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Where is Harbor Freight Tools Corporate office Headquarters

Harbor Freight Tools Headquarters Address and Contact

Harbor Freight Tools logo
  • Address: 26541 Agoura Rd, Calabasas, CA 91302, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 818-836-5000
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 20,000
  • Established: 1977
  • Founder: Eric Smidt, Allan Smidt
  • Key People: Eric Smidt (CEO)

Harbor Freight Tools Headquarters Location & Directions

Harbor Freight Tools Headquarters Executive Team



Eric Smidt

CEO, President & Chairman

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About Harbor Freight Tools, History and Headquarters Information

An American privately-owned tool and equipment company that is renowned for its heavily discounted tools and equipment across all its retail stores. It owns and operates a chain of over 900 retail stores across more than 40 states in the US and stands tall with an employee base of over 20,000. With Eric Smidt as its acting CEO and co-founder, it is headquartered in Calabasas, California. It also deals with mail-order and E-Commerce.

Established in 1977, by Eric and his father Allan Smidt, as a small unit for mail-orders in tools business in North Hollywood, CA. They're first ever retail store was opened in Lexington, Kentucky. And since then they expanded between the years 1980-2018, starting from just 11 stores to over 900 stores currently.

Their corporate affairs grew under different sectors like marketing, support systems and merchandising in their new facility in September 2010. Their distribution space is said to be expanded over areas like California, South Carolina, Camarillo, and other states too.

Harbor Freight Tools Headquarters Photos

Harbor Freight Tools Resources

  • Randy Radil says:

    Can you please make the
    US general 4-5 drawer tool carts you already make just add 1 more color light soft pastel pink ??? …11-26-2023

  • Dave Meachum says:

    I want to buy a table top Electric Jig Saw, your store in New port Richey Fl. Doesn’t have an answer to my question, do you have them, and if not why not, I’m sure they are produced, I’ll buy one along with extra saw blades. Thank you Dave Meachum. davemeachum@yahoo.com. Phone 727-808-0526 Tex or call 👍

  • Zac says:

    Must be nice to be able to wait around for a refund. I don’t have the luxury. Especially when it’s your equipment that has me jammed up in the first place. You guys take the Money from someone’s account instantly when I used my PIN number and debit card. But when I returned the faulty equipment that cost several hundred dollars. And get issued a full refund. To then find out that it’s going to be 5-10 business days before receiving my money. So now you dicks have the equipment and my money. And I paid same as cash. Your return policy even states that debit cards and checks are refunded as cash. But even though the supervisor was helpful and waived restock fees. he failed to notify me about this ignorant process of getting my money back. Do you guys pay interest while holding my money? Do you have equipment that will make it through one job? Can I borrow one? Can I borrow the $500 from the CEO? Or should I just sit here and wait until you bastards feel like refunding my money? and let my customers get pissed my employee not working is pissed, my wife is pissed. So now I’m in a position of $500 holding up thousands and because I made the mistake of actually thinking harbor freights shlt equipment would get me through one simple day. The main drive gear broke under zero load exactly 23 minutes into using it. After spending 1.75 hours putting the piece of shlt together. With no type of real directions. I don’t even know why they are referred to as directions? Maybe for the picture? That’s about the only thing I could use. Congratulations harbor freight the customer I was for years buying nitrile gloves, certain trailer wire adapters, hitch pin assortments, tons of misc stuff never anything I had to count on. But even that stuff you lost me on. I’m done with harbor freight for good. I know my few thousand dollars a year won’t hurt your business. But I know you’d rather have it than not. And all you guys needed to do was what is right. I’m standing here empty handed while your multi million dollar a year corporation holds my $500 that I have everything tied up on. Or even better yet. Sell shit that doesn’t break after 20 minutes and none of this matters. Called the branch called customer service. No help sorry for the inconvenience sir.. that does me Jack

  • Steve Enos says:

    My name is Steve Enos. I purchased a shallow well pump over 10 weeks ago with the warranty. It broke,I have not received my refund and have emailed twice and called once. We were promised a return email explaining what the delay is. That did not happen. We purchased this on Ina Road in Tucson ,AZ. Could you please have someone contact me.
    (520) 548-2690

  • Kira says:

    I used to work for harbor freight. I’m trying to find info on the 401k I had through them. Any ideas on how I can get that info??

    • Raul says:

      Hola, necesito información con la persona correcta, tengo una patente lista para fabricar ( scuadra con extensión para corte ), para negocio no venta de la misma , espero alguna información, gracias.

  • Nancy Russell says:

    Your store manager, Lois Sampson, at the Rice Lake, WI store should be highly commended!! She found an error that one of her employees made earlier in the day and called me right away. She solved the problem, sent me the corrected item and even wished us a Merry Christmas!! With all the business that surrounds this time of year in the stores, she took the time to make things right! Please let her know how grateful people are for her kindness!! She is definitely an asset to your business!!

  • disgusted says:

    At around 3pm on Sunday Oct 30, The H.F. store located : Laurel, MD – 338 Domer Ave – Laurel, MD 20707– refused to allow my elderly father to use the rest room causing him to ‘soil’ himself and thereby inflicting on him extreme embarrassment and severe inconvenience to our entire family … He had just finished shopping and the manager would not allow the courtesy of using the rest room facility … not only was my father told to “go elsewhere” but outright lid in saying that the rest room was ‘not working”

  • Dan says:

    We really need a Harbor Freight in Rhinelander WI. When can we get one.

  • Ed says:

    I am an employee, in Dillon, SC I am trying to get in touch with corporate HR what has happend to me is criminal, please contact

  • Jennifer lara says:

    I need to where I stand in my job ? Apparently there’s an ongoing investigation and my name was mentioned and I was put on administrative leave . I just want to know if I’m just suspended or fired ?

  • Brenda Ox says:

    I’m looking for Robert Donner

  • DON says:


  • John E says:

    My name is John E

    I purchased a product from this store and was told I could return it, I even purchased the ins. for 2 years —- Now they tell me I CAN NOT return it.

    I was directed to a phone number 1-844-416-9141 that was a voice mail – informed me I had to go to a web site then hung up on me.

    When I called the store – the manager witch refused to give me her name (she was not the manager) told me there is nothing they can do and hung up on me.

    I am on my 3rd call back ! The New guy on the phone claims to be the manager and he directed me back to the same voice mail!

    I used to LOVE this store I have spent tens of thousands of dollars at this store, all most my entire shop is from HF —- Harbor fright will not return anything unless you know how to use a PC ..

    I have been on hold for more than 45 mins between the corp office and the store !!!

    I will not shop here again.

    Please feel free to call me

  • sterling rippeon says:

    i had tool box that i need to return they drawers do not lock it flip over and hurt me this is second time my flip broke the bottom drawer my coworkers have same problem .i would like someone to reach out to me 386 299 9417

  • Angel Hardy says:

    Who does a body got to get in touch with to get a warranty covered item shipped to a certain store for replacement?

  • Sandra Martin says:

    Good day, wanted to let you know on YouTube your advertisement is very good. I live in Westmoland county Pa, when you’re advertisement shows on YouTube the bottom description is blocked (what the item is called or about or cost is blocked with YouTube junk). Thank you

  • Charles Brinser says:

    Got to love your customer service I have been in contact with several people on your so called help team I placed an order on april1st and its now middle of May and I still can not get an answer from anyone your company needs to do better

  • Patricia White says:

    Hello, I bought the Pittsburgh 20 gallon portable oil lift brain, at the Chattanooga store. We just now open and notice a dent in the top as well the neck where it screws together is bent, also the pressure gauge is broke.
    I call and spoke with the manager which she did not give name and I forgot to ask. However I ask if I repaired it myself would she give me a discount, or do I need to bring it back for an exchange. She said she wasn’t allowed to give a discount after it was purchased she would exchange it for me no problem, but she did not have any more it stock. There could be another on the truck tonight.
    With all that being said. I do not understand way I just could not keep it because of my needing it today for my business. Had there been another in stock I would have exchanged it.
    Please reply.

  • Brian Pack says:

    Hi I am a owner operator truck driver and would love to pull freight for harbor freight I am in South Carolina and I pull containers from Charleston port

  • Franklin Eddie says:

    you corporate haeds nothing but losers you have local guys fumbling around answering questions that they can’t get any answers to because you refused to sell us what we the public me needs.

  • Allen and Lula Hawkins says:

    3weeks ago I tryed to resolve a problem with my portable garage,Was told would be called but wasn’t,went their today and the young girl said I made the purchase online and exchanged it 18 days later Not ture,I got it at a store I had never gone to before cuz Loves park Illinois was out,so I had to drive 45 mins each way to Freeport Illinois ,the item was returned for replacement cuz 1 poll&1 panel were damaged when I opened the box ,I had got the max insurance or atleast that’s what I asked for, so the 90 days was not up and insurece should have not kicked in and should have been put on replacement ,but today the girl said that’s not our policy ,! excuss me but I have been a costumer since probably before this girl was born, so I came home was on hold for 45 mins got hung up on tryed again same thing so now I’m in the q waitig to get called back , something Needs to be done , don’t like being lied to

  • Billy Mcalexander says:

    My name is Billy Mcalexander and I use the store in Collierville Tn I buy all my tools there and have for may years and spent 1000’s of dollars. Today I went in around 2:30 pm to purchase a few items as I was checking out the manager came up I was asking him a few questions he is the most rudest guy I have ever met and no help at all. In my book he is a POS! And as long as he is manager of that store I won’t be back!

  • Michael Neighoff says:

    My name is Michael J Neighoff, President of Neighoff Multiservice LLC located in Pasadena, MD 21122. Today I revisited one of your stores that I have used in the past, about 10 years total. I purchased a 6500 watt generator and ordered a Mig welder. A girl posing as a manager whose name is Staci gave me information that I found to be sketchy and upon verification, was completely wrong according to your own website.
    She claims to have been an employee for 3 years and was telling me things like I had to purchase an extended warranty to cover defective merchandise and I couldn’t replace defective merchandise without there being a restocking fee of 20% on the purchase price. I inquired about your warranties because in the past I’ve wound up with alot of faulty equipment, but never had a problem returning or exchanging items till now!
    I have been a club member in the past and renewed it today, however because I applied for your credit card per this womans advice, the membership could only be renewed under my personal name and not my business name which is not only wrong but I believe illegal. A call was put in to the Federal Trade Commission for an investigation on the validity of her information, waiting on an investigator to get back to me. I tried to call your customer service but only got recordings and I’m not surprised.
    Finally, it has been my experience today and in the past that the attitude I received as a customer was one of being treated as if I owe you something rather than receive treatment as if I was a valued customer seeings in the past, I’ve spent quite a bit of money purchasing products and replacement items to use in my business including the inconvenience of having to bring stuff back to the store which was passed off as little more than junk in my opinion! My guess is that upon reading this, I can expect little more than a quick passing gesture but I could be wrong! You may in fact value your customers and are willing to do something about this problem!

    Michael Jerome Neighoff
    President & CEO
    Neighoff Multiservice LLC.

  • Larry karn says:

    Larry Karn professional cleanings Service I see you will be moving into Staples location in Stetling Illinois message me or call me at816-535-6635 we do construction cleanings and deep cleaning and offer Janitoral Service thanks

  • Dklong says:

    I live in Alabama and needed a compressor pump (60754) Every store in the south is out of stock. I looked on line and most stores in the north had the item I needed but said they could not transfer it to the Athens Al store. It would be nice if they could. Not available online. Store pickup only. Thanks

  • George says:

    I have a Badlands winch which is broken, but I can repair the winch IF I CAN FIND PARTS. Are all your products “throw away”, or is there somewhere I can buy a replacement cable spool for my winch??

  • Gary Adamson says:

    I bought a wood chipper from harbor freight. I return it they charged me a 90 dollar restocking fee..That’s a good game you have going on..Made 90 bucks because you selling junk stuff..why would I want another one when it took 1 days work away and another day to empty out gas and oil and disassemble and put back in box..I’m very upset and unpleasant about how you treat your customers like this.

    • DON says:


  • Wayne Sellers says:

    Dear sir or Madam:

    Two (2) years ago, I purchased a Lynxx pole saw from your company. This year, the battery is dead and I can no longer use the saw. I attempted to purchase one on-line and learned the battery was now a clearance item and could only be purchased in the stores. The closest stores that had the desired Lynxx 40V battery was in Lithia Springs, Georgia and Kennesaw, Georgia, which are two hundred (200) miles away from my location. Both Georgia stores have three (3) in stock.

    I called customer service and they stated that individual stores were not able to ship the battery. I inquired if there was anyone in a leadership role that could authorize a transfer to the Columbia, Tennessee store or ship one to me. Angie (Ext. 6537) advised me that the district manger over the Georgia stores could authorize such. She took my contact information and stated the district manager would contact me within five (5) business days. Needless to say, I never received a phone call.

    I have purchase hundreds of dollars worth of items from Harbor Freight and I am pleading to the company’s business posture and overall customer care. I am very respectfully requesting that someone with business acumen and decision making authority, to please allow me to purchase a battery from either Georgia store and have it shipped to me, or transferred to my local store.

    As a “valued” customer that consistently seeks Harbor Freight products, it doesn’t seem to be an unreasonable request. I eagerly await your response and hopefully you can assist me.

  • Katie R Hurt says:

    Way should i have to pay $10.00 WHEN PAY MY BILL

  • Rebecca Ratliff says:

    I bought a 1800/1400w trade gen on3/9/22. I returned it today 3/12/22 because it wouldn’t run the things I needed ran. They were very rude and charged me a 70 dollar restock fee. How???? I buy there all the time and I will never go back to that store. I will let everyone know how dirty the bussnies is. I need my money back or I will contact better business and whoever else I need to to get something done about this dirty work.

    • Michael Neighoff says:

      Rebecca, Contact the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Ask for an investigator? First of all, to charge someone a restock fee on a broken item that for 90 days is under a store warranty, and the word restocking suggests the store is going to put it back out to sell which is not only wrong, it’s illegal too. At the very least, charging such a charge for the purpose of restocking is misappropriation of funds, a Federal Crime to my knowledge. But call them by all means and get an investigation opened up, before long it will turn into a hornets nest for Harbor Freight and the word will get out, the public that sees this probably won’t buy from them any longer which will eventually hurt their bottom line and force them to right their wrongs. By then, courts will probably be involved and if enough cases are reported, the court has to do something my guess would be trials and fines will come into play before long. Let me know how you make out and tell others most importantly, There is power in numbers especially when these stores and people cover several states. Any questions just email me, my name is Mike!

    • DON says:


  • Nirmalkumar S says:

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  • Melissa Pennington says:

    I am extremely disappointed in Harbor Freight and their disposable power tools, policies that aren’t even in writing and general lack of customer care. I bought one of their Predator generators because I spent last year homeless due to Covid. When purchasing I, as I always am was very talkative with the cashier and brought up what I was needing the item for when she asked me about purchasing the extended warranty, she was very nice and said how sorry she was that this was happening. The first time the generator went out was 4 months after purchase, mind you I used it everyday but never even hit anywhere close to the maximum run time and I checked the oil every single time before I used it. When I exchanged it I was charged again for the extended warranty which I don’t know why, I bought the two year the first time, they gave me a song and dance and I had a ride waiting so purchased the 1 year this time. 4 months later, guess what. This time I didn’t get the extended warranty due to not having the money. 3 months later thankfully it went while still under the store warranty and after talking to others who has the same generator and were on their 9th one in a little over a year I decided I couldn’t do it anymore and called the store asking could I get my money back so I could go elsewhere and purchase a more dependable one. The guy said yes. I took it and all of my receipts in, still had the original receipt. They refused to give me my cash, gift cards only stating it is because the purchase was over a year old and because there was a return. I told them their return policy said nothing about that. Called customer service and a district manager called me back and tried telling me that those generators are not meant for everyday use, they are for backup in emergency power outages, etc and that is what they tell people, well they didn’t and also when I complained about having to pay for the extended warranty again he said that the extended warranty material they gave me when I bought the generator explains that. Except they never gave me anything at the time of purchase but a receipt stating I bought the generator and two year extended warranty, no other papers but the receipt. Now I am stuck with almost $400 in gift cards that I will never use because Harbor Freight doesn’t carry any brands of power tools other than their own and clearly their own are junk and there is nothing else I could ever need from them because I finally got housed. They had a sale recently for the very generator I purchased and it didn’t say anything about not running it everyday and it is only intended for emergency usage like power outages. Instead the ad stated it was ideal for outages, constructions site, etc.

  • Jesse Peterson says:

    I want to make a correction about what I previously wrote. The date it happened on was March 9th 2022 not on the 8th, it happened to us yesterday.

  • Jesse Peterson says:

    On March 8th 2022 I dropped my spouse off at the spa next to harbor freight in Alexandria Louisiana and I went to the store to look at the Apache storage boxes everything was going well I asked a older white male employee (I believe was the manager) if I could use a tape measure he asked why so I told him I wanted to be able to take measurements of the boxes to find out which size would be best to fit my firearms at home with no issues he gave me a tape measure and asked me to return it to him once I was done that was no problem then he started a conversation with me about the pistol I was open carrying and he said he had the same one I asked how he liked it because I just got mine the day before and he said he really liked his so I said that’s good to know then he went on with his business but another employee (a black male around his 30s) overheard us talking about firearms and came to me asking nicely if I needed help trying to figure out which size box would be best for me so me and him spent a decent amount of time discussing our firearms and which storage method would give me the most use in storing my pistols and being able to store the most in the box then my spouse walked in holding a foot cream package she bought from the spa and she wanted the keys to my truck so she could go sit in the truck and wait for me then she left and me and the employee continued to figure out what size I needed best then I decided on the Apache 1800 & 4800 boxes then I asked him if he knew where the older white employee was because I needed to give him back the tape measure which the younger employee told me he’ll take it and put it up so i told him I would still like to let the older employee know I returned the tape measure so the younger employee said he was let him know for me so I walked with him while he went to put the tape measure back on the shelf it belonged because we were talking still everything was great then we ran into the older employee so the younger one told him that I gave him the tape measure and he put it up the older employee politely told us ok then we all went our own ways I walked to the checkout and waited in line then my phone went off it was my spouse she told me that Alexandria police department was asking her to get out the truck but I wasn’t able to find anything else out because she had to get off the phone but I could see my truck, spouse, and the 3 police cars at my truck so i stood in line watching confused about what was going on then I seen another police car arriving and the police officers were searching my truck so I asked the cashier if I could set my two boxes down beside her because everyone could clearly see what was happening outside and I told her that was my spouse so I needed to go find out what was going on when I walked out of the store I saw the older employee I was previously talking to and told him “look at this that’s my spouse and my truck being searched” the older employee didn’t respond so I walked off towards the officers not thinking anything about the fact the older employee didn’t say anything back I allowed a officer to disarm me and then they told me that someone at a store called saying my spouse walked out the store with something in her hands and didn’t pay and she was sitting in the truck but I had know idea what store called so I told the officers that she came from the spa and meet me inside of harbor freight to get my truck keys but I didn’t go to any other store just harbor freight and she had something she bought from the spa with her but i didn’t know if she visited another store before coming to me so I stood there talking to a male officer that stayed by me while I waited for them to finish, after several officers searched my truck one at a time after each other and my spouse being interviewed by the officers they came to the fact that the item she was accused of stealing was the foot cream that she bought from the spa so the officers told us we could leave so I told them I couldn’t leave yet I needed to go back to harbor freight because I was in the middle of waiting to buy stuff then the officers told me I couldn’t go to harbor freight so I asked them why couldn’t I go there when I wasn’t involved in anything and she didn’t steal anything then the officers told me that me and my spouse were band from harbor freight so I couldn’t ever go back so I asked them why and they said the manager told them that he saw me attempt to put something in my pockets which the smallest box is 18in wide and the entire time I had a employee with me helping me so that was a lie that the manager told them then they told me it’s nothing they could do about it that the decision was completely up to the store and they told me that the manager was the older white male so at that point I realized that 1 out of the two employees who helped me out was the manager which also explained why the guy didn’t respond when I told him that the truck and female being searched by the police were mine so the manager lied to the officers about me because he made a mistake accusing my spouse of thief and I assumed that since he knew I had a firearm on me that i might’ve started something with him over it and I understand his thought about what I might’ve done even though there was several police officers right there still but I honestly had no intentions on even confronting the manager about what happened because I also understood why he thought she might’ve stole something from the store but I don’t understand why make up a lie about me supposedly attempting to put something in my pocket when I was with a employee the entire time I was in the store and the smallest things I’ve touched was the tape measure that I made sure to give back a the person who gave it to me knew that I returned the tape measure and the other smallest thing was a Apache 1800 storage box which is 18in wide there’s no way anyone could stick that in their pocket and honestly the manager didn’t do anything in the wrong by assuming she stole something but him finding out that she didn’t steal anything why did he still band her from the store and make up a lie to have a reason to band me from the store also. I completely understand that people make mistakes but there was no harm in the mistake just a lot of embarrassment for myself and my spouse but nothing to cause a issue over and it wasn’t like the police were no longer all there but what I can not understand is why not just go about our business knowing it was just a mistake instead he had to do something that was far from fair and a mistake and just plain out disrespectful and hateful just because he made a mistake we are the ones who got punished for a accidental judgment call made by him so I wasn’t able to purchase the two boxes that myself and a employee went through a lot of time deciding on what i needed even though I made sure to do everything I could to be thankful for their help and that the one who gave me a tape measure knew that I gave it back.
    If someone is trying to steal something they don’t attempt to put it in their pocket once then completely give up on stealing it especially when no one saw them do it or confronted them for trying to steal something because a employee saw them trying to steal it.
    What happened at first could’ve been prevented if the manager would’ve watched the cameras he would’ve seen she came in the store with what she left with, the police officers were able to see what it was she had in her hand when they watched the recordings on the cameras so if he would’ve checked first especially since he knew which vehicle she was sitting in and that she was just sitting there so he had plenty of time to go check the cameras but my spouse and myself were highly embarrassed over what we had to go through being searched and questioned by the police in the middle of the parking lot in front of everyone who was there just to turn around and get extremely disrespected and treated horribly when neither of us did anything wrong or disrespectful so I’m writing the headquarters of Harbor freight right now asking if y’all can help us out and please fix this completely unfair treatment we had to go through and are technically still going through because neither of us are allowed to ever go back to harbor freight to shop when neither of us did anything wrong at all and I couldn’t buy the orange Apache 3800 & black Apache 1800 and now I can’t ever get them because I can’t go back to that store which I’m sure the Apache is a harbor freight production.
    All this horror happened around the timeframe of 4pm to 6pm on March 9th and y’all can even speak to the younger employee who stayed with me the entire time the manager wasn’t with me about what I was doing and if I did anything wrong or if it’s even true that at some point I attempted to put something of y’all’s in my pockets, I’m confident that his story will not be the same as the story the manager told the police about me.

  • Pat says:

    I keep getting emails with receipts from HF I have not used my acct for any of these items. I called the store explaining this and her reply was I can’t help you from here you have to call the corporate office in California no excuse me these purchases are coming from your store I’m asking you to fix it and nothing customer service sucks.

  • Alffie says:

    I ask about about the Twenty Five Rebate I was issued for a settlement.By mistake I deleted it. I through I was deleting the daily add.Can someone straight is out for Me. I don’t understand why you didn’t issue a credit card.it was very difficult with all my email. Thank again

  • Gene Moniot says:

    I recently purchased a two ton floor jack from the store in Jacksonville, florida, but when I got home and tried to use it, there was a part missing. Is there some way I can buy The screw that holds the handle in the jack.

  • ray doering says:

    by the discount emails arrive the discount period has ended. always call before you expect to ghet the advertised discount. happened to me 3 times.

  • L says:

    I simply can not understand why you are still, STILL including inch sizes in your tool kits? I take my tools off sight and always leaves the inch sizes behind (weight) and place what metric sizes in their place. Who is in charge? Have he/she not turned a wrench or socket in over 25 years? EVERYTHING IS METRIC!!! Perhaps not old tractors! I will help design the All metric side tool kits for free. I have the credentials. Just ask for my resume.

  • Leo Vue says:

    Bought an open box Jack at store# 03154 on January 19, 2022. Asked the store to make sure it is in working order, store assured me that it is in working order. Store told me it came from Headquarter and the Jack has been tested and everything. There were a couple screws missing from the cover but other than that it looks fine. Two weeks later, I got the chance to used it on my SUV to do some work. The Jack only jacked half way up and it wouldn’t go up any higher. Call customer service and was told to take the Jack back to the store. I took the Jack back to the store and was told they can’t returned or exchanged because open box is only has a 5 days Warranty. I call customer service again but was told to bleed the cylinder with hydraulic fluid which harbor freight has in their store. Well, so much for Harbor Freight motto of taking care of their customers and stay behind their products. If this Jack failed and kill me then I know harbor freight will have more issues at hands. Needless to say, I got the whole conversation recorded so harbor freight can’t deny it. Harbor Freight sold me a bad Jack and expected me to service it to make it works. NEVER BUY OPEN BOX FROM HARBOR FREIGHT EVER!!! Harbor Freight is trying to kills their loyal customer.

  • Sammy says:

    Cathy is a wonderful awesome amazing manager at the store in Lansing Michigan she should get a raise

  • Jim coon says:

    Some one ends to be told that what is marked it is sold at that price and not the more money till is changed the mark. This happens in salem oregon my name Jim Coon this happened to me and the manager keep it higher and did not change the marked and could loose people in

  • Renee says:

    I purchased a pallet jack in Dec from the Clarksville, TN store. We used it 1 time and it messed up. I contacted the store and spoke to the store manager, Matt. He stated he didn’t have any in stock but had a truck coming the end of the week and would call me. I’ll be honest, I thought..yeah sure you will. Well, he did, in addition, he had already checked surrounding stores to see if they had received any and they hadn’t. He stated he would call me the following week..and honestly, again, I thought..yeah right. He did…and each week with an update until he had one. To say he went above and beyond is an under statement. It’s been a very long time since I’ve received such customer service!! It’s unheard of these days. I want to thank him and his team for such wonderful service.

  • Larry W Pennington says:

    https://images.harborfreight.com/hftweb/promotions/images/online-promo-2022/lp-weekend-promo-bucket-020422-dt.jpg Free Bucket with purchase of $24.99 I know it say’s while supply last in store but they were out the first day and you ran the program for three days not good planning Customer No: 999025713095 store no. 00575 Tran: 168573 date: 2/6/2022 Ticket no: 03168573 How can I get my Free Bucket ?

  • Anthony Neilly says:

    January 3rd I purchased with Cash, some casters from the Plainfield avenue store in Grand Rapids Michigan along with one other product which was a variety pack of metric and standard nuts. That same day I returned the bolt nuts product and the cashier gave me the return receipt but not my original purchase receipt for my casters which I did not notice until too late. Later in the evening on Monday I tried to return to the store to explain this but had closed before I could speak to someone. Since all the lights were on including the sign I called and explained to the female manager and she treated me rudely and told me to return on Tuesday and they would take care of it; so I returned the next day and tried to return the casters and spoke to another manager and he refused to return without a receipt and I told him that they had kept my original receipt and also I did not use my phone number to connect to my purchase. I told him they must have my receipt in back because I had purchased only the day before that , AND the manager from Monday night told me to return and they would take care of it. He said they do not keep the Cash receipts and refused to look for my receipt and treated me rudely on top of this. This is not my fault that your employee did not return my original receipt. I want to return these casters or exchange and I want a complaint filed against this manager. Terrible service!

    • Michael Neighoff says:

      Through experience, I’m noticing more and more people are dealing with rude employees including my experiences of the past 10 years. Not sure how to deal with it properly other than grab them by the hair, pull them over the counter and outside, point them to the nearest Mcdonalds and tell them there is your next place of employment while you still know it all!

  • Jeff Woodlief says:

    I just bought a $10,000 tool box from Harbor Freight in Burlington North Carolina try to go talk to them today about it because it had come in and they had contacted me I was told that the toolbox had to sit in the store approximately two weeks before they could deliver it because they didn’t have anyone to deliver it called several times try to get someone to explain it to me I was hung up on twice refer to a manager’s phone which no one picked up how convenient so I went up there still the same answer they were waiting on the office to set up a delivery with a delivery company which makes no sense I will never do this again if I could return it and get my money back I would someone needs to contact me soon

  • Kelvin Parris says:

    I went into a Harbor Freight in Hempstead, NY today after receiving a discount offer via email. In the offer it stated “No Coupon Required”. I’m an Inside Track member. When I made my purchase, the discount was not applied. I called the store and they told me that I needed to present the coupon. I then called the main number to complain and spoke to Gabriella. Gabriella told me that she that I was wrong and was very rude. I asked if I could email her the offer that I received and she told me that I have to email it to cs@harborfreight.com. I then read her the offer line by line and she read me some other offer line by line and once again told me I was wrong. I asked her if she thought that I would waste me time lying to her over 15 % and she stated “I don’t know sir, you might”. These calls are recorded. This needs to be investigated by Harbor Freight.

  • Jennifer Keen says:

    Good morning,

    Started off today with a bad experience at Store #00697, but it turned into an excellent day do to Ms. Maya and her team.

    Long story short, called the store yesterday at 4:12 to hold a generator since we just received 8 inches of snow and power is out. Individual on line took my name down and I told him I would be there at 8am. Low and behold when I arrived this morning, last generator of the size I wanted, was on hold for someone else that called this morning and I didn’t have one.

    I was very upset, but Ms Maya and her employees took great care of me after they all heard me upset.

    Thank you again for your awesome employees!

    Ms Jennifer Keen

  • Ron Nicholson says:

    I have invented a couple of electrical tools and working on 2 more. I have called and emailed HF about joining hands and getting these tools on the market – All I’ve gotten is a runaround. I could use someone in Corp that understands business and making money. HF is missing out in an area / tool decision I don’t believe they have thought about. The reason businesses are started is to make $$$ and I have two ideas and 2 tools made, I have the perfect spokesperson for HF to use to sponsor the tools as well as myself. Cant someone for corporate contact me ? we are losing time and $$

    • Michael Neighoff says:

      Start calling Amazon with your offer, most stuff that Harbor Freight has comes from Amazon! I’ll bet you’ll be contacted then!

  • Ross P Flynn says:

    Does HF have a policy of not selling floor models when out of in stock inventory.

  • Fred P Alexander says:

    I live in Ukiah, California where Harbor Freight Tools just opened a new store. The insert map on how to get to your store in the flyer you mailed out is not of the Ukiah area, it’s of a different area altogether. So, I figured, if these guys are that dumb I’d better check their BBB rating. Good thing I did, your rating is “F” and your customer reviews make very interesting reading. I will not be doing any business with Harbor Freight Tools and beware to anyone who does.

  • Susan says:

    On April 12th, 2021 I had called the Rockhill S.C 29732 location. I was in search for one of the newest inverter generator 9500watt Predator. It will cost around $2000.00. Upon calling I had spoke to a gentleman on the phone. I was first letting him no that we had been in the store a couple days back and before I could even get my question out he rudely said WHATS YOUR QUESTION!. I paused for a second due to the way he had addressed me and he stated again WELL WHAT IS YOU QUESTION! When I had brought it to his attention that I find the way he is speaking to me quite rude, he then hung up on me. I find that this gentleman lost you a $2000.00 sale. I don’t know if he was having a bad day or what but, if he doesn’t know customer service he does not need to be in the customer service industry. I don’t see why these types of employees get a slap on the wrist either. I also, did call back and speak with Tina the manager. She did handle the situation in a professional way. If she has to deal with an employee like that everyday, I believe she needs a raise.

    • Michael Neighoff says:

      Susan, here’s what I’ve been able to ascertain about Harbor Freight! First of all, they are supposedly located in California which is a completely destructive state run by a democratic Governor by the name Gavin Newsom, my unconfirmed understanding is he is a nephew or something of our Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi. Also, most of these employees with bad attitudes are fairly young folk that were never taught any manners or professionlism. I would bet most if not all of them worked and was fired from places such as McDonalds and other unmannerly ripoff franchises or had never worked anywhere or could never work any place else. It’s a shame!

  • Carrine Warinner says:

    The August 20ththe manager at Harbor Freight walked up to me at approximately 3pm and told me I could go home now and don’t come back No reason, I’d had no complaints, in fact I had customers that would come in and hug me, buy me coffee, and some would wait in line for me even when there were other clerks available. I had met my ITC requirements and in fact entered more than a 100 customers information into the data base.

    My doctor sent a prescription to corporate’s human resource department requiring me to have a stool. Chris tried to bring it to me and Kylie refused it. Even though corporate ordered it. I was required to get permission to use with restroom. I got in trouble for picking up the parking lot on my way in from my break. I feel she was tyrannical in her treatment of me.

    She said I was going to quit, but that makes no sense as I was 1 day away from my 401k,retirement, and insurance. I planned on retiring from there.

    • Michael Neighoff says:

      Ma’am, I know it don’t make any sense, but some would not have you there because you are doing a good job and they are jealous that your popular when they probably could be if they didn’t think they were all that and 2 half eaten boxes of cookies. Most people like that would rather be lazy than make a stand for who they are or could be! Your probably better off!

  • dale roberts says:

    I don’t think you people look at the people you hire for distract mangers, too many wal mart reject who have no idea on how the store mangers need to be able to correct the people working under them ,you need to take a closer look at who you hire

  • George Bensel says:

    Hi my name is Jorge pencil and I’m in Tma Georgia the other evening I called up it was Sunday and I asked about to Hercule Hercules sliding compound saw it was on sale for $200 I didn’t ask the guy called the store and asked the person running the store how long would that sale be he told me that it would be to the first of the month at which time I did not hurry down and purchased saw I came the next day to get the saw for $200 and a I was told that it was not on sale anymore and that I missed it

  • Carrine Warinner says:

    I received a notice that I am not receiving my unemployment because the store manager at Harbor Freight said I was quitting them, so she fired me early. I loved my job at Harbor Freight! The customers loved me. I think she got jealous because customers would stand in my line even if someone else was available. Customers would come in and hug me and would go to Dutch Brothers and buy me coffee! I always brought in food and snacks for the employees. They really liked my cookies and DD Rice. The manager claims I was planning on quitting there, but she has no written proof of that! I planned on retiring there! I was 1 day short of getting my benefits and I think she was just not wanting to have to pay that or my vacation or anything that would come out of her budget. She also fired 3 other employees for made up charges, Sara Ryan, Cory, Justin, and myself as I feel that she wanted to hire her son’s friends, which is what she did. She fired all 4 of us in the same week. I think as a manager she should retire. The customers nor the employees like her.

  • Jon Williams says:

    Item: Badlands 2500lb ATV Winch W/Wireless Remote.
    The Price Over The Years Has Fluxuated And I Have Purchased Them Before For $45, I Am Working On A Project Were I Will Need 10 To 20 At A Time. I Understand Badlands Is A Harbor Freight Brand So My Question Is Buying At That Quantity Can You Sell Me These Winches For Around $55 each. I Am Sure There Are No Customers Willing To Buy At That Quantity For An Extended Period. Please Let Me Know If You Are Interested.

    Thank you
    Jon Williams

  • Charles R. Bishop says:

    I am disappointed in Harbor Freight after many years of purchases. I bought an electric tree trimmer and then got cancer so couldn’t use it. I finally opened it yesterday only to find it was already used and returned to your Harrisburg, PA store. I called but since we could not find the receipt after 1-1/2 hours of looking through Harbor Freight receipts they said they would not do anything about it. I realize that part of this is my fault since I didn’t open it prior but from now on Direct Tools will be where I shop.

  • Angela Isaac says:

    I went into store 075 0n 6/24/19 to purchase a couple of power tools. After finishing the transaction the computer went down before the receipt was printed. I spent the next 2 hours with the store manager and my bank . The transaction went threw Visa and I showed the store manager that it went threw my account ( transaction was not pending) and even gave her the Approval code for the Transaction. I was called a liar, so was my bank and Visa. When I said I was going to call the police the store manager told me that I could not prove anything because I didn’t have the Item codes or a receipt. I spoke with Customer service for Harbor Freight for 2 days and they can’t seem to find my money. So I am out almost $400.00 and no merchandise! I would like this matter resolved and the store manager fired!!! As a business person myself I would never treat my customers this way nor would I call them a liar and steal from them.

  • John Parker says:

    There is a great opportunity for another Harbour Feight Location. The city of Milledgeville, Ga. only a Lowe’s there now. Empty grocery store space available,
    Worth looking into. Thanks. Regards, John a loyal harbour freight shopper

  • George Trimigliozzi says:

    I have just moved from Heto purderson Nevada to Long Island NY and are very surprised on the customer service in your Bayshore store on this day tuesday afternoon. There were no floor people to help your customers that needed help finding what they wanted in the store. I was a good customer of the new Henderson when it opened in Nevada and always had many people on the floor and the Henderson store was half the size of Bayshore. I did not find what I was looking for so went to Homedepot to buy what I was looking for. I am not a happy customer for your Bayshore store with only one cashier in the store. This problem should be taken care of before you start not having customers buying from your store.

  • Ernest says:

    Harbor Freight Motorcycle Hitch Carrier #99271 https://youtu.be/eJSmRQXRih4
    your earlier versions that you sold had aluminum base the new version that you sell now have a steel base bracket the aluminum was prone to fail so upgrading to steel base frame could you please send me the upgrade so I can replace the aluminum base with this the new version #62837 thank you .

  • Mike Diettel says:

    As a supplier to Vertex Aerospace LLC our Hqtrs is in Madison MS. With many US Government contracts we have many locations we have a presence. PO’s are written from HQ. but deliveries are many different locations. Is it possible for us to have a central point of contact? The info in our Vendor Master Supplier database has the following: Harbor Freight Tool, 3491 Mission Oaks Blvd, Camarillo, CA 93011; 800-423-2567; does any of this information need to be updated? My phone # is: 601-607-6473.

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