Where is Hobby Lobby Corporate office Headquarters

Hobby Lobby Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 7707 SW 44th St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73179
  • Phone Number: +1 405-745-1100
  • Fax Number: 405-745-1854
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 32000
  • Established: August 1972
  • Founder: David Green
  • Key People: Steve Green, Jon Cargill

Hobby Lobby Headquarters Location & Directions

Hobby Lobby Headquarters Executive Team



David Green

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Steve Green


Mart Green

Chief Strategy Officer

About Hobby Lobby, History and Headquarters Information

Hobby Lobby is a retailer which deals in interior decoration products for your home, office and party locations. They have a huge number of art and craft stores providing every product one needs in decorating their home or any place.

The company was founded in 1972 and its headquarter is in Oklahoma City of the United States. As of now the company is nearing to achieve several 1000 stores in the entire country and has nearly 32000 employees working under them.

The company aims at providing the best interiors of your place by providing decoration items which blend perfectly with the scene of the place. Its products are a variety of decoration and designing products which can give additional beauty to your rooms, offices or any place you want to decorate and want to make it beautiful with the best blend.

Hobby Lobby Headquarters Photos

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  • SAndra halsne says:

    Hello I was asked to text this number for a donation

    It’s time
    For the 4th annual Tyler Smitty Smith 5k .. it will be on September 11th . It is in memory of Tyler Smith from Rochelle Age 23 who was in the Army and also just hired as a SanJose police officer . This year we are gearing the event towards those who give the sacrifice military police fire ect as Tyler’s heart was close to those and helping others . All the proceeds go into his memorial endowment fund which funds scholarships and grants back to the community .  Tyler was hoping to be a k9 cop and eventually get into the DEA but his dreams were cut short . Please Let us know if you Would be interested this year for a basket donation or a gift card. Thank you for your generosity  Thank you Tyler’s mom 
    Sandy halsne

  • Barbara Rodges says:

    Please offer more Christian Books & Gifts in your Palestine, Texas store. No more Christian bookstores in which to shop. Your Christian book resources seem to be dwindling as well.

  • Rick Gureghian says:

    What kind of vile and despicable people are the Greens to sell fur?

    Just amazing in 2022 that human beings will slaughter animals to make money. You’re disgusting to think that it’s responsible to slaughter animals.

    The Greens need some decency, kindness, class and humanity!

  • Christina Gregg says:

    Kanawha City, West Virginia is in dire need of a Hobby Lobby. We lose Kmart and Elder Bearman. Two great locations, but the Kmart building would be perfect. We have one about 20 minutes away but a lot of people don’t like the drive due to high traffic. Please bring one to our city I really want to shop at Hobby Lobby but I really don’t get to for the same reason.

  • Helen Eskelson says:

    Roseburg, Oregon is in great need of a hobby lobby, there is a building which used to be the old Kmart which is vacant.

    Roseburg is a very big crafty quilting and hobby loving city we have constant fairs and craft events year round. Right now all we have is a small Michaels. If we need to go to Hobby lobby we have to drive one hour up north to Eugene Oregon. Many of us would thoroughly enjoy having a hobby lobby here in Roseburg Oregon. We hope to see you soon, remember what I said in the beginning there is an empty Kmart that is ready and waiting for a Hobby Lobby sign !!! 🤞🤞

  • Sherri Overstreet says:

    Roanoke Va needs a Hobby Lobby. Perfect building on 460 sitting empty. Tired of driving to Christiansburg to shop at one. Please open one in Roanoke.

  • Trish Castlen says:

    I want to say that I super love your store. I love that when I’m shopping I can hear christian music, that makes me happy. Love the 40 and 50 % discounts. Especially love the christian faith items and books. I love crafts and Going to hobby Lobby is a little bit like going to heaven. Trish Castlen

  • June says:

    You’re really going to make your employees at the warehouse drive to work on wintry mix days?! On slick roads?! What kind of stupidity is that?! I thought you are a Christian company? Where’s taking care of your workers? Where’s wisdom? You need to rethink your policies.

  • Paulette Hensler says:

    I would like to see some classes set up for hands on for the cricut explorer 2, in the Williamsport PA store.
    I’m new to this craft and I believe this will help me navigate this new crafting and purchases of supplies.
    Thank you.

  • David Dearborn says:

    As a Military Service member. I am furious on how my wife was terminated, after following the exact instructions from HR over the phone on 22 WED 2021. She had just came back to work after actually having COVID symptoms (No Taste/No Smell.) She was placed on Quarantine under CDC rigs. She came back to work by HR approval on the 21st after testing Negative. However when she got home she started vomiting and having Diarrhea. So, on the Wed the 22nd she spoke to work and informed the store manager she had been vomiting and will be contacting HR. Next she spoke to HR and they instructed her to get tested and they will call her back on FRI, to check in. HR also informed my wife, they would be contacting her work immediately after the call. Thursday my wife got tested, Friday she received the results. We awaited the call from HR, no call. On Saturday, we still didn’t get a call back; so she left a voice-mesg. Monday came and still no call; my wife left another voice-mesg. On Tuesday after leaving yet another voice-mesg with HR, we called her store. Steve the assistant manager informed my wife that she had been TERMINATED for missing three days of work. I demand this gets fixed because my wife was really sick, I know I’m the one who had to miss my DRILL weekend and take days off of my part time to take care of her. She followed every instruction from HR and yet they terminated her, while following COVID19 rigs! Roger that, I will be filing a complaint against your store manager at store#0708 and will be following up utilizing ARMY program and L&I.

  • Stair Jean says:

    I don’t understand why you don’t have electric carts for handicapped shoppers. We would certainly buy more and they would pay for themselves very quickly. I think it is unintentional discrimination and should be addressed.

  • Tracey Stephens says:

    Although advertised on website for a 40% off coupon, when we pulled it up in the store on our phone, management claimed they no longer honor coupons. That they stopped doing that and that they only have weekly adds. BOOOOO on Hobby lobby. Prices are way to high to not honor coupons. Update the website.

  • Eva Mahoney says:

    Hello. I can not believe that Hobby Lobby is making more money now than it did before the pandemic. Raising your prices is not the way to get customers to come back. Eliminating the 40% off any one non-sale item is not going to bring people back. Your higher prices are going to bite you in the butt. I know, personally, that I do not spend as much money as I did before the pandemic at your store. I want to get some bang for my buck and I’m not getting it. I’d spend more if I got more. Look at your bottom line. If you truly are making more revenue now, okay…I’ll shut up and rarely go to your store. But I am willing to wager you are not bringing in the kind of money you used to. Many of the crafting items pray on people’s need to be creative and you’re taking advantage of that. I know, some people would say that’s a good thing from a business standpoint but not from a store that sells Bibles and Christian items. Jesus would not be happy. Jesus would say….give them some bang for their buck.

  • Dianne Powers says:

    I would like to recognize a wonderful employee I had the pleasure of meeting today. I was visiting the fabric department at the Hobby Lobby in Manchester NH. I needed several more rolls of lace trim to complete some wedding centerpieces for my daughter’s upcoming wedding. There were none in stock but Lidia quickly filled out an order form for me. Lidia was friendly, polite, helpful and her smile lit up the store!!
    It isn’t often that that you find someone so willing to help out a customer. Thank you Lidia!

  • Robert K says:

    We have been raving fans of Hobby Lobby and have spent a lot of money at your stores. I asked my wife and family to not spend a penny in a Hobby Lobby store again. My 16 year old daughter had dreamed about applying and getting her 1st job at Hobby Lobby because she like the store so much. She liked the closed Sunday philosophy, too. When she mentally prepared herself, I drove her to our local store in Lone Tree and she went in with the intention to professionally introduce herself to the manager, provide her resume, and kindly ask if she could be considered for any open positions. IMO, she was treated like garbage. I want your CEO to call me. You now have the #1 Hobby Lobby Detractor in the State of Colorado. The good news is my daughter did get an excellent job with a top name company. She is a fantastic young woman, honor roll student, student senator, knows sign language, and is fantastic with people. Quite frankly, way to damn good for Hobby Lobby. She walked out of your store totally deflated. I told her there are excellent companies and there are bottom-barrel employers. Good lesson learned for her as a potential candidate and future Hobby Lobby customer. Two thumbs down on Hobby Lobby. I”ll reserve what I think of that manager. Grrrrr………

    • Sabrina chuvichien says:

      Omg tell me about my daughter just put her 2 weeks notice in since she was hired her manager has treated her and other part time employees like garbage he told all the full time employees no one is ro care about the part time people they are replaceable and do not matter my daughter asked since some employees are going to school and cutting their hours if she could get a few extra he looked her in the face and told her why would I give you more than 26 hour your part time she then asked if she could apply for thr open full time he laughed in her face and told her why would I do that why would I hire you full time you and the other part time employees are not full time people and walked away I told her to quite no one will treat her like that and this is just one time there are many more episodes where there has been disrespect toward her and others and to think this is a Christian store so they advertise……I hope your daughter realizes she is better then how these people treated her and that later she will see that those people there do not deserve to be in her presence….

  • Mrs. Vicki Latham says:

    I dropped off a professional painting to be framed. I went to pick it up and there was a big finger print on the portrait! I am very disappointed in the framing department! There are women working there with two inch fingernails! One of them tried to scratch on the portrait with her nail after I showed her the finger print. I asked for the manager then she came and started to wipe the finger print with a blue paper towel and the painting has a white background! I asked her to stop before she destroyed it further! I told the woman who was scratching the portrait with her fingernail to stop too! I asked what they plan on doing about it and they said they don’t know and that they will contact the corporate office! I am getting ready to contact the media and make sure I let everyone know what they have done to this portrait! I was told I can’t get in touch with the CEO of Hobby Lobby, David Green! That’s no way to do business! I paid a lot of money to have this portrait painted of myself as a gift to my husband now Hobby Lobby has destroyed it! I should be reimbursed for what I paid for this painting which is $l80 plus given any framing for free! This is ridiculous! There needs to be a professional painter to fix this immediately! They have one working there giving lessons and need to contact her (Marcia Anderson) to see what she can do to help fix this problem! I am going to contact all the tv stations, facebook, and any other media outlet to warn people that if they drop off a professional painting to get framed, they may not get it back in the condition that they left it. To have a big gigantic fingerprint on this painting is ridiculous! It was beautiful now its destroyed! Something needs to be done right away! I have talked to the manager of the store and she just shrugged her shoulders saying she doesn’t know what they can do or when they can do anything if anything at all. This is unacceptable! With covid running rampant and people getting laid off work, its not like I have money to just throw away on a painting and framing. Something needs to be done as soon as possible, this should not be swept under the rug! I want this portrait fixed back like it was! I am at vmlatham@yahoo.com or 281-384-4006! I have been a valued customer of Hobby Lobby for a long time and this is very disappointing and causing me a lot of stress! We work hard for our money and don’t have money to just throw away. The framer should have worn gloves! Why would they have women working there with long 2 inch nails in the framing department? They obviously can’t work well with nails that long in that department. I don’t know who framed it and it doesn’t say so on the framing order, so I don’t know if it was Jeffery H who took my order or one of those women with the long 2 inch nails! But somebody there is responsible and I shouldn’t have to be treated like this. I need my painting fixed, I need to be reimbursed for what I paid for it which is $l80 and I need to be compensated for having to drive way from where I live to Rosenberg, Texas to pick this painting up and then get there and see that they have damaged it. I think David Green should know what’s going on too! This is unacceptable!

  • Irene Hughes says:

    I would like to recognize one of your employees, Diane, in the framing department of the Southern Pines, NC store, #498. She is knowledgeable, efficient, respectful and treats her customers with kindness. She is the reason I seek her out for my framing needs. In these uncertain times, where morale is low, among other things, I feel recognition should be given to those persons who go above and beyond their assigned responsibilities. Thank you.

  • Paulette says:

    I am a Christ follower and have been for many years. I have been a Hobby Lobby customer for a long time but I don’t really plan to shop there any more. I’m appalled that a company that loudly claims Christ should not care for their employees any better than you are doing. You have endangered your employees, first by forcing them to work during the pandemic and then by refusing to pay them while they care for their families. If Hobby Lobby wasn’t such a huge corporation I would understand not being able to aid employees. But considering the size and worth of Hobby Lobby I can’t in good conscience shop there or support them anymore.

  • Kyra says:

    My family & I will never step foot in your stores ever again, you have lost our business for good. You should be providing benefits & pay to your employees, you can certainly afford it. Greed is a sin, is it not? Ironic you don’t practice what you preach. I’d say shame on you, but you obviously have none.

  • Tari Comer says:

    I was shocked to see that Hobby Lobby (HL) is not following Stay at Home orders mandated by State and local governments during this pandemic; especially since HL claims to be a Christian organization. HL is NOT an essential business. The Bible tells us that we are subject to our governments (Romans 13). It also tells us that we are to “love one another.” Putting your employees in harm’s way is not a gesture of love but an example of “the love of money (being) the root of all evil.” In Jesus name, comply with the Stay at Home orders. If you continue to excercise such blatant rebellion, I will have this article printed in our bulletin at church and I ask that Christians no longer support HL.

  • Gods messenger says:

    It’s unthinkable the way you are treating your employees during this crisis!!
    What part do you not understand close your stores…..your stores are not an essential store. How could you put your employees and customers at risk like you have! All I see from you is greed!!! Step up and do the correct thing and close your stores so your employees can be safe at home with their families. If your the Christian person you clam to be pay your employees who have made you rich!!! They deserve to be taken care of!!! Can’t believe you threaten to fire employees during this time if they didn’t show up for work when you should have shut your stores. By keeping your stores open you were putting your employees and customers at. May I ask why you keep your store open!!! How was Hobby Lobby an essential store…..what do you sell that could save lives??? Hope God will forgive you for putting peoples lives at risk just so you could keep making money!!!! You have lost my business…..and I shopped in your stores every week and several time a week not to mention the money I have invested by shopping in your store. No more and I’m asking other customers to step up and do the same thing!! Please shop somewhere else…..
    Think you should make a national apology to your employees and customers for put their lives and families at risk……but you and your families stayed home safe….

  • kathy locker says:

    I’ve been wanting to write for a couple years now to tell you what a massive impact your Spring lidded picnic baskets have been internationally to wildlife rehabilitators. They are a treasured staple and everyone is sick that you don’t care them anymore and have been praying that you’d bring the back. Lots of wildlife babies have been raised in them. New rehabbers would go straight to Hobby Lobby after training to stock up on theirs. You are missing out on a lot of money by not bringing them back.

    Current events have prompted me to finally write. Hobby Lobby was my favorite store and I’m shocked and disgusted with how un-Christian you are behaving. Putting your staff and their families at risk by staying open. Firing employees and them losing their insurance. The businesses that are earning the public’s loyalty are those that are looking after their employees…putting others first, as the Bible commands. This is all over social media. Christians are in shock. Non-believers are eating it up, pointing fingers at you. You have a lot of damage control to do…A LOT. You better start now. Put others first! Take care of your own! Do WJWD!

  • Angry customer says:

    I’m very disappointed on the owners opening the store in the valley or anywhere just caring for the money they make and not caring about there employees store that are not of importance need to be close what does hobby lobby offer for it to be open I understand why Wal-Mart has to open and H-E-B and Lowe’s and Home Depot and sams and Costco need to be open they offer more than what hobby lobby can. For being Christians you don’t seem to care about your employees. What the company is asking is a law suit we know now that money is more important than there hard working employees

    • Janine MAldonado says:

      Every business is essential regardless of your view. They need to feed their families and they employee a ton of folks including myself. This so called pandemic is about Big Pharma and Government control while billionaires got richer than ever and put small folks out of work is wrong, don’t be brainwashed into believing this sort of leadership. If your worried stay home get your vaccine to keep you only you from getting severe symptoms maybe is all . This vaccine isn’t working on most people it’s an endemic we will live with , pray be good to everyone and let people live their life as chosen, as if other big box stores are more important! Hogwash. Every business is essential.

  • michael hayes says:

    Dear Mr Green and family, I am very dismayed by your recent actions on your loyal employees with their personal benefits especially during this pandemic. As a recently new Christian and am proud to be having a relationship to Christ after being an atheist for over 49 yrs., I am finding this to be difficult with your financial status as a billionaire of $6bb worth to be doing this to your loyal employees. One of my adage in life is “Happy Employees, Happy Customers”. You are getting shredded on social media and I am finding it difficult to defend as well as many of us Christians. Please step up and do what Jesus would want you to do, Give!!!

  • Marie Occhipinti says:

    looking for the ceramic plate of baby Jesus and Joseph , mine broke and I would like anew one. I bought it years ago fromHobby Lobby

  • >