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Where is Harbor Freight Tools Corporate office Headquarters

Harbor Freight Tools Headquarters Address and Contact

Harbor Freight Tools logo
  • Address: 26541 Agoura Rd, Calabasas, CA 91302, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 818-836-5000
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 20,000
  • Established: 1977
  • Founder: Eric Smidt, Allan Smidt
  • Key People: Eric Smidt (CEO)

Harbor Freight Tools Headquarters Location & Directions

Harbor Freight Tools Headquarters Executive Team



Eric Smidt

CEO, President & Chairman

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About Harbor Freight Tools, History and Headquarters Information

An American privately-owned tool and equipment company that is renowned for its heavily discounted tools and equipment across all its retail stores. It owns and operates a chain of over 900 retail stores across more than 40 states in the US and stands tall with an employee base of over 20,000. With Eric Smidt as its acting CEO and co-founder, it is headquartered in Calabasas, California. It also deals with mail-order and E-Commerce.

Established in 1977, by Eric and his father Allan Smidt, as a small unit for mail-orders in tools business in North Hollywood, CA. They're first ever retail store was opened in Lexington, Kentucky. And since then they expanded between the years 1980-2018, starting from just 11 stores to over 900 stores currently.

Their corporate affairs grew under different sectors like marketing, support systems and merchandising in their new facility in September 2010. Their distribution space is said to be expanded over areas like California, South Carolina, Camarillo, and other states too.

Harbor Freight Tools Headquarters Photos

Harbor Freight Tools Resources

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  • Susan says:

    On April 12th, 2021 I had called the Rockhill S.C 29732 location. I was in search for one of the newest inverter generator 9500watt Predator. It will cost around $2000.00. Upon calling I had spoke to a gentleman on the phone. I was first letting him no that we had been in the store a couple days back and before I could even get my question out he rudely said WHATS YOUR QUESTION!. I paused for a second due to the way he had addressed me and he stated again WELL WHAT IS YOU QUESTION! When I had brought it to his attention that I find the way he is speaking to me quite rude, he then hung up on me. I find that this gentleman lost you a $2000.00 sale. I don’t know if he was having a bad day or what but, if he doesn’t know customer service he does not need to be in the customer service industry. I don’t see why these types of employees get a slap on the wrist either. I also, did call back and speak with Tina the manager. She did handle the situation in a professional way. If she has to deal with an employee like that everyday, I believe she needs a raise.

  • Carrine Warinner says:

    The August 20ththe manager at Harbor Freight walked up to me at approximately 3pm and told me I could go home now and don’t come back No reason, I’d had no complaints, in fact I had customers that would come in and hug me, buy me coffee, and some would wait in line for me even when there were other clerks available. I had met my ITC requirements and in fact entered more than a 100 customers information into the data base.

    My doctor sent a prescription to corporate’s human resource department requiring me to have a stool. Chris tried to bring it to me and Kylie refused it. Even though corporate ordered it. I was required to get permission to use with restroom. I got in trouble for picking up the parking lot on my way in from my break. I feel she was tyrannical in her treatment of me.

    She said I was going to quit, but that makes no sense as I was 1 day away from my 401k,retirement, and insurance. I planned on retiring from there.

  • dale roberts says:

    I don’t think you people look at the people you hire for distract mangers, too many wal mart reject who have no idea on how the store mangers need to be able to correct the people working under them ,you need to take a closer look at who you hire

  • George Bensel says:

    Hi my name is Jorge pencil and I’m in Tma Georgia the other evening I called up it was Sunday and I asked about to Hercule Hercules sliding compound saw it was on sale for $200 I didn’t ask the guy called the store and asked the person running the store how long would that sale be he told me that it would be to the first of the month at which time I did not hurry down and purchased saw I came the next day to get the saw for $200 and a I was told that it was not on sale anymore and that I missed it

  • Carrine Warinner says:

    I received a notice that I am not receiving my unemployment because the store manager at Harbor Freight said I was quitting them, so she fired me early. I loved my job at Harbor Freight! The customers loved me. I think she got jealous because customers would stand in my line even if someone else was available. Customers would come in and hug me and would go to Dutch Brothers and buy me coffee! I always brought in food and snacks for the employees. They really liked my cookies and DD Rice. The manager claims I was planning on quitting there, but she has no written proof of that! I planned on retiring there! I was 1 day short of getting my benefits and I think she was just not wanting to have to pay that or my vacation or anything that would come out of her budget. She also fired 3 other employees for made up charges, Sara Ryan, Cory, Justin, and myself as I feel that she wanted to hire her son’s friends, which is what she did. She fired all 4 of us in the same week. I think as a manager she should retire. The customers nor the employees like her.

  • Jon Williams says:

    Item: Badlands 2500lb ATV Winch W/Wireless Remote.
    The Price Over The Years Has Fluxuated And I Have Purchased Them Before For $45, I Am Working On A Project Were I Will Need 10 To 20 At A Time. I Understand Badlands Is A Harbor Freight Brand So My Question Is Buying At That Quantity Can You Sell Me These Winches For Around $55 each. I Am Sure There Are No Customers Willing To Buy At That Quantity For An Extended Period. Please Let Me Know If You Are Interested.

    Thank you
    Jon Williams

  • Charles R. Bishop says:

    I am disappointed in Harbor Freight after many years of purchases. I bought an electric tree trimmer and then got cancer so couldn’t use it. I finally opened it yesterday only to find it was already used and returned to your Harrisburg, PA store. I called but since we could not find the receipt after 1-1/2 hours of looking through Harbor Freight receipts they said they would not do anything about it. I realize that part of this is my fault since I didn’t open it prior but from now on Direct Tools will be where I shop.

  • Angela Isaac says:

    I went into store 075 0n 6/24/19 to purchase a couple of power tools. After finishing the transaction the computer went down before the receipt was printed. I spent the next 2 hours with the store manager and my bank . The transaction went threw Visa and I showed the store manager that it went threw my account ( transaction was not pending) and even gave her the Approval code for the Transaction. I was called a liar, so was my bank and Visa. When I said I was going to call the police the store manager told me that I could not prove anything because I didn’t have the Item codes or a receipt. I spoke with Customer service for Harbor Freight for 2 days and they can’t seem to find my money. So I am out almost $400.00 and no merchandise! I would like this matter resolved and the store manager fired!!! As a business person myself I would never treat my customers this way nor would I call them a liar and steal from them.

  • John Parker says:

    There is a great opportunity for another Harbour Feight Location. The city of Milledgeville, Ga. only a Lowe’s there now. Empty grocery store space available,
    Worth looking into. Thanks. Regards, John a loyal harbour freight shopper

  • George Trimigliozzi says:

    I have just moved from Heto purderson Nevada to Long Island NY and are very surprised on the customer service in your Bayshore store on this day tuesday afternoon. There were no floor people to help your customers that needed help finding what they wanted in the store. I was a good customer of the new Henderson when it opened in Nevada and always had many people on the floor and the Henderson store was half the size of Bayshore. I did not find what I was looking for so went to Homedepot to buy what I was looking for. I am not a happy customer for your Bayshore store with only one cashier in the store. This problem should be taken care of before you start not having customers buying from your store.

  • Ernest says:

    Harbor Freight Motorcycle Hitch Carrier #99271 https://youtu.be/eJSmRQXRih4
    your earlier versions that you sold had aluminum base the new version that you sell now have a steel base bracket the aluminum was prone to fail so upgrading to steel base frame could you please send me the upgrade so I can replace the aluminum base with this the new version #62837 thank you .

  • Mike Diettel says:

    As a supplier to Vertex Aerospace LLC our Hqtrs is in Madison MS. With many US Government contracts we have many locations we have a presence. PO’s are written from HQ. but deliveries are many different locations. Is it possible for us to have a central point of contact? The info in our Vendor Master Supplier database has the following: Harbor Freight Tool, 3491 Mission Oaks Blvd, Camarillo, CA 93011; 800-423-2567; does any of this information need to be updated? My phone # is: 601-607-6473.

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