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One might want to visit the headquarters of Hewlett Packard for various reasons, including an internal meeting, a higher official or a government audit, a postman delivering a mail, a new employee finding his way to the headquarters for the first time, a potential investor looking for a business proposal, customers and enthusiasts wanting to take a look at the insides of the headquarters. You can reach out to the headquarters in one of the various following ways.

Hewlett Packard Headquarters address

If you want to send a physical mail to reach out to the headquarters, you can do so by sending your physical mail to the following address

1502 Page Mill Rd

Palo Alto

CA 94304

United States

Hewlett Packard Board of directors address

If you want to fix an appointment or send a package to one of the board of directors of Hewlett Packard, you can do so by sending them to the following address

Board of director name

1502 Page Mill Rd

Palo Alto

CA 94304

United States

Phone Number

If you want to have a dialogue with the headquarters team, you can reach out to them through the number +1 650-857-1501. You can call during working hours on weekdays.

Email Id

If you want to reach out to the headquarters team digitally, you can do so by sending a mail to the following email address. You can mail to mailto:investorrelationships@hp.com. Unlike the phone number, the mail is active 24/7


You can get more information on the products, services, and events of Hewlett Packard by visiting their website and following them on their various social media handles. You can visit the website here. You can catch up on the latest happenings at HP by following them on their social media.

Hewlett Packard Headquarters Info & Photos

Hewlett Packard was founded in a car garage in California. It was headquartered in the garage during its initial run. It became public in 1957 and changed its headquarters to the current location at Palo Alto.

It was founded by David Packard and Bill Hewlett in 1938. They started working on projects together in the garage. HP made a successful run throughout its establishment and time. It soon became a multi-product and multinational company with time.

HP’s products and software are respected and valued all over the globe. Today Hewlett Packard has 66000 employees all across the globe. HP is one of the leading laptops and personal computers manufacturers in the world.

HP’s headquarters at Palo Alto has a stunning look with a beautiful garden surrounding the headquarters. HP is one of the many companies that provides its employees with state-of-the-art facilities at work.

Hewlett Packard Headquarters Photo
Hewlett Packard Corporate Office Photo

Hewlett Packard Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

HP Inc. 1501 Page Mill Road Palo Alto, CA 94304 United States


United Arab Emirates

Dubai Internet City Building 14, 3rd floor (DIC04) Dubai, United Arab Emirates



HP PPS Australia Pty Ltd Building F, Level 5 Level 5, 1 Homebush Bay Drive Rhodes Corporate Park 1 Homebush Bay Drive Rhodes NSW 2138


South Africa

HQ, ZA HP Inc. 12 Autumn Street, Pt. 1st Floor 2128 Sandton South Africa



HP Technology Ireland Limited Liffey Valley Office Campus 1st floor, Block B Quarryvale, Co. Dublin D22 X0Y3 Ireland

Hewlett Packard Headquarters Executive Team

Enrique Lores

President &, Chief Executive Officer

Lores is a citizen of Spain. He got a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and an MBA in the later stages. He joined HP in 1989 as an Intern. He rose the ranks and succeeded Dion Weisler as the CEO of Hewlett Packard Inc in 2019. He has been the president of the printers and solutions business since 2015.

Marie Myers

Marie Myers

Chief Financial Officer


Sarabjit Singh 
(‘Savi’) Baveja

Sarabjit Singh (‘Savi’) Baveja

Chief Strategy & Incubation Officer


Name Title
Julie Jacobs Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel
Dave McQuarrie Chief Commercial Officer
Alex Cho President Personal Systems
Tuan Tran President of Imaging Printing & Solutions
Ernest Nicolas Chief Supply Chain Officer
Kristen Ludgate Chief People Officer
Vikrant Batra Chief Marketing Officer
Stella Low Chief Corporate Affairs & Communications Officer
Greg Baxter Chief Digital & Transformation Officer
Dave Shull President Workforce Services & Solutions

About Hewlett Packard


Hewlett Packard was founded in 1938 in a car garage. The garage is a landmark today being called the Birthplace of silicon valley. Their first project was software for Walt Disney. HP has changed its logo four times since its incorporation.

The name Hewlett Packard was decided after a toss, with Packard Hewlett losing the toss. HP took on many projects over the years. HP200A is its first famous audio oscillator that became famous instantly. HP went public in 1957.

HP marketed its products directly to its customers. It focused on small and medium scale industries to make software and products for them on a project basis. HP became a multinational company soon after going public. It became one of the technology giants in the world.

It spun off various of its services to focus better on each product and give the users the best possible product. Today HP Inc is one of the largest technological conglomerates.


Hewlett Packard products and services include laptops, Printers, and business solutions as its major services with various products in each service. HP has a distinguished honor in each of its services.

PC’s include gaming, personal use, business-oriented, and work-oriented. While the printers and scanners include home, office printers, Business printers, and Ink tank systems. Its services include 3D manufacturing, small and medium business support, PC security, and many more


    • They first produced audio oscillators for various firms on order.
    • They created the world’s first desktop calculator. It was HP that created the first desktop calculator that served as the base for modern-day computers
    • Their 3D printers are made of 3D-printed components and parts.
    • HP is the global leader in all kinds of printer productions.
    • HP is the global leader in desktop PC’s and notebooks.
    • HP is the global leader in many of its products and services.
    • HP is ranked 10th in the environmental and social impact ratings globally and 1st in the US region.
    • HP was the world’s fastest PC manufacturer from 2007 to 2013 before Lenovo took over HP.
    • HP stands as the largest IT company in the world in terms of revenue.
    • It has the world’s 56th largest GDP, just behind the country of Peru.
    • HP is one of the first companies established in Silicon Valley.

  • Brenda Robinson-Burns says:

    I am a classroom teacher, I purchased this printer for my classroom. I have experienced the worse service from this company. I purchased an HP Smart Tank 7001 printer that has cut off and will not come back on. The customer service person told me that all he could tell me was to purchase a new printer at my expense. The printer has not serviced me or my classroom well. The supervisor did attempt to help but the printer still did not work. I checked with the HP community page and other people have the same or similar issue with this same printer.

  • Patricia says:

    There is no service to recycle HP printers. The link on your website does not function. It has been taken down. The recycling partners page has been taken down. It is shameful for HP to offer no way to recycle your printers. They have built in obsolescence. I know I have just bought a new one. If I had known this I would not of purchased another printer. You have all this information on your website on how you are compliant with regulations for the environment but the most basic and important item – recycling you don’t have a real program for. In this day, that is unacceptable.

  • Sam patel says:

    I purchased online 2 laser printer 3 months back for $1400 nothing wrong with machine but require ink as needed I ordered online and get shipment on time but by mistake I order wrong as HP Smart app suggested now is turning point is I send emails for exchange not for refund HP support says we can’t do anything as 30 days past, I spent $200 for cartridge and crook says we can’t exchange and ridiculous customer service people hang up on me and no response I am never ever going to refer this company (HP) to anyone at all. All I asked for was some kind service. I was rejected that from the customer service that’s why I am writing this email.

  • Cheryl Gabriel says:

    CASE #5094935869
    I purchased a all-in-one desktop computer in May. All White, beautiful. First day I hooked it up it was humming. I figured maybe its brand new and I need to give it a few days. I called HP and they told me I needed to update the drivers. Which I did. Time passed, because I have a laptop that I use for school, and I dont always use the desktop. My mother in law is visiting, so I started using the desktop upstairs more often. It hums like an airplane taking off and landing. I contacted HP, they spent days troubleshooting the computer, then they asked me to send it in for repair. I did and got it back a week later. Same humming noise. I have warranty with HP being that I just bought it. I cannot return it to Walmart.com because I am past the 90 day return policy. HP is now telling me they are not willing to take it back, they can only repair it. Uhhhhh. What idiots. It just came back from repair. A company like HP who supposed stands behind their brand, now they are not taking their own faulty machine back?????? I paid over $700 for a machine that hums ALL THE TIME. I am just about to take this to the BBB and file a complaint with Corporate. However, I hear that the Corporate office is just as bad. My best bet is the BBB. SHAME ON HP!!! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PRODUCT FROM THEM AGAIN. EVER. AND I WILL TELL EVERYONE I COME INTO CONTACT WITH TO NEVER PURCHASE AN HP PRODUCT!!!!

  • ANNA KNOX says:

    little did I know that when you purchase a HP printer you are basically forced to sign up for Instant Ink or you cannot get your printer to print… An instant ink color cartridge and a black short use cartridge comes in the product package along with the printer. I tried for two solid days to get my brand new HP 6055e printer to print.installed fine but the printer would not print. Contacted the HP printer tech support . I must say they tried in vain to get my printer to print to no avail. That included removing the color Instant Ink cartridge which supposedly would then allow the printer to print. The hold up was I had to decide to either sign up for Instant Ink or drive another 60 miles to a store to purchase non Instant Ink printer cartridges for my printer and hopefully the Instant Ink would be passe… I spoke with Instant Ink Support Supr Neil who advised he would remove the hold on the printer and it should print. NOT>. I am sending this printer back and will go to Office Max and purchase a different brand. I have had it with HP. A consumer should not be forced to sign up for Instant Ink . Because if you are like me you expect to install the printer program and walla and ink cartridges and your printer will print…. not with an HP … you have to sign up for Instant Ink or your are left holding the bag and your printer will not print. That is what HP is requiring when they include The Instant Ink cartridges in their product packaging.. otherwise they should advise that purchaser will need to purchase cartridges for their HP printer separately ie as you would a battery operated toy. the MFG advises you that you will need xyz batteries for toy to operate not included in the package..

  • Kristen says:

    HP has the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. Their products are junk to put it nicely , bought a laptop , had it for about a month , will not turn on , they will not honor the warranty . No one will even call me back. Emailed the CEO as well and nothing. They should be ashamed. Terrible company !

  • Robyne Mayer says:

    I ordered a computer on August 4, 2022. I just received my third delay notice! Now it’s not suppose to be built until the end of October! I need it for work. This is unacceptable!

  • Pramod Kulaye says:

    Still your team is doing time pass and not taken seriously.

    Today your HP person (TVS) visited with Hard drive. But when we log the new ticket on 11st July , we cleared hard Drive (new received) is working and Motherboard or SATA cable may be faulty.

    Pl find my trail mail send on 12th July. Immediate action is appreciated.

    Due to poor dissatisfied service, management is forcing me to stop buying HP products in future .

    HP Case ID: 5088366123

  • Pramod Kulaye says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please find below points based on this case. Problem is still not resolved.

    Product Name HP ProBook 440 G4 Notebook PC
    Product Number 1AA12PA
    Serial Number 5CD8113XBQ

    HP Case Number: 5087290158 created on 21-06-2022 – SSD slot problem.- Mother board and Touchpad replaced.

    HP Case Number: 5087852027 created on 01-07-2022 – SATA HDD problem – Received Faulty hard drive and Monday received another hard drive.(email attached)

    HP Case ID: 5088366123 created on 12-07-2022 – SATA HDD not detecting on replaced Mother board.

    We are totally disappointed with the service given ….its take more than 20 days and still problem is pending.

    Request your immediate attention to solve this matter at the earliest.

  • MB says:


    You will love the end of this review/story.

    I sold my HP and HPE stock after my pathetic customer support experience, every single person I spoke with was a loser including the ‘escalator’ person. Some seltzer water spilled on my keyboard. A bunch of the keys became inoperable. I took the notebook to two HP service centers here in NYC. I felt uncomfortable in their ability to replace the keyboard. I had also checked e bay for replacement keyboards and found lots of them new, used and refurbished. But I decided to call HP and I wanted to send the computer to them for the repair of Replacing the Keyboard. BTW this computer was out of any kind of warranty as it was several years old. Also, I had tried all the possible keyboard fixes offered up on the HP website. When I called HP I got connected with a rep pretty quickly – but I noticed that I was no longer in America. I explained my circumstances to the rep and he advised me that HP could do the repair and transferred me to another person. I was given a case #. The 2nd contact advised me they have the keyboard available and turn around time would be approximately 4 days – He took down all my contact information very slowly and often would get #’s wrong as in my address and phone #. This slowed down the call and there was a delay in the phone line and I had to repeat nearly everything to him twice. He told me to be certain I had a back up of the files on the machine but he also said that for ‘only a keyboard’ replacement usually they would not wipe out the software, files, etc. Then he told me the price $ 326.00 which included them paying Fed X to pick up the unit from me and for them returning it Fed X to me. He advised that I would receive a box from HP with instructions on how to pack my computer and send it out to them. It sounded great. He took my credit card information from me and actually did an interactive communication routine with the bank and myself to process the charge. I was now given a new case #. He told me when I received the shipping box there would also be a form to complete to detail the problem and advise the repair department of any special circumstances. Worth noting is that when we did start the conversation, he did advise me that if we should be disconnected, he would call me back and read me a phone # that I had on file with them from my original purchase of this machine in 2017, and I advised him that I have tried many times to update my phone # with their systems but that never seems to work … He took the number I wanted on file with them and said he put it in the computer and we would now use the new number for call backs and other stuff. In the HP Support Assistant there is a place to change information, and again, I had tried to change my phone # on that screen many times but it never held the updated #. Also, in the HP Assistant there is a screen that shows you a list of the calls you made to HP and the reps notes from that call. I mention this now because I will refer to this call log later in this review.

    A few hours later I open my e mails and seen a bunch from HP, they all are pretty good and there is notification that the shipping box has been sent to me. Two days latter the shipping box arrives. I was pretty impressed with it and there was the form to complete regarding the repair. On this form it tells you that HP when they need to speak with you will call your FROM and they give the HP # they will call you from. This is a very important # and I immediately put it into my phone log.

    I did not ship the computer the next day. I did not ship the computer two days later, or three or four or five and not the sixth day after getting the shipping box. And each day HP did not receive my computer, they sent me three to four e mails reminding me to get it to them so we could get the repair going. And when I had gotten 14 e mails from them, from an e mail address that you cannot reply to, I called them – and this was a total joke. Although I had a case # and a repair ticket / purchase order, they could not locate me in their computer. They could not even find me visa vee the serial #. They did find me finally by the OLD non functioning phone # the rep who prepared this repair order told me he would remove from the system and use only the new #, as per our conversation. And here again, I was not talking to someone, 3 people actually, in the USA. They told me not to be concerned with the reminders regarding shipping my computer out to them and NO they could not stop the e mails but they will stop when the computer reaches the repair center which I asked where that is, and they told me it was in Texas. ZAP – I’m given a new case ID # !!

    A few night later I did a complete system back up, packed up the computer in shipping materials they sent – b t w, this was an excellent computer holder for shipping, and the next morning went to Fex X to ship the box out. The next day I tracked it and it was already in Texas at HP. What’s next – I was to receive a phone call from the HP # they provided me with. That’s the # I programmed into my phone so as to recognize it when it was ringing as HP about my computer! Three days have past and I have not heard from them. And the repair was to be completed in 4 days, unit shipped back on 2 days shipping with FED X. I figured I would wait one more day before calling them. I went to the on line Assistant page and see my computer is now marked as ‘awaiting part and return shipment date has changed to near the end of the month’ that means they would have my computer for 27 days. I said NO NO and called them. Remember from earlier, when I took this repair with them, they told me they have the part. So I called and was on hold 20, 30, sometime 45 minutes and several times in a transfer, I was disconnected and had to start all over again. And when I started all over again for the forth time, I simply requested I speak with a supervisor. And after ½ hour of waiting I had a supervisor on the line with me and that person recognized how angry I was and I said if there was no part why didn’t they call me. And I said, your paper work with the repair order says once the computer is at the Texas site I would get a call. She said their records indicate they called me but there was no answer. I asked her what # they called and those idiots were calling on the # that was my old land line that the first customer service rep promised to eliminate from the computer. AND, I said, I gave you a # to reach me on associated with this repair, why are you calling another # that I told you to wipe out of your system. One thing I began to realize is that every one was good at apologizing. I told this rep I wanted my call escalated and I wanted my computer back in my hands within 48 hours repaired. Take the keyboard from something you have there and fix mine. I can’t believe you don’t have a key board in stock and now are waiting for one to ship from India. She advised me that she put in for me to be contacted by an escalation person to help move this along. And advised me I could check on the HP Assistant for updates. OMG. The next day I check the HP Assistant and OMG I see the ‘awaiting part’ is removed and there is no expected date of shipment listed. Just to amuse myself, I call HP and to my surprise I was connected with the Texas location and my call was routed to the repair center where a rep told me my computer shipped out and I will have it in two days. That all sounded great … UNTIL, the next morning when the escalator person called me from the Philippines and while I expressed my anger to him, I held myself back and told me that I spoke with HP last night and my computer was shipped back to me. It should arrive tomorrow. And he told me NO, this is incorrect. It has not been repaired and it has not been shipped back to you. I then told him, ship the computer back to me immediately, cancel the repair, I will go purchase a new computer and never deal with HP again. It was at this point that I told him I was an HP and HPE share holder and it was quite obvious why this company is doing poorly and I proceeded to bash him, pound him and repeat myself of what a dump of a company this is. He said he did not know if they could still get my computer out today but he would check and call me back. OH boy! Can’t we get anything done properly. And with all his apologizes he was offering me a $ 120.00 coupon to use toward the purchase of a new HP note book. And with that I reminded him that I am a stockholder who is selling my shares ASAP and never want to hear HP mentioned in my presence! Take your $ 120.00 coupon and eat it. About three hours passes by and he calls me back and he says, I have some good news for you. Your computer will ship out first thing tomorrow morning and that the REPAIR HAS BEEN DONE. WTF is going on with this place. He again apologized and told me that he was going to look into this further and see why the service department was jerking both of us around. He used the word jerking and the phrase jerking us around. He assured me the computer would ship tomorrow first thing in the AM and will ship 1 day service versus the two day that the original repair order called for. He said he would take $ 120.00 off the repair cost for my troubles and I gladly told him I appreciated that offer.
    What he did not know, is that I had already checked with my bank and that HP never put through the charge even though they connected me to the bank to to the telephone authorization when I booked the repair order. So I wondered if he was simply going to charge my card the new adjusted amount, but I did not think so as they need me to do a telephone authorization with the bank and them to put a charge through.

    The computer did not arrive the next day. At 6 PM I called the repair # in Texas and got a not so nice jerk on the phone who told me I had to wait until 8:pm est for the computer to arrive by the latest delivery hour. About 15 minutes after this call, the escalator guy called me and here we go…. He said, he knew the computer did ship, but instead of sending it 1 day overnight, they sent it 2 days and that …. THE REPAIR WAS NOT DONE. Needless to say I went wild on the guy and all he could do was apologize (again) and advise me that he has reached out the service managers to have a conference call as to why this computer repair was handled so poorly. I told him I didn’t care anymore. I told him if this is happening to me it is happening to lots of other customers each and every day. He advised me that he was rounding up all the people necessary to discuss my case with and again I just told him I don’t care. I repeated that I was dumping my HP and HPE shares and this time added that if I could I would sue HP in NY Small Claims Court, but there is no HP in NYC anymore, only HPE.

    The next day I received a Fex X text message that my package was delivered and signed for at my home and I had a sigh of relief in knowing that my computer was back in my possession.

    After dinner, I opened the box. To my complete surprise this computer had been repaired. A new keyboard was installed. All my files were wiped out. I did a restore from the back up. There was, however, a work order inside the box and on that work order form a box was checked off and next to the box it read Out of Warranty – Cannot Be Repaired. Contact HP to Initiate Repair Work Order.

    I had a good laugh and thought to myself what losers. A while has passed now. My credit card was never charged and I sold my shares of HP and HPE stock. I continue to use this notebook.

  • Monique McDonald says:

    My problem is the inconvenience that I occured in the past 49 days. My original 2 orders were placed on April 8th. One order for a laserjet printer w/ toner, another order for HP Pavilion laptop. Both orders were needed ASAP for my home business. I received a call 5 days later, April 13th, stating that they need the phone number associated with the credit card for the bank. This information was passed on and I was assured that both of my orders would be processed this day or the next (after speaking with two more customer reps, so far this is 4 people in total).

    I called back on April 16th, because I noticed that there was only one order being shipped to me and the other order was showing decline. So first, I called my bank to confirm that HP had tried to charge my card and could not, I was definitely reassured by my bank that there was nothing wrong with my business credit card and they did not have anything in their records showing that HP had even tried to reach out to them in reference to any of the two charges. Also, yes, it was ok to call HP back again to tell them to process the order, because there is no problem on their side. I called on April 16th, to inquire about why I had only seen one charge on my card, I was told by the customer rep (who remembered me from previous call), how sorry he was that my second order for the laptop was declined, he do not know why the customer rep who processed the other order for the laserjet printer did not process the laptop as well. He took my information all over again, and stated that he would put the order through himself after having a chat with his supervisor. Ok, so my laptop should have been processed on April 16th.

    I waited a couple of days, checking the website over and over again to see when the laptop was going to be processed and shipped. After the 5th day, yes, I was definitely getting impatient and upset that something that I needed so badly for my business in order to make money, had not yet been processed/shipped. I called once again to speak with the same customer rep who had spoken to me already at least 3 times and who placed the order to inquire on when it was going to be processed. Once again, he was so sorry, after placing me on hold to go talk to his supervisor, he came back only to tell me he had to transfer me back to the original department that took the order, because the system would not let him make any changes to the order. He stated that he would call the department that I needed, explain to them what was going on, he was so sorry and he would make sure that I would be compensated for my inconvenience. Once again, I was transferred to someone else in another department that hopefully would be able to help me. By this time once the new customer rep started going over my situation, back and forth with their supervisor. I was told that they would have to place a whole totally new order for the laptop, and because it was being customized it should be ready by May 5th for shipping and I should receive it by May 13th. Against my better judgement and because I had 3 previous HP laptops and all-in-one printers, I agreed to wait on the laptop because I needed it to have everything that I requested for my business in it.

    I was being told by so many people, just go to bestbuy, staples, bjs, target, etc. Everyone sells computers, why are you waiting on this computer to be shipped to you. I have just started my black-owned, women, small business, everything that I have put into this business has come from my savings, no one has given me anything, and I have not received any grants, therefore, every penny that I have counts. Where I can save I must, so my logic was that I was getting the best price from HP for everything that I could not find and needed in a laptop. Although, 2 weeks is pretty long to be idle as a business and I would be losing money. I will be able to focus on other aspects that were needed in the meantime. But 49 days is definitely not acceptable, and the kicker is, I received the laptop 3 days ago, May16th, after the stated receiving date and I am having problems with the laptop shutting off and not coming back up. The laptop does not work properly, I am getting a black screen when trying to log back in, I have to shut the laptop down and try to go back in order for the login screen to appear. I am very disgusted and disappointed in the way that I have been handled with HP, I do not know whether I should be upset or cry. I have been on the phone all day today back and forth with tech support who believed they fixed the problem, and with customer reps who are treating me like I am begging them to be compensated, as if it is not HP’s fault.

    One customer rep told me, take this email hppricedroprequest@hp.com, because the laptop will be going down at least $200, If I paid $800, it should be going down to $600. If I keep checking back and forth online for the price to go down, then email them for a price drop request then I can get the difference in the price. So, now he wants me to do more work and spend more time hoping and wishing that the price will go down so I can call back again, get more frustrated and have to beg again for a courtesy that I should have been giving from the beginning for my inconvenience. I asked him to speak to a supervisor 3 times. I was told that the supervisor was just going to tell me the same thing anyway, because he just spoke to his supervisor and just for me to take the email that he was giving me. After the 3rd request, I finally took the email information, requested the supervisor, and he finally transferred me to one. I guess forcing the email on me was so that he could say that he did his job. Finally, his supervisor got on the phone to tell me that the only thing that he could do for me is give me $30 back for my inconvenience. I told him that was unacceptable and that I wanted to speak to someone higher up or for him to give me the information to reach someone higher up. He then stated, let me see what I can do and placed me on hold again, came back to the phone and stated that $40 would be the maximum that he would be able to give to me, he could not up any higher. Wow, at first $30 was the most, now you can go up another $10, and this is the max. Unbelievable, I told him to do what he had to do, but I would get the information that I need to absolutely take this further. If not, for anything else to let HP know that if they keep treating their customers like this, they are going to lose a lot of money.

    Today, HP has just lost a loyal customer, it might not seem like a bite in your pockets now, but today one and the next day millions. I will be closing all of my HP accounts after today, HP connect in all others. It’s time to move on and find a business that actually appreciates my money. Oh, please don’t let me forget that a few hours later ( 2 or 3), I received another call from an HP supervisor, she stated that the previous supervisor told her that I was dissatisfied. She was over top of the last supervisor, therefore, she could offer $60 back and she will be closing my case. Great because I will be closing my accounts. Really? Should I be happy that she is trying to accommodate me with only $20 extra, after the customer rep told me the laptops will be going down by $200. Hahaha… What a joke. BYE HP… From a loyal, dissatisfied customer, You’ll miss me….

  • Mahesh Purushotham says:

    Dear HP ,

    CASE:5083226029 CRM:0004841014585

    This is a very worst support from HP. I have been reporting a New Laptop Batery issue for more than 3 Weeks. This issue was just 3 Days from the date of Purchase. I expected support from HP but to postpone the support you guys are giving us work to do many steps. The R & D must be done from your end. Are you really intrested to support us. Or I think you don’t want anybody to buy HP products.  The product must be user friendly. But your product is very very critical to Use . I will never Recommend HP products to any of my Friends or relatives .
    When is this going to END. I want the total Product to be replaced. You can do the R&D in your HP Clinic. I can not do this spoiling my Work.


    • Paula says:

      to Mahesh: I totally agree with you. My issue is with HP wireless laser printer. Original purchase in April will not make copies. Their support sent a replacement and allows only 3 days to return the first one. The replacement makes copies but will not connect to my wi-fi. My 11 year old HP laserjet printer works fine but HP doesn’t make drivers to work with Windows 11, on my new computer. I’m with you. I’ll never buy or recommend HP to anyone ever again.

  • Deborah Mitchell says:

    I have purchased HP products for many years and this last printer has been the first item that I really regret. I have a 9020 series printer that from the time of purchase has been a nightmare. Every time I use it I have to wait an hour for customer support and spend an additional two hours trouble shooting it. It can never connect to the router and will only work with technical support assistance. It is a piece of crap! I should receive a refund plus compensation. After reading the other complaints, I assume mine will just be added to the rest.

    • Paula says:

      I agree with you. My printer is HP LaserJet MFP 140we. 2 hours on phone a few days ago and they couldn’t make it work. They sent me a replacement. Almost 2 hours on phone with tech support today and still no success. I’m done with HP.

    • Kathy a panoutsos says:

      i got kidnaped to graceland from an exec in marketing and all of india.

  • B myones says:

    I guess I am in the same boat. Monitor ordered 11/29/2021. After two delays suppose to ship 12/27 still nothing. Three times waited for customer service over an hour and all they do is repeat what’s on computer screen. Called corporate office and get transferred to same customer service line that I waited on for hours. Still no idea where monitor it.
    B Myones 12/29/2021

    • K77777 says:

      Hi B Myones,

      I wish to inform you to try using Apple devices. Initially every gadget and any make will be finding a little different to use. but trust me, if you use Mac and other Apple device once. You will never turn back to something else. Its safe and secured operating system and it comes with a better price Thant the rest in the market.

  • D Lawson says:

    Worst company to do business with. Ordered a laptop on Black Friday and still not received my laptop. I needed it quickly and was given a 2-3 week order time and a 2-3 day express shipping. My laptop has been delayed multiple times. Also the biggest issue is the unprofessional and dishonest staff that work for HP. The care pack that I ordered with my laptop was not included after I made my payment. HP removed the care pack and now will not honor what I paid for. Don’t think that this is legal, and false advertising. Been trying to get this resolved for over a month and still no success, every person I speak with tells me a different excuse or lie. Dell and Asus lets talk….

  • S. Lynn Myers says:

    It is fairly appalling when ALL comments to a corporation are negative. What is worse is that there is not one response from the corporation even eluding to their understanding and that they might look into the situation. It may be time, that as consumers, we should try to hurt this corporation where it will hurt the most. That being their pocket!!!!!

    • Spreading the word says:

      Exactly what I am thinking as I read through these comments, also waiting on hold for the 3rd day with one of the “escalations managers” have been told straight lies from the support, and when confronted the lies I was hung up on, transferred without warning, and have gotten nowhere. I am here this morning looking for contact info to someone in the company that may actually care about their customers…and I find nothing…I am not stopping here. Many of us have been working from home and may rely on these products in order to earn our paychecks…and HP has made this close to impossible for me, never again will I purchase another product, nor will anyone I am in close contact with.

  • Robert Tulloch says:

    I have always bought HP products. The printer I have (about the third one) 6970 is a piece of shit. Now the paper try won’t go in after it stopped printing half way through a page. Try won’t go back in after pulling out to check paper.

    Followed direction on numerous posts. Unplug HP connector. Unplug power cord (???).
    Wait 60 seconds. Replug power cord. Replug printer. Same shit. What are these some chinese crap?

    Won’t buy Jap printer. Pearl Harbor/Phillipine Prison Camps/Rape of Nanking/Executions in Indonesia.

    I am sick of HP crap. Computers work fine (3 of them). She here I am trying to print out my medical records and bam!

    I can order another from Office Depot for delivery tomorrow. But I should not have to.

    6900 pages printed. 2019. Can’t attach status screen shot. Suck.

  • john lutz says:

    can’t seem to get care pack warranty end date straightened out with tech support for over 2 weeks
    many case numbers, one of which is 5040522487. told me it would only be 72 hours but still not correct when I look up on hp web site

  • colleen murphy says:

    when san I expect a response? I have been trying to get a tech for the past 2 hours. all are busy for the past 2 hours, this is so upsetting I have had this problem, as mentioned, for four days,

  • colleen murphy says:

    have been having problems with aa-in-one- computer, this has been going on for 4 days and problem not fixed, have talked to MANY techs. Very unhappy – at one time I asked to speak tp a supervisor, was put on hold for 5 min no response. would appreciate a response to this problem, my cas#5041254187

  • Mary Stradford says:

    I find it appalling you hide behind the phone. I want to return your poor product. I need a full refund in the us of America. If you do not contact me I will ship it back to your office. It never was right and your Philippine friends would jack me around until i cant return it locally.

  • Elizabeth Gardner says:

    Three times I have written to you about this rubbish called a computer. Two of the same kind in not quite three years the first one a 23 inch all in one went to god after 6 months and when you could not fix it you replaced it. This one is just over a year old a 24 inch all in one and it has been giving me hell since I had it from three months old to now. I cannot get it fixed and you will not answer any of my questions nor will you do anything about it. I have only ever had Hewlett Packards and I tell you now I will never have another one Thousands of dollars down the drain for rubbish. Everything is gone off this, most of my apps my extras that I paid for other browsers except google my camera my personal papers and letters even the integrated apps that came with it EVERYTHING and I cannot get any of it back . You do not even do me the courtesy of an answer. I have been trying to contact you since I bought or got this replacement last year. It is worse that the previous one I had. This is disgraceful but typical American garbage nothing you lot make ever lasts. Never again. I would like a reply thankyou it is the least you can do.

  • James Bryant says:

    TO: Mr. Antonio Rabio Neri, CEO, President & Director,
    Mr. Daniel D. Havens, Chief growth Officer, and
    Hewlett-Packard Public/Customer Relations Officer:

    I purchased a HP OfficeJet 7740 Wide Format All-in-One Printer at the Staples store located at 44620 Valley Central Way, Lancaster, CA 93534 on Friday, June 7, 2019 that was delivered to my home on Monday morning, June 10, 2019. After successfully placing the unit where it was needed, and setting it up for wireless communication with my iMac destop computer with macOS Mojave version 10.14.5., I followed the minimum HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 directions for setting up the FAX feature, which included connecting my telephone line to the ‘Line-1’ outlet (not the 2-EXT). The result was my landline telephone displaying the message “Line in use”. All of the phone extensions showed the same readout. I went to the 123.hp.com/ojp7740 hoping to find more definitive support for setting up the FAX feature. At that site, there is a link to check the Product Warranty. To my surprise the warranty ‘start date’ showed January 18, 2018 and the ‘end date’ showed February 16, 2019. My question is, How can Hewlett-Packart Corporation put a beginning and end date on a Product Warranty, when the product had not been purchased? As far as I can remember, the manufacturer’s Product Warranty would begin as of the date the product (in this case the HP 7740) was purchased. I printed out the Products Warranty Results page and took it to show the manager of the above-mentioned Staples store. She, too, was surprised. I ended up purchasing the Staples Protection & Tech Help (Plan) plan for $49.99 to cover the HP 7740 for a four-year period. I tried using the Plan the evening of June 10th, making another attempt at setting up the FAX feature. The ‘Chat’ Plan Support Tech referred me to the 123.hp.com link. After approximately 30 minutes of trying to work with the Support Tech at the 123.hp.com link (Scott Lawrence), who was not in the United States, I was told that for $99.99, I would be connected to Support Tech at a higher level. I chose to decline that offer. I have used HP products – both desktop computers and printers over the years, and I currently own an HP laptop that I purchased about two year ago, and have for the most part considered Hewlett-Packard an exceptional company geared to the consumer of its products. The situation I am currently experiencing it certainly not endearing me to want to purchase Hewlett-Packard products in the future. I would attach ‘proof’ documentation, if there was a way to attach them to this message.

    • S. Lynn Myers says:

      James I feel for you!
      I too have used HP products for may years (nearly 30 years to be exact). Recently I purchased my second PC and third all-in-one printer. I have have found the quality bordering on deplorable. In addition their Customer Service is non-existent. But what really hurts is, that I now use twice as much ink for the same amount of printed material previously consumed in a day. This has actually increased my costs by 3 times. I am not sure how this can be corrected. If the consumer tries to call and get answers we are sent somewhere outside of the U.S. To someone who really doesn’t care whether or not they can help us. Unfortunately I, for one, can not afford to replace the PC and printer I purchased a few short months ago, for the staggering price of $1500+. But as a writer, I do plan to use every agency at my disposable to air the inefficiencies of HP the corporation and their Customer Service. I will further encourage all future customers to buy different products.

  • Charles Proctor says:

    Waited two hours on phone for customer service. Finally gave up. Will return printed I purchased tomorrow

  • >