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  • Address: 7645 Northwoods Blvd, North Charleston, SC 29406, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 843-405-9378
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1986
  • Founder: Hyatt
  • Key People: N/A

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Geoffrey A. Ballotti


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This chain of hotels owned by Wyndham Hotels and Resorts competes with the best hotels of the United Nations. The company was founded about three decades ago and has made an unparalleled name for itself in the Hotel Industry.

The company was initially owned by the Hyatt group and currently owns about 80 Hawthorn Suites. The brand is expanding rapidly in the US and worldwide. Most of the suites provided by the company comprise of best amenities like meeting rooms, exercise facilities, free buffet systems, and swimming pools.

The reservation is easy to make through the official website and multiple portals which offer extended stay. The company frequently comes up with discounts for the customers based on their location and days of stay. There are different group offers for the people that require low rate packages.  Hawthorn Suites is a well-established brand and one can visit the website to book rooms in the location they desire.

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  • Jos M Williams says:

    Stayed at the Tinton Falls NJ location. Facility was absolutely disgusting. The room was dirty and seemingly not cleaned well for awhile. The surroundings were unsafe, with drunk men arguing and women screaming at their children with vulgar language. The units were clearly used as rentals to lower income housing. I walked in and walked out. I did not set me suitcase on the floor due to the filth. A solution would be to remove the brand from the property; a better solution would be to inform the public that this place is a Sect 8 residential facility and if you decide to stay here, you are on your own.

  • MichAel GarciA says:

    By far the worst hotel I have ever been to and was literally only there for 1hr in Columbus, Ohio. It’s been 3 weeks and I still haven’t heard back from corporate. They have been giving me the run around & literally charged my account almost $500 for not even staying there. The hotel has bed bugs, broken lamp, no running water upstairs in the so called suite. Drug dealing outside … needles in grass .. this chain is horrible. I’m reporting this too the BBB. I have never in My life ever experienced a hotel as this chain. My kids were terrified of even to think of staying here I just want my money back! I could see if we actually stayed here and I was just trying to get money back, but we literally were not even there an hour. Horrible, horrible, horrible!!!

  • Vanessa J. says:

    I recently booked a weekend stay at the Hawthorn in Rome Ga. Not the experience I expected. The website pictures of greenery all around are false. There were dried out bushes all around the corridor on all three floors. Needed major TLC. So we checked in went downstairs to the on-site restaurant. The sign indicated “Please wait to be seated”. There were 3 restaurant workers at the restaurant entry carrying on a conversation. Their conversation seemed personal and comical to them, they were laughing. Finally acknowledged our presence about 3 to 4 mins after finishing their conversation only to say we would have to wait 50 mins to an hour to be seated. Now that was strange to me because the restaurant was not crowded at all and there were people being served in the restaurant. This didn’t set well with us at all. So we left and got something to eat from another local restaurant. That alone made me not want to spend any additional funds at this hotel.
    Now the room (306) didn’t have an ironing board which we requested and received. Also reported the phones in the room were not working. I was told a maintenance ticket would be submitted but no one reached out to address during our entire stay. Our room (306) was created on the slant of the building so the floors were uneven throughout the room and in the bathroom. I expected a lot more from Wyndham brand. Very poor brand representation. Honestly can’t say I will book with this brand again.

  • Shareka Young says:

    I live at Hawthorn Suites-Cincinnati in Cincinnati Ohio recently they changed management and its the worse
    Management is never around matinencice doesn’t fix anything I was told he didn’t have time to change out the TV which went out yesterday this place was so clean before they came. They live here for free and we pay and nothing gets done

  • Nikki Starks says:

    I was in my room when I saw 3 rats! Heard 2 in the kitchen and one ran across the floor! I asked to refunded and she told me she was in the middle of a night audit and just wanted to give me another room! She also told me to just go and put my food up in the refrigerator while they were eating it! Just rude, disgusting and unprofessional

  • Kim Rakyta says:

    Worst hotel chain I’m trying to get a refund for a room I never stayed in because of the conditions. I’ve been trying since July 1 2022. It was in Columbia South Carolina. The room smelled of mold and mildew and had tape holding the rug together. I didn’t even step into the room. Person at front desk said he couldn’t refund me I had to go through who I made reservations with. I did and was told it’s up to the individual hotel. Went back to office door was locked with a sign that read bell for office does not work. I am going to get a refund no matter who I have to contact. This is entirely unacceptable!

  • Ashley says:

    Wichita, KS location is extremely filthy, disgusting, unhygienic place that I’ve ever seen. Do not fall for their false advertising of a “clean” nice place to stay. The front desk staff is probably one of the pumps working for the rude, obnoxious customer reps that are unprofessional with a supervisor with an attitude that must be his “ suga mama” this place needs to be condemned immediately. Also the health department needs to pay a visit. I’m sure this place will have over 100 violations ready. Do not give them your money. You will never see it again

  • Jason Coats says:

    Hawthorn suites in North Charleston…. I have called for 5 straight days and booking.com has called twice to revise our dates and get a simple confirmation and 5 days and calling twice a day the hotel manager is never available no matter what time it is morning or night… still no confirmation!! Are they really that incompetent that they can’t or don’t do there JOB? I’m worried what it will be like when we arrive in July 2022.

  • David Katz says:

    I hope we don’t get sick from staying there. We spent one night in the North Charleston hotel near the airport. The smell of mold hit us as soon as we walked into the room. The floor in the bathroom was perpetually wet. There was one quarter of a roll of toilet paper in the room. No tissues, no soap, no shampoo. The baseboards were dirty. There was a coffee maker but no cups. We had to wash all of our clothes after checking out because they still smelled like mold. I complained to the front desk person who told me that a manager would get back to me. They haven’t. I should be refunded my money.

  • Melanie says:

    I stayed at the one in North Dayton and the room was extremely dated, bed was sloppily made and the sheets were dirty. The floor had not been swept and there was noticeable dirt on the floors, chair, tables and furniture. The curtain sheers and bed skirt were ripped. The couch was filthy, had stains and holes in it. It also had a bad smell. The place was so disgusting and obviously was not cleaned. Coming off of Covid, it is alarming that so little care was put into trying to keep guests safe and healthy. So disappointed and nothing but a waste of money because I am not subjecting my health to stay in such a dirty place.

    • Char Dason says:

      Melanie, I used to work there in the maintenance department and you are 100% correct. The so called GM only cares about one thing, getting money and filling the vacant rooms. They cut ALL corners weather it be an appearance issue or health issue. There is black mold in every single room. I have mentioned it to the owner and he wanted me to paint over it instead of replacing the drywall. That place should be shut down and just might be real soon

  • Lynn Laughlin says:

    We checked into the Charleston hotel room: 1. Room reeked of marijuana odor; 2. Bathroom had mold around tub & shower area; 3. A/C filter totally clogged with dirt & grime; 4. Tried to call front desk but phone had no wire to connect to line (dummy phone); 5. Broken electrical outlet w wires on floor; 6. Sheets smelled as if not cleaned; 7. Refrigerator had gook on 2 shelves. Unsafe & uninhabitable room. BOTH Hawthorn Suites & Priceline refused to refund despite unlivable conditions. No manager available to talk, ever; they dodged Priceline, too.

  • Robert says:


  • Deborah Day Ivory says:

    We flew in from Jackson, MS. We were quoted one price but when we got here, we were quoted another price higher. There were no towels and no blankets in the room. The tv isn’t working. No continental breakfast. No batteries in the remote. The manager on duty had more excuses about why the room was not ready to receive guests.

  • Angel Gonzalez says:

    Angel. Gonzalez. Im staying in the hotel in southfield michigan…ive called front desk bout every two days bout getting room cleaned and still nothing been done ask them if i can borrow a vacuum soo i can clean my self alwaysay none available im fed up calle corporate office had left a mesage can someone call me back

  • Elizabeth Allen says:

    Hi my name is Elizabeth and I checked into a Wyndham Hotel Dayton North today and I was very disappointed…completely different than my first stay at your Indianapolis location. I have an enormous amount of pictures of it being dirty, disgusting, stuff falling apart, food left in cabinets, dirt all over, rotting wood and much more…it looks like nobody has cleaned this place in years or did any maintenance to it as well. This hotel was $85 a night and I stayed in better hotels at $45 a night. I expected way more out of a Wyndham Hotel then I got in this hotel.

  • John Rogers says:

    I checked into your hotel in Philadelphia Airport area Hawthorn Suites however I was very disappointed it’s my first time bringing my fiance from the Midwest to the East Coast come to find out the room we have throughout the whole hotel has no internet and all TVs and systems are down. The Landscaping is very horrible to Grass to all way up to your knees and weeds are growing all over the sidewalk the cracks and crevices what is going on with this and to find out I have a frequent flyer and always said I would like someone to contact me at 484-522-8577 my name is John

  • Carl Geddis says:

    Checked out did not get back deposit due housekeeping saying ashes found in room but already cleaned room without letting customer see ashes i need my 250$ deposit back. Hotel manager is named kristal

  • Brittany Wareen says:

    The air needed to be fixed and the maintenance man kept harassing me knocking on my door and turned my key while I was showering which is very unprofessional and uncomfortable. I will report this it’s the hawthorn suites in dallas on mockingbird

  • Brenna divita says:

    When will I be getting back the $200 I had to put down to get room

  • Brenna divita says:

    The 200$ for check in I’ll get it back when will that b

  • L.Hawkins says:

    This is the most unprofessional hotel ever. They have a prostitute ring in one building other buildings has multiple people selling or buying drugs. They have made false reports stating loud noises. They linen is constantly dirty they have roaches not to mention the black mold no one speaks English except for the front desk who is always outside smoking cigarettes or these big brown things.

  • allen says:

    I dont know quite how to put this, this has got to be the most poorly managed hotel in Texas! Vending machines are constantly out, ice machines dont work, more importantly, the one out of 2 elevators that was working now does not! Its truly sad because the people are really nice here and I wont stop until everyone knows, dont use Hawthorne Suites, another thing, 2 washers and dryers for entire hotel, really?

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