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  • Address: 9721 Sherrill Blvd, Knoxville, TN 37932, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 865-694-2700

  • Fax Number: 865-531-1588

  • Email: help@hgtv.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: December 1, 1994

  • Founder: Kenneth W. Lowe

  • Key People: Michael A. Clinton, David Carey

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David Carey

President of Hearst Magazines

Michael A. Clinton

President of Marketing of Hearst Magazines and Publishing Director of Hearst Magazine

Lori Asbury

Senior Vice President of Marketing & Creative Services

John Feld

SVP – Original Programming & Production for HGTV, DIY Network & Great American Country

Kathleen Finch

Senior Vice President and General Manager of Scripps Networks’ Flagship Network

Dan Fuchs

Chief Revenue Officer and Publisher

Freddy James

Senior Vice President of Network Integrated Programming

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  • Bobbie Thompson says:

    Hello, my name is Bobbie Thompson, and I’m the Founder and CEO of Building Recovery Communities Coalition. Our organization is a private, not-for-profit entity with a 501-C3 tax status from the IRS. We are accepting construction bids for a private 13-to-14-bedroom sober living facility, including my living quarters. The facility will be built on my private land, which has existed for over 120 years. We aim to raise one million dollars to fund the construction of the sober living facility and a computer learning center/community center on the same land. In my grant proposal, I committed to having the building completed and operational in 160 days. We must work with a trustworthy construction team, and HGTV’s associates are the only ones we can rely on to make our vision a reality. We’re still waiting for the funds to be allocated for the program, and finding the right people to build this facility is a critical step in our endeavor.

  • John M says:

    I think David Bromstad shouldn’t be on TV no more cuz of his looking showing off with his tattoos all over his arm, neck and legs. Every time I watched it and bothered me to look his tattoos. It made me feel like not impressive or don’t want to see him again. That’s not professional. You should go find someone else who’ll be on new “My Lottery Dream Home” cast. Sorry to tell you this. This is my honest opinion.

  • María says:

    Pioneer Woman reminds me of the Aryan Race show!! It appears they are in Texas and everyone is WHITE!!!! Even though recipes are Mexican!! It’s insulting to Latinos ! Please fix it!!!

  • Beth says:

    We have a mansion built in 1871 or 72 in our town. It has survived a fire we had in our town way back when. I was told it was part of the underground railroad. The mansion owed by a man who really let it go down hill. I was able to see the inside after living here for 60 years and it is so sad to see the condition. You have alot of designer who love saving old homes. This home would be a great series and the series could save our mansion. We have alot of history in our area. please help us save our mansion

  • Trella M Davis says:

    Hi John Feld & Programming Team,

    I am a fan: FULL STOP. But … HGTV is teaching people to kill the environment: FULL STOP.
    So I am sure you are very familiar with Construction & Demo (C&D) waste / landfill stats for the US are around 30%. EPA finds C&D waste is double that vs what households and businesses create – and we good ol’ Americans produce the most household waste by volume of any country. C&D waste is also exponentially increasing 10x that of other waste and from 1990 to 2018 up by 342% – this pre-pandemic rehab boom numbers so God knows we have blown through the popcorn ceiling on that that growth rate.
    I cannot tell you how many fricken’ times the show cliché “money shot” makes me grab my heart cringing with shame: sledge hammers to solid wood cabinets, crowbars to granite counters, good wood high heaved into dumpsters and the ultimate jackpot shot: tubs-n-toilets tossed from a 2nd story.
    THERE ARE A MILLION DIY YOUTUBE CHANNELS who lemming these behaviors, there are 10s of millions of businesses, DIYers, contractors, handymen and more just behaving the same. 
    On ROCK the Block when Keith said on camera, “can’t believe what they throw away”, it sealed the deal. You’ve got an audience that already wants these kinds of messages and content. I know you get it.  

    BUT It doesn’t have to be like that: We Need A Different Kind of 2nd Story. 
    The point: “CHEAP-N-GREEN RENO” – “The GREEN UPGRADE” –  whatever you want to call it … 

    -Highlight how being green can in fact be cheap and even … gasp … a luxury upgrade.
    + Why are there $7,000 dollar toilets being installed in a ROCK the Block house?!? WTF? Why has no one heard of a no-flush urinal?!? Won’t any man consider a urinal in the super sized bathroom the new MUST HAVE LUX? Yes John, he would.
    + FLIP or FLOP even in recent episodes and they still haven’t figured out drip irrigation, native plant/low or no water front yards for drought starved California should be a must (plus it’s the cheaper flip option, can have local/state/fed rebates, and owners don’t have to maintain it!). Having a Green Consultant who advises producers how to add even small green shifts can make a huge difference.
    + HGTV competition programs doing a tie-in a nod to some hunger fighting charity because … well it might look a bit ridiculous to get rid of a “crappy” brand new $2,000 – 5 burner stove top (which stats show most people never use 5 burners) to a 6 burner $5,000 dollar stove top. WHY NOT hook up with Habitat for Humanities’ materials donation arm RESTORE as the charity? It’s good enough for President Jimmy Carter. WHY NOT show materials being donated, gifted, hell even Craig’sListed? 
    + Show new upgrades but with stuff that is actually meaningful / green conscious /
    relevant / affordable:
    E.g. Purple Near UV LED Slim Can Lights over sinks, tubs, toilets, etc. Costs about the same as current LED slim cans AND helps reduce germ contamination. Bonus: reduces cleaning frequency thus reduces water usage.

    If the United Kingdom can tackle C&D waste with a reduction by 92% – then damn, come on we surely can at least stop the triple digit % growth trajectory. Hell that is a show in of itself.

    Please talk to me (I can support ideas not just complain) on what can be done to incorporate communication to HGTV programming for a 3-5 minute pitch or what could be added to a new show or an existing show that this message synergizes with like Bargain Block. What I have experimented with my own house is wondrous.

    I hope I am singing to the choir, which is why I am singing. 

    Very sincerely AND cordially yours,
    Rev. Trella M. Davis, MBA (Serious DIYer and Positive Provocateur)

    P.S. UK C&D waste 92% reduction report/white paper 2018

    P.P.S. Obviously Love Bargain Block

  • Eileen Knipp says:


    Reminds me of Emeril Lagrasse (sp?) of years past…he was on EVERYTHING…and now he is on NOTHING!

    Not only is Guy the only ‘guy’ you have to host shows…apparently…you are now foisting his son upon the public…that is called NEPOTISM!

    Come on now…guys…there are plenty of others who can host the multiple shows that this washed up ‘golden haired’ boy is doing today…I can’t stand to watch ANY of his shows…because he is so OVERRATED!


  • David Chasen says:

    trying to enter your contest for an homeSite will not let me.Everytime I enter my email
    .Site just says error and will not let me proceed.I know of know reason for this.David Chasen
    WallStreetLover@gmail.com 480 320 8272

  • Pam Lyle says:

    Dear HGTV,
    I have an idea for a new show. Many people want a change in their homes, but they may not have the funds to do so. My suggestion is to go into homes and simply rearrange and straighten things up for a new look. Using what the homeowners have to get a new look would be extremely helpful, a fresh new look. Professional decorators would be a tremendous help. Please consider my idea…I think it could be a hit for you!
    Most sincerely,
    Pam Lyle

  • Laura says:

    I would like to see more of Bargain Block on tv. I think they have the most interesting design on the show. I love that they use color and interesting design instead of the same ole white cabinets and gray or white tile. Please show more of them. After seeing this show I started watching again, but are specifically waiting for them.

  • Robbin Bills-Meeks says:

    2 ladies in Desoto Parish LA selling houses as the “House Hunters” Not a realtor but I don’t want anyone being scammed by them.

  • Pat Berry says:

    Hi, I own and live in a Lustron home not far from Knoxville. This home is so interesting. I think you would enjoy visiting Marion, VA ( America’s Coolest Home Town ” and our home. Please visit. Thanks, Pat

  • rhonda campbell says:

    I have read where you are trying to expand your market. In the process you are losing my viewership (as if that matters). I have no issues with gay designers on your programs; however, I do NOT want to watch Nate and Jeremiah’s precious daughter interact with them. I’m out.

  • Carol says:

    I will not be watching HGTV again. They are airing Martha Stewart. Do you not know my she went to prison after running people’s money they were to retire on. Why would you air her ,like she is little goody two shoes. She really needs to still be in prison, a thief is what she is so do you think people have forgot

    • Marcia Dollar says:

      Martha Stewart is not a thief. Her mistake was speaking to the Feds without a lawyer. She bought stock through a friend that had inside information. ( our Senate and House of Representatives do this every day). She went to jail and served Her time. Her “crime” did not effect other peoples money.

  • mdupreehegwood@yahoo.com says:

    Hi , This Mamie Dupree Hegwood aka Gran Gran . I Love HGTV my favorite show . With Covid-19 the Show really helps many of us to relax and enjoy . Gran Gran is on Instagram, FB , YouTube. I would love to have a Show on HGTV Gran Gran Just Saying Fix My Home In The Central City . This is something totally different.Look forward hearing from you . Be safe and well please wear a Mask when out around people .

  • Deb says:

    I work for a small community bank in the midwest. My employer has renovated historic buildings in 4 of the 13 communities it serves. The building in my hometown is the most recent renovation ( I mean gutted and taken to the bones) How neat would it be to have a show that features businesses who do these sorts of things? Where would I send a suggestion like this and to whose attention?

  • Christina Tassell says:

    I love watching HGTV shows but you’re fixing to fabulous that they adopted that black boy it’s a disgrace that they can’t show him on TV that they show their own kids if they didn’t want to be proud of him and show him with his family then they don’t need to adopt any black kids and you don’t need to be showing shows like this I’ll boycott you guys.

  • Dale H LaBohn says:

    Regarding the Smart Home Sweeps (and others) – not allowing for difference in time zones gives us folks in the Pacific Time Zone less advantage to submit a daily entry. Today I received an entry form which read I had 5 plus hours in which to submit my final entry. Yet, when I went to enter, I got the “Sorry” message that the sweep was closed. That was approx. at 3 PM PST. East Coast folks have an unfair advantage.

  • Daner Capel says:

    Hi, I have a great idea for a show. Instead of building Dream Home Giveaways, why don’t you have a sweepstakes that the viewers look for a house to remodel and get your celebrities like Ben & Erin, Nichole Curtis and so on to renovate the homes. Enter to win a $200,000.00 budget. This way the viewers can decide where they want to live instead of moving in a location they are not familiar with and away from friends, jobs and families.

    If you don’t want to do a sweepstakes, have a show where the viewers find a house to remodel, but get the labor from the experts on your show. It’s not fair that they always go to the same locations. You can just make this a few episodes since they will be traveling and leaving their love ones.

  • Ken Ford says:

    I was thinking of this Idel the other day. Why not bring all the family’s that Chip and Jo/( Fixer Upper )have help for one big show to see where they are at and how they like their homes now.
    You can make it a two-hour show. I think it would be fun for everyone.

  • Barbara Dobbs says:

    Watch HGTV often but no more.When you show 3 people looking to buy a house together and call them a “trouple” and listen to them talk about sharing a bedroom and a bed.That’s perversion in anybody’s language!

    • Ginger Seay says:

      I am wondering if HGTV has lost it’s sense of common decency. Last night on the program House Hunters, three people who referred to themselves as a “Trouple”, a married couple, one being bi- sexual and her lover were featured looking for a house with a bedroom big enough to put a bed for all of to sleep together. The married couple had young children that were also featured. This kind of exposure leaves the kids open to ridicule and rejection. Not one time did the “Trouple” mention anything about the house for the children.. it was all about finding the bedroom big enough for their bed. It was appalling.
      No longer a fan of House Hunters…

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