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  • Address: 1314 Center Dr ste a, Medford, OR 97501, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 541-864-2278

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 15,000

  • Established: 1910

  • Founder: Samuel Rosenberg

  • Key People: Steven Lightman  (President)

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Peter D. Kratz

Executive Vice President of Operations

Joseph Foley

Senior Vice President and General Manager of Stores

Charles Hunsinger

Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President

About Harry And David, History and Headquarters Information

Harry And David holdings inc is a renowned company that has been in existence since a century. The ownership rights in 2014 shifted to 1-800- Flowers. The company boasts of having approx eight thousand seasonal employees.

The US-based firm deals in the production of premium food and gifts which are sold through retail stores and online portals. The company has its presence in approximately 50 retail locations which itself is an evidence of its vastness. The products range from gift baskets, flowers, fresh fruits, chocolate, sweets, and wine.

The company works and operates with three individual websites and has upgraded immensely by selling products online. Harry and David are currently headquartered in Medford, Oregon and are amongst the largest non-medical employers. The company already has plenty of acres of orchards and has begun planting more providing employment to seasonal staff and increasing its dominance in its sector.

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  • Sharon Taylor says:

    DECEPTIVE advertising!!! Shipping charges showed 4.99 and then to quarantine delivery by Christmas it was 11.99. When order was placed the shipping charges tripled. Cancel well within the 15 minutes. My card was still charged. Customer Service rep said I wouldn’t be charged since I called to cancel immediately. NOT TRUE! Then she said she sent an email conversation showing order was cancelled. DID NOT get email. She wasn’t able to give me confirmation number. Asked to speak to customer service manager. After holding for quite some time, call was disconnected….

  • Brian Bonus says:

    I’ve made 4 phone calls. My order still isn’t correct. Don’t buy from these people. Web page says buy one, get one 50% off on the item I wanted. They gave me 25% off, and still didn’t order all the items I wanted. And the store in Oregon… they don’t answer the phone. And it says they’re open for another hour and a half! Don’t buy here!

  • Mrs. A. M. Yang says:

    I have had the worst shopping experience by phone with Harry and David ever since we had shopped with you for over 20 years!!! Whoever answered my phone this noon couldn’t speak English well enough to heed what I wanted, couldn’t find my record, wouldn’t believe the account is under my husband’s name, but I am his wife, etc..couldn’t find information: such as the Holiday gift list summarized by your company enclosed with the most recent catalog. Each year, based on that list, I re-ordered, always was able to speak to a friendly helpful representative who speaks English, and was very at tentative. This year, was nightmare of an experience: spent half an hour getting no where with a lady name Renetia, she couldn’t even find my record even though I told her the catalogue is under my husband’s name, and I am his wife for 53 year. I was so frustrated to the point, I hang up. In the afternoon, I tried again, spoke to Ladonna whose English was communicable, she was able to locate our gift list from last year, but couldn’t identify that we have purchased a Passport membership. Finally, I asked to speak to her supervisor, Celina came online after a lengthy wait. She said passport status is affiliated with email, I explained that I have a new email address because the old one was stolen/compromised. Then she said the time I purchased my Passport in June, the stolen email is different from the one I gave her. Thus, she must charge me shipping costs. But I argued that I cannot use the old email because the criminal who stole it is now using it…that should be easy to understand, right? since she double checked that my address is the same, and most important, I am the same human speaking to her, just using a new email for my new order. She couldn’t eliminate the shipping cost. I protested, I requested to speak to the Passport Dept… she put me on hold for a long time, finally, told me that the Passport Dept would wave the shipping cost only for this time, but because when the Passport status was purchased affiliated with my old stolen email, even though it should be in effect until June 23, 2023, my Passport privilege will be terminated after this order!!! Really? This is such a ridiculous policy: my address is the same, my credit card is the same, I am the same person purchased the passport, because the email associated with the Passport status was forced to change after it was stolen, my benefit of not paying shipping in my future purchases with Harry and David will be terminated? I am so so disappointed by a prominent, well respected company like Harry and David!!! We have enjoyed your quality of goods, and fostered a solid trust since we first dealt business with you, 20 years ago and longer… Is this just a mishap of that Passport dept. or your company had become untrustworthy, and willing to lose long time customers?! We are honorable people with integrity would not lie about this for $19.95, my email had in truth been stolen! I am writing to you because of deep disappointment and how your company is declining like others… becoming unreasonable, of no logic when you apply your “policies”!!! I feel I am being treated unfairly. Respectfully submitted by Mrs. A. M. Yang, age 79

    • Not a Karen says:

      Mrs Yang, I completely understand your frustration. I got on here to find out how to contact them for a similar situation. I see that you wrote this on December 3rd and yet not one person from the company has responded. What happened to customer service? I always held harry and David as a company a bit higher that your average company, but I now am just as disappointed as you seem to be. It’s a feeling that is very wide spread now a days. Like no one really cares. If no one else says it, I’m sorry you had to put up with that from a company that I too set a high standard for.

  • Darryll James Hoover says:

    Hi I’m Darryll J Hoover a former employee I have been calling the office regarding my paycheck no answers my phone number is 541-601-8217 they have been giving me the run around just trying to see if they put in the mail not so hard answer a person

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