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  • Address: 8501 Williams Rd, Estero, FL 33928, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 239-301-7000

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 50,000

  • Established: 1918

  • Founder: Walter L. Jacobs

  • Key People: Kathryn V. Marinello (President and CEO)

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Kathryn Vanstrom Marinello

President, CEO & Director

Thomas C. Kennedy

Senior EVP & CFO

Tom Callahan

President of Donlen Corporation

About Hertz, History and Headquarters Information


Hertz was founded in the year 1918. The company has been operational for almost 101 years now. The founder of the company was Walter L Jacobs. The former name of the company was Rent A Car Incorporated. The company started off with a dozen Model T Ford cars, and within the next five years, the company had expanded to almost 600 cars. During that time, the company was already generating nearly $1 million revenues as well. In the year 1923, the company was taken over Yellow Truck and Coach Manufacturing Company, and it was renamed to Hertz Drive-Ur-Self System. The company was again sold to General Motors Corporation in the year 1926, who had also purchased its parent company, known as General Motors Corporation, in the year 1943. The company had released its first car under the ownership of General Motors. The company had opened its first rental car location at Chicago’s Midway Airport in the year 1932. The following year, the company had also introduced the first one-way rental plan. The company had expanded to Canada in the year 1938, along with Europe in 1950 and even South America in the year 1961.

The company was repurchased from General Motors by John Hertz in the year 1953. The company was renamed to The Hertz Corporation, and the company was also made a limited public entity as well. The company had also relocated its headquarters from Manhattan to New Jersey, USA, in the year 1988. The company also started truck leasing services as well, in the year 1954, with the help of almost 4,000 trucks. The company had also taken over Metropolitan Distributors, which had increased the company’s number of trucks to over 15,500 trucks and more than 12,900 cars. In the year 1985, the rental car service was sold over UAL Corporation, for about $587.5 million. In the year 2000, the company started to introduce SiriusXM Satellite Radio in all of its rental cars and trucks as well. The company was the first rental company to launch its services in China. Then in the year 2007, the company started to provide vehicles that create less pollution with the Toyota Prius Hybrid. Two years later, the company had taken over a car sharing technology company known as Eileo SA. As of the year 2012, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $7.1 billion. The following year, the company had partnered up with China Auto Rental Company as well. The same year, the company also introduced rental for performance oriented cars too. As of the year 2016, the company had reached a market capitalisation of almost $3.7 billion. The headquarters of the company is based in 8501 Williams Road. The name of the place is Estero, while the name of the state is Florida, USA. The pin code of the area is 33928.


Hertz is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of vehicles, including standard cars, performance cars, trucks, hybrid cars, etcetera, on rent to its customers and clients. The current CEO and president of the company are Kathryn V Marinello. As of the year 218, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $9.5 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2018 is more than 38,000. The company has over 10,200 franchisee as well as owned rental car store locations, across the globe. The company also provides its services to around 150 different countries too, including Australia, Asia, Africa, New Zealand, the Middle East, etcetera.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to rent or even lease a car or a vehicle, which includes a truck as well. The company is the second largest rental car retailer in the USA too.

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  • Ali says:

    We have been scammed almost 30000 people here in Kenya by an individual’s who called themselves hertz company online business they collected almost millions of Kenya shillings trough online’s business by telling us rent a car online and earn please many innocent people have lost their income from their sweat if the company find my text come and handle this scammer’s who are looting people using the company name nd spoiling the company reputation here in Kenya we invested alot but they turn out to be scammers and now citizens are crying to have lost their income trough fraudulent online So called hertz car rental company thnks

  • Celiz says:

    I recently had an extremely frustrating experience with Hertz that I feel compelled to share. I initially rented a vehicle through Uber, and my experience with Hertz has been nothing short of a nightmare.

    First and foremost, Hertz falsely advertised a Nissan Maxima, which I was excited to drive. However, upon arrival, I was informed that the only available vehicle was a Tesla, and I reluctantly accepted it. This turned out to be a major inconvenience as I wasn’t prepared for an electric vehicle, but it was my only option.

    After enduring a week with the Tesla, I exchanged it for a Toyota Rav 4 due to the vehicle’s unbearable odor, which seemed to persist from the previous driver’s smoking habits. But my problems with Hertz were far from over.

    To my astonishment, Hertz continued to charge me as if I had the Tesla, which was significantly more expensive than the Rav 4. I decided to close the existing contract and open a new one because my old credit card had been stolen, and they claimed they couldn’t accept payments with the new card from the same bank. This ordeal was already baffling.

    The real nightmare began when I discovered Hertz charged my new card $1,500 for four weeks when I only owed payment for two weeks. They refunded a mere $375, leaving me bewildered and frustrated. When I called the local Hertz location to inquire about the charges, they could not explain the $584 charged the following week, claiming ignorance and advising me to contact the Hertz customer service hotline.

    My experience with the hotline was equally maddening, as I received contradictory information. When I reached out to corporate for assistance, they were initially unhelpful until I mentioned the lemon law, at which point they suddenly took interest in my case.

    After a convoluted investigation, it turned out that Hertz had charged me for a Tesla charging station fee, despite my certainty that I did not use it for almost $600. Moreover, when I received a partial refund of $375, there was no clarification on whether it was for weekly overcharges or the erroneous Tesla charges.

    Throughout this ordeal, Hertz never bothered to notify me about these unexpected fees. Instead, they simply withdrew money from my account without any warning, pushing me into a frustrating financial situation.

    To make matters worse, my rental vehicle broke down on a Sunday night. Rather than offering me a replacement vehicle, Hertz charged me for an entire week of rental when I had only used the car for five days during the previous week before it broke down. They even closed my contract, insisting that I needed to open a new one, which was utterly senseless.

    I must also mention that when my vehicle broke down, Hertz Roadside Assistance initially wanted to charge me for the towing service. It was only after I threatened legal action and mentioned lemon law that they reversed their decision.

    And lastly to put the cherry on top, I went ahead and rented again with Hertz because it’s the only way I can transport and make money with Uber. They suspended my rental privileges first they said it was toll fees which i quickly paid. Before i made the payment i asked if they were sure that’s the only reason why they suspended me, they assured me it was and to call back in a few hours to get the suspension lifted. A couple of hours later I called they informed me my suspension was permanent due to money being owed, when I was up to date with my payment.

    In summary, my experience with Hertz has been a financial nightmare. They have repeatedly charged me incorrect fees, provided contradictory information, and exhibited a complete lack of transparency. I would strongly advise others to exercise extreme caution when dealing with Hertz, as my experience has been nothing short of disastrous.

  • Victoria A. Moore says:

    i have never rented a car from hertz before nor do i ever want to rent from you again. My car had to go into the body shop so my insurance used hertz for my rent. that was July 8. my time was up august 9 but the body shop was not done till august 10. I drove your car back to the Fredericksburg office on the 10 around 3 pm. no one was there and lights off even though they close at 5. I waited for a bit but no one came so I was determined to bring the car back the next day ( no one would answer the phone either). I came back the next day at 3 and again, no one was there, office locked up but there was a long line of people waiting so i stood with them for 90 minutes till the office was opened at 4:20 in the afternoon. When it was my turn at the counter I turned in my keys and asked for a ride home. I am in a walker with a brave on my leg and I am not from Fredericksburg. No one could tell me where to catch the bus nor loan me a phone to use to call a cab ( my phone died from waiting). Then the cashier asked me if my rental was insurance or personal? I said it was on my insurance. They said for me to go ahead and drive the car back home and return it the next day since I had no way of getting home. asked if it would be an extra charge and she said no because I still had a few days before the car was due. Half way up the road i got a text telling me I was being charged for extended time. I turned the car back around, got my adult son and tried to return it at their office but by then it was after 5 and they were closed up. we looked for a drop box and THERE WAS NONE!!!! There was no place to leave the keys and we looked diligently. NO PLACE TO LEAVE KEYS!!!! So we looked up to see if there was another office. we found one in Stafford and took the car there but there was no drop box there also and they were closed. I called your customer relations number and they were very dismissive, rude and uncaring even though I was on the phone crying trying to figure out what to do with your car. They said i would have to keep the car for the weekend as you are not open on the weekend. we looked online and saw you were not open on the weekend. Then your customer service person pretended not to be able to hear me on the phone as she laughed at my situation then hung up on me. I called back again but no one would answer. I called my insurance company and they said the same thing, I would have to wait till Monday to work things out since Hertz is closed over the weekend. So the car sat in my parking lot till Monday. I feared if I left it in your parking lot with the keys locked inside, someone might steal your car. I didn’t want that to happen so I had it sit in my parking lot where it could stay safe. Monday I called first to make sure you were open, then I drove down and returned the car. I argued with your manager that there was no place to leave keys even though there was a black thing outside their store. They said that there was a drop box but where did you drop the keys??? Then they said they were open on Saturday but I showed them the online schedule and that both your customer relations number and State Farm said, they were closed on Saturday. They said they were glad I did not leave the car at the Stafford office as that office is no longer open. How would I know, there is no sign.
    I froze my card and had it replaced to keep your company from taking funds out of my account unjustly but when I recieved my new card six days later and turned it on, you took 222.00 out of my account. I’ve been arguing with your company since to return my funds. I should not be held responsible for Friday to Sunday.
    Your cashier had the responsibility to check the dates on the computer and confirm the end date with me instead of telling me I had a few more days to spare. When she discovered her mistake, I deserved a courtesy call and the option to return the car at that time. Because I was able to pick up my adult son, I had a way home so it would have been appropriate if Hertz used customer care instead of the “bottom dollar”. Lastly, this office should not have assumed I was a local or anything else derogatory because I am in a walker with a brace on my leg. This office was extremely derogatory and uncaring. In my naivete I assumed the cashier was being nice since I had no way home. I’m realizing now, I was set up and victimized by your organization. I can’t allow it. You asked for people to file their complaint directly with you before informing the Better Business Bureau, well I have so what do you intend to do about this? The 222.00 sits frozen in my bank until we resolve this matter. Yes, I am responsible for the 10th as the body shop finished a day late. I am not responsible for the weekend as your Fredericksburg office did not provide a drop box nor instructions as to where to leave the keys in case the office is closed, your manager did not give me a courtesy call when they discovered their mistake nor give me the option to return the vehicle when their mistake was discovered nor offer options of places I could drop off the car if the Fredericksburg office was closed, and lastly, your Fredericksburg manager is discriminatory and rude. Realizing her stores mistake they should have been willing to work with me rather then letting things go this far because they see me as worthless. So my question to you is, am I worthless to you too or are you going to be willing to own up to your mistake and deception and resolve this situation correctly!!!

  • Rex says:

    You guys have worker at sugar land airport that curses customers out and women employees out is this service you guys provide in your company. Them I need to get a job here because I never seen nothing like this before so what are you guys going to do about it.

  • B.Greer says:

    I was above and beyond impressed with the outstanding service given to myself and my husband by Sean Eyres on Wednesday, August 16 at Orlando Airport.
    We encountered numerous problems at your rental counter….understaffed…no one available and the list is endless.
    But Sean came to the counter and single handed redirected us and walked with us to the right area. He was on a mission to help and help he did!
    You should give this people oriented individual a special commendation to please his customers.
    Thank you,

  • Keisha says:


    I have been a loyal customer of Hertz for years with no complaints. I have recently been renting from the Conyers,GA location and this location is slow, always under staffed and there is always a problem.

    I made a reservation on a Monday for a Thursday pickup at 4 pm. Enough time for them to have a car. They did not have a car, they did not notify me via telephone nor email but they have much sarcasm is this place today.

    One lady made an announcement that, if you made a reservation after hours on Wednesday No cars were available. Big inconvenience! I asked, this same lady if I would have a car, she talked to me with her head turned the other way, that’s not what I just said or something like that she replied. Rude. Well they had no car for me. They claimed to have 4/5 cars to pickup from Pep Boys and supposedly I could wait
    to get one. Well when the men came back they didn’t have a car for me. After 5 pm I had been there for over one hour. I politely asked, the manager how long would it be and she replied, Ma’am I don’t know.
    No Empathy, No effort to accommodate for the inconvenience.

    the same lady(karen?) that made the announcement about not having cars, told two men (Insurance Rentals) that Hertz Prioritize Insurance car rentals. Hmmm well that’s nice to know because she was making all types of suggestions to them, not one time did either of them give me a suggestion.

    I told the manager to cancel my reservation, She hoped right on that, then to say if your card is on file they may still charge me. She did call the 1 800 number and cancel the reservation because they did not have the capability to fulfill my reservation. I will continue to make my reservations at the other location that I have been doing business with.
    The manager did do everything in her power to help a man that had returned a rental today and had a reservation a week or longer without calling but when he left she had put him in another vehicle. I’m sure he did not reserve on monday nor on wednesday. he wanted the same vehicle but it was marked for an oil change and wouldn’t allow the manager to reserve it.

    This Hertz must have a bad spirit or a dark cloud or built on a grave because the energy is on 2 out of 10.
    I do appreciate the young man that attempted to help me.

  • Jose Chi says:

    Hertz RAC Complaint

    Re: Mietvertrag/ Rental Agreement 413537902

    Thursday July 20th 2023
    Wein (Vienna) Austria

    We would like to file a complaint with your esteemed company regarding an incident that occurred Thursday July 20th 2023.

    We had ordered a midsized SUV because of the ample luggage space we required but got a Toyota C-HR hatchback instead with woefully inadequate luggage space. Such a vehicle would have required an extra means of transportation to our hotel.

    We wanted to cancel the reservation because Agency manager inaccurately said that the were no vehicles left.

    However he would not let us cancel the unsatisfactory rental because he said a contract had been signed and we could be penalized the entire amount of the rental when we were not even allowed to see & evaluate the vehicle before we signed the contract and put up our credit card as a deposit.

    This was also inaccurate because having consulted legal opinions the following is presently the case; on 1 January 2019, a new Section 5c of the Austrian Insurance Contract Act for non insurance and insurance contracts provides for one unified cancellation right with a cancellation period of 14 days for non-life insurance contracts and 30 days for life insurance contracts. The corresponding 14- or 30-day withdrawal right pursuant to Article 6 of EU Directive 2002/65/EC, implemented in Section 8 of the Austrian Distance Financial Services Act, remains unchanged, thus resulting in one or, in the case of distance contracts, two cancellation rights. In addition, the new Austrian law aligns with Section 8(5) of the German Insurance Contract Act and provides sample information to the policyholder, which, if used, is deemed correct and complete.

    What your Agency Manager has committed is a completely misleading and unfair practice. This Agency manager later switched tactics and offered us a larger vehicle but charged us extra for the other vehicle when he had earlier said that there were not other vehicles available in the first place.

    In addition, the Agency manager also did not accept the insurance we purchased from Expedia and blocked our card in the amount of 2000 EUROs which is incorrect because we had already expended money for the Expedia insurance. The charging us of 2000 EUROs is an abusive practice when we were already insured.

    This is clearly stated in Austrian

    As the “right of Mr Average”, consumer protection in Austria covers those legal norms which serve to protect the consumer. The Consumer Protection Act in particular has repercussions on legal transactions between traders and consumers. The aim is to in particular compensate the inequality between traders and consumers typically created by economic inferiority, lack of legal expertise or psychological pressure, by offering consumers special protection.

    The protective regulations of the Consumer Protection Act – such as, inter alia, the right of withdrawal granted – help the consumer to preserve his or her rights and pull out of transactions that have been concluded in too much of a hurry.

    The Consumer Protection Act helps the consumer in his or her often inferior position, which is due to lack of legal expertise, and empowers all those traders who offer their services in a serious and transparent manner. Only due to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act is it possible to efficiently take action against dubious providers, and dissolve contracts that are not transparent.

    Overall the experience was unfair and the individual in question was very evasive, unhelpful and unrepresentative of a nominally high quality Company such as Hertz Rental Car where a higher level of customer service is to be expected.

    We ask for a full accounting, reassessment and redressing of the this particular situation where we have been unfairly, inequitably and rudely treated.

    If we are not treated in a justified and equity fashion, we have been advised to take this matter up with the Governmental Consumer Agency in Vienna (Wien) Austria. See below:


    We have also been given other legal options on higher governmental and national levels such as listed below which we are considering as well


    We also have access to an international network of attorneys which operate in over countries as part of our alliance who have discussed the possibility of class action legal redress in certain particularly egregious circumstances which may affect a broad class of consumers which may be the case in this situation.

    The Austrian-style class action is based on Section 227 of the Code on Civil Procedure, which allows multiple claims to be jointly brought between the same parties before the same court in a single lawsuit. To use this instrument for class action-style proceedings, multiple persons assign their claim to a single (legal or natural) person, which then brings the claims in its own name jointly against the defendant.

    Based on Austrian case law, the assigned claims for Austrian-style class actions must share:
    * the same jurisdiction;
    * the same type of proceedings;
    * the same cause of action; and
    * essentially the same actual and legal issues.

    In practice, claims are often assigned to an association that acts as claimant. Usually, the costs of Austrian-style class actions are advanced by a third-party funder that will receive a share of the proceeds in case of success.

    We await your most rapid response to this presently brewing situation.

    Jeanny Lei
    Primary Renter

    Joe ’Jose Luis‘ Chi
    Secondary Renter
    Latin Chambers of Commerce of the USA.
    Hemispheric Congress of Chambers of Commerce of the Americas


  • Kathy Isringhausen says:

    I rented a car from Dollar which is owned by Hertz at the Charlotte North Carolina airport on June 25th. I returned it the following morning to Greensboro North Carolina airport on June 26th. The lady at the return booth obviously did not put the information in the computer and close the rental out. Now they are saying I haven’t returned the vehicle . After talking to around 8 different people they have closed the account on July 19th which still shows I owe for those days I did not have that car! I was told they rented to someone else during the the days that I supposedly had the car! My bank will dispute the amount on my credit card but I’m receiving letters saying I still have the car. I’m afraid this will go to collections and then I will have to go court. What a nightmare so know I’m going to reach out to corporate. This all boils down to the employee that took my paperwork but did not put it into the system as returned. I can pinpoint that employee sitting there eating a sandwich telling me she would put it in the system…she needs to be located and fired or better yet she can pay for the 2,000. Charge.
    I will tell everyone not to rent from Hertz. I also found out they have a lawsuit against them for accusing people of stealing their cars! I will go to the ends of the earth to fix this.

  • SoCal Costa Mesa says:

    Had such a degrading and disrespectful experience at Hertz Costa Mesa, CA on Habor Blvd. After booking an Intermediate SUV, which I showed to the Hertz employee I was told I booked an e vehicle (kayak shows one thing & hertz shows another), I kept being told I booked an e vehicle on hertz even though they saw the res said SUV. I was told I would have to pay for a SUV, when I spoke with the manager he lectured me that I needed to calm down and change my energy. When I said ok and was quiet he wasn’t satisfied and kept lecturing me, kept telling me he didn’t like my energy when I wasn’t saying anything. He refused to look for a car he kept going on and on. It was so degrading and disrespectful. My husband saw the whole thing and was flabbergasted that the manager insisted on continuing to lecture me for ‘my energy’ when I wasn’t saying anything. I stood there and after him lecturing me while I stood there & said please check. He wouldn’t stop, he had the power to control & wanted me to know it. I left, no car, still in need of a rental after extreme condescension.

  • Naresh R.Nanan says:

    Hello , I reside in Trinidad & Tobago and trying to reach a head office to follow up on my resume sent for a rental agent position here locally. I previously worked for Hertz Rental Car in Orlando International Airport as a car detailer where I serviced cars upon return and worked my way up to a rental agent. I have since relocated to the island of Trinidad and Tobago and found that their is a Hertz Rental agency here and I would love the opportunity to work for Hertz again.

  • Georgia Clement says:

    I have booked a car through justfly.com and when I call hertz to chamge the dates they said I could not since it was booked 3rd party. Told me to contact priceline.com. called priceline and they have no record of my rental. Called hertz back asked again are you sure it’s priceline? Customer service agent was rude and said yes and that he couldn’t help me. Called priceline again. Same response. I’m canceling the car rental under the heading of fraud. So disappointed

  • Margaret Hanley says:

    trying to contact Hertz. They have been a tenant in my building for 25 years. Called the area manager a week ago re a $20,000 dollar savings. No reply, no email, no comment! I’m glad Hertz is not concerned about money

  • Jean maine says:

    My name is jean maine i reaching out to.The CEO Walter L Jacobs OF Hertz Rent Car Company to Change there Policy to there customer when they come to rent there’s cars, I am having a problem to get a receipt .And your customer service is telling me that they only can go back in the system sixth months i fine that hard to believe .I’m reaching out to you for help To change in your company thanks

  • Julie Trickey says:

    Hertz was the worst experience I have ever had with a rental. My daughter got the Rochester NY airport Hertz counter, the agent Byron reeked with the odor of marajuana, Byron gave her keys without explaining or asking any questions, she goes to the garage to get the car, approaches the attendant and asks if he was with hertz, he displays his shirt and says, ‘ I’m wearing their shirt aren’t I ???’ Then he shows her the electric car, she explains that it won’t work for her, and he was disgusted and told her to go back to the counter, and she did. Then Byron gives her keys for a car that was dirty and had not been cleaned yet… so she is sent back to the counter. Byron gives her another set of keys, this time it’s a Suburban, she tells the attendant can I please just get the car on my reservation, and sends her back to the counter..for the fourth time. Now Byron is giving her a hard time and my daughter is in tears!! He proceeds to give her another set of keys, for a Ford Eccoboost !! I called to find out why this had to happen, the phone rings endlessly at the Rochester Airport .. so I called the corporate office in Florida.. first agent Isabella hangs up on me and the second agent Christina , puts me on hold to find a Supervisor that never comes to the phone. So now I will wait and see if they really do call me back… absolutely horrible service and behavior …
    Julie T
    Western New York.

  • Carole Ferguson says:

    I want to compliment the Hertz rental agent that helped me with the insurance replacement vehicle today. Her name is Deanna Smith and she works at the ConcordPkwy office in Concord NC. She was so pleasant, kind and helpful. It made my experience getting the proper rental so easy and painless. She represents Hertz in the best way possible

  • Frank Crossen says:

    I went on vacation & rented a vehicle from Hertz. I also spent the extra money to get the insurance on the vehicle because I knew I was going to be doing a lot of driving. We picked the vehicle up at Tampa Airport. I was quoted $859.00, but there was a $200.00 deposit, which I would receive back in my account once I returned the vehicle. The day we were leaving to come home, we returned the vehicle to the maintenance person & I was told that I would receive an e-mail, as well as receiving my $200.00 deposit. Not only did I not receive my $200.00 deposit, but they charged my credit card an additional $200.00. So I was charged $1,059.00 on my credit card. Supposedly, once I finally was able to get through to Hertz & speak to someone, I was told that there was damage to the vehicle. First of all, there was absolutely no damage at all. It was brought back exactly as I received it & secondly what is the purpose of spending the extra money on insurance, if there is going to be an extra charge placed on my credit card. I am requesting my $400.00 back on my credit card. This has been a very stressful ordeal & it has been all I can think of since I returned from vacation on 9/26/2022. I would like to have someone get in touch with me so that this can be straightened out. I have gone through every avenue to get this rectified & I need my $400.00 back on my account ASAP.

  • Fed-up customers says:

    What happened to hertz I’m a 64 yrs senior and back in the day hertz was my go to car rental because they respected there customers and now you have these franchises just exploiting your customers using your name I live in Tupelo Ms there are only two locations one is at Tupelo regional airport that charges fees on fees then there the Barnes crossing location own by a racist whiteboy that charges $50 a day for DWI on top of numberest other fees inflation is one thing but exploitation is pure greed and taking advantage of your customers.

  • Ana Cordova says:


  • Melanie says:

    I will never utilize this company for rental needs ever ever and I will never recommend it to anyone that I care about and want to have a professional experience I utilize the Madera California office and the Gentleman Just was rude and non concerned about going over everything and how the process works and I’m still trying to get my deposit from March of 2021 when I last turned in the rental and I keep being told that this is something my bank is to release which why would a financial institution be responsible for releasing deposit funds that was held a rental agency it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever the policy for that is ridiculous stupid and annoying I have been trying to get some sort of assistance and I don’t care if it’s a year and a half or five years my $200 is my $200 and being treated as though it’s out of their hands and it lies solely on my financial institution to release those funds is absurd absolutely absurd. Someone needs to change that dumb policy and return deposits within 24 hours because what does a bank have to do with that?

  • James Jones says:

    Booked the rental for August 26th online paid with my credit card was not able to rent the car but still have not received my refund maybe I got to see legal action cuz you all would not keep my money you Crooks!!!!!! Hertz had to investors when you file bankruptcy now you decided to steal from the customers?

  • J R says:

    I cannot get human to respond to my request to pick up an item left in a car. I have followed all of the instructions to file a claim. The item has been tracked to a rental office. No one will pick up the phone. I get told to go on line. Online does not do anything. I am tempted to file a police report. It is absolutely ridiculous that no one can answer a phone in a place that is renting cars 24 hours a day. I would say I will never use Hertz again, but the truth is that there are only 3 rental companies and I think they are all pretty bad. But next time we will give Hertz a rest and find another way.

  • Kevin says:

    Had to cancel a reservation on August 12th. I was told my refund would be processed that day and would take 7 to 10 days to post. Here it is September 9th and I am still have yet to receive my refund. I have called numerous times and was told it was waiting on management approval or that it was being processed. Also, sent emails to customer relations and received the same canned message just a different date. I used Hertz a lot for business travel in the past and had a good experience. This was for personal travel and has been the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. This is the first bad review I have ever written as I am a patient person.

  • Kia S says:

    The worst rental expense ever! The lady Caitlin was so rude to me I had to ask her if she knew me personally. Not once but on 3 separate occasions was she nasty towards me. Then when she had to switch my car because the tags were expiring on the original you would’ve thought I was getting the keys to her personal car and she was upset about it. They never return phone calls and the “supervisor” doesn’t respond to emails. Sucky experience. Never renting with Hertz again!

  • LEON NEUMANN says:

    I rented a car at the Sunny Islands branch of Hertz to be returned on September 5. A few days ago being at the supermarket I realized that September 5th is a holyday (labors day) so I returned to the Hertz office to find out that they will be closed on monday and usually they close on sundays. So the alternatives they gave me were to return the car on saturday or to take it on monday to the airport. I didn’t like any of those options but I wonder that being on the 21 century, that branch of Hertz doesn’t have a drop box where you can leave the keys and be on your way. You say you are the number one rental car company. Let me doubt it!!

  • Kelly says:

    I am trying to dispute a charge that 1) I was told to choose 2) I thought it was part of the rental agreement 3) I did not know this was a separate charge (I have car insurance) No one seems to care about how I was tricked into this major cost. What do I do now?

  • Jessica fred says:

    Rented a car from hertz at the atl airport.. they ended up charging my card for the deposit 3 times!! And only sent one deposit back!! During my trip I wasn’t able to use my card!Luckily I had cash!! Then hertz has the nerve to not answer the phone ever like what! Still can’t contact them!!! I’ll never rent from hertz again

  • jessica raygoza says:

    I had a very horrible experince with hertz. I exchanged a car for a mechcanical issue. I had to drive to an airport because there was not a hertz local to help me. At the airport my car was exchanged. It was not until 2 days later when I tired to reserve a hotel that I found out I was charged 1438.67 for the car exchange. I was out of state with my son and we were unable to get a hotel. All the supervisor told me was I know this is not the outcome you want. Hertz left us with a safe place to sleep, not a care.

  • Bernard Dubois says:

    My name is Bernard du Bois
    I’m in possession of a 1966 Hertz mustang. I have a marketing idea for Hertz rent a car.
    Please contact me at the email if interested.

  • Norman says:

    Hertz is a garbage company. No customer service at all. I see all of these posts about how they have mistreated their customers. I will never rent from them again. And I know that they don’t care. Enterprise treat people alot better. Fuck the corporate office it’s run by people that aren’t from the US so they don’t care about us. I hope that this company goes bankrupt from losing all of their customers

  • Kim Randolph says:

    After the way my friends were treated from California by the Jackson Michigan Hertz Rental. I will not recommend you to anybody. They have a light going off on the car but it’s still drivable. So they told him to drive it an hour and a half away to Detroit Airport. I think this is very bad customer service. They say they don’t have a car for them in Ann Arbor or in Jackson. Not happy.

  • William J Deppen says:

    Hello, our home is Cape Coral Florida and we support our area businesses. I needed to return to Wisconsin on business/personal via Rockford Il airport. My reservation states call the local Hertz location 815.391.6238 for pick-up service. However when calling this number upon landing at 5pm I was told to contact a ride share as the location had only one employee. Lyft charged me $14.40, and $18. back to Rockford as this location is closed on Sunday. I’m outraged and feel that I was taken advantage of. How do I recover these ride share costs? Thank you in advance for your help with this!

  • Laura Anderson says:

    Complaint Meger Evers Airport Jackson, Mississippi

    Gabby, Agent
    Very unprofessional, rude, yelling at customer, allowing a Hertz driver to interfere with my reservation, he responded to a question as I speaking to Gabby on more than one occasion. After I informed him I was speaking to Gabby and please do not get involved in my business, he stated to me I was rude!
    Although I waited until a Malibu was available and a staff member brought it to Gabby’s attention she refused to rent the vehicle to me.

    Also, I did not understand why her friend the driver was responding when it was clear that he was on a lunch break hanging out at the check in counter with Gabby.
    So as I redirected my concerns to Gabby that’s when she yelled at me.

    Finally my patience ran out. I had enough and I asked to speak with a Manager. I reported the incident and I cancelled the rental and requested a refund immediately!
    The manager stated to me just consider this reservation like it never happens!
    Sincerely Laura Anderson

  • Tamika Driskell says:

    I’m still dealing with trying to get my personal belongings back from back in March when they came and took the vehicle in the middle of the day and had all my personal belongings in it including my purses one with my wallet in it multiple suitcases a cooler and multiple other items very expensive items and I went through their bull crap steps of make a lost item report online then we will contact you if your items have been reported as found and guess what not once today call me so I call customer service customer service gives me this bull crap number to call that rings for three to four minutes then you have to leave a voicemail and customer service can’t help you because I have a number strictly for lost items and to me it seems like it’s all a way for them to be able to keep somebody’s personal belongings especially whenever they find out that they’re expensive like my Kate Spade purses and duffel bag along with my suitcase that had jewelry in it for myself and the jewelry that I bought my mom in advance for mother’s day that I was never able to give to her. Also my brand new phone was in the vehicle because I ran into my hotel room real fast to give my boyfriend some food and medicine because he wasn’t feeling good and then I go to step back outside and the car is fucking gone. Hertz is a joke and I should have never went back and rented from them again after my first experience that I had in downtown St Louis when they gave me a vehicle that was nowhere near what I rented initially and then it had spilled rotten milk in the back seat that stunk to high heaven and the worker told me oh if you smoke cigarettes I don’t care go ahead and smoke the whole time if you want because I can’t get the smell out the back seat so I don’t really care what you do to the vehicle that should have been a big red flag there but I just agreed to take the vehicle because I had no choice because I needed it and then back in March they decided in Ballwin Manchester Missouri to take the vehicle in the middle of the day and all my personal items and then not get back with me if you used to return my calls refuse to return my emails refuse to give me an answer in general and I expect my items to be returned which is I know is after 30 days but they can either send me a check to cover my items or they could buy me all new items which I’m sure they’re not going to like to do but they need to make something right for the inconvenience they caused me.

  • Cameron Abresch says:

    Tried to book my parents a surprise trip to my town, which is hundreds of miles away and they never get to visit, but hertz would not allow them to pick up the vehicle that I reserved IN THEIR NAME, even after I spoke with them and confirmed I was making the reservation for someone else. They said that was fine, happened all the time. Then, my parents were not allowed to pick up the car and, instead, had to pay hundreds of dollars of their own hard earned money to get a car so they could come see me. Unbelievablely low customer service, zero attention to detail, and no regard for the effect of their policies. I understand having certain parameters in place, but all businesses should be prepared to help fix a customer situation that is extenuating. 0/10 would NOT recommend.

  • John Gibbons says:

    To whom it may concern my name is John Gibbons my claim # is 13994958. my contact info is 4047615739/ 4045459912
    please help me resolve my complaint regarding a previous Herzt car rental care/of AAA auto Southlake Atlanta GA.i have submitted the requested documents and have waited the requested 10 business day period. All I want is to be made whole. I am hoping that this request finds it way to someone who can help me.. Thank you in advance.

  • kayla Scrivner says:

    It is absolutely ridiculous. Because Hertz was negligent in getting a renters insurance information that op out on Hertz insurance that I am told it is my responsibility to deal with an auto accident that totaled my parked car at 1am in the morning.
    I bought my totaled car from Hertz sales and used to tell everyone it is the best place to go but not anymore.

    Very frustrated and angry,
    Kayla Scrivner

  • mike canet says:

    First and foremost – president circle gold member. Get calls and email from Aaron.Wignall@hertz.com saying my car was not returned and to please send him a copy of the receipt showing the return. As HERTZ is very aware, they push to have us drop off cars without waiting for the receipt. As HERTZ is also very aware, you can go into YOUR OWN COMPUTERS and see that the car was dropped off. Why was I contacted in the first place? why was my AMX charged $100 a day for a car that was returned? Either Aaron is incompetent, lazy, or stupid… Because I was traveling out of the country, I didn’t see or get all the messages until I returned. In the meantime I had to cancel my AMX bc there were charges for a car I didn’t rent. Again….instead of sending me emails and robo calling my office, simply looking at my records with HERTZ would have shown him the time and date of the drop off… so…. stupid? lazy? incompetent?

    Perhaps a trainable moment?

  • January Kopek says:

    I had booked a car online to pick up at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport 3/23/2022 at 12:15 p.m. The Original Booking came up for 949 Cambelback RD Phoenix So, I called Hertz directly and they said that was ” no problem, happens all the time.” All I had to do was take the Shuttle to Hertz and reservation would be transferred over. I said why not do it now and the Lady assured me I would be ok. Well, the Lady was wrong as I was informed once at Airport location. I had to download Uber and pay $23 to go 11 minutes to location where my rental was. I get to Hertz at 11:30 a.m. and there are people all over outside and inside. and not ONE car on the lot. I go in and sorry we have no cars, you can call Hertz to cancel because we cannot. Pardon me! I had a Reservation online.
    Well, Paul and another Lady stated they were over booked for 61 Rentals and had no cars. I could put my name on a list and wait. I decided to do that and go outside to bake in the sun with everyone else. I called every Hertz and was told I could cancel with a 10% cancellation fee! Now, explain why I would have to pay a fee if your Company did not have my car I reserved to let alone any cars on the lot! What a joke!
    I called several other Car rentals and not one car available or would be $1100 for a four day rental! As more and more people came still not one car! Then we were told the Regional Manager is aware of the situation and keeps saying cars are coming.
    Now this is almost 2 hours after arriving. It was very hot outside and I told the counter people I am walking to McDonalds to get a drink. Now, mind you it was not even a block away. IF you leave you will lose your spot on the list! ARE you serious as it is 95 degree outside. Once again outside to sit in the sun. Now, its 230 p.m. and a few cars starting coming in and had to be cleaned. Funny those 3 rentals were not clean and had damage under that was obvious and outside as we all saw. Poor people were told well, its the best we can do. Now its 3 p.m. and there are 8 cars on the lot sitting!!! NOT ONE CAR WAS BEING RELEASED TO US WAITING CUSTOMERS! THIS location decided to wait till 4 p.m. till they started to release cars and no explanation on why except per Regional Manager! At this point I am beyond frustrated, hot and thirsty and this was unacceptable since I had been there since 11:30 a.m. I finally went in again and said put my name on a rental for tomorrow and I will get in morning as I need to check into my hotel. Sorry, we cannot do that as we are booked for 75 cars tomorrow and don’t have one available. Also, you may want to call Hertz and see if your reservation has been cancelled. Cancelled?? Oh, because you haven’t checked in they can cancel your reservation!! What in the Hek is this! I had been there since 11:30 and now its 3:15 and missed my scheduled appointment downtown Phoenix!! I have never dealt with this at any other rental company in twenty five years.
    Now, its 3:55 p.m. and I am told we have a car for you. Its not clean or washed but, they did spray it inside with some heavy duty citrus spray. I told the lady I should get a discount as well as I was told I had to present my AARP rewards number to get my discount. NO, sorry we don’t do that!! So, here we go again with crap customer service. AFTER you turn in rental you can call Hertz and they should be able to help you! No, no one since the day after I rented a POS! Steering wheel made noise every time you turned! The USB port did not work! The gas pedal had a vibration!! The smell!! It smelled like smoke and something died every time the A/C fan kicked on! I literally looked under the hood to see if a poor animal was stuck then went to Walgreens to buy spray. OF COARSE I called Hertz and was told we have no vehicles so, once again I was paying for crappy service. Sorry, we cannot help you with discounts, sorry we cannot accept your rewards number now, sorry sorry sorry is all you get from people you can barely understand.
    YOU Hertz charged my card $476.29 for an unsafe vehicle and many unjustifiable issues. I want a BIG credit made to my credit card or I am taking this to the BBB and beyond for you not following a Contract that you agreed to! I will wait another 72 hours after this note and then I will forward complaints. I have called several times, took surveys to receive no calls back as promised.

  • AG says:

    I would like to complain Regarding Hertz in Norway

    1- I’m working as accountant and Business Manger
    2- One of my Clients got His car accident
    3- insurance company give him Car from Hertz until them fix his car
    4- I went to finish everything for him
    5- i told the people on Hertz it’s belong to this company not on my private name , them said to me we are understand
    6- time when he delivered the car to Hertz
    I contacted with them and i started processing to sent Responsibility Document from his Company to Hertz to send all the invoices on his company directly
    7- them refused cause of bad credit check
    8- I talked with my client again who owns different company
    9- we change the responsibility document information and sent to Hertz , them refused to help
    10- them sent all the invoices on my private name
    11- i have no sign contract with Hertz
    12- i only registered my information in Hertz as contact person
    13- I contacted with them many times them taken very long time to answer
    14- them sent all the invoices on my private name and to the collection
    15- I write for the Customer service again them told me the company had bad credit check which is not correct
    16- the company has millions of income and very good economy situation

    17- so please i need to close all this bad situation and remove all the invoices from my private name to the company
    18- customer service in Norway is very tuff
    19- I’m working as Accountant not responsible for anything I’m just some times I’m talking behalf of my clients
    20- from the first moment i told the Hertz it’s all regarding The company I’m behalf of the Client
    So please i need your help as soon as possible

  • Vilma Montalvo Castillo says:

    I bought a car from your Norwalk, CA cars sales back in 2017 became a repeat customer and recommended your car sales to many. On December 29, 2021 bought my second car through same car sales Norwalk, CA…the car has been to three mechanics since January, I have made two car payments and I have not driven the 2019 Buick Encore for a full week. I spoke to the financial manager at the Norwalk, CA office and he said he would speak with corporate. No one has gotten back to me. I need someone to contact me because I am tried of Uber (which I pay for, since I was not offered a temp car). I really need this resolved.

  • Deborah Gozzo says:

    I would like to make a suggestion after experiencing a very inconvenient incident at the San Jose International Airport this past Sunday evening, February 13th. I rent cars every other week from Hertz at SJC. On this particular evening my flight from LAS to SJC was late – instead of arriving at 9:30pm, my arrival time was delayed to 11pm. I am a President’s Circle renter, so did not expect I would have an issue. I went to the the 2nd floor of the Rental Car Bldg at SJC and sure enough my name was on the Gold Board. Went and picked up a car and headed out of the parking garage only to find I was not able to exit. I called the Hertz emergency # and was told since the Hertz location at SJC closes at 10:30pm there was no one to assist me in exiting the parking garage – the suggestion was I take an Uber or Lyft to my destination and come back once the Hertz location opened in the morning – Since my destination was Santa Cruz, this was really not an option. I did take an Uber to my Santa Cruz destination, called the next morning to cancel the existing reservation (conf #K01911815E6) and made arrangements to rent a car from Hertz in Santa Cruz. All this being said, to follow is my suggestion. Install a key pad at the exit at the SJC parking garage that requires that a renter has to input their unique confirmation # to exit the parking structure after hours. I am a female who was traveling alone – the inconvenience the Hertz being closed was not only that, it was also a bit scary. Generally, I am a very satisfied Hertz customer – this one incident was not ideal and I think it can be easily resolved based on my suggestion. Thanks for listening – please feel free to contact me at debgozzo@sbcglobal.net. Would be happy to provide my Hertz membership # when contacted. Again, thank you. Deborah Gozzo

  • Andy Holmsten says:

    I have a 2021 Chevrolet Blazer from the Hertz in Pasadena, CA. & they told me it was clean & when I had gotten home & wanted to put something in the back seat & accidentally dropped the Key Fob in between the seats & my fingers hadn’t found the Key Fob but it did find a Condom & that’s when I took out my Cell Phone Camera & put the Video with light on & I would hate to know there meaning of dirty if they called it clean with not just a Condom under the seats but Pens, Pencils, food & other stuff… Where can I send this Video that I have to so you can see what I saw… I have had since had the vehicle washed & Cleaned just because I wanted it clean so when I take it back it’ll be 100% Cleaner then when I picked up the Vehicle… Please give me an email 📧 address so that I can send you that video…

  • Derrick says:

    Claim # 12857313 (previous num 13135839), just reopened today – 400 bucks charged in Cancun airport by Hertz for a 100% prepaid package car that was returned on Dec 12, 2021 without problems, and instead of releasing the guarantee amount, they charged 400 USD to my card. Money is still not in the bank. Impossible to escalate – Customer service call center is useless. You are the worst company ever.

  • Jim Hardie says:

    Looking for a contact at Hertz that can supply info on their 2006 Shelby Hertz

  • Khary Clark says:

    My 2021 Ford F-150 platinum ($85k) was being repaired under warranty at Koons Ford. The air dam was damaged but the truck was driveable. I was put in a Ford Edge loaner rental from Hertz until the repairs were made. Fast forward to yesterday… I receive a threatening text from hertz to come get the vehicle because it was unauthorized use. I called Koons Ford and they assured me the problem was resolved. Fast forward to this morning…. The vehicle was taken by hertz in the middle of the night with my personal belongings in it. The driveway was also damaged from the repo truck dragging the vehicle from my driveway. Today, i have yet to receive my personal belongings and I was given a hyundai car replacement. I was originally told that I could only receive a Ford renatl/loaner because my new car warranty would only pay for a comparable Ford loaner/rental. What a joke on Koons and Hertz part. We are now expecting snow in the forecast. I will be seeking legal action!

  • Carretha Bonds says:

    I have been a Gold Member at Hertz for quite some time. I like the service and vehicles I receive when I rent from Hertz. I am very upset to report someone was allowed to rent a vehicle in my name without my authorization. I don’t understand how this could have happened. Every time I rent a car from Hertz, I have to show ID. During the time the vehicle was rented, I personally rented two vehicles one in South Holland, IL and one in New York, New York. I have been speaking with representatives at Hertz regarding the situation and the best coarse of action I should take because I don’t want it to happen again. The response I got was to dispute the charge with my credit card company. It should be so simple as to reviewing the cameras at the car rental location. It’s sad to know this is how you handle investigations and loyal customers.

  • jack d sumner says:

    I am a retired HERTZ employee and I am looking to get a copy of the insurance policy given to me at retirement in 2001

  • Charla Jordan on behalf of my niece.SHANA. ASHFORD!! says:

    Were waiting on a vehicle that should have been ready at 9.am it is 11.00 and we’re still waiting. The original vehecle wasnt on the lot. They got another vehicle but the oil had to be changed. Therefore we have missed a very important event..Ouour trip has been a total wreck because of the carelessness of the staff. Who is gonna have rental cars and all of them need an oil change?????Your business in Chattanooga sucks!! As a veteran of these unite states.. I didnt deserve this!!!!

  • Pamela Crouch says:

    I used your service not too long ago, just read a report about your company and how you treat your customers as criminals. We will never use your service again and I hope you go out of business

  • joihn says:

    i hope the government shuts you down because of your criminal actions regarding your customers and false stolen car reports and i hope you have to pay millions in these cases, getting people arrested under false pretenses and going to jail for your companies criminal actions has disgusted every one i know and when i was in business i used your company which now appears the trump shit of car rental business

  • Kimberly Miller says:

    Prepaid two weeks in advance an they said can pick up the car at 9. Got there at 11 an they had No cars. Come back in an hour like the lady said an they have no cars!! Never will we rent from this place again. Customer service person was not nice either. Complained to someone at corporate an they really didn’t care. So we canceled the rental an went to Enterprise where the customer service was so pleasant an helpful. Got a car the next morning.

  • Bakker Industries (George Bakker says:

    Infrastructure, RT 85 Oxford NC. 16,000 sq ft building. 3 phase power, 3” natural gas. 400’ Verizon communication antenna. On 34 acres. Heavy industrial.

  • Annie Bradley Thomas says:

    Hello I am not happy with Hertz Shreveport Airport. I have been cheated by adding items of insurance I wasn’t told and I don’t need. Over 200 dollars add to my bill. I signed for the car not insurance. Annie Thomas 8437189751

  • Brandy says:

    Depending on which hertz you go to in Jacksonville NC they do nothing but lie and then don’t even have a vehicle for ya when you already rented it 2 weeks prior so had to go o another hearts a hour in a half away they made my day and apologized and gave me a tip if your not in the service they treat ya like a nobody and don’t do business in Jacksonville NC well I was stupid and tried again 9 months later yes they had a vehicle this time but was told it had a E-ZPass to find out they never activated it so I have a bill for 18.50 for a toll I call they tell me it’s like 10-11 dollars per day for a pass haha can’t even talk to a supervisor or corporate. lies lies lies is all I’m getting from them $1000 for a van for a week and now they want me to pay toll fees when they said it was included worse company to ever get a vehicle don’t fall for the trap get out and go elsewhere

  • Monishka says:

    HERTZ is the worst. They overcharged me $250 plus because I returned the wrong keys and didn’t get them their keys within 24hours even though they have extra keys. They have no working numbers. The customer service is located in South America and you can’t get to speak to a manager. No matter what number you call it goes to South America because all numbers are forwarded. Nobody answers at the Head Office. Let’s see if they answer on Twitter!! An I’m a Gold Club Member.

  • MICHELLE M says:


  • Carissa Nelson says:


    My name is Carissa Nelson and I am a lifelong resident of Stockton and a publisher with Best Version Media-one of the fastest growing privately held media companies in North America with over 30 million neighborhood publications throughout the United States and Canada.

    As a member of their Expansion Team, we are expanding into Stockton starting with the magazine Brookside Neighbors, which will be mailed each month directly to over 3200 homeowners in the Brookside Community.

    We have an 89/4% Readership Rate and of that percentage 92.6% find the information to be useful. Our open rate is so high because the neighbors from the community appear on the cover. We have a different family from the community on the cover and a corresponding article inside the magazine. We make sure your company stays present month in and month out by using the same branding model as other major companies by creating top of the mind awareness and feeling good. By sponsoring the magazine, the neighbors of Brookside will patronize your business and services.

    I am hoping to schedule a phone appointment with you to discuss sponsoring the magazine by advertising your business and services in the magazine.
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    I am basically the media kit, so I am hoping to schedule a phone appointment with you that will take about 15 minutes. I know you are busy, so I will email you a link at the beginning of the call, which we will review together. During the conversation, you will be provided with all the details you need to make an informed decision about promoting your business and services in the magazine.

    Please call me at 209-642-0541 to schedule the appointment, or if you have 15 minutes, then give me a call and I can email you the link and we can go over the information.

    I appreciate your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Carissa Nelson
    Publisher Brookside Neighbors
    Best Version Media

  • Wendy Cyrus Herndon says:

    HERTZ is the worst. They overcharged me $250 plus because I returned the wrong keys and didn’t get them their keys within 24hours even though they have extra keys. They have no working numbers. The customer service is located in South America and you can’t get to speak to a manager. No matter what number you call it goes to South America because all numbers are forwarded. Nobody answers at the Head Office. Let’s see if they answer on Twitter!! An I’m a Gold Club Member.

  • Sheila Milton says:

    Hertz is the worst, please believe me saying this, I’m one that don’t complain. Being reasonable is my MO. Conflict Free. I was in one of the Offices to pick up a Car. Experienced under Staffing at this location. Over talking and insulting a Customer regarding why he couldn’t drop a rental off at another location. The Vehicle I’m driving has issues with steering, I was told to put air in the tires by the Agent on duty. No light indication warning for the tires even showed up. After spending 58 minutes on the phone I was refuse to speak with a Supervisor by several Agents. Now it’s been over a Hour to be told they don’t have a Vehicle for me to change over to. This Vehicle is uncomfortable and drives horrible on the Highway. This Company don’t deserve my Business.

  • Shannon Harris says:

    This contract was closed on 8/13/2020 and paid in full of $1078.42. My card still has 5 holds from August 1 – August 9th. I reached out to customer service for the card and was told that they needed specific information from you to release the holds.

    Message from Paypal: In order for us to release the funds , please have the merchant (Hertz) fax in the following (on company letterhead) to 402-537-5745:

    -Full card number (last 4 of the card is acceptable — 8534)
    -Authorization code
    -Customer full name on the card (Shannon Harris)
    -Date of authorization (August 1 – August 9)
    -Amount (5 payments totaling $356)

    These are the pending holds that need to be released:

    – $48.00
    Aug 9
    Car Rental
    Payment – PayPal Debit Card

    – $48.00
    Aug 8
    Car Rental
    Payment – PayPal Debit Card

    – $154.00
    Aug 7
    Car Rental
    Payment – PayPal Debit Card

    – $53.00
    Aug 2
    Car Rental
    Payment – PayPal Debit Card

    – $53.00
    Aug 1
    Car Rental
    Payment – PayPal Debit Card

    These holds are apart of the #549180612 contract which is closed and paid in full. Can you please send the information requested above, I really need my funds. Thanks

  • Nicole says:

    My car was in the shop, being paid for by a warranty company (CNA National) that was also to pay for 7 days of a rental for me. Hertz has an open account with CNA that Hertz bills after the rental is over. From the get-go, this was a huge hassle. Before I even got to the Hertz store, I was on the phone with Hertz at least 5 times, getting passed around to everyone, each of them saying “well, that’s not my department.” Finally I got a nice lady on the phone who got everything set up, got CNA’s account number they use with Hertz, told me to wait an hour and call the local Hertz store to make sure everything was approved and the car was ready.
    An hour or so later, I tried calling the local Hertz for over an hour, and they would not pick up. It kept going to the Customer Service Center who also tried calling them with no success. I finally paid for a Lyft ride and just showed up there, seeing as they close at 4p and I didn’t want to go another day with no car. They had no clue who I was, what I was talking about, or any of the information. So, I had to call CAN again, and had her on the phone for about 20 minutes while the Hertz lady put the information in, including the billing account number two more times. The Hertz lady definitely had something going on with her computer as it erased all the info at least once.
    Finally after at least an hour, I was put in a car. Fast forward to the following Monday, I’m getting a call from the Hertz store asking if I will be paying for this out of pocket. At this point, I’m beyond frustrated with this whole experience that should have been 100% effortless and simple and totally uncomplicated. I tell her, again, CNA is paying for it. She had literally zero information, except that I rented a car. So, once again, I call CNA who is a little puzzled, as they can see they’ve given Hertz their account number at least 8 times. I call Hertz on 3-way, and we sit on hold for a good 25-30 minutes.
    Hertz finally gets on the phone, gets all the info again, but can’t input anything because her computer is messed up and she can’t pull up the correct screen. After another 15 minutes on hold, she says it’s still not working and takes my number and CNA’s number and says she will get it taken care of, and if there are any problems or questions that she will call us back. Here it is, Wednesday morning at 2:00a and I get a notification saying that another $275.00 has been taken out of my account by Hertz. And that I am now in the negative. WHY??? Hertz didn’t call me saying there was still a problem. It’s been 2 days since I last spoke to Hertz. I assumed this was taken care of. So, now I have to call CNA AGAIN and submit my information, so I can get refunded, which knowing this shit scam, will probably take 6-8 weeks til I see a penny.
    WHY?? 1) Why is no one at this company on the same page?? 2) Why has this billing fiasco been going on since July 30th, resulting in ME getting charged?? 3) Why are there not enough employees working at the local Hertz location, so that callers aren’t sitting on hold for 30 effin minutes, IF they’re lucky enough to get their call answered?? 4) Why do the employees have such shitty computers that they literally cannot pull up necessary pages, entered info deletes forever, etc??
    This is seriously one of the most disorganized companies I have dealt with in a long time. It’s absolutely the definition of a “shit-show”. I have a hard time believing that I’m the only one that this has happened to. In total, I have been on the phone for 3 hours and 3 minutes trying to get this resolved. I think I should get reimbursed for this as well. Absolutely ridiculous. I want a response back, please.
    Nicole Dell

  • hope says:

    Hertz car sales cincinnatti worst experience. I paid cash, and they dont have the title to give me. I have car I can’t tag and they are past 45 days to give me my title. No title, no ability drive a car I paid $10,000 for.

  • Michelle says:

    For Ms. Katheryn Marinello,

    Good evening, I can relate to the April 21st, comments from the customer named Robin in Pennsylvania about Hertz employees. I was in possession of a rented 2020 Infiniti X60 since 28 March 2020 from COS airport location and contacted the Hertz Car Sales by telephone to offer to purchase, since I was extending rentals.

    The salesman informed me that the vehicle was not for sale because it was too new (basically the vehicle didn’t have enough miles on it, his records showed 1000 miles). I told him that I still had possession of the rental and wanted to purchase, because it was new and that it had been fully sanitized and quarantined for my future travels. He began to name off some other vehicles, but I politely communicated that I was not interested and ended the conversation.

    Rental agreement was coming to expire, so later I contacted the rental extension personnel to extend my rental agreement again, to 29 May 2020. After that, the events went from contacting the extensions department again, referred to the multi-month rentals, referred back to the extensions department.

    Told too many different stories. Here’s one: a call back I believe was placed on vehicle because it had been sold. I informed the representative of my offering to buy the vehicle weeks before, and questioned why all of a sudden after my offer this happened. After that I was shuffled around and told I needed to contact the rental location and return vehicle.

    The vehicle was returned on 17 June 2020, to the local rental location, I explained to Erica that I wanted to close rental agreement and re-rent vehicle. She said I could not do that because vehicle would be going to their sales location. The conversation resulted in my going to the sales office the next business day and there a male sales member found no listing or anything in the locations inventory about the vehicle being for sale or sold.

    The COS airport location reservation website no longer displays any Infiniti SUV???? The national and local car sales websites has not shown the vehicle for sale or as sold (I have been checking website since the turn in of the vehicle).To date my written inquiries as to why I could not no longer rent or even purchase vehicle have not been responded to.

    More to this story, I do not agree with the charges after turning in vehicle, neither as to one of the manager’s comment that I had a pretty good rate especially with the type of vehicle I was renting.

    Still haven’t received any response from my communication to executive team or the Hertz Team, (with exception to acknowledging that my correspondence was received).

    Then I see where the company has filed for bankruptcy protection…you have to do what is right…stop over-charging, lying, wanting certain customers to accept filthy vehicles with the Gold member seal on the door, I could go on and on…waiting for a response to my formal complaint submitted over a week ago.

    Your locations/franchises do not treat people fairly…wanted my credit card and driver’s license, just for me to go outside to get something I left inside the vehicle, and I am a long time loyal Gold member, former Presidential Circle?

    Oh, I did call the local Hertz Sales office again to ask about the vehicle and the male who answered said his name was Clayton, all of a sudden he had amnesia, about me even being there, sitting speaking with him.

    Rumor has it, there’s a practice here in this area, as to where certain people need to stay in their place, do not question anything, especially dealing with bias or race…and definitely we don’t want you renting this type of vehicle…..who do you think you are…don’t make any waves (some mention being black-balled?)

    It’s sad, pathetic and Hertz’s loss.

    Today is 27 June, 2020 no response yet.


    Not: “UNTIL WE ALL WIN!!”

  • Robin says:

    I literally experience racists sales dealers at the PA dealership. She didn’t sell the car to me even though I received finance and I sent all the required documents. She didn’t respond to any of my emails. So sad, but I have my car through Carvana. And I must say, my color on my car is much better. I might have sent a few thousand more but it was worth it. So, if you’re a non-white don’t buy from the dealership in Warmister, Pa.

  • Julie infinger says:

    I was so pleased at the service I got form Jay at thelocation in chas SC at the rick hendrick dealer ship He otld me e would avea acare ready for me ad he idd na dwas o nice on the phone and even nicer in perosn I had to go bakc as I did not know how to get the key out and he gladyly helped me I toldhim sorry but he said no problem gald to help such a ncie young man so friendly and such a nice way to handle an older lady liek me I hoep you let him know how much I appreciat ehim,but wante dyou t know too Thansk Julie Infigner charlesotn sc

  • Mary says:

    Worst company was promised I full refund due to the corona virus No one seems to be able to help us called five times since March and still have no results beware do not rent from them

  • Barbara says:

    Been trying to buy a car on the rent 2 buy program for 3 days and NO ONE knows what’s going on and I need a car NOW! Can someone please please help me…I FOUND the car I want, called Hertz 877 sales number, then called CT offices and then back to sales line who sent me back to CT…

  • Naro says:

    Ms.Katheryn Marinello,

    Good Afternoon Madam:

    I ended up cancelling my reservation #J26932223B0 with Hertz for 31Mar-3Apr due to the Coronavirus pandemic. I have been refunded for my hotel stay with Hampton Inn, my flight with American Airlines, and my NBA Lakers ticket are currently on hold until the NBA officially cancels the rest of the season or resumes at a later date. Only your company Hertz charged my account $50 for cancelling my reservation in these time of Coronavirus pandemic in our country. I don’t think it is right that I should be charge $50 for cancellation fee in circumstances that are out of my control.

  • Roger Amir says:

    For Ms. Katheryn V. Marinello,

    Good Afternoon
    I rented an Uber Hertz vehicle (RR 408096522), which I returned on 19th March. Because of the global pandemic crisis, the Uber rides just dried up and I told the local Uber Hertz representatives while returning th vehicle that I could not make enough money to pay the 4-weeks rental of around $950 that day. While I was still talking to the Uber-Hertz rep, she got on to a call and asked the other rep to close the case. The other rep, who probably did not know what was being discussed, just closed the case and probably put the charge on my card without telling me that she was going to charge my card.
    This morning, my bank account, which only had $50 in it, went negative $900.
    I called the local Uber-Hertz office at 7525 W 44th Ave Wheatridge CO 80033 and also the general Hertz help line but they could not offer any solutions.
    I am hoping that your office will be able to help me. Right now, I do not have any money to buy food, let alone pay Hertz.
    Kindly help me with reversing this charge to my bank account and allowing me to pay with a convenient payment plan in future.
    Roger Amir

    • Fuk hertz says:

      Tbisnscam compa y isnquietly going bancrupt and stiffing every shareholder for mimlsions of dollars..do you think theybwill give a sht about client when theybpiss on people who invest in them..its disgusting common what Icahn and this company is doing.. disgrace..I hope they endup in a class action suit

  • Carissa says:

    I rented a vehicle from Hertz from 2/26/20 to 2/29/2020. The rental was 264.00 with a 200$ deposit. Not only was my car not ready upon pick up and I had to get a different vehicle, but now they are charging me a 300$ cleaning fee when I cleaned the car prior to returning. I spoke to Kevin supervisor at IAH airport Hertz location, and was assured that he was only waiting to receive pictures, and I would know by end of day as to why I was charged, this was 03/04/2020. Now neither Kevin or anyone at hertz is picking up the phone nor returning my calls. The customer service is deplorable and I will never rent another car from Hertz again in my life. Disputing the charge with my bank and escalating this matter to corporate.

  • Eileen A. Brown says:

    On February 29, 2020 I was involved in a vehicle accident which not only crashed my everyday vehicle but it also totaled my business food truck which is my only means of income. I was hit my a customer who was driving 120 mph that had rented a Porsche car from Hertz. This crash had so many witnesses which one was an off duty officer which can validate that the driver of the Porsche vehicle is who caused this accident. I filed a claim through hertz and have got treated like dirt. They know they are responsible and still do not want to take accountability for this accident. I never have experienced such horrible customer service. It seems like hertz customer service reps are only there for a job and are trained to treat people this way and are not there to really help. I hope this will reach someone that will really help with my situation.

  • Susan Smith says:

    My first experience with Hertz is proofing to be incredibly frustrating and totally unacceptable. I had to contact Hertz to cancel my reservation due to a family emergency. I was assured that my refund of $635.86 would be credited back to my credit card in 5-7 business days. That first call was on 12/16/19. I have contacted Hertz 4 times and the same response is given to me. The”supervisor” assured me on my last call I would receive my credit in 3-5 business days. Guess what? NOTHING! Time for me to contact Kathryn Marinello, President and CEO.

  • jackie & Kevin Howard says:

    Both my husband and I are Gold Club members. On December 15, we were caught up in the Kansas City snowstorm. We had family members with us so were each driving our own cars. I avoided all other cars but rear-ended my husbands truck. Long story short…both were totaled but thank god, no one was injured. At the request of our insurance company, we contacted Hertz that night about needing ONE rental, pickup in Liberty, MO and drop off in Des Moines. Speaking with an agent in Liberty, I was told their priorities were business and insurance rentals and to call Enterprise!!! We did in fact call Enterprise, got our rental the next day and drove home. Later that same day, we picked up TWO long term rental cars from Enterprise.
    Doesn’t Hertz care about loyalty anymore? Glad to give our business to someone who cares.


    Today I rented a car for 275.00 and with deposit of 200.00 was it but a few hours later I see there is a second charge for 608.00$ and all hertz say that they only see the one charge for 475.00. They locked up a fraudulent charge of my rent money and everyone I spoke to acted like it was no big deal. I make $13.00 an hour for 3 days a week work. I’m in shock! 67 years old and over the years gave hertz plenty of business but now they don’t seem to care one bit that my $608.00 that does not belong to them and is actually money from bank loan is jammed and I’m supposed to wait till Monday for some kind of answer!
    This is just plain unacceptable!!!!!!
    We’ll see If it is no big deal!!!!

  • Susan Barker says:

    They have beautiful cars that you select on the website and I reserved one with navigation features, etc. When I got to the airport they only had one car left and it was an old one with an outdated navigation system. It was awful. I got lost several times and one night a policeman had to drive in front of me to show me back to the hotel. Why doesn’t Hertz “SAVE” your car for you. I paid and was charged for a much better car. They took me for a ride alright!

  • Maria says:

    I rented a vehicle oversees and it broke down 20 minutes later. I waited for 4 hours for someone to come and get me, take me back to the airport, waited for the mechanic to say ok there’s something wrong and then they gave me another car. A week later they charged me $1700 for a damaged clutch. I tried reaching out and was told it was my fault even though I have time stamps on everything. Any thoughts?

  • JERRY says:


  • dana cole says:

    HERTZ employees are CRIMINALS, ahmon[manager inglewood location, inside hilton, STOLE rental from me, left me STRANDED adam[supervisor] MR.Attah[supervisor],Jesus whittier manager also CRIMINAL, These CRIMINALS work with STATE FARM, RYAN KAISER Supervisor also a CriminalEach company should be Closed down.

  • Robert Senior says:

    When you reserve a car 60 days in advance you would think that you would have a car waiting for you when you get to office for pick up. Second time they have done this to me….I thought I would give them one more chance. Fool me once, but fool me twice and goodbye Hertz. They release all their cars to their dealer contracts and never have any cars for the common rental customers. You are a rental car company that never has any rental cars available…Even though you have a reservation it does not matter. Two times you have done this..I will be using your competitor Enterprise from here on out. NEVER AGAIN HERTZ HEMET CA, NEVER AGAIN>

    My Hertz Reservation J1571733353

  • Maryann Moffatt says:

    I would like to know how a company can get away with quoting you one price online and charging you a different price on your credit card. I booked online and it quoted me in Canadian dollars, so I booked it, got my credit card and the amount was right but it was in American dollars. Which worked out to over $100 more in Canadian. The worst part is no one could resolve this issue. I was on with customer service, then reservations, then back to customer service to be put back to reservations. On the phone for over 2 hours back and forth, and at the end all I get is sore sorry too bad we can’t do anything about it. I agree with the last person who commented on the customer service they are useless when it comes to issues. I don’t know why they are even there. Totally useless. Both departments. I have booked through Budget and when they quote you in Canadian dollars they charge you in Canadian. Not quote in Canadian but charge you in U.S. dollars. I had a cheaper rate in U.S. and I cancelled it because I was lead to believe I was getting a better rate because of the Canadian dollar. The is just WRONG to trick you customers and take advantage of them like that. Then when I ask for an email address so I can voice my complaint they tell me Hertz doesn’t have an email address or they at least don’t have it. Customer service doesn’t have the email address of their own corporation. REALLY. A company as big as Hertz. I so regret booking with Hertz should have stayed with Budget and least they know what they are doing. So heed my warning. If they quote other than U.S. they are GOING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. Better yet book with someone else. I picked Hertz thinking they would be reliable and take care of their customers. WRONG AGAIN.

  • Frank Calomino says:

    We paid $50.00 cash for a deposit for a rental car. And was told we would get it back by check. Your company has the worst customer service. You customer service reps have hung the phone up on us. It has been almost 8 weeks and still no check sent to us. We where told there was no way to track the check they say was processed. HOW DO YOU RUN YOUR BUSINESS? You should be ashamed of yourselves. You should spend some money on training your employee’s with customer service skills and how to process and the the refunds out to they people that make YOU RICH.

  • MIKE KITZ says:

    I dont know what else to do ? I had $500 stolen out of my account for a loaner car that later was billed as a rental car . Now there is another $56 taken from my account that i have no idea what this is for ? This put my account in the red !! WHEN WILL THIS STOP ? Please help ?

  • Fola Will I Am El says:

    I just would like to thank Fahar from BWI Airport location manager of Hertz and Dyana from Thrifty who were instrumental in helping to resolve my issue. They were both professional and customer friendly with pleasant demeanor and beautiful spirit. They manage to get me the car that was needed in order to travel to another state. Once again kudos because I will be utlizing Hertz services again.

  • Nora MacLaughlin says:

    I would like to find out if the hertz rental car directional programing is available to use on a private vehicle?? I am a senior citizen and your system is the best I have found. I would like to install in my current car??

    Nora MacLaughlin

  • Pamela says:

    I am writing in hopes to get this issue resolved.
    I was charged $460.82 for a car that I did not rent. My schedule pickup date was the 16th June. My flights kept getting cancelled coming in from Dallas. Several calls where made to the Hertz facility at MCI to keep them aware of the situation. I was assured that the car rental facility would be open until 2:00 a.m. When I arrived at 1:30 the car place was CLOSED. However your agency kept the prepaid amount of $460.82 I have been trying since the 16th of June to get my refund. I have spoken with two managers Karen and Marcus Conely. I have been promised by both that I would receive my refund. This has not happened. I am a military dependent and a Federal Government employee. I was dependent upon that vehicle to use to get to my TDY was location at Ft. Leavenworth. Although I have not on a regular basis used Hertz because I do not travel that often, I still took time out to join. I am very disappointed and frustrated with the events. This really should not have been such a long process, obviously, you have $460.82 that is not associated to a car rental contract. For the record I will not rent or recommend to anyone, military or civilian to use Hertz car rental from this point on. I will place on my Facebook my experience with Hertz Rental from the MCI airport.
    Thank you one lost loyal customer

  • Franc Van says:

    Via Hotwire, I rented a “Special” #4651853540 at Dollar rental Car for June 13-26, 2019. I understood that it could be “Anything available” and have no problem with that, but when I was offered a Silverado Pick up Truck I had a problem. My wife and I are in our 70ths and do not like to climb up into a truck, in particular since we were going to travel with our 3.5 year grandson in a car seat. Loading suitcases into the truck or even loading them into the truck bed (and exposing them to the rain and sun) for seventy year olds with a baby and luggage is not practical or even dangerous.
    Explaining that to the Dallas Fort Worth counter personnel did not matter and they lifted not a finger, UNTIL they asked me what airline I was traveling (a peculiar question to begin with!!!). Suddenly they had a car “available” but I had to pay $224.25. I thought and assumed that this was going to be credited against my $388.41 reservation. But later I discovered that was OVER AND ABOVE the $388.41 dollars for a total of $612.66. This is not fair and was certainly not explained. I thought they were trying to HELP. Upon our return on June 26, The Manager TINA at DFW did not give a crimp or was even hostile.

    1) I would like to have restitution/credit (we travel frequently and rent almost monthly) for the $224.25.
    2) I would like to have you clarify that a “SPECIAL” not only includes sedans or SUVs as we always assumed and had no way to expect otherwise, but also includes a TRUCK, which is for some people difficult to manage.
    3) I would like the personnel (and you) to be more sympathetic to elderly people and our plight.

    I am sure they did “everything BY THE BOOK”, but that is not what I am talking about. I don’t think I have to expand further.

  • Shirley E Sorenson says:

    i want to know why you 932.00 out of my bank account when erie insurance paid half of the that was owed

  • al perez says:

    On May 20th my truck was hit in the rear passenger quarter by one of your rental vehicles. After a number of phone calls I finally got a claim number, Hertz was supposed to have an adjuster get in touch with me, two weeks go by, nothing, call again, finally got an adjusters number to call. I’ve called him twice in the last two weeks and haven’t gotten no response. I would like you to email me so we have contact and for you to follow up with my claim number and have this resolved. It is dangerous for me to be using the truck with no rear brake or directional lights.

  • Imran Ali says:

    To whom it may concern. My name is Imran Ali on May 7 I called the Stockton location on Hunter Street to make a reservation for a full size vehicle to be picked up may 11 for AAA auto insurance. I was told that they would have a vehicle for me to pick up when I arrive. When I got there I was told there are no vehicle available for me at that location or the location near by. I had just left my vehicle at a near by auto body shop for repairs and now I don’t have a rental vehicle to go back home or to work. My question is that why make a reservation specially for your AAA members if there aren’t any vehicle available for customers. I should have been told the day I made the reservation that they don’t have enough vehicle at this location. Please feel free to contact me either by email or by phone with a response.

    Email. imraniali178@gmail
    Phone. 510-861-6963

    Thank you.

    • Robert Senior says:

      They have done this to me twice. They release all the cars to their dealer contracts and dont care about their regular customers. Even if you have a reservation. No car… Never again Hertz. Do yourself and favor and use a company that will stand behind a reservation.

  • >