Where is Holiday Inn Head Office UK

Holiday Inn UK Head Office Address and Contact

  • Address: Denham, Uxbridge UB9 5HG, UK

  • Phone Number:
    +44 1895 512000

  • Fax Number: 44 1895 512 101

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees:  12213

  • Established: August 1, 1952

  • Founder: Kemmons Wilson

  • Key People: Keith Barr

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Holiday Inn Headquarters UK Executive Team



Keith Barr

CEO & Director

Paul Edgecliffe-Johnson

CFO & Executive Director

Jolyon Bulley

Chief Executive Officer of Greater China

Mike DeFrino

Chief Executive Officer of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Elie W. Maalouf

CEO of the Americas & Executive Director

Kenneth Macpherson

Chief Executive Officer of Europe, Middle East, Asia & Africa

Jorge Apaez

Chief Operating Officer of Mexico, Latin America & The Caribbean

Heather Balsley

Senior Vice President of Global Marketing – Mainstream Category

Justin Channe

Chief Operating Officer of Greater China

Michael Cockcroft

Chief Financial Officer of Europe, Middle East, Asia & Africa

About Holiday Inn, History and Head Office Information

Holiday Inn stands for a hotel brand in the United States, United Kingdom and various other parts of the world and is having a big chain of hotels in the United States with more than 1000 hotels which makes it one of the world’s largest chain in hotel accommodation.

The company was founded in 1952 and is headquartered in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. The hotel has its website which gives the facility of online bookings of hotels.

The hotels of this company are aimed at providing the most comfortable services to its customers with high-quality hotel rooms, wifi facility, good staff available all the very cooperative time, parking facilities and also the hotels have excellent and high-quality food services.

Also, the hotels are located at prime locations having a good overall view from the rooms. This s one of the largest chains of hotels and is growing day by day.

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  • Scott black says:

    I am currently staying at the Holiday Inn express and suites in Lake Placid Florida and I am staying here long term for a project and a race is coming to town the 24 hours of Sebring race and now all of a sudden they wanna jack my rates up from $111 a night to $450 a night somebody please tell me how this is not price gouging because I don’t understand so now I have to pack up and move out of this hotel because my company will not pay for a $450 a night hotel room

  • Carol Stevens says:

    I am a former employee and cannot get my w2 forms from the holiday inn express in Marietta, Ohio. The address they sent them to was another hotel after I came there in person and left a forwarding address. Now instead of making me a copy of my w2 form and leaving it at the desk they want to get nasty and try and charge me $55 for a copy of my w2 forms. This is completely and totally illegal. I can’t get a phone call from corporate nor has yhe situation been resolved I have either called or went there daily leaving messages each time for management none of which has called me back. Why the unprofessional attitudes and all the drama when all they have to do is go and pull my file take out the w2 and poiletly and as professionals which they are supposed to be make me a copy of my w2 form and leave it for me at the front desk. But no it’s got to be a bunch of drama and crap all of which is just so unnessecary especially when I was there for work everyday and did a good job and now I can’t file my taxes because I am not giving them $55 for a copy of MY information that is needed for the United States government are these people insane and why all the unessecary aggravation. Apparently they aren’t very busy and have nothing else better to do. With attitudes like theirs I see why they aren’t busy

  • David Gill says:

    I want a refund for the days I stayed while being forced out because I was sick. It’s now become a police matter since my bag was stolen and of course nobody knew anything the manager there, or whomever that gentleman was who referred to himself as the manager should be fired, your whole staff should be replaced and because the hotel staff had to clean up, behind my being sick, I was nudged to give them additional money for doing their job. I write for travel out of Finland and I’m going to give your chain a scathing review. The people at this chain do not know how to treat people. Consequently, they should be doing anything that doesn’t involve interaction with other people. The pot smell was so thick on my floor then I could cut it with a knife the hotel manager took my belongings and put it in the hallway not downstairs in the luggage area for my secured check out, while those bags in the hallway, someone stole one of my bags. My name is David Gill. I stayed in room 603. I see about three weeks ago four weeks ago. I filed a police report and will take it further up the chain because this is what I used to do , people should not bring their culture along to the job. The racism was sick there and ironic that it came from people of color. If I can’t get my items returned then I want the $12,000 value of them and my phone and all of my Wi-Fi units that can’t even be used in America neither can my phone my number here in Finland is +358408716794 my address here is a kummihovi, F5, Kirrkonummi , Finland 02460

  • David Gill says:

    I stayed at your location in Jamaica, Queens, the Holiday Inn express. It was the worst experience I’ve ever had and I have traveled all over I rate for travel here in Finland and in New York. I went home for a visit for a couple of days I stayed in your hotel, and after eating some food from down the block I got violently ill. From food poisoning I threw up all over the room. And the manager instead of helping me not only made my stay horrible. He was demanding that I leave the hotel room that I’m paying almost $200 a night for because he was upset at me for getting sick who’s ever heard of this outside of I get it in terms of culture, they seemed obviously racist and not only pushed me out of my room but took my luggage put it on the luggage cart and instead of putting it downstairs he left it in the hallway where my bag got stolen edit $12,000 worth of Versace sunglasses I will send you pictures. My telephone varies on the electronic items. I filed a police report and will continue on my filing a lawsuit against this hotel and the guys working there . I’ve never been so insulted treated like crap who’s made to lay in the lobby so they can get me out of the room all because I was sick. If this is the way you treat customers or you allow your employees to treat customers not only will I never visit your hotels again, I will write about them furiously every chance I get. If I could had a little bit of help, I would’ve been able to make my flight which I missed and had to stay at your hotel for two more days horribly so because every day the guy would come to me and say, are you ready to check out , I’m paying almost $200 a night and being pushed out of my room and every day while I’m sick being asked to check out and then was not given that secure check out that you guarantee and had several items stolen from me. The smoke from marijuana was so thick. I could cut it with a knife , then he had some people that were obviously stealing from stores nearby and selling them and storing his items at your hotel. I kept one that I bought and sealed it with the guys fingerprints all over it. What kind of business are you running?

  • Chuck says:

    I’d really like to thank the lady working yesterday evening and the maintenance man yesterday evening on 11/24/2022. In Malvern Arkansas. They went waaaay beyond their jobs to help my daughter with a flat tire in the parking lot and made sure she was comfortable and safe. They was so very much nice and did everything they possibly could. I’m very impressed with them two individuals. She stayed the night there and would recommend that place very highly to anyone. VERY VERY impressed how good of ppl and nice ppl they are. Thank you again for them two.

  • Barbara Stillions says:

    I stayed overnight in a Holiday Inn in Black Mtn N.C. on Jan. 3 of this year. I didn’t discover until recently that I left an overnight case in my room. It contained a small box with some jewelry amounting between 2 – 3 thousand dollars. I called the hotel and she looked to see if she could find and said it was not there. I know a good deal of time has past so I am wondering how long do they keep left items and what do they do with them if they are not claimed?

  • Tara Swingen says:

    Our family traveled to Minneapolis for a family getaway weekend. A weekend we had planned and booked over 2 months ago.

    When we arrived at the Holiday Inn, we were told that they were “sorry”, but had overbooked the hotel. They had NO rooms available. We had just driven 4 HOURS with two kids, after a very emotional and tireless week of grieving the loss of my husband’s grandmother. The manager was extremely rude!! She handed us a TYPED letter stating that we would need to go to another hotel.

    This tells us they KNEW about this OVERBOOKING for quite some time. And we did not so much as receive a phone call to let us know ahead of time. Not an email. Nothing. But they had the time to TYPE a letter??? And to WAIT for us to show up after driving 4 HOURS to THEN tell us we can not stay there!

    Constantly repeating to us, “There are many others that have to go elsewhere too.”

    Like THAT is supposed to make US feel better…??? So YOU screwing over MANY PEOPLE should somewhat make everything better? It was absolutely insane! And then to make things worse, they said we STILL NEED TO PAY!!!

    Customer service does NOT exist at that establishment!!

    We left Holiday Inn and headed over to the Best Western, where they had sent us to stay for the weekend. We had told the Best Western that we were sent over by Holiday Inn due to being overbooked.

    The staff here was great, however, we were disappointed because the pool was NOTHING compared to Holiday Inn – the entire reason we booked there. (nothing again Best Western).

    Fast forward to the next morning — we were woken up to a phone call at 7:30 AM from the front desk of the Best Western. The lady at the front desk told me that it stated we would be staying for another night. Well, THEY were BOOKED too!!And she HAD TOLD Holiday Inn that on the phone when she so graciously took us in.

    Holiday Inn DID NOT tell us this!! Why?? I’m sure because they did NOT want to deal with us as we were NOT happy customers!!

    I immediately called the Holiday Inn back to ask them HOW this could possibly happen AFTER THEY had already SCREWED us over!! The manager REFUSED to talk to me on the phone. She spoke to the young man at the front desk – used him as the middleman. I could hear EVERY WORD she said to him, and still, she would not get on the phone.

    After what seemed to be a lifetime the manager, still in the background and NOT on the phone with me, assured us that we ARE able to stay another night at the Best Western. I ended that conversation with “I’m going to go down to front desk to make sure everything is set”.

    She immediately said to the young man on the phone with me “NO!! It’s taken care of. She doesn’t not need to do that!”.

    I hung up and called the front desk back. She told me that they do NOT HAVE ROOM. That the Manager at Holiday Inn was on the phone with her and told her that THEY need to find us somewhere else to stay and on THEIR DIME!!

    How could the Holiday Inn possible expect this to be the Best Western’s problem now???

    Long story short, the Best Western moved things around to make it work for us to stay another night so that we would not have to move yet again.

    Again, I have NEVER EVER experience anything like this in my life. We will NEVER give them our business again. And I want everyone to know how they operate.

    We DO NOT RECOMMEND the Holiday Inn in Bloomington to anyone! Ever. They do NOT care about their guests.

  • David Rothgeb says:

    I am currently scheduled for a bone marrow transplant at the City of Hope off the 210 &605.
    After my transplant I must be within 30 of the hospital for 100 days. This 100 days is purpose of my note.
    May I propose a program for seniors that creates a rewards program that basically gives great discounts for staying at a property and doing both travel and adding extended stay. Which would also open up additional $$ streams associated with current and adding extended stay folks.
    Time is short.
    Thanks, Palm Desert,ca
    D. Rothgeb

  • Michele says:

    Your customer service is based. I’ve been online 30mmin got someone then said couldn’t help and transfer me now another half hr. BS. I Kurt want my flicking points back that were promisses. How hard can that be. Time to move on from ihg . All bs

  • Tawana Wilson says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My friends and I was attending the Cincinnati Jazz Fest July 22, 2022 to July 23, 2022. We had the misfortune of staying at your hotel located at 4501 Eastgate Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45245 during these dates. Our room was 407. During our stay, we encountered a number of unsatisfactory services and mistreatment from management after expressing our dilemma to them. It would be remiss if I didn’t make you aware of it and can hopefully reconcile so no one else will have to endure, what we had to endure.

    First, when we entered the room it had an awful smell. The bathroom was filthy. Dirt from the previous guests were still present in the bathroom. The tub had dark prints on the bottom of the tub. The bathroom ceiling was peeling from what appeared to be water damage into the tub. This left us to wonder exactly what preparations are made to prepare the room for the next guest. Is there a checklist they follow or do they randomly breeze through the guest rooms. Second we discovered a tick in the bathroom. As you know, ticks can be dangerous when in contact with humans, causing illnesses such as Lyme Disease. If your policy is to allow animals in your hotels, then it is absolutely necessary that all rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.(Pictures) are included.

    Due to the appalling unsanitary conditions of the room, I went down to the front desk and showed the pictures of room and she passed our concerns on to management. As I was on my way back to the room to wait for management, the phone rang while I has in the elevator and I asked the gentleman to hold on until I exited the elevator. As I exited the elevator I put him on speaker phone so I could hear him better. The manager’s name was Nick Baker. As I began to explain our dilemma someone in the hall I didn’t know was expressing their concerns about the hotel. Instead of accommodating my concerns Nick’s behavior was inappropriate. He began yelling over me because he took offense to someone talking in the background and starting tell me off about how wonderful and hard working his staff was. I am a paying customer and I should have been the priority, not his staff. I had nothing to do with what was going in the background. He had no right to include my issues with any of that. His tone was condescending and he hung up on me. Rather than move us to another room, he only offered to clean that nasty room. He was unsympathetic. I hope you agree with me that this is not the kind of customer service that Holiday Inn brand would like to be associated with.

    The nasty hotel room and you GM Nick Baker’s conduct is completely unacceptable on so many levels and this is not the sort of treatment I would expect from a hotel of you state and caliber. I am extremely disappointed and disgusted with this most unpleasant experience. I will wait on your response on how you intend to resolve this.

    An Unhappy Customer,

  • Patricia Starrett says:

    speak to/inform someone associated with the Holiday Inn with the GM named Ms Jackson in Monaca Pa. This property located at 105 Stone Quarry Dr.is in seriously dilapidated condition and needs a health inspection as well as a visit from the local/state fire inspector.  

    I would like to discuss all the issues we encounter this past weekend including but not limited to the smoke detector not tied into fire alarm system and blood dripped down the side of the bed (potential covid/pathoge exposure)

    I’m tried to discuss with the owners and GM of the property. HOWEVER the GM turned a deaf ear and the property owns aren’t returning my calls.

    I am making certified complaints to the state health department, state fire inspector and the Attorney General of Pennsylvania. 

    THANK YOU HOLIDAY INN for your understanding and involvement in this ….I have pictures to verify all of this

    I take life safety seriously I’m hoping the owner

  • Alberto Mendoza III says:

    Had a very stressed and horrible experience at Holiday Inn San Antonio N – Stone Oak Area
    19280 Redland Road
    San Antonio, TX 78259 US :Check-in Date: June 24, 2022 :Check-out Date: June 26, 2022.3

    Made my reservation with priceline.com like a week before. I finally arrived at the hotel and come to find out to a rude awakening. According to the young lady that attended me, my reservation was cancelled the third party company, priceline. My 1st reservation was for 2 beds so, had to get another room with Holiday Inn but, they only had a single king size bed for 4 people. In addition, I called priceline so that I can get my refund and after talking to them for a few minutes, they told me that my reservation was still good and that my reservation was never cancelled. So, the young lady that helped me out just lied to my face, what type of customer service is that?!!! Thankfully, priceline gave me a full refund. I will never stay at a Holiday Inn again. Horrible experience.

  • Samantha Smith says:

    I worked at holiday inn in villa rica ga for 4 days before I was fired due to the hiring person named Eva Boykin fired me because she didn’t look over my application and seen that I couldn’t work on weekends due to schooling and my religious beliefs, so she fired me through text message, which was VERY unprofessional. I have tried to get a copy of my application but she will not respond back to me. Also, when I was working their all of the people who worked front desk which is what I was, we’re telling customers they were the manager and they definitely were not. The whole place is ran like a mad house.

  • Stella Courtney says:

    The worst customer service ever. The guys name was Luke. Supposedly the manger. We called and asked fo rooms next door to each other. They noted the account. His response sorry you didn’t.

    Second day called and and asked why our room was not cleaned. His response was that it was not their job but mine to tell them 24 hours before. I should have read the sign. Not I had 2 rooms. He hanged up on me. This was the second time. Same guy. But I believe it’s very disrespectful since we have stayed with you and paid thousands.

    I believe as a customer, there’s a level of expectancy that the hotel should provide to us.

  • Patrick Primavera says:

    My brother had been staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Wanaque NJ because he had been living with a family member as an apartment fell through and had no where to live, he has a physical handicap as he cannot climb up stairs or get into a bath tub (which we all have stairs in our homes with bedroom and bathrooms upstairs). He was able to acquire a room with a shower it flooded due to the laundry room having a flood and they allowed him to sleep in another room but use the room with the shower so hta he could clean himself, but the management/owner of the hotel did NOTHING to fix the problem on hand and then proceeded to tell my brother if he intends to stay there longer he will charge him $4,200.00 a month to stay there. My brother collects SSI and is in no means able to pay that amount resulting in him moving to another hotel. We his family have been scrambling to aqcuire an apratment for him but that has not had a positive result as most apartments have bathtubs and rent is far more than he can afford. I am just appualed at the way he was treated and that he was left to stay in a soaked with water room with no regard. He just wants a place to stay that he canbe comfortable in and afford (He had $$ from living with family member for 7 yrs) but that is running out. I’m not looking for a hand out or I just want what’s right done.

  • John Diebold says:

    I stayed at the Holiday Inn located at 1561 Halifax Drive, Columbia Tenn. 38401. I was told three times the MGR.Nigel Lewis would contact me and he did not nor did any one else in Management at that property.
    When we checked in there was no bar soap in the room. The shower head was extremely loose, only one trash can in the room, the WI-FI was out, the phone had no cord from the receiver to the phone base. I was not recognized as a platinum member. and received no statement upon check out. I believe i did receive a modest credit but expect better than that. I was told the Inn was under renovation. The three days came to $629.72 apparently Mr. Nigel does not know that MGR. stands for must get results, he didn’t Please discount my room charge. Thank you, John Diebold

  • Kristin says:

    I was charged twice o. My family stayed at the holiday inn express in gulf shores a few weekends ago and when we got home we saw we were charged twice once fr the room in gulf shores and one in foley holiday inn express I called and spoke with customer service and they said there is nothing they could do that I had to chalk it up to a loss! I have a problem with letting 420$ just burn lie that I have 2 children that are now suffering because we had a almost a 500$ loss I would like to talk to someone who can help me please!! That is ALOT of money to just say “oh well “the stay on gulf shores was amazing it was nice and clean and breakfast was amazing each day! If someone could plz contact me and help me figure a solution out I would be so greatful! I have already contacted customer service but again they say nothing can be done so I’m going up the ladder because I know that something can be done someone will see my story and contact me because this whole situation isn’t right!! I have bills I have kids and 420$ is ALOT of money right now for our family!! Thank you in advance

  • Kenneth Lamb says:

    Holiday Inn express suxs

  • Lully Ortiz says:

    Hello I understand that the hotel is being rented out to haven for hope, I am a person staying here and I wanted to just please ask if you’ll can keep my msg personal? I been staying here and bullied by security guard. I understand that we have to have are bags searched at entry. On the rules here it says we are in charge of our own medication. That being said on Thanksgiving I was returning after a day with my family. I emptied my pockets and realized I dropped my medicine pill in search crate.i grabbed it out b4 I lost or dropped it. They are so easy to lose. The security guard says with a loud voice what did you stick in pocket. I said a nothing. Going in panic attack. He said take off your Hoodia turn around. Very angry and yelling I’m not putting up with crap today He! They called me staff member who they seem to hire ex drug addiction victims and ex homeless people who have now overcome their time. This female who is not certified takes away my medicine and forces me to sit in lobby and have a panic attack in front of everyone in lobby.then I’m ALOWED back in room and another staff member gets in my face saying what are you on? Have you taken street drugs.and another kid who came to my room also a staff member telling me I should get help and go to rehab.OVER medication that I
    been on for over 15 years .
    defomation by 3 staff cause the whole residents were talking about me as well as the staff members. But before the theymade me go beyond panic to hyperventilating. They called sapd and the the officer was really nice.. ans understanding. He let me. Walk around and breathe so my anxiety would drop..after being forced to sit in lobby they removed the latch from room. According to their worries if I had a seizure from not taking medicine. Not given back my medication even if it was not in bottle they are not certified nurse or doctors of any just simply employees. With a past . I was told I needed to detox and my doctor always told me never ever go cold turkey on this medication many people have died for that reason. K get seizures without it and also suffer from a brain malformation that has no cure only a chance surgery to the skull .so I carry on but now very uncomfortable with the fact I was treated like a junkie and taken away my lock latch from my inside room. They do room Checks or during eating they open rooms of we don’t respond. I am scared to shower I case they don’t hear me to just walk in with outme having the latch for security reasons and my privacy too. Then they had a flood on the first floor and I am getting sick I smell mildew and they didn’t let me turnoff air cause the humidity they said and the smell. I am now weeziing and having trouble with my anxiety especially when employees took away from me. I was again bullied by same female employee who had been asked to eskort me to my room one day I came back after I was attacked by a man inwas in absolute shock and traumatized. She not only walked me she saidboit Loud to police she gets like this she like pills. She not only walks me but searched my room and took my pills and even the pill they gave me here by a doctor who sees me. She confused the pills for a different kind and she searched all my room .my dad was a WW2AND KOREAN PURPLE HEART VET who is no longer with us. I have the flag given to me at the honors of his service including 21. Gun salute and a letter from the president thanking him for his services. The flag was removed from bag opened and thrown to ground. I am very much angry about this situation and Haye that ot was disrespected by a employee who appears to have a problem with me. She made me sleep in the lobby in front of everyone on a floor mattress while making fun of the others here. I was bleeding and she didn’t let me change nor bathe I was forced to sleep in my stained clothes. I. Lobby where both male female employees and all residents saw my body lying down..then yesterday I was on my head set leaving for the day as I get approached by same female another female and security guard saying what’s are you doing. In the front of the building whe we people are going in and out. I look at them and say what is wrong with you’ll leave me alone already! The guard says I heard you talking to yourself. I said that is a false statement Iwas still on the line and embarrassed by it removed my head set to show him I was not talking to my self but on the phone. I felt like it was a act and they wanted to just pick on me .I was wearing a Alfie that you can leave unbuttoned and they made me button up and accused me of throwing something to ground. I am so sick of this situation I don’t want to get you’ll in trouble for any reason but I am being HARRASED AND feel like this mildew is making me sicker and explain why they don’t want the air off is cause the place is probably growing moldi am

  • Lydia rom Roanoke says:

    I stayed at Holiday Inn Express in Cincinnati Blue Ash last weekend. Reservations made in Hotel.com website and payment was made. I’m a Silver member and stayed two nights with one night free. Staff at front desk were wonderful and very accommodating, but at checkout I was told hotel would not honor my free night and charged me for both nights. I have made a claim with Hotels.com and with my bank since $ was taken out of my accent a second time. I have called Holiday Inn at least 3x and told by staff” manager not available, don’t know mgr. schedule, don’t know mgr. last name and will give a message”. Staff asked if I was calling due to being double charged?”. I informed staff that this must happen often and staff should be educated on how to charge customers. Breakfast served the last morning and no milk for cereal, no cream cheese for bagels and told by staff,” manager has key to fridge and may be in at 8-9am”. Breakfast served at 630am. Hallway noisy up until 930p both nights. No one emptied trash in room after first night. I am never staying at this hotel chain again. I need my $.

  • William chaves says:

    I am staying at one of your hotels Holiday Inn located at 7550 East State St., Rockford, IL I was coming into the lobby at close to 12 midnight there was two school buses full of people all coming in your lobby with no mask not one I went to complain to the desk and they told me that they cannot enforce that. I am from California I came 2200 miles to here and it’s very strictly enforced in the state of California and your desk people tell me they would not enforce it then one of the people that were riding on the bus started getting mouthy saying they have rights to yes they do but they are violating state laws by coming into a building that’s occupied by other people and you have postings on your doors to wear Facemask needless to say this was very upsetting and one of the guys started getting mouthy almost turned into a altercation and then your desk people were sticking up for the people that were not wearing masks and they threatened that they were going to kick me out I think was very unacceptable and very unprofessional of your staff.

  • Julianne Behm says:

    On 17/2/2020 I booked Holiday Inn accomodation through Flight Centre Northbridge Aust For H.I. Express Rotterdam 3/9/-5/9/20 and HI Express The Hague 19/9 – 21/9/2020. Due to Australian Govt cancelling all International travel due to Coronavirus we have had to cancel our accomodation. We also had bookings in London and Germany with Holiday Inn, both these countries returned have refunded our money. We cannot understand why our bookings for The Netherlands were not treated the same way by your company. We have been members of IHG Rewards club for many years, having stayed in many of your hotels. We would like you to explain to us why your policy differs from certain countries. We would like your company to provide a refund for the Rotterdam and The Hague bookings as it is through no fault of ours that these bookings were cancelled

  • Harold Tso says:

    I made reservations earlier to the Holiday Inn Canyon de Chelly in Chinle, AZ. I visited their website and saw a picture on the website of Holiday Inn front desk. Called the Reservation.com (844-740-2063) I thought I was calling the front desk. A lady answered and didn’t identify their site as Holiday Inn which I thought was unusual. She continued making my reservation. When I went to checked out the front desk informed me that I would have to contact Expedia to obtain my receipt. I thought the website with the Holiday Inn picture was misleading and found that a Reservation.com was shown as indication to make a reservation with them. I was upset knowing that I was mislead. So beware you will be charged extra for having them make reservations for you.

    Just beware.

  • Fervio Polonia says:

    I was in Holiday Inn Express Woodbridge, Avenel USA since 15 Nov. 2019 to 18 Nov. 2019. I was in the room 114.
    My first night was horrible I could not sleep well because this room is too close to the road, I heard the noise of the vehicles all the time and somebody throwing the in the hallway
    On Saturday and Sunday I make the complaint about it and the employee in the reception told me twice, I can change your room after the rooms available be cleaned, but him never changed it.I went to your hotel for rest and sleep but was the opossite.
    I am very disappointed, with their service.
    I never choose your name hotel.

    Thanks for your time

    Fervio Polonia

  • Fervio says:

    I was in Holiday Inn Express Woodbridge, Avenel USA since 15 Nov. 2019 to 18 Nov. 2019. I was in the room 114.
    My first night was horrible I could not sleep well because this room is too close to the road, I heard the noise of the vehicles all the time and somebody throwing the in the hallway
    On Saturday and Sunday I make the complaint about it and the employee in the reception told me twice, I can change your room after the rooms available be cleaned, but him never changed it.I went to your hotel for rest and sleep but was the opossite.
    I am very disappointed, with their service.
    I never choose your name hotels.

    Thanks for your time

    F. P.

  • pstuessi@thevillages.net says:

    Your employee talked me into a $199 4 day vacation in Cocoa Beach. My husband was ill.I thought it would be a nice getaway when he got well. My husband passed away 4 days ago and I just wanted to get the $199 taken off of my credit card. No one has been able to assure me it would be done. I have spent 2 hours on the phone with NO results. I intend to get some government or law official involved. I do not intend to lose that money so badly needed right now. Please contact me at 352 430 3744 or pstuessi@the villages.net or 3522052226. I have NEVER been treated so shabbily. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for treating a widow so badly!!!

  • William Conroy says:

    I just booked a room with the Holiday Inn Express in Utica, New York. I was alerted by my credit card company that an additional charge of $7.99 was also billed to my credit card, as a booking fee, through a fraudulent alert. I was not informed of this fee at the time of the reservation and I am disappointed to see that charge, since I went directly to the Hotel website to make my reservation. This is not a good business practice.

    Sincerely, William Conroy

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