Where is HMS Host Corporate office Headquarters

HMS Host Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 6905 Rockledge Dr Bethesda, MD 20817 USA
  • Phone Number: +1 240-694-4100
  • Fax Number: 240-694-4790
  • Email: info@hmshost.com
  • Number of Employees: 000
  • Established: 1897
  • Founder: Van Noy Brothers
  • Key People: Steve Johnson

HMS Host Headquarters Location & Directions

HMS Host Headquarters Executive Team



Steve Johnson

Chief Executive Officer and President

Mark Ratych

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Silvano Delnegro

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President

Stephanie Havard

Executive Vice President of Restaurant Development

Joe Lutz

Senior Vice President of West Region Operations

Paul Mamalian

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Joan Ryzner

Senior Vice President of Retail

About HMS Host, History and Headquarters Information

Hms Host is a food and beverages company providing its facilities at airports and highways. It is a part of Autogrill Group. The company was originally founded in 1897 and since then it is breaking records and selling their high-quality foods in different areas in the United States. The company has its headquarters in Bethesda, United States.

The company is having associations with the top brands of every kind of cuisines in the entire world providing the best experience. The company generally recognizes the need of enhancing the travel experience of the people, whether travelling by flight or by roads and aims at enhancing their experience by providing the best possible services when it comes to food.

The company has a team which provides the best plans and facilities for the people. the company is an industry leader when it comes to food and beverages.

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  • Johna Smith says:

    My name is Johna Smith and I used to work for HMS HOST at Little Rock National Airport and I am trying to change my address information so I can get my W2 my address is 6118 Stanley Cir Bauxite AR 720011. I tried calling HMS HOST in Little Rock but they only gave me a website to go on but it doesn’t let you change your information

  • Tia says:

    Due to unprofessional management, favoritism and unethical business practices I have decided the only way for me to have a peace of mind while at work is for me to resign from FLL Airport terminal 2 Flash Fire PIzza I was told I don’t need to file any paperwork I just should come to work for the next 2 weeks like I agreed upon and and that’s it.
    It pains me to write this but something has to be done for the greater good of all the employees that work at flash fire pizza and shack shack apart from the ones (employees)who cause fights, drama and segregation based on your race, nationality and sexual orientation.I honestly can not put all the blame on the employees because the managers that they are looking up to are even 10x worse , yes I know that seems unbelievable but it is true.All of this drama and segregation stems for two particular managers,HOW? , I shall explain; starting with manager #1 since he’s above manger #2 he supposedly manages SHACK SHACK & FLASH FIRE and any restaurant in between who needs his assistance great guy in the sense that he isn’t too dismissive and disrespectful in comparison to manger #2 but in reference to the HMSHOST employee handbook he’sviolating policy but of course only employees get terminated.Ever so often is a manager reprimanded due to ;this employees work in constant fear of being fired because they know that it doesn’t matter what they say or do a manger can literally be lying on you and if he/she feels like your not doing enough In their mind yet you follow policy, come to work rarely call out but that doesn’t matter if they feel like they don’t like you know you’re in risk of getting fired because the (MANAGERS)come first and your views, personal issues/family issues and emotions are ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT.YOU THOUGHT that was BAD WAIT TILL YOU HEAR ABOUT MANAGER#2 this lady I’ll say it SHAUNA IS THE MOST TOXIC MANAGER I HAVE EVER CAME ACROSS IN MY 5 YEARS OF WORKING. She alters the schedule mid shift for all the employees she likes and are friends with and go out and eat with the rest of the employees this lady makes it her managerial duty to make our 8 hr shift living HELL. IF ONLY SHE PUT THIS MUCH ENERGY INTO MANAGING HER TEAM OF AMAZING EMPLOYEES. HMSHOST states that we should be treated fairly with respect and no bias discrimination if only management’s would follow the employ handbook SHACK SHACK AND FLASHFIRE WOULD BE A 5STAR RESTAURANTS.BUT she doesn’t do that so now I’m here past midnight voicing me option because tmi said the last 6 months working here I’ve been forced into silence but because I’m resigning I’ll speak up so those current amazing employees who are not only hardworking but team driven and show up to work on time everyday with a CAN DO SPIRIT!will not have to experience the emotional, mental and even physical trauma that I have experienced over the last 6 months that’s the least I can do as a fellow hardworking caring team oriented employee myself you guys deserve more and your are appreciated!if HMSHOST won’t say it then I will!PLEASE SPEAKUP!, don’t let SHAUNA and our new manager who isn’t a manger but she micromanages all the FLASHFIREPIZZA EMPLOYEES and also all the SHACK SHACK EMPLOYEES. WHY? You may ask well the two REAL-managers D and S gives her control over us ,I know sound ridiculous but that’s how my 8hr shift has been ran for the past 6 months.ON paper she’s a fellow team member but because of these two unprofessional real managers ;she pretends to be our manager too and manger Lulu rules with a Iron Fist. Back to SHAUNA this lady has shouted profanity to my face on three different occasions she has called me the B word she has said to my face in-front of customers and other employees that “I should get the F out of her face” absolutely rude and disrespectful at the highest level and I was not arguing or saying negative all I asked was to be cooked in because once again the manger put 9pm instead of am so I can’t clock myself I ask her to do a task related to her daily manager duties and it is the biggest inconvenience to her. I spoke to female manger who is above manger#1 and manger #2 she was compassionate and we came to a resolution but not really because during the whole ordeal manger #1 Mr.D was present the whole time so I could not tell her everything that I wanted to tell her because certain things that I wanted to say was about manger MR.D . These two manager MR.D and Shauna gossip about employees amongst other employees they treat certain employees who aren’t their personal yes men/women like trash beneath them. I have tried to remain nice be professional have great customer service bring employees together as team but all my effort goes to waste because of these two managers causing unnecessary drama and gossiping and having favorites; the employees are leaving left and right because the work environment has become so TOXIC. I cried the whole day today at work and even when I went home because I actually LOVE my job and I know we can be 10x times better but because of these 2 managers we’re at our at most WORST. I can no longer stay it’s too much physically, emotionally and mentally 5 days a week 8hrs a day.I’m a happy person I like to be happy if my job makes me cry and I’m always scared and intimidated to say anything because I know they’re going to gossip about what I said in convidence and tell fellow employees or even bring it to the manger Im speaking about I give up. My efforts have failed, I hope someone from HR looks into this urgent matter.Better managers equals more loyal employees equal high performance team which equals happy customers and employees and that equals more 5star review which in the return equal more guess satisfaction happy guest equals happy sales and happy employees . I have said enough and I hope something will be done.

  • Alexandreia Lewis says:

    Hms host is a joke. They don’t train you at all! Managers & zone managers sleeping around with people. Their is racism going on in the airport. Just very unprofessional

  • Ms. Monica Sosa says:

    To: HM Host Corporate

    Thomas Edison Plaza
    Rest Area NJ Route 95
    NJ Turnpike
    Woodbridge NJ


    I worked for 6 years for this company, However, I got sick instated of writing a letter that I was sick they just asked me for a doctor’s prescription for how sick I was, Moreover, they instigated me directly and indirectly in the job. The doctors instead of taking care of me they were killing me. with the stupid medicines to sleep, The same with my family I was so afraid I didn’t want to stay by myself I got panic I couldn’t sleep overnights I cried so much until I didn’t have tears in my eyes I got nightmares I wanted really to die But I had my two kids. and I wondered Who can care like Me?

    If I could follow the doctor’s instructions maybe I could have died
    I get out of the US I did not take the medicines. I just moved and I did my best to keep working in my business because I opened a business abroad I did not stop never ever.

    Now I’m here better to like before happy even I got bankrupt because no unemployment I spend all my saving.

    I wanted to share my experience I do not want anyone unfairly treated by nobody. Even your boss is our right. Also, I hope corporate contacts me by phone or email. My phone number is 732 – 917 – 5902 I will appreciate it. Thank you .

    Ms. Monica Sosa

  • Tommy Hinkley says:

    Hello, All. My name is Tommy Hinkley. I worked for HMS/Host a little over 4yrs at CoolRiverCafe@DallasLove
    I was just going over some old paperwork, and came across past paystubs, and remembered…. I don’t believe I ever received a check for my Vacation & Sick Hours. A Buddy I worked w/ got a check when he left. Is that something you or someone else could look up for me. I do appreciate your time. Thank you. My best, T

  • Dawnyah says:

    Hms host failed to pay me on time and I’m worried about my compensation.

  • Avishkar Dinesh Jadhav says:

    Looking for a job in your esteemed organization.

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