Where is Hobby Lobby Corporate office Headquarters

Hobby Lobby Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 7707 SW 44th St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73179
  • Phone Number: +1 405-745-1100
  • Fax Number: 405-745-1854
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 32000
  • Established: August 1972
  • Founder: David Green
  • Key People: Steve Green, Jon Cargill

Hobby Lobby Headquarters Location & Directions

Hobby Lobby Headquarters Executive Team



David Green

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Steve Green


Mart Green

Chief Strategy Officer

About Hobby Lobby, History and Headquarters Information

Hobby Lobby is a retailer which deals in interior decoration products for your home, office and party locations. They have a huge number of art and craft stores providing every product one needs in decorating their home or any place.

The company was founded in 1972 and its headquarter is in Oklahoma City of the United States. As of now the company is nearing to achieve several 1000 stores in the entire country and has nearly 32000 employees working under them.

The company aims at providing the best interiors of your place by providing decoration items which blend perfectly with the scene of the place. Its products are a variety of decoration and designing products which can give additional beauty to your rooms, offices or any place you want to decorate and want to make it beautiful with the best blend.

Hobby Lobby Headquarters Photos

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  • Irene Hughes says:

    I would like to recognize one of your employees, Diane, in the framing department of the Southern Pines, NC store, #498. She is knowledgeable, efficient, respectful and treats her customers with kindness. She is the reason I seek her out for my framing needs. In these uncertain times, where morale is low, among other things, I feel recognition should be given to those persons who go above and beyond their assigned responsibilities. Thank you.

  • Paulette says:

    I am a Christ follower and have been for many years. I have been a Hobby Lobby customer for a long time but I don’t really plan to shop there any more. I’m appalled that a company that loudly claims Christ should not care for their employees any better than you are doing. You have endangered your employees, first by forcing them to work during the pandemic and then by refusing to pay them while they care for their families. If Hobby Lobby wasn’t such a huge corporation I would understand not being able to aid employees. But considering the size and worth of Hobby Lobby I can’t in good conscience shop there or support them anymore.

  • Kyra says:

    My family & I will never step foot in your stores ever again, you have lost our business for good. You should be providing benefits & pay to your employees, you can certainly afford it. Greed is a sin, is it not? Ironic you don’t practice what you preach. I’d say shame on you, but you obviously have none.

  • Tari Comer says:

    I was shocked to see that Hobby Lobby (HL) is not following Stay at Home orders mandated by State and local governments during this pandemic; especially since HL claims to be a Christian organization. HL is NOT an essential business. The Bible tells us that we are subject to our governments (Romans 13). It also tells us that we are to “love one another.” Putting your employees in harm’s way is not a gesture of love but an example of “the love of money (being) the root of all evil.” In Jesus name, comply with the Stay at Home orders. If you continue to excercise such blatant rebellion, I will have this article printed in our bulletin at church and I ask that Christians no longer support HL.

  • Gods messenger says:

    It’s unthinkable the way you are treating your employees during this crisis!!
    What part do you not understand close your stores…..your stores are not an essential store. How could you put your employees and customers at risk like you have! All I see from you is greed!!! Step up and do the correct thing and close your stores so your employees can be safe at home with their families. If your the Christian person you clam to be pay your employees who have made you rich!!! They deserve to be taken care of!!! Can’t believe you threaten to fire employees during this time if they didn’t show up for work when you should have shut your stores. By keeping your stores open you were putting your employees and customers at. May I ask why you keep your store open!!! How was Hobby Lobby an essential store…..what do you sell that could save lives??? Hope God will forgive you for putting peoples lives at risk just so you could keep making money!!!! You have lost my business…..and I shopped in your stores every week and several time a week not to mention the money I have invested by shopping in your store. No more and I’m asking other customers to step up and do the same thing!! Please shop somewhere else…..
    Think you should make a national apology to your employees and customers for put their lives and families at risk……but you and your families stayed home safe….

  • kathy locker says:

    I’ve been wanting to write for a couple years now to tell you what a massive impact your Spring lidded picnic baskets have been internationally to wildlife rehabilitators. They are a treasured staple and everyone is sick that you don’t care them anymore and have been praying that you’d bring the back. Lots of wildlife babies have been raised in them. New rehabbers would go straight to Hobby Lobby after training to stock up on theirs. You are missing out on a lot of money by not bringing them back.

    Current events have prompted me to finally write. Hobby Lobby was my favorite store and I’m shocked and disgusted with how un-Christian you are behaving. Putting your staff and their families at risk by staying open. Firing employees and them losing their insurance. The businesses that are earning the public’s loyalty are those that are looking after their employees…putting others first, as the Bible commands. This is all over social media. Christians are in shock. Non-believers are eating it up, pointing fingers at you. You have a lot of damage control to do…A LOT. You better start now. Put others first! Take care of your own! Do WJWD!

  • Angry customer says:

    I’m very disappointed on the owners opening the store in the valley or anywhere just caring for the money they make and not caring about there employees store that are not of importance need to be close what does hobby lobby offer for it to be open I understand why Wal-Mart has to open and H-E-B and Lowe’s and Home Depot and sams and Costco need to be open they offer more than what hobby lobby can. For being Christians you don’t seem to care about your employees. What the company is asking is a law suit we know now that money is more important than there hard working employees

  • michael hayes says:

    Dear Mr Green and family, I am very dismayed by your recent actions on your loyal employees with their personal benefits especially during this pandemic. As a recently new Christian and am proud to be having a relationship to Christ after being an atheist for over 49 yrs., I am finding this to be difficult with your financial status as a billionaire of $6bb worth to be doing this to your loyal employees. One of my adage in life is “Happy Employees, Happy Customers”. You are getting shredded on social media and I am finding it difficult to defend as well as many of us Christians. Please step up and do what Jesus would want you to do, Give!!!

  • Marie Occhipinti says:

    looking for the ceramic plate of baby Jesus and Joseph , mine broke and I would like anew one. I bought it years ago fromHobby Lobby

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