again uncomfortable. I’m pretty sure the cameras caught this and I do want to hear back from the company.

  • Jane says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE We need a HOMEGOODS in Elizabeth City NC
    The closest one to us is in Norfolk VA too far considering the high price of gas these days after all I’d rather spend my money in your store rather than in my gas tank .PLEASE consider this location for your next store. THANK YOU

  • Colleen Pope says:

    I live in a housing community outside of Wilmington NC with over 4,000 residents with plans to expand to even more in the next few years. We need a Homegoods!! The store in Wilmington is way too small for the number of residents in and around Wilmington. With all the new building going on its a no-brainer! Bring us another Homegoods!

  • Ashley Baza says:

    Home Goods in Fashion Center Newark, DE:
    Manager named Jack is so disrespectful to all employees that is not how a good manager should behave

  • Shirley Clarke says:

    This message is for the CEO Ernie L Herrman

    Unfortunately, I have been visiting the Olney Maryland HomeGood’s store for the past 14 years and never encountered the disgraceful behavior by one of your associates.

    I arrived at your store around 9:00 pm on Thursday June 30th and noticed one of your Associates following my family. I had my 5 grandkids with me, shopping. They ranged from the age of 8, (2) 13 year olds, one boy and one girl, a 16 year old boy and a 21 year old girl.

    My 8 year old grandson was playing with a skateboard, and was asked by myself to put it away. He decided to hold on to it because he was trying to get me to purchase it. My 13 year old and 16 year old grandsons, were also with a skateboard at some point.

    At about 9:17 pm, I heard the skateboard make a noise against the bottom of the shelf and I immediately asked the boys to stop and put the skateboard away. Immediately, the store associate, who was following them, asked them to leave the store and proceeded to follow them out of the store, shouting profanity at them. The were quiet the whole time and did as they were instructed. The associate, followed them up the sidewalk and shouted to them, that if they didn’t get away, “I will place my 12 inch boot way up your fat asses.

    These are children. I immediately, left the store in search of my boys to make sure they were safe. I asked the associate, “why didn’t you talk to me as their guardian, to ask them to stop” I also told him that he knew that they were with me and he could have spoken to me, prior to throwing them out of the store. He at no time asked for their parents or who they were with. The kids were frightened and the younger one was not only scared but was crying. We had never experienced such RACIST BEHAVIOR in the 14 years living in the area.

    This man should not be the face of your company. Where was the supervisor or even worse customer service. He needs to be fired and I will stop at nothing to see that happen.

    I am now forced to teach my kids about Racist people and how to conduct themselves when they encounter someone like that.

    I am very proud of my kids and how they handled themselves. They were respectful and followed our teaching of respecting adults. It is unfortunate, that the adult who was abusing them, his power and the ability to set an example of being a great associate.

    I would like to know what the outcome is as I visit several different HomeGood stores and TJMaxx


    Shirley Clarke Olney Maryland 20832

  • Susan says:

    I am a member of two groups totaling 15,000 members worldwide, but primarily in the U.S. We are Nordicware (NW) collectors, obsessed with the intricate and uniqueness of the NW bundt pans. Based on my past experiences visiting a HGS at least once a week, I saw many NW pans. However, your shelves in the BakeGoods Section have been very modest for the past years and I have not seen NW for a long time. On my last visit to a HGS, I spotted several NW pans for the first time. I immediately posted my find; within the first hour, there were a minimum of 200 persons on their way to their HGS all over America to buy NW, any NW, as you could say we are truly obsessed. The feedback was dismal. No finds of any NW in their HGS, but many many derogatory comments.

    The purpose of this comment is to implore HGS to stock as many NW bundt pans as possible. Once a member spots it, HGS all over America will have hundreds of customers going to your stores within 24 hours in search of NW to score a purchase, which HGS sells for $19.99 per pan. 90% of us own more than 45 BW pans, and we continue to prowl thrift shops, TJ Max, Marshalls and HGS for these pans.

    Please give this commentary your attention. Thanks.

  • Tracy DiPaola says:

    Was in Rochester ny. I wanted to purchase a stool. Found one for 59.99 and the exact same one(cushion pattern was different).The other one I wanted was 79.99 . Asked the associate to price match and she would not. Why should I have to pay $20 more?

  • Alew says:

    Y’all need to get a grip. I spend so much money in your business and the staff is terrible. Not helpful. We are at the coast and not enough coastal items. I’m a decorator and own my own business. The treatment on the few returns I make is deplorable and y’all should be ashamed! I just tried to return new bedding with the receipt and they would t take it due to the packaging had been thrown away by staff. It didn’t even have a label to begin with it either!

  • SherinChowdhury says:

    Thanks,trying to apply but my phone been hacked since couple of months,I can not even apply for a job I need.
    I want to apply for Tucker loc

  • Joanne K says:

    I recently purchased a home in Naples, Florida near Immokelee and Collier Blvds. Currently, the nearest homes goods is about 25 minutes away on Route 41. There is so much building going on, I would love to hear that a new store is opening close to my home.

  • Elizabeth Gouldson says:

    Round about April 24th 2022 I purchased a beautiful navy blue wing chair of my dreams at the Decatur, Georgia store. My dreams of the chair was worse than a night mare.On May 8th 2022, about 1pm I completed decorating one side of the living room then I staged the chair, it was so elegant. I could not stop sending photos to my friends and family.
    I remembered that I didn’t have a sit as the first guest (the shock) The minute I did, the leg of the front caved in and I fell.
    When I looked at the bottom of the chair, who ever had returned it prior to my purchase had a non manufacturer bracket on the leg that gave way. Only on that leg.
    Whoever (employee) that received the chair failed to look at the condition of the chair and returned to the floor. (Quality assurance)
    I had to complete this report prior to returning the chair to the store. I never dreamt that I will have to return the chair to the store and I could not find my receipt. Another show of attitude with some associates who will interrogate and recite policies and procedures to the consumer and will fail to listen and act accordingly

  • Pat Atkinson says:

    My niece was down visiting. She bought us a solar frog for our Lanai out by the pool as a gift. It didn’t work – never lit up. We went back to Home Goods in Stuart, Fl. where it was purchased for an exchange or return. They would do nothing without the original receipt. She sent a picture from her phone showing everything on the receipt and that wasn’t good enough for Home Goods. So we are now waiting for her to mail us the original receipt. In this day and age I have never heard of such a thing. I was an avid customer of Home Goods, but don’t think I will be anymore after being treated like this. With the way the economy is, you would think people would go out of their way to treat their customers the right way.

  • edward fuehrer says:

    Hi: I am looking for an ironing board cover, I have been looking in all of your stores in new jersey but nothing. I really need one and once you start to carry them again I will buy 2 at a time so I won’t run out again. Also, I am looking for white on white – elegant – light weight – duvet for the summer. Can you help ???

  • Edward Azar says:

    I find it foolhardy that a store such as yours does not allow people from outside the US to access your website or to even make purchases as do Wayfair, Home Depot, Amazon and many other chains in the US. There is a vast untapped potential in foreign markets that you are not taking advantage of which would dramatically increase your sales.
    I remain bewildered by this policy.

  • Sandra Sater says:

    Is there a possibility that you are opening a store in Bloomington, IN? We have TJMaxx and a new Ross but we need a Home Goods.

  • Isobel Ehrenhaus says:

    Am a huge Homegoods shopper! Today, I was in the Norwalk, CT store. No bathrooms available for either men or women. Luckily the associates had a restroom, which was no available to shoppers. Definitely not nice! Disappointing and frankly could be health code violation in the state of Connecticut.

  • Ronni says:

    Home Goods is my absolute favorite store. I like to shop there at least twice a week. My husband probably loves it as much as I do. I was so disappointed when I walked into the Wylie store the other night and smelled an overbearing sweet odor. I was even more disappointed when I found out they had been working on the air conditioning system. I could not finish shopping due to feeling nauseous. None of our senses, including smell, should ever be overpowered like that. I will greatly miss shopping there if they’re going to pump that strong sweet scent through the air conditioning system.

  • Colleen says:

    I have been to Home Goods in Schaumburg Illinois, Algonquin, Illinois, and Fredrick Maryland. Everyone of those stores your employees are putting the pricing stickers randomly on merchandise. They should be putting it on bottom of some of the merchandise that warrants it. The stickers are extremely hard to get off.
    Still Love your stores though.

  • Dona Moore says:

    Everytime I see your tv ad, all the toss pillows falling down, I get a bit up set. The colorful pillow that lands in the chair I can’t find at any stores or online. Last 2 seasons no luck

  • Eric Anderson says:

    Iam very disappointed in the management of your Germantown parkway store here in Memphis Tennessee I felt if I was being hustled instead of a business environment on the prices in your store.

  • Jones says:

    Hi i am a former associate and I keep in contact with a couple of people who still work at the Bloomfield location and Bob The manager has been speaking about personal business of a minor that used to work there and because she is a minor that is a problem he doesn’t know how to separate personal business from work business And if I need to contact higher reinforcement I will if this continues because it is not his place to speak to other people about a minors business and they need better maintenance because they are bathrooms are disgusting and have feces that has been spread it around in there and not properly cleaned

  • M. Nickel says:

    I saw by an email that I received that HomeGoods is recognizing National Hispanic Heritage Month. How nice. What did you do for National Native American Month back in November? I don’t remember seeing anything. I guess you have to be a member of a specific ethnic group to receive any recognition. You remember Native Americans – we took their land, attempted to erase their culture, gave them smallpox and sent them to live on the poorest land the government could find. But wait – members of the Navajo nation became code talkers and helped us in win WW2. But why recognize that? Your company needs to review its values rather than its politics.

  • Cassandra Earle says:

    Hello. I visited your store on Southside in Jacksonville this past Saturday. I asked for the manager, Virginia. I was looking for an object that I purchased from one of your stores a few months back. It disappeared in our move on July 29. I asked Virginia if I could find the same item, a yellow ceramic urn/pitcher to put on the floor. She explained that you never know what is coming in. She did offer to call a few of the closest managers. Ten minutes later she was hunting me down in the store to tell me that one store did have the item. I was elated. She went up and beyond the call of duty. You have a great manager there!
    Thank you. Cassandra Earle 954 895 4444
    ps I am now looking for a “grid” mirror which I purchased from your store that also disappeared!!

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