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Harrah’s is more than just a hotel and casino as they also offer live night entertainment, full service spa and an Olympic sized pool on their more than fifty properties and 7 fabulous golf courses under different brands.

Harra’s Entertainment name changed to Ceasars Entertainment when it was acquired by Eldorado Resorts in 2020. It started in october 29, 1937 as a Bingo parlor, founded by Bill Harrah, who died at the age of 66. It was in 2013, when their company was names as 4th largest company not only in the US but all over the world, with yearly revenue of $8.6 billion.   

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  • Surferdude says:

    Upon entering the KINGS SUITE I noticed a cup under the table in the TV/ LIVING room area. It seemed to be a cup someone had been eating out of. It was a spelt cup of food which had been dropped and the food was on the carpet. The food and cup was never cleaned up.
    I turned and looked for the TV remote, no remote.
    I put by clothes in the bedroom and walked in the bathroom. The bathroom was nasty, finger prints on the nozzle for the hot tub, not even a blow dryer was present
    In the evening, I fell asleep asleep and my fiancée said she to go smoke a cigarette and forgot her key in the room and could not get back in the room. The front desk would not assist her in any way with another key, not even call the room. She stayed in the hall freezing it 42 degrees. The front desk absolutely nothing.
    My room was $275.00 it ended up costing me $393.00 for the room. I was charged 3 times a resort fee
    Get your receipt people
    Enough said , there
    was more. I’m trying to get in touch with corporate and no answers

  • Liz Triano says:

    Oh by the way…in addition to the poor service, last year my son got so violently sick from eating at Rum Point Crab House & he followed thru, talked until blue in face to everyone & nothing. He couldn’t even get the price of his meal. I didn’t eat the all you can eat crab. Money is constantly lost here and since there won’t be a next time, I should’ve made a police report, I should’ve called the health inspector, but I do see they are back & open but the name is slightly different. You selfish, greedy slobs! I’m so disappointed…

  • Liz Triano says:

    I’m appalled that your company has gotten so cheap & selfish. I just lost $500.00 over the course of 2 hours and ordered several times a drink thru the slot machines 4 times and couldn’t even get a drink of water! You’re selfish & disgusting. Now I know why a lot of my friends went elsewhere! I hope the way you treat your customers, it shuts you down! And no, this isn’t the first time, but it is the last time!

  • Judy Gondek says:

    I wonder if anyone reads these. I have been a loyal customer for many years. Having gambled all over the country at harrahs. I became very I’ll with Covid plus several complications, ie. pulmonary embolisms, etc. been unable to travel for almost two years. My Diamond status and rewards were removed. My friend, Cathy Konecny, only travels with my husband or me, she also lost her status, also Diamond. I spoke with representatives , several , that were unwavering in their negative response. Obviously no exceptions. Even offered hospital records. They offered no help, no empathy, and no compassion. Only the answer of no, we will not reinstate, period. I will travel, finally, in October. My friend, husband , and I had planned on going many times to harrahs in New Orleans. However, I believe we will be doing over the river to local casinos instead. Seems harrahs is so big they do not care about the individual person. I am very disappointed in this corporation. Judy Gondek,

  • Ellen Hodges says:

    I stayed at Harrahs in Atlantic City NJ. I valet parked when checking into the hotel. When I went to leave the the key that goes into the fob was missing. I was given 3 numbers to call about my loss key. All three numbers didn’t connect. I tried two phones. After twenty minutes I decided to go back to the valet cashier. I asked to see the manger. I waited 10 minutes and two people appeared to talked to me. There was no introduction of names so I didn’t know who they were. The male representative started yelling at me immediate saying that Harrahs will not pay for the key. He then procedured to go to my car and inspected for the key. He inspected 5 times and had the other person checked my car. He also had someone else look for the key. The whole time yelling at me that I lost the key and was not getting any money for it. He also checked my small purse three times and had the other person checked it too. I called my husband for help twice. Now the whole time my sister and I didn’t know the fob carried a key inside the fob. Finally they allowed me to file a report which was half filled out. I finally asked for another manger to help me but didn’t get one. I was so upset another customer told me the fob cost $800. I was told to go across town to a Chevy place to get a new key. I had to order and pay for the key. I had to asked for their names and phone numbers to contact them. I called to tell them I ordered the key and had the bill. But their numbers didn’t connect. I had to drive back over to the other side of ac again to personally hand the bill to them. This took almost 3 hours of my time. I am writing this because I don’t believe the report would be turn in. How can u help me. I don’t want to write their names in this note. My concern was the valet person who took my car or who brought my car to me stole the key. I was afraid my house would be robbed or my car stolen. As you can see I still very upset about how I was treated by the male person. He was extremely rude and I was insulted that he thought I was lying about the fob key. This whole searching was 45 minutes and in front of other guests. My sister and I was embarrassed how we were treated. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Robinson says:

      Harris in ac horrible stay the air kept cutting off and the heat kept coming on I got bit up by bedbugs then they wait four days after I checked out to take money off my card they gave me a $75 room credit that all of a sudden it wasn’t there and $75 food card and didn’t want to reimburse me anything horrible horrible stay

  • Florence says:

    I have never had this issue, since I been with American Home Shield, however I am now holding both American Hold Shield and Beaches Air accountable. I have been without air now over a month and it is very hot in Florida, however both have given me the run around regarding a part that was ordered in April, it’s about to be June some how Beaches air was saying they didn’t receive the part. Now I have called at least twice or more every week to follow up and today was my had enough day, and I was very frustrated. I don’t understand how Beaches air gave me an appointment for 5/4 on 5/2 and never showed or called, very unprofessional. I called American Home shield after no show no call and advise why would I get an appointment and they don’t have a part in, well that didn’t make any sense to me, for the representation to set appointment up. However American Home shield called Beaches air and when AHS come back to phone after calling Beaches air, I was advised Beaches air will call me shortly, that didn’t happen so I waited the next day still no call, so I called AHS to be advised no call and then I ask for AHS management, I was advised that the message will go out to management to expect a call well it’s been about a week now and I have not received that call from management. I was also advised that Beaches air would call me the beginning of next week. I was called the beginning of this week 5/23 and the same rep from Beaches air called to set up an appointment for today 5/26 between the hours of 10am until 3pm, I called around 1pm to make sure they would be here and the same rep said yes, the tech is at another customer and will be heading your way, guess what another no call no show, so of course I called AHS again and I was extremely frustrated given some words of how I felt about the unprofessionalism of both parties, as management never contacted me and how Beaches air is not contacting me. Also Beaches air seem to recognize my number and keep me on hold for a while and then toss me to voice mail. This has happened more then once with them, I have talked to other reps other than the one that have set appointments up with no show or no call. AHS calls Beaches air and of course Beaches air tell AHS the Tech is going to get the part and they will call me, that is not what I wanted to hear. So as it was well after 3, I called Beaches air and was put on hold then voice mail so I call AHS again and advise over and over again, seem like a broken record now, so AHS said let me call them and this time was the first time they didn’t pick up the phone with AHS. It is extremely hot in Florida right now and ceiling fans, fans, and dealing with the humidity is no joke and game. I know this alot and my words are everywhere right about now. I want corporate to get involved with this situation asap and my rate is a 0, not deserving of a 1 star or a half of star.

  • Lakesha Braxton says:

    Harrahs front desk managers does not recognize mental illness and claustrophobia as a disability. They need to take sensitivity classes for people who have these type of issues and not try to embarrass them in front of a crowded lobby . These are all triggers for people with mental illness. I’m very disappointed in harrahs not considering mental illness an accommodating factor when people request a certain type of room / reserve that room and once u arrive it have been sold to highest bidder . I was forced to check into Bally’s because i was not accommodated and the room i booked was given away before i arrived

  • Vivian Jackson says:

    I won money at your Cherokee casino and storm came and knock the machine out and they sy they could not fix the machine after I waited for a full hour and half but then they say that they couldn’t pay me my money now I know if I had did something to your machine the security with camera would be there in a second so I wanted to find out why it happen at 6:00 pm and they still have not call me until I left at 11 : 30 pm they gave me food but to tell me to come back when they found the tape was total ridiculous now if I was a diamond winner are white this would not happen but been black I
    had to to come back topicpy money stng in Atlanta that’s a 3 hr trip enjoycomingto the casino but when I’m not treated like I’m a human being I have a problem with that I lost more than I have won at your establishment but when I put my money out and win I expect to be paid this is unheard of the other people that was white on the machine was handle with care and there money given to them me they said my machine was fried so im asking in to be comp for my time that I suffer so far in your establishment.
    Sincerely Vivian Jackson

  • Jon says:

    Love the empty boxes where contact info should be…

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