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  • Address: 3540 4000 W #500, West Valley City, UT 84120, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 801 969 8261
  • Number of Employees: 4,000
  • Established: 1932
  • Key People: Dean Peterson

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Harmons Grocery Headquarters Executive Team



Dean Peterson

President & Chief Executive Officer

Abbie Monson

Assistant VP, To of Store Development

Aimee Smith

Vice President, The People

Kent Haslam

Store Director

Curtis Hathenbruck

Store Director

Lexi Allsop

Director, Analytics

Harmons Grocery, History and Headquarters Information

Harmons Grocery Corporate is among the remaining chain stores locally owned and operating in Utah. The grocery is famous for its unique approach to the grocery industry. The Company has 16 outlets in Ogden, St. George, and UT. The company website is http://www.harmonsgrocery.com. The headquarters is at 34540 400 W #500, West Valley City, UT 84120, United States. The company phone number is +1 801 969 8261. The Company started in 1932, and it has over 4000 employees in all its outlet shops. Dean Peterson is the president and chief executive officer. Abbie Monson, the assistant VP, Store Development, Aimee Smith, the vice president, The People.

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  • Nancy says:

    Addendum to my previous comment; as a senior citizen living in a retirement community I have the opportunity to meet, know and speak to quite a few people. Amazingly quite a few people have had a bad experience there and do not shop there anymore. The store has changed drastically apparently!!!!

  • Nancy says:

    I have been shopping at Harmon’s for 20 yrs and I’ve always been happy with this store in St George on 1289 E 700S. Today I completely forgot a package of sushi in my cart as it was on the other side of a H2O 2gallon container. As I was paying for my groceries A young gentleman came up snd asked me “ are you planning on paying for that “ I didn’t know what he was talking about. As a senior citizen believe me you forget things… then he added “ Randy (the cashier)she has sushi hidden under her handbag” !!!! I apologized for having forgotten that item. He proceeded to voice loudly “ we don’t want you in this store anymore we’ve been watching you”????? It was mortifying and very frightening..Unbelievable experience with a very rude stranger who was totally inappropriate and has no idea how to approach people…I called and asked to speak to the manager and spoke to a woman named Rebecca. She jotted my name and number down (supposedly) snd said she’d look into it snd call back. Never heard back!!

  • Joyce says:

    The Harmon’s in St George UT, I have used my uhc healthy benefits card several times, but yesterday I had shopped and the cashier said she didn’t know how to put my card through, she didn’t want to try and help me, then another woman came over, they both acted like they were put out by me, one girl named Heather tried all she could, ultimately I had to leave w/o my groceries, my big problem was the 2 rude women, one glared at me, both women weren’t wearing a name tag, same women several times act as though they are not there to serve anyone but themselves. I use the Rx and grocery,I live near by, I’m not happy anymore with Harmon’s, it used to be good customer service along with high quality groceries.

  • Kevin says:

    I can’t believe the price of mayonnaise. $6.99, really, that’s crazy.

  • Sam says:

    Your store manager was extremely rude to me and my mom after we told him our dog was a service dog so not appreciate it will never shop at the Taylorsville location again

  • Fran says:

    Nice you are expanding but how about replacing the older store buildings such as Brickyard Store? I think it’s time for a replacement. Try tearing down half of existing store and rebuild and then finish up with the remaining building that way.

  • Derek Benton says:

    The original owners of Harmons were horrible people. They gave cigarettes and alcohol to children. I hope they rot in their graves.

  • Jose says:

    We would like to only speak to the main owner no executives no one else this issue has made us absoult question this business.
    3852881171 asap this issue needs to be address this is my first attempt we’re ashamed how we were treated! Only the owner I will not speaking to a vp


      Me too! I’ve contacted them at corporate and have never heard back. Im.not so sure they really care.

  • Rhonda Neal says:

    My family and I were in the St. George area last week and I made sure I went to the Harmon’s store. I think it is the neatest and best grocery store I have ever been in. I have been in many Whole Foods, Kroger’s, and Trader Joe’s, but Harmon’s is the best. Your workers seem to be happy working there. That is worth everything!

    • S. Vettori says:

      You must have been to a different Harmons Store! The one at Cuty Creek is terrible when it comes to Customer CARE.

  • Charlotte Milne says:

    I would like to let you know that I was shopping in Harmons in Farmington, Utah on Sept 29, 2021 early in the morning. When the cashier was done ringing up my groceries, which came to $543, I handed him my check and he couldn’t get it to go through so he call over someone else and they could not get it to work. He told me he could not cash my check and asked if I had a debit card. I informed him I didn’t have a debit or credit card with me so he then took me to their customer service and talked to a lady back there who was pretty rude to me and my daughter (she was with me). The lady kept asking if we bought a gift card and we told her no. So she asked if we were sure we didn’t buy one and kept going through our reciept. I asked why they couldn’t accept my check and she again repeated that they couldn’t accept it so all I could do was leave the groceries.

    We have lived in Farmington for 42 years and have shopped at all grocery stores around us. When Harmons moved into Farmington we shopped there a lot because it was a really nice store and it was a lot closer to us even though we paid a little more. We have always paid around $400 and always paid with a check. In all this time we have never bounced a check of any kind. The store at times had trouble with the amount of our checks because it was high but a manager always came over and approved it.

    I have never been so embarrassed and when I got home I called and got the managers name, which was Mr. Franscio. I went back to the store and turned the complaint into him. He appologized and said he would check into it and he had me write down my name and phone number and would check it out and find out why they wouldn’t accept my check and he would call me later.

    It’s now Oct 1 and he has never called. We have spent a lot of money in Harmons and I love the store but I’m not going to shop there anymore and be treated like that.

  • Robyn Oveson says:

    My elderly parents made an appointment and went to your Taylorsville pharmacy for a 3rd covid vaccine on 3/24/21 and when they arrived your pharmacy tech and pharmacist treated them so rudely!! I am very disgusted that you allow people to treat a customer that way.

  • Raymond Craig Haslam says:

    I can’t find Harmons pharmacies listed as “preferred” with Navitus MedicareRX, which will become the prescription provider for all Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators (DMBA) members, as of Jan. 1, 2022. If Harmons pharmacies are not among the Navitus “preferred” pharmacies (Smith’s, Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, CVS, etc., already ARE preferred), Harmons pharmacies will effectively lose all DMBA customers. Is it worth your effort to work with Navitus, to become “preferred?”

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