Where is HearUSA Corporate office Headquarters

HearUSA Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 10455 Riverside Dr, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 561-478-9603

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 427

  • Established: 1986

  • Founder: Paul A. Brown

  • Key People: Scott Klein

HearUSA Headquarters Location & Directions

HearUSA Headquarters Executive Team



Paul A. Brown

Founder & Chairman

Scott Klein

President & CEO

About HearUSA, History and Headquarters Information

A company is leading in the provision of quality hearing aids and being the leading health company. Formulated under the keen leadership of Paul. A. Brown and Scott Klein. Both being the founder-chairman and president of the company, respectively. 

HearUSA is famous not only in around its Headquarter of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The USA,  But all around the nation. The company specializes in giving you quality hearing aids. Not only that, but it also provides you with a free screening of hearing and more than two hundred and fifty types of hearing aids are available to choose the appropriate form.

If you are suffering from hearing difficulties, then do book and appointment with an expert of HearUSA. The experts are well-trained doctors and physicians who would provide you with an easy and permanent solution to your problems.    

HearUSA Headquarters Photos

  • William Williams says:

    I purchased my hearing aids from the “Rehab Hearing Center” at Commercial Rd, Salem, Oregon, 97302. I was experiencing a lot of whistling noises in both hearing aids, then the one for my right ear went completely dead. I returned it with the intention of having my money refunded, but the audiologist at the time, David Luther, repaired the sound loss and the whistling noises. However this was a temporary repair as the exact same thing happened again, I took them back a second time only to discover that the “Rehab Hearing Center” had been taken over by “HearUSA.” I told them I wanted a refund, but they told me that “Signia” the ocmpany that made the hearing aids had a 60 Day return policy and I had now passed that 60 day period. But Jessica said she would contact Signia to see if they would refund the money so I could put it to a more suitable pair. I have since discovered that the 60 Day return policy is not from Signia, but is a policy of HearUSA, it is on their website, and they are trying to make out it’s from Signia as a means to avoid payiing the refund, even for a new pair. I shall be lodging a formal complaint with hearUSA’s corporate Offices and contacting my lawyer, as HearUSA is not returning my calls nor responding to the appointment request messages I am sending them via their website.

  • Karen Zehler says:

    I have had continuous problems with Hear USA in Westerville, Ohio. Hearing aids that had to be replaced and the new ones aren’t any better. The Audiologist knows and has tried to do what she can. She has staffing issues and someone from the Grove City office answers the calls and doesn’t have a clue about my situation with the hearing aids that I’ve bought with no insurance and my sister has helped me pay for them. I had Covid for over 3 months and was very I’ll. I’ve been trying since the 2nd week in March to get this situation resolved. Just give me a refund so I can go somewhere and get hearing aids that work.

  • Patricia Gerbing says:

    I was very happy with my hearing aids when I bought them but when I attempted to get stems and tips for them I was continuously put off by the receptionist who worked there. I called her several times and she never returned my call. I am unable to drive so I cannot go over there and talk to her I have to call her on the phone. She has yet to return my phone calls. All I want are my stems and tips. Please help me. Her name is Dolores and she works in the Santa Clarita, California office on Bouquet Canyon Road. The phone number there is 661-799/9965. Maybe she’ll answer when you call.

  • Robert Conaway- (813) 633-2543 says:

    Very dissatisfied with your service and your hearing aids. I have had them repaired and gone without the left one 6 times and the hearing aids are only two years old. Every time I have to have them repaired, they
    tell me it should be back to me within a week — it has never happened ! One time it was over three weeks.
    Also, when I had it repaired the first time they gave me a “LOANER”, now they are “NO LONGER AVAILABLE.”

    As you know, I paid $4,500. for these AIDS, surely you owe me a new set, since you sold them to me with
    a Three Year Warranty! Your local people always tell me “there is nothing I can do”.

    Is this the Corporate Reputation you want?

    Please get back to me with a “Reasonable Response”.


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