Where is Hardees Corporate office Headquarters

Hardees Headquarters Address and Contact

    6700 Tower Circle, Suite 1000
    Franklin, TN 37067
  • Phone Number: N/A
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: https://contactus.ckefeedback.com/USA
  • Number of Employees: 250
  • Established: 1960
  • Founder: Wilber Hardee
  • Key People: Andrew Puzder (CEO)

Hardees Headquarters Location & Directions

Hardees Headquarters Executive Team



Ned Lyerly


Andrew Robinson

Chief Human Resources Officer

Ron Coolbaugh

Chief Operations Officer

Mike Woida

President, International

Kerry Olson

Chief Legal Officer

Chad Crawford

Chief Brand Officer

About Hardees, History and Headquarters Information

It is a fast-food restaurant based in the US, being operated by the CKE Restaurants Holdings Inc. It is said to have its expansions along with the Southern and Midwestern US states. The headquarters are located in CKE RESTAURANTS HOLDINGS, INC. 6700 Tower Circle, Suite 1000, Franklin, TN 37067 with Jason Marker as the acting CEO of CKE Restaurants Holdings Inc.

Wilber Hardee founded the company in September 1960 in Greenville, North Carolina which started as just a small restaurant unit. With the restaurant’s success in the following years, Wilber joined with James Gardner and Leonard Rawls to expand his venture. And in a short time, the first company store was launched in Rocky Mount, North Carolina by 1961.

Hardee’s Food Systems launched publicly in 1963 with Rawls presiding over as the president and Gardner as its vice-president. By the late 1960s, the company expanded and operated around 200 restaurants all over the Southern and Midwestern US states and also the mid-Atlantic regions. Reaching offshores, it also had its first international store in Germany.

Under CKE, it now has over 3000 outlets in over 40 US states and 10 foreign countries.

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  • Chris Perryman says:

    We ate at your Hardee’s located in jasper, ga. We spent over $34.00 just to get cold burgers and over cooked fries. The girl that brought our food even told us,”if the fries are to done just let me know and I will make more.” I mean really! What about, if you think for one second that the fries are over cooked then why serve them. This will be the last time I come to this Hardee’s. By the way the dining room was absolutely disgusting and the floors were sticky..

  • Robert Elmore says:

    Why do they always ask me to pull up even with no one behind me?

  • Joe says:

    Hardees portland tn , try breakfast this morn we waited for 20 minutes for food after ordering they sent enough gravy out to cover half of a half of a biscuit when asked about it said they would have to make another charge for what i should have gotten the first time staff was rude several others were obviously frustrated with there visit as well , the boy they had making biscuits couldn’t get a single order right while i was watching took him three tries once complete lack of leadership and competence at store will not return and would advise others to steer clear as well

  • James W. says:

    Hardee’s located at dauphin, Pennsylvania
    Re: the crew of the restaurant carried on an where swearing the time we were there. Personal where eating in the cooking area. Trash can over flowing.

  • Troy McClendon says:

    Store number 1501698,employeee was out side by the drive through smoking weed with someone with out the Hardee’s Uniform on, the guy that was smoking weed with her walked inside Hardee’s I pulled around to the drive-through he walked in there to the girl at the cash register at the drive-through and she gave him money out of the Cash register and he went back outside , this just happened about 20 minutes ago !

  • Derrick Norman says:

    I’m down here in Jacksonville, Fl it looks as if there is no manager on duty, one of the employees wasn’t even in uniform and was smoking weed in front of the door outside before coming in to make my food. When she walked in the smell of if came in the lobby and almost made me walk out…. I didn’t be because I love the Primal burger more than I hated what was going on. It took entirely too long to make and it didn’t have enough sauce on it. Something needs to change at that store. It’s Hardee’s 1501504 on Baymeadows Rd.

  • shirley patraw says:

    I was at the Hardees in Oakdale , MN today 6/22 2022 paid for two burgers got one cost was $20 unless you get this fixed you won’t see me back that was the second time this has happened

  • Former customer says:

    Can you please address the service at your Saraland AL store? Hard , Luke warm biscuits and hard dry French toast , oh and they are out of syrup! For Seniors on a fixed income, $18 is a lot of money. Do you ever read the reviews for this location? Not the 1st time we have been disappointed. Citronelle location gets out good food and service. No longer a Saraland customer this is my last visit. I called the manager to politely complain, I told her I spent $4 or $5 on 4 pcs hard toast, she said I have no idea what the price is and didn’t know we sold any today. I asked her to check it and not sell the other folks hate test. She didn’t offer a refund…

  • Mary Miller says:

    I wanted to bring to your attention the condition of the Hardees Restaurant located at 6450 Richmond Road in Williamsburg VA. When I was there today at approximately 9 am there were 5 customers in the store. The floor was filthy and sticky and the tables were dirty. The sales associate taking orders was practically laying on the counter while waiting for the orders to be prepared. I don’t believe this is the representation you want for your company. I definitely will not return. Thank you

  • Wanda moore says:

    I’m sorry to be a complainer, and I understand about covid, but the Hardee’s in westminster sc 29693, will not open their lobby. Some days they have it open and most days they have it close and when ask why, apparently they just don’t want it open. It’s caused a lot of unnecessary loss of business and we are not a big town we are a small loyal town to our local business. Please look into this matter and send me a response To my email. Nannabee47@gmail.com or my address 231 miller farm rd. Westminster sc 29693. Thank you

  • Kristeena Leeann Wallace says:

    Could you offer a happy meal in the am with your menu… do you off a kids meal. I havent seen it maybe you could do a box kids meal..and may you could offer a really food toy. Hello kitty and wrestlers and littlest pet shops ect..

  • Kim Write says:

    So in Lakeland Ga the General manger Erica goes with the lil cook name Marcus Davis. They be taking money and doing molly and smoking weed all the time there. They need to drug text both of them

  • Robert Elam says:

    I used to live in Bakersfield, Ca. There Taco Bell 15 or maybe 20 years ago they had a breakfast burrito with gravy in it. It’s no longer available. It was the best burrito I’ve ever had. Now HARDEE’S has the best has a great GRAVY. If you would add that GRAVY to your burrito’s, you would have the”BEST” burrito in town. I live in Billings, Montana. I would tell all my friends and family. No body is doing the GRAVY in there burritos right now. Everybody’s breakfast is on the dry side. Something to think. Thanks for your time. Robert Elam.

  • Laurel Woodward says:

    I went to the Hardee’s in Newberry, SC tonight.i was totally appalled that one sign through the drive thru said the #8 Frisco Burger was $8.49. Another sign said it was $9.99. I got to the window after ordering and the cost was $10.58! Three different prices? Really? This is how you do customer service? That is false advertising and you know it. My receipt number is 2621498730544. Hardee’s was my last hope for a decent meal and I will no longer be going to any Hardee’s again. Such false advertising and ripping customers off. The food was cold when I got it. Sad when the cheese doesn’t even melt. I did pull back through the drive through and asked about the prices being three different prices. I was told there was a price increase and the worker did not know what was going on with the system but that was the price. Unethical and false advertising.

  • Joelle Bivens says:

    When is Hardees on Hwy 49 Gulfport, Ms. going to open their dining room again? They are only accepting
    drive thru and could be doing more business in the mornings, lunch and evening if the dining room was open. It is 4/7/22 and most restaurants have been open for a while now.


    Every time I go to Hardee’s in Logansport, IN, they are not very busy, but it takes forever to get your sandwich. Like 25 minutes, a half an hour!! There might be one person in front of you, or none. I don’t have time to wait like that. This has happened to lots of people I know. And the other day, I was 4th in line for 5 minutes,and the person ordering was honking her horn because nobody would wait on her. I left because it probably would have take an hour at that speed. I love your sandwiches, but I don’t love the wait. I am on my way to work and I don’t have the time. Noplace else is like that here.

  • Sheri says:

    Bucyrus Ohio employees very rude!!! I ordered 2 scoops of ice cream for each kid after we ate. They put 1 scoop in each large cup and added chocolate syrup after they said they had chocolate ice cream then I asked for spoons she said I can give you a knife or a fork! As the 3 of them stood there and laughed a knife for children! I would not recommend this location to anyone. Not mention the bathrooms were disgusting and one with a broken toilet seat hanging off dining room had trash and the drink fountain was so wet and the floor in front of slick they didn’t clean it up just has a wet floor sign. Unbelievable! And very disappointed!

  • Donna Cheek says:

    I was refused the ability to use a Hardee’s coupon for a bogo double bacon beast burger at your
    Bardstown,Ky. location on 3/7/22.The coupon stated that it could be printed and presented when making
    a purchase. My order # was 35043 and cashier Kimberly,store#1500550 at 707 N. 3rd street. I have been trying constantly since then with no response from any number I could find.Please advise as to whether you would like me to contact our local media and really stir things up?

  • Gloria says:

    Hardee’s in meridian MS number 1505974 it got to be under new management.the food is terrible so is the service

  • Gary Eldridge sr says:

    Went to Hardee’s on hwy 5 in Aberdeen Nc 28315 they had a sign in the window saying fish sandwich 2 for 5 . When I ordered the cashier at drive through said they don’t sell fish I said there is a sign in the window she no they do not sell fish.I’m very disappointed in the store and when you call they don’t answer the phone.

  • Meridith Mottley says:

    I ordered online in Logansport In at 4:56 on February 15. My boyfriend and my son went to pick it up. I couldn’t because I had surgery the week before and couldn’t get out.I didn’t get my order until 6:05. It was almost a $30 order. My boyfriend got mad and left my son and he had to walk home by time he got home my food was cold called manager and talked to her. I was not offered my money or to replace. Sorry I wasn’t impressed.I have worked customer service for over 16 years and I won’t go back

  • Frandehans says:

    These folks only have 2 cooks & 2 drive inn people of colour…
    The walk in is always closed to customers… WHY???
    CAN’T they HIRE DEPENDABLE people & pay them a decent wage???

  • Ronald Groves says:

    Hardee’s in York SC Friday the food was cold that ain’t good at all

  • Polly says:

    Very unhappy with Hardee’s in Jenkins ky the food is always cold they get the order wrong all the time and the workers stand around outside all the time and rush you when ordering I live in Jenkins and has gave them several chances but it’s a Terrible place to eat will not be going back there.

  • Angela D Cox says:

    Visited your store on Myers Street store number #1502954. The restaurant is not serving quality food. Food was cold and they were out of a lot of items on the menu. This was my third visit there will not be going back. Went through drive up I pretty sure cleaniset is not priority. Send a secret shopper during the weekday around lunch. Cashier Shoneshia and other in background very nonchalant and just shooting the breeze. This store needs either another manager or workers. Don’t believe me send a secret shopper.

  • Brian Zechman says:

    I was wondering when you where going to bring Hardees back to our area. I currently drive over 20 minutes to enjoy your food . We would love to have one back in our area

  • Ann says:

    Hi my name is Anne and I was the GM at the Hardees in South Bend on Ireland Road they have failed to pay me my salary for the last three weeks that I’ve worked there I would like someone to get a hold of me as soon as possible I had to leave because of a family emergency very personal reasons there’s no reason why they shouldn’t have paid me though, I will be contacting a lawyer today if I am not paid.

  • Chaz Cooper says:

    I’m not really happy at Hardee’s in Timmonsville South Carolina on 315 East Smith Street and they messed up our order and had us delayed and they messed our sandwiches and I didnt ask for the combo either so I’m very dissapointed now and I won’t be coming back to Hardee’s EVER AGAIN!!!!!

  • Terri McCall says:

    Very Unhappy: I went to Hardee’s on the Volunteer Parkway in Bristol Tennessee at 12:15pm for lunch today. I placed my order with the Hardees flyer I received in the mail and order the $5 lunch deal with the ham and cheese (pictured on the flyer) with coke to drink. When I got to the window my total was $6.56. I question this with girl working and her response was it did not include the ham and cheese, I showed her the flyer (which was in date) and she replied by saying we don’t have a button for that so you owe me $6.56, the ham and cheese is only on the $6.00 meal deal. I showed her the flyer again and she said you will pay the $6.56 I don’t do discounts (Not nice about it at all). At that time I did drive away (As she stuck her head out the window and said have a nice day very sarcastically) this was uncalled for and very unprofessional I might add, I will not be returning. If you are not going to honor the flyer then quit false advertising these items. I have tried to get to speak to the manager with no avail at the drive thru and by calling and can’t get an answer. This is not a busy Hardee’s at all anytime I have been by there. Only one other car in front of me today. Please follow up and check this out for yourself. Thanks for making it to where we can at least attempt to contact the main office. Previously one morning on my way to work I stopped there to get a large coke and was attempted to be handed a 20oz coffee cup and was told it was the same size just a different cup. That was also a lie. I know the difference in the cup sizes and I’m not paying $3.00 for that. They claimed to be out of cups. I am done with Hardee’s I hate to say.

  • Unhappy says:

    Disgraceful company! With a buy one get one free coupon, ordering a 1/3 pound burger, fries and a milk shake my bill was13.70. I will never go back to you crooks, and I will endeavor to discourage others to boycott!

  • Mike says:

    Worst service I’ve ever had, food cold , 4 onion rings in the order,drinks were all ice, called manager at the pike street Parkersburg WV location, no satisfaction at all, my last time eating there

  • Paula G. says:

    Unbelievable, I just paid nearly 10 bucks for this most pathetic hot honey chicken sandwich that you people are peddling!! You know, the one with a large bun and a peice of fatty chicken that is smaller than a McDonald’s hamburger!! This makes me think of that old Wendy’s commercially with the sweet little old lady looking under the bun and asking ” where’s the beef”, except in this case it is a Hardees customer asking “where’s the chicken?” I wish I could share the picture with you. If it is not supposed to be so small on a deceiving large bun at a cost of $9.08 for it in a medium combo meal, then you best be checking up on your Hardees in Ottumwa Iowa.

  • donald h says:

    on 12/12/2021 i went to one of your locations and i was there at 10:20am location (1221 west pine st NC 27030) me not my family will ever be back to this lovation i was refused service on two different times i will not tolerate this i have been in and out of fast food since i was 16 and have never experienced this type of disrespect to a customer there was 20 minutes till breakfast was over and they refused to make my order i do not see how you are still in business with your employees treating the customer that way with out customers you do not have a business and i will spread the word of head quarters failer to maintain there business at small locations like this one

  • David Padilla says:

    I use to work in Saint Mary’s ga and have a check I lost a shirt they said I can’t get my check until then be 60 days

  • Robby Burke says:

    We have been having breakfast at Hardee’s on Mount Tabor and Richmond Road in Lexington Kentucky for the past few months. Food was hot and tasty. Today for the first time we had breakfast at your Winchester Kentucky location. Gravy tasted old, hash browns were cold, biscuits were called, and Country Ham was tasteless. Very disappointing since we just moved to Winchester Kentucky. Definitely will not stop by that restaurant again.

  • Nick Dacloush says:

    Worst hardee’s restaurant in the usa is located in st charles mn

  • Caroline Provost says:

    My name is Caroline Provost …I used to work at a Hardee’s in LeMars Iowa …I was burnt with 3rd degree burns by the french fry grease and then stubbed my foot on it which resulting in dead tissue and turned into black toes while on duty and was told not to go to the ER for any medical treatment …and was also singled out and fired for misconduct by an employee Alex Wright who was a favorite of the General Manager, Houston Hartwig …I need to file several EEO complaints on the owners …and also several more that I will explain to the corporate office…please can anyone point me in the right direction for this .. thank you Caroline Provost

  • Tired of not being served says:

    I don’t know how much Y’all really know about your Hardee’s franchise here in Anderson SC located at 102 28 by pass. I know they serve breakfast and stay packed for that. But I have been up there 4 times in the afternoon after 2:00. And nobody is running the drive thru. I drove to the window, the head sets are hanging on the wall. That was one time. I’ve been by there two other times saw someone inside sitting at a table. No one operating the drive thru then either, or at the window. I went by there today to get a sandwich went to the drive thru , the girl said the computers were down so they couldn’t do anything! Y’all need to fire everyone at that store and start over!

  • Daniel Fairchild says:

    Why don’t you put the Big Chef on your menu
    It was on the menu of the company you bought years ago and would half kicked Mc Donald’s butt

  • Paul Black says:

    I was at Hardee’s this morning at 6 am. CST. (The only reason I waited until 6 was to compensate for the time change) NOBODY was here when. the signs CLEARLY state they were supposed to be open at 0500 hrs CST!!!

    The impetus for my communication was the deplorable way I was treated by the female at the drive thru window! NO CUSTOMER SHOULD EVER BE TREATED AS RUDELY AS THAT WOMAN TREATED ME!! I WAS SO ANGRY BY THE TIME I LEFT I MUST NOW TRAVEL TO THE NEAREST EMERGENCY ROOM TO BE SEEN FOR MY SEVERE CHEST PAINS!! My family have already received a copy of this just in case further court action be necessary!

  • Dan Harper says:

    The store at 810 n.N Hwy 27 Minneola Florida is terrible. I went through the drive through and nobody answered. It is 8:05 am. I pull to the window and see workers inside. No one comes to the window. I pull around to the front and no one is at the counter. I can see the manager and employee through the window into the kitchen. The manager looks right at me. Doesn’t say a word. No I’ll be right you no acknowledgement what so ever. I then see a car drive uptown the drive through and pick up food. Meanwhile inside another customer grabs food and leaves. I get ticked off and scream about getting waited on. I left. I know everyone is short staffed because of covid, but this is very bad customer service.

  • Jack gibson says:

    Your restaurant in Hazelwood nc for your employees to jump a veteran are just despicable and there is alot of your patrons who eat there are going to bojangles 200 yards up the road. Yoy need to look into this or shut this restaurant down.

  • Johna says:

    Hardee’s at 8040 Normandy Blvd. Jax, Fl.
    Have about half of what is posted on menu. Every time you ask for something they don’t do that.

  • William Hittler says:

    This is what I want to know how the hell does a billion-dollar company not have change for $100 bill in the morning when I’m trying to buy my company breakfast

  • Ryon Rogers says:

    I waited an hour interview in hodgenville Kentucky. I was asked to return and I’ve been waiting for 2 hours today.

  • Bill says:

    I have been to lots of burger places but the one in Oxford,NC needs to be evaluated.
    The company should send the top management to see what is going on. I have eating here 2 weeks in row on Sunday. I was the only one here, eating by myself both times.
    Prices seem too high for what I got. Had to ask for more napkins because my angusburger was so messy. Mess all over my hands. Combo was close to $10.
    I think the menu should be more offerings for plates, combo. No slaw. No onion rings.
    Truly a burger joint.
    McDonalds and Bojangles had customers running out of there ears, so to speak. That was the reason I came to Hardees but probably not be back.
    Sorry, but in mood to send message because I was upset along with other customer who came in.
    A customer who may not be back.

  • Laura says:

    My name is Laura pendlebury
    I currently work at the Hardee’s in Newberry FL
    I went through my orientation which took 6 hours I was told by the manger who hired me Angela that I would get paid for those 6 hours of my time we’ll I never got paid which I heard your supposed to get paid on a separate card which I never got My fiance called the manger and told him your not supposed to get paid for orientation which is a lie we did our research she was very rude and disrespectful to him she’s been stealing money from her employees and the company very unprofessional please somebody do something about this

  • Patricia york says:

    Would like to know why Hardee’s on Smokey park Hwy in Ashe ville nc will not open the dining room they have the same about of employees as always what happened to the manager but you have the people and customers open up get your manager in line and no one will give you a name or phone to call to let corporate know what is going on it is like the manager has a complaint against the company please reply thanks b

  • Evelyn Dellis says:

    I was very disappoined in your Chicken Sandwich it was nothing like you show in your ad and it had Garlic on it I hate Garlic. KFC puts yours to shame. Your had no crispy crust at all. Just wanted to let you know.

  • Asem says:

    We have bought two hamburgers in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. They are awful. While we have delivered to home within 20 minutes, hamburgers become tasteless and look horrible. French fries also were like a rubber or cotton. It was impossible to eat them, we threw them away into bin. It was last time when we went to Hardee’s.

  • Sheila Alley says:

    Our service at store 14 in Spring City Tennessee was horrible this morning. I spent $20.00 for our breakfast this morning and had to wait 30 minutes for our drive thru order and that’s only after I called inside the Hardee’s! Pay your workers a livable wage and get good help or closed these stores down! I won’t be returning and will spread the word on Facebook as to our experience at this store in Spring City, TN
    Store 14

  • Terry Moore says:

    Why doesn’t the Hardee’s in ahoskie North Carolina have low carb bowls? They told me they no longer make them and it has been over a month since they stopped making them. However I just got one a week ago in Columbia South Carolina.

  • mark Bosenn says:

    hardees used to be great hamburgers…good size…tasty…..now…they all taste like garbage…seems all are frozen…used to eat there all the time…now…just drive past to go to another spot.

  • Djuana Long says:

    I stopped in at your location at 2382 Old Fort Pkwy on Sunday afternoon about 3 pm. The lobby was open so I went in and stood at the counter to order two drinks. No one was at the counter so as I continued to wait a short haired lady at the drive up saw me and was fooling with an order. She never acknowledge me standing there. Instead she hollered for someone. When the black man came up front she scolded him for the door being unlocked. He proceeded to tell her they had a customer and he was waiting until the customer left. This lady continued to hatefully tell him he should have locked the door and continued To badger him.Not once did either one of them offer to acknowledge me or wait on me.. but made me feel like I was not important enough to address or take my simple order. I put my wallet back in my purse and walked out! Humiliated and disgusted!!! Worst treatment I’ve ever encountered at any restaurant! You just lost a great customer Hardees!! You should hire decent people!!! Btw I’m a white woman and I’ll say this!! The white female employee was way out of line to the black employee!! You might need to address that issue also!! Very unhappy customer!!

  • Wendi winkler says:

    I’m Wendi Winkler. I am contacting you to let you know that the Hardee’s in Irvine Kentucky, is employing an known felon an women beater. I was horrified when I stopped there with my kids an had to look at him Berry Crouch. This man grabbed hold of me by the neck an choked me out. I have a open case against him

  • Doris says:

    I went 2 Hardee’s on Bluefield Ave on September 12th a little after 5 ordered the roast beef what is the most nastiest roast beef I have ever had first hey give me the bun with four pieces a roast beef the bun was toasted too hard to eat took it back up there they give me another one with a small bun and four pieces of meat well not be going back there again and charged me $15 for the f****** meal what a ripper and I’m going to slam it all over Facebook did not enjoy the meal

  • Sara Martinez says:

    2 of my children work at the hardees in toldeo iowa. One has a fever with covid symptoms and went to get tested waiting on results was told she had to come to work or she would be fired. This is against CDC guidelines and is risking infecting all the customers that go there. She should not have to choose her health or her job.

  • Paul Forrester says:

    You now it’s sad when us truck drives come to a store and the sing on the door says open intell 10:00 and the doors are looked at 8:00 this is not the first time this has happened to me another driver .It’s so stupid when truck drivers deliver everyone stuff to run these places and still can’t find a good place to eat anymore they deserve a good hot meal just like anyone else and the bad thing is there was people eating in the dining area and they wouldn’t even open the door for us

  • Gary Gable says:

    What’s up with the Hardee’s in Mccormick SC? They open when they want to and close when they want to! 6:20 pm on 8-20-21 closed! They never get the order correct and the place looks terrible! Someone please do something! This really makes Mccormick look bad!!!

  • Frances M Sparks says:

    I would like it if you could please put a Hardee restaurant in Batavia Ohio

  • Dallis F Wagner says:

    Our heart is here in Sparta North Carolina can no longer serve customers states that they have no employees the only place that we have for breakfast in the morning is Hardee’s everyone loves their scratch made biscuits but with business going the way that it’s going we need someone under New Management to take this building over and make it what it was before or shut it down and put in a different food chain we have Burger King and Hardee’s the only two fast food restaurants in Sparta with thousands of visitors each year and growing we had an earthquake 5.8 in August 2020 since then tourist has been up 100%

  • Stephen H Bance says:

    Went to the Hardee’s in Hot Springs Arkansas. There were no other customers in the store. Lady at the register was unpleasant and acted like my $40+ order was a pain in the neck because I wanted four orders of onion rings instead of fries. When I got home there is black slimy lettuce on my daughter’s chicken sandwich. Keep in mind this sandwich was made 15 minutes ago. I tried calling the restaurant twice letting it ring about 15 times each time and didn’t get an answer. I have taken a picture of the lettuce but I do not see a way to post it. If anyone gets back to me I will share the image. I would like my entire order refunded. After seeing the disgusting lettuce that a Hardee’s cook was willing to put on a chicken sandwich, makes me afraid to eat any other food from there.

  • Krys Brownlow says:

    I went to Hardee’s on 5th here in Rapid City, SD a couple of weeks ago. They talked me into the “big hot ham and cheese” sandwich, saying that it had double the meet as the regular one had. When I got home, my sandwich had as little as a normal sandwich has. So I went back today and told them the problem. I asked for double the meet in the two sandwiches I was ordering. Not only did they NOT have double the meet, but they charged me for the extra meet as well. I took a pic of one of the sandwiches I got. I do NOT think they should have charged me for the extra meet! I am VERY unhappy.

  • Everbody says:

    They have no cutomer service at the1504345 location in sc.

  • Dan Hinton says:

    I have a complaint about a product purchased at one of your Hardee’s and I cannot get any satisfaction concerning this bad meal. Manager of store called me rude and the regional manager failed to do what he agreed to do. I have a photo if you care to see it.

  • jerry mohler says:

    I went to hardees on fort cambell bvld. Hopkinsville,ky after about 5 mins. at the speaker,a voice said we are closed this was 3pm on Friday may 7,2021 I said you need to put up a sign to let people know and as I was driving around past the pick up window a woman opened the windows and said we don’t have to put up no f—— sign THIS PLACE NEEDS TO BE UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT or closed for good

  • Mary says:

    I just had lunch at the Hardees in Paxton, IL. and was very disappointed in the food. I had not had a Frisco Burger since they closed down the Hardees in Champaign on Neil St. I live in a small town east of Champaign-Urbana so it is very hard for me to have an occasion to stop at the one on the west side of Champaign-Urbana, IL. I paused when I saw the price of the combo was 9.79 because that is a lot for a
    retired person on social security to pay for a lunch item at a fast food restaurant. But my mouth was watering for that Frisco Burger that I hadn’t had for years. When I got it, I was heartbroken. It looked nothing like the Frisco Burger displayed on the menu. The bread looked like someone literally sat on it. Both pieces! It was smashed and one of the pieces was even torn!!!! That was supposed to be a THICK TOASTED sandwich. When I looked at the meat I was a little hesitant to eat it because the meat looked grey instead of the “Charbroiled burgers” advertised. No I did not take it back or bring it to the attention of the people at the counter. I have heard the things that happen to you food when you complain when you are there. Needless to say, I will not be returning to any Hardees
    in the near future since someone is not checking up on your franchises to see that they are providing an
    appetizing sandwich as depicted in commercials and on the menu in the store.

  • elizabeth wheat says:

    Went to the Hardee’s on Pine Forest rd in Pensacola fl and the cook that was back there (young mixed girl with braids or something) was rude and she would throw the food into the food box it would open. when asked to remake it she would get an attitude with the other woman at the front.



  • Nacie says:

    Ashley at the Rock Hill, SC location #1501716 on S. Herlong Ave is the best employee at that location. She deserves a raise and a promotion. I stopped going to the location because they were slow as turtles. But when she came it was a miracle because she runs the DT so smoothly. The day she leaves will be the day I stop going there.

  • Sandra Lewallen says:

    My bill was $3.24 and I gave the girl $20.25, I only had a $20.00 because I got money from the ATM and they only give $20″s only give them a $10.00.00″s. She gave me $7.01 in change, when I asked for my $10.00, she got the manage who said the counted the till and it was right and I had only given them a $10.00. He refused to give me my correct change and I feel sure theat one or both pocked the money. I will never eat at the Hardees in Rock Hill, SC again and I will tell everyone that I know that they cheat people out of their money.

  • JOYCE HARRIS says:

    I thought that I would treat my husband and I this morning to breakfast and boy did I get a surprise. It was’t a treat, but a rip-off !!! You have raised the price of Bis&Gravy over 100%. What gives? We are trying to put our lives back together after Hurricane Michael ripped our state apart and these types of things are just as heart-breaking . I won’t go back !!! Store i Lynn Haven, Fl.

  • STEVEN says:


  • Charles Yager says:

    On March 28 at 4:45 am I Purchased a number 9 on the menu which was a loaded biscuit Hashbrowns and what I thought would be coffee the gentleman ring me up for Coke and I also ordered a raisin biscuit and ask him why it didn’t come with coffee he told me I had to ask for the coffee buddy charge me for the Coke and put his hands all over my food very poor service and manners I will never eat there again

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