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  • Address: 2700 Milan Ct, Birmingham, AL 35211, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 205-942-4292

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 5,000

  • Established: 1945

  • Founder: Rufus Hibbett

  • Key People: Jeffry Rosenthal (President and CEO)

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Jeffry O. Rosenthal

President, CEO & Director

Scott Justin Bowman

Senior VP & CFO

Cathy E. Pryor

Senior Vice President of Operations

About Hibbett Sports, History and Headquarters Information

Hibbett Sports is a company which offers a range of sports wears like footwear, t-shirts, shorts, tracks and other accessories of various known brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma and many more. The company was established in 1945 and its website was established in 2017. The companies headquarter is located in Birmingham, United States. The company became a major retailer in the market with over 1000 retail stores in about 32 states in the United States.

The company offers apparels both for men and women, which includes sporting goods for almost every sport including baseball, football, volleyball etc and even apparels for gym and running. Other important accessories offered include protective gears, guards, socks, sunglasses, jackets etc. The company offers a very convenient delivery system in almost every state of the United States. Other important features of the company include a return policy within 60 days that is free and you can return the products both online and at stores.

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  • William Bacon says:

    Hope you are well. I just wanted to share my recent experience with your company. I am a high school coach and the first day of football practice is Friday July 28th. I have a son that is on the football team. He saved up his money to buy a new pair of cleats and chose a pair of cleats listed on your website. We chose your company because the estimated delivery was today 7/22. I was pretty sure that was not going to happen but we had some days built in if it came in a few days later. I had been checking your site regularly to see of there were any updates on the item being shipped. All it kept saying is in progress. I tried to find the number to your customer service folks but could not find it so I did the online chat feature. I explained my situation and asked when was the item going to be shipped. I was told a couple times delivery takes 3-7 days but could not get a date the item was to be shipped. Frustrated I asked to I have to go pick them up or cancel my order and was informed I need to talk to a supervisor and was given a phone number. The first person I talked to explained that she is not sure why I was given that date as an estimate because it usually takes 3-7 days. She passes me on to the supervisor(Lenora) and I explained my situation to her and all I wanted was when were the cleats going to get shipped. She explained to me that one store was given the order but the order was kicked out and was now being picked up by another store and went on to say she did not even know if your company had the pair of cleats we ordered in stock. I at this point in time I canceled my order. I explained to her I was disappointed in the lack of communication with me as a customer. She explained you do thousands of orders and have no way of knowing if my cleats are shipped or not. I went on to explain to her I am a high school coach with 200 kids in our program between high school and middle school and when they ask where to get cleats I will not be recommending your company. She seemed shocked I would do this after having one bad experience with your company. This was my first experience with your company so I stand by my comment. This pretty much is how the conversation ended. She thanked me and asked if there was anything else she could do. Mind you I am a high school coach but all I heard were excuses as to why your company did not get the job done and it seemed like no one cared either. How about we are sorry this happened we value you as a customer?
    In a few minutes I will be driving to Dick’s Sporting Goods in Charlotte to get his cleats.

  • Solis says:

    I have a complaint for the altus oklahoma store. I need someone from corporate to contact me ASAP. HOW can you press charges on a paying customer saying theft when they have a receipt? The employee went in the back and exchanged the shoes and then a different manager tried to come and say no. But they already exchanged them. Brand new shoes with receipt. I had to go to jail for theft when I NEVER stole ! I had a receipt and shoes in original packaging. NEVER been worn! Had them in a bag in the Box for a week BRAND NEW! Someone help! Anyone have a good attorney to recommend ???you can reach me at mightyjackiemaid@aol. Dot com

  • Sharon Crepps says:

    I’m currently at a huge Hibbetts store with my daughter shopping. Sad to say in this entire store this is how girls who play volleyball are treated. You have devoted 4 foot of space to volleyball. Exactly 7 items. Surely you can do better

  • Mitchell says:

    I will not be shopping at Hibbett anymore. I always buy my kids school clothes and shoes from the palatka fl store. I recently purchased shoes in my normal size tried them on on the living room of my house and one shoes felt to small so I took them back and the lady that was working said they have been worn and she will return them but flagging my account. I told her if it’s that much of a problem I’ll keep them. She then told me ok cause I don’t want to loose my job over 80 dollar shoes. Meanwhile their are other shoppers in the store that herd this. I have never returned anything to this store and never will because they lost my business for good today.

  • Emmy says:

    Wow! Looks like Hibbitt Sports is a shit company EVERYWHERE!!!! Not just in Warner Robins! #youremployeessteal #yourcompanyisajoke

  • Clara Mathews says:

    I live in the Bastrop Louisiana area. I often shop at your Hibbett Sports store. Evey time I’ve stopped there, that store is completely cold. That is a shame that your workers have to faithfully come to work in those type of conditions. I will no longer be stopping at your store

  • Constance McCrae says:

    My son Christmas shoes was too small I purchased them Dec 15 2021. I could not find my receipt so I asked staff at hobbit sports in Carolina mall Concord NC to look under my number and it was not listed under my recent purchase however she stated I see you have points I said yea I do so I showed my debit card receipt and of course I could not be issued a refund bc the stuff did not ask me for my number at the time of purchase. They have no shoes my son like at all so we are stuck with a gift card until
    They receive shoes he likes. The staff was very rude as I asked why was my number not asked for at the time of purchase this way I would not have a return issue. She proceed with attitude. I am very disappointed and not satisfied definitely lost a customer

  • Kedrin says:


    I am in the United States Air force. I am currently deployed and have become very displeased with the company due to a recent issue. I won the raffle for the Cool Grey Jordans at City Gear on University Ave. in Huntsville, Al. Due to my service, I could not be the one to pick the shoes up. I called the company and asked if i could have someone pick the shoes up on my behalf, and explained that I was currently serving overseas. I was told that I had to be there in person to make the purchase, which was very disappointing, because it was physically impossible. Later that day I talked it over with a friend, and was warned that I was allowed to have someone pick the shoes up for me and that she went through a similar situation with the same exact store. I called the store back and asked them again if I could have someone pick the shoes up for me. This time he said yes, but they have already been raffled again because you failed to pick them up in time. I mentioned that I called earlier and maybe someone lied to me. He made sure to tell me that he had the phone the whole day. This was a very unpleasant experience, and I will definitely think twice before doing business with your company. I can not believe this is how customers are treated by the store.


    An angry service member.

  • Alice says:

    This company can be a great company if the rules apply to everyone..how someone loose their job for defending themselves but it happened several times and at other stores yet they still have a job and no problems…if u are head strong and know your job and let them know that you will not be pushed over they don’t really want you there…a lot of favoritism hope I speak to the owner or CEO of this company one day…

  • Dj says:

    This is some bull crap
    Y’all let people pick and choose who win the raffle family of friends

  • Robert Lickiss says:

    Bought a pair of Adidas rubber cleats for my Granddaughter who plays softball. They were purchased in the DeLand, Florida store. The cleats, even though stated they were the same size inside the shoe, the right shoe was narrow. My Grandaughter wore the cleats two games and the right shoe rubbed the right area below her big toe raw. She has worn Adidas before and never had a problem, so clearly a defective shoe. We took the shoe back to the DeLand, Fl store requesting an exchange explaining the right shoe was defective. The clerk, who was speaking with two buddies at the cash register at the time clearly was not interested in providing good service. Maybe we were interrupting his conversation with his buddies. He looked at the inside of the shoes and saw they were the same size. We had already told him that. He said they are the same size. Yea, no kidding. We again explained the shoe was defective. He said he could not exchange them and carried on with his conversation with his two buddies. I have a home in DeLand, Fl and Pekin, Il which also has a Hibbetts store. Never going to a Hibbetts again after this experience. I just returned home from this experience and cannot wait to share the experience with friends and parents of the players. Social media spreads the word very quickly these days. Nearby towns has a Dicks and Academy sporting good stores. I have had recent good experiences at Academy with prices and better selection. Academy has won my sporting good business over. I have spent a lot of money at Hibbetts over the years. I’m done. Most players families are finding better selections and discounts at Dicks or Academy anyone here in my area.

  • L Baxter says:

    We bought a pair of 120.00 cleats about 2 weeks ago. Contact sports are not allowed this fall. Tried to return them and had receipt but no box. Very rude sales people would not accept them. No where on the receipt does it say shoes must have box.13 year old boy stuck with expensive shoes he can’t use.I can imagine people only shop there one time only and learn better to go back.

  • Gwendolyn D Andrews says:

    My name is Gwen Andrews and I have 1 son and want to no why is the same people get the raffle and I been raffle ever Jordan that come and I never can get a pair my son is disabled and he wear a 01/2 and he want these shoes that come out tomorrow for his birthday plz help me to get the i have the money I live in mobile alabama

  • C says:

    Customer service dont help. And rude and refuse to refund

  • Connie says:

    Close your stores during this covid-19 pandemic! These young people working there are being exposed and bringing germs home to elderly relatives. Do the right thing, like so many other retail companies are and keep your employees, and customers safe. Close your stores temporarily please!

  • Rosemary young says:

    Complaint concerning one of your store in shelby n.c. at cleveland mall

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