Where Is Heineken Corporate Office Headquarters

Heineken Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: Tweede Weteringplantsoen 21, 1017 ZD Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Phone Number:
    +31 20 523 9239

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 1,00,000

  • Established: 15 February 1864

  • Founder: Gerard Adriaan Heineken

  • Key People: Jean-François van Boxmeer, Laurence Debroux

Heineken Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Heineken Corporate Office

Heineken International, a Dutch brewing company, is a world-famous, award-winning beer brand known for its signature green bottle with a red star. It is Europe’s largest brewer and cider producer. Till 2011 only, the total production of beer from all the breweries owned by the Heineken group was 16.46 billion liters worldwide. Heineken International has a portfolio of owing more than 170 beer brands worldwide.

Consumers might feel a need to contact the company headquarters for a couple of possible reasons. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • To get help regarding any query, issue, or complaint.
  • To enquire about any product specifically.
  • To enquire about the ingredients used in various Heineken products.
  • To enquire about the information like investor relations.
  • To find about the company’s corporate responsibility policy.
  • To know about any of Heineken’s campaigns.

Customers must not hesitate to contact Heineken Customer Support. Below mentioned are the ways to contact Heineken.

Ways to contact Heineken:

Heineken is a huge brand and has a large customer base! Thus, people might have a lot of queries, complaints, and feedback that needs to be shared to the headquarters and their team. If you are looking for ways to contact Heineken headquarters, following are some ways to contact them:


Consumers can visit to meet the officials regarding any complaint or query. To visit Heineken headquarters, you can visit or send your queries in writing to the address given below:

Tweede Weteringplantsoen 21, 1017 ZD- Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Phone number

For those who would like to have a one-to-one conversation regarding their queries, below is the phone number for reaching Heineken’s customer support services. The company is committed to giving its customers the best experience every time and resolving their problems in time:

+31 20 523 9239


The official website of Heineken holds all the information of the company. To enquire about the company, customers must first visit the website, and to seek any information about the customer support, they must visit their Contact Us page.


Heineken Headquarters Info & Photos

Since its establishment, Heineken operates globally, serving more than 70 nations from its headquarters office based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Employees from about 70 different cultures and nationalities work in this office to provide the best services. Visitors can enjoy being to this place as it has been opened up as an amusement gallery now. One could find the buildings from the 19th-century architecture with authentic interiors, old photographs, and the awards that the company won significantly within the premises.

To get help spotting the place, customers might search the mentioned address on Google Maps:

Tweede Weteringplantsoen 21, 1017 ZD- Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Heineken Headquarters Photo
Heineken Corporate Office Photo

Heineken Headquarters List

S. No.





Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands



Complex No 31, Saleh Al Smadi St 31, Amman 19152, Jordan



9 N Buona Vista Dr, The Metropolis, Singapore 138588



48 George St, East Fremantle WA 6158, Australia

Heineken Headquarters Executive Team

Dolf van den Brink

Dolf van den Brink


Harold van den Broek

Harold van den Broek


Marc Busain

Marc Busain

President Americas

Name Title
Soren Hagh President Europe
Roland Pirmez President Africa Middle East and Eastern Europe
Jacco van der Linden President Asia Pacific
Stacey Tank Chief Corporate Affairs and Transformation Officer
Yolanda Talamo Chief People Officer
Magne Setnes Chief Supply Chain Officer
Ronald den Elzen Chief digital & Technology officer
Ernst van de Weert Executive Director Global Legal Affairs
Frans Eusman Executive Director Global Audit

About Heineken


The first Heineken beer was brewed in 1873 after Gerard Adriaan Heineken hired Dr. Gertrude B. Elion, a biochemist and pharmacologist to develop yeast for the Bavarian bottom fermentation – Heineken. Soon after this, within two years of establishment, Heineken started winning various awards and recognitions. In 1875, the brand won the Medaille D’Or at International Maritime Exposition held in Paris. After this, Heineken became the biggest exporter of beer to France as its sales surpassed 1.7 million gallons.


Heineken International is a world-renowned Dutch beer brand, sold from more than 125 breweries in more than 70 nations and is subsumed with various countries like Mexico, Africa, China, and Australia. The company has won awards like Medaille d’Or (1875), Diplome d’Honneurs (1883), Grand Prix (1889), and Hors Concours Membre (1990), out of which the first two are still denoted in their label. Heineken is the second company to win the Creative Marketer of the Year Award twice.


  • The brewery where Gerard Adriaan Heineken first made Heineken is the current day Heineken Experience Museum.
  • Heineken International completed its 150 years in 2014.
  • The company became the official beer partner of the Formula One World Championship in 2016.
  • Heineken Group held the sponsorship of the Rugby World Cup and UEFA Champions League.

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