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  • Address: 2809 New Brunswick Rd, Memphis, TN 38133, United States
  • Phone Number: +19015675885 
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 10000+
  • Established: 2009
  • Founder:  
  • Key People: Linsey Roberts - General Manager

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Linsey Roberts

General Manager

Bill Duncan

Global Head

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  • Jacqueline smith says:

    This was my first time staying on your property the hotel was very clean your assistant general manager is the best the young lady were not friendly but joel was great the beds was not comfortable ended up sleeping on the couch other then that i have no complaints 11/23/2023

  • Brian Hall says:

    My husband and I are currently staying in your home 2 suites hotel in Clarksville, In. We are registered under his name Brian Hall. When we checked in they charged us 50 dollars a night for our 5lb Chihuahua. As we are staying 3 nights thats 150 dollars they charged us for our pet. This is an exorbitant price. We have always paid 75 total for up to 4 nights. My husband is here on corporate business and will be here a lot since they’ve just opened a manufacturing facility near here. But we will not be staying here again unless you refund a portion of our money for the pet fee. The Candlwood is next door and their pet fee is 50 for up to 7 days. We would have canceled our reservation and gone there to start with but we would have been charged anyway. We’ve always enjoyed your hotels in other states and we stay in them in different states all over the southern United States. But this has changed our perspective plus there were several other things wrong also but I’m not going into that now.

  • Ronnie Barker says:

    Myself and my 4 children and our 2 cats and 2 dogs had to stay at Home2 Suites for an extended period of time this past summer due to a home repair. The location was Richmond VA.
    I absolutely cannot say enough about the incredible staff at this location. I have never stayed anywhere where ever staff member was above and beyond helpful, kind, and caring. This location was the best experience for our family given the circumstances. Every staff member did everything they could to make the stay
    For myself, the children, and the pets as pleasant and convenient as possible. The entire location was incredibly clean. Everything was always well supplied. The number one most impressive thing about this location, hands down, was the staff!! Home2 Suites is very lucky to have these individuals representing your business.
    Special thanks to Nancy (and another young lady) who made the morning breakfast lovely every day. Deno, who kept the lobby, pool, and outside area immaculate (also the most pleasant, kind person and a bright light in the world in general). Front desk Veronica, Destiny, Cheryl, Mya, Kaitlyn- all very kind, respectful, helpful in every way. I will recommend this location to anyone!!

  • Jean Geter says:

    My family and I were guest of your establishment in Daytona Beach Fla. We were charged double for our rooms which was 400 plus dollars when we were quoted a price of 200 plus dollars. Luckily we were solvent enough to fulfill the cost. I will never be a patron and not recommend your establishment. MY SON booked through booking.com 3728567299 in the name Corey Geter his email is coreygeter3000@yahoo.com and my room Jean Geter my email is geterjean@yahoo.combeing over charged wasn’t pleasant at all. We would have been constant resident as we have a college student and are in dire need of a residence with handicapped or close to handicapped accommodations.

  • Cesar Duran says:

    We stayed at the Home2suites in San Antonio and The cleaning staff attempted to enter our room when they thought we were gone to steal from us. Luckily my son was in there and they didn’t enter. Just stated “Wrong room” and left. We had our do not disturb sign out. Personally I believe the front desk and others are all involved in this scheme and watch out for each other. I wouldn’t stay here as their staff is clearly a bunch of thugs.

  • Ronal Daniel says:

    Stayed in Nashville Tn for four day and we were told when we checked in that the girl at the deck couldn’t give us a military discount would have to be the manager when he came in the next day he said no you have to do that when you check in. Also my son had a service dog and the bus driver didn’t want him to ride in the bus,also we were told he would take us down town and pick us up and he took off so the information on the web site was wrong. The driver wasn’t very polite. The service at the hotel was great and very clean it was 9 month old. Just think you need to get your information right wouldn’t stay there again.
    Ronal Daniel

  • CAROL BARR says:

    to whom it may concern i am a diamond hilton honor member and i use to come to the home 2 suites of florence on 900 woody jones blv to vist my famliy in florence sc, i was there 2 weeks ago and i meet the new Gm by coming out of one of the guest room that was a clc worker she call him tony they was standing in the door kiss and i didnt think that was nice to do being a Gm most job do not allow the enployees to date the guest thats staying in the same motel that they work at i talk to one of the housekeepers and they also told me that this new Gm have not been there over 2 weeks and already sleeping with a guest there that is a clc worker, also i think that the enployees should be tested for drugs because the housekeeper showed me photos of the front desk manger doing drugs on the job! this do not look good at all for this motel and we are a group that vist there every year and book up to 20 rooms but since this whats going there i don’t think that me and the church group will be staying at this motel on our next trip to florence i hope that oneday there will be changes made for the better of this motel before the drugs take it over and there are photos and videos of this maybe you should have a meeting with the housekeepers !!

  • Rashaan perridon says:

    Someone stole my wife Gucci pursefrom home 2 suites Houston 3414 sage rd found the bag in the cleaning lady cart and receipt while cleaning but purse missing they act like they can run cameras back and cops don’t show up for 3 hrs the manager not worth shit

  • Shay says:

    A guy name Sal that works at beavercreek Ohio location is racist called me the N word ….I will never go back

  • Kenrick and Jerelyn Hamilton says:

    Hello I’m writing with complaints about your Home2 Suites at 10465 Philadelphia Rd White Marsh MD 21162. On 9/30 and 10/1/22. It was the nastiest hotel ever, carpets were filthy, bathtub was dirty, the elevator doors the walls , everything was just filthy. I took pictures of it all. You should really look at getting your name off this hotel it was just disgusting. Only thing is the people at the front desk was very nice. I do plan on posting the pictures. No descent person should ever go there.

  • TINA REID says:

    Good morning I am reaching out because I used to be an employee at home too by Hilton in Metro Center Nashville Tennessee off of Dominican Street I have a few hours that I have not been paid for and today is payday and it states that I have put in 19 hours before I left and I have not received no payment today I usually receive the payment on my bank card and I’m trying to see how do I go about resolving this issue please reach out to me because I really have bills to pay and I know that I left the job but I still do deserve those 19 hours worth of pay someone please reach out to me my number is 615-608-0125 and my name is Tina Reid

  • LFK says:

    Good morning,
    Just wanted to make a complaint about the home2suites on royal ave in Nashville tennesse. We were given room 222. The lamp had a huge crack it in, the bathroom handles on the sink we’re all rusted and the shower rail kept falling down. We stayed a night in the home2suites in Chattanooga and it was so clean and in perfect condition. The one in Nashville smelled like homeless people. I was charged $50 for “incidents” yet the one in Chattanooga only charged us $25. The only reason we booked in Nashville was because of the cleanliness of Chattanooga and assumed it would be the same in Nashville especially with the Hilton name in it. The pool in Nashville was mediocre definitely needs to be cleaned probably why no one was in it.

  • Rosalind Toomer says:

    Good morning,
    I’m writing to file a complaint about one of your managers at the Home2 location in Charleston, SC. Her name is Jenlyn Nelson. Our group had reservations for August 12-14, all rooms were confirmed, but for some reason one of our group members, Wanda Rosser’s room was canceled, not sure why, but we under mistakes do happen, but Jenlyn attitude was so unprofessional and rude during this incident until we all decided to leave a go to another hotel. We are all hilton honors members and we travel all the time and stay on your properties. We have never had this problem in the past and hope we don’t have to go through this again.

    Thank you
    Rosalind Toomer

  • Jason woods says:

    Hello sonny I’m Vicksburg Is the rudest manager I’ve dealt with in a long time I stay in hotels 300 days a year I’m an entertainer coach driver so I have to sleep during the day my tour manager tried to check us in at 11:30 am I know there wasn’t a lot of people there as we counted 15 cars in the parking lot so if they were sold out most had all ready checked out now I understand the standard response no we were totally sold out but as soon as I walked in his face changed looking more like he smelled a fart said to me can I help you ( with attitude ) now I know I look scary to some people but I’m very nice a gental giant is what most say so I told told the tm not to cancel but let’s wait sonny left to go run errands and the house keeping staff told me they have rooms let’s try to get you into one very nice and helpful but alas they couldn’t sonny locked them out from the computer Is it really home2 suites policy to not allow early check in cuz I’ve got early check in probably 200 times at home2 suites (not here in Vicksburg ms won’t be back hopefully )

    • Lynn Videnich says:

      Hello Mr Woids I read ur complaint to corporate and just wonder if anything git done about ur situation
      Just curious
      Hope u have a great day

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