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  • Address: Pauline Dr, York, PA 17402, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 717-747-0360
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1984
  • Founder: Promus Hotel Corporation

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About Hampton Inn, History and Headquarters Information

Hampton Inn is a brand of hotel trademarked under the popular Hilton Worldwide with the name of Hampton by Hilton. This stands to be one of the biggest hotel franchises in the U.S that includes over a 2000 hotel across the States and other countries as well. It’s headquarter is situated in Pauline Dr, York, PA 17402, USA.

Originally the hotel chain was found under the name of Hampton Inn by Holiday hotels in 1984 which offered budget hotels to its customers. At first, it started with a two-story building with over 100 guests room located at Memphis, Tennessee.

In late 1989, the Promus Hotel Corp. was launched under which Hampton Inn along with some other suites was included. Under Promus Hotels, Hampton Inn expanded significantly, taking in more than 200 hotels and 20,000 rooms.

It expanded even more after Promus Hotel Corp was bought by Hilton Worldwide in 1999, today Hampton stands as an upper midscale hotel chain that is competing against the world’s finest.

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  • Angela S says:

    I booked a room online as I had so many times at Hampton Inn Ottumwa Iowa. This booking site looked like the last site I booked through the hotel site at HamptonInn.com/guest reservations. I entered all our information and payment and clicked “book now”. They sent me a receipt in email to say the charge was for almost $1000 instead of the just over $600 AND THEN said there was a no cancellation policy. I thought, “crap! How did I get scammed?” I called the hotel immediately to let them know I booked on their website and I needed to cancel this reservation and they told me it was done through a third party, which I was never led to believe. Hampton Ottumwa told me we had to cancel through the third party. When I asked them what their reservation number was, it was not the one on my receipt. The man at Hampton Ottumwa pulled up the website I booked at and told me that was their hotel but the links he was seeing were not the ones I had. I asked him to please note my issue as I’d be calling back. I called a few numbers from the receipt I had and numbers from the site I pulled up, which already looked different again when I logged in this next time around. I spoke with an Asian lady who did not give me her name but was “Hampton Reservation” and I told her I did not want to pay 33%more that I was originally told. She told me if the “person in charge” at the hotel submitted in email a notice to waive my reservation/fee, that would be the only way they could consider getting my money back, “if the Middle Person approved” ( who the heck was the Middle Person? She said she couldn’t tell me). She told me the email the hotel would have to send would have to go to “Escalations@getaroom.com”. This has ZERO to do with Hampton Inn apparently- I sent Hampton Inn Ottumwa this request-two weeks have gone by and managers Shelly and Tabitha have done nothing to help us resolve this. When I called today to speak with management, the clerk hung up on me.
    In previous calls I was told the email with our request was received. Am I being impatient? I’m already out $1000. We were told if we wanted to stay there we needed to book soon as prices were going up quickly. So my husband booked a room through them at the actual registration desk-it’s not like we’re trying to get out of paying them to have a room there, but not at an average price of $250/night/room when we originally were to get $150/night. We showed honor to them and kept a booking at the reasonable price. But no one will help me recover my lost $1000.

  • Mrs. Laurette Riccio/Joseph Riccio says:

    My husband is a retired Vietnam Veteran age 75. For his 75th birthday his daughter bought him tickets to the Chicago Whitesocks baseball game. We booked through booking.com a two night stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites Chicago-Downtown from August 2-August 4. On July 28 he was admitted to Stamford Hospital dx throat mass/dysphagia. H was discharged on July 29 with follow up care. I called to cancel reservation booking.com sent a letter to the hotel requesting them to waive the cancelation fee which was the total amount of the 2 day stay. They refused to do that even though I called to ask their cancelation policy and was told it was 24 hours. They were given 72 hours notice. We were charge $446.12 dollars. We are new Hilton members and As a retired couple on a fixed income and pending who knows what surgery I am very disappointed in the outcome of this matter.

  • C charlie says:

    Hello Hampton Inn Headquarters.

  • Jason says:

    I am currently staying at the Hampton Inn &suites West Ashley in Charleston,SC it is by far the worst hotel I have stayed in, you have to request to get your room cleaned even though right on the bathroom mirror it says room will be cleaned every 5th day. That has not happened once since I have been here, and I have been here since the 5th of July and it’s now the 19th. The bathroom fan does not work and has a moldy mildew smell I told the front desk that and they came in and cleaned the bathroom and nothing since, maybe it’s because I pointed out the mold around the corners of the tub on the floor. I asked why my room wasn’t cleaned today and was asked when I check out and was told they would let the manager know. The staff at this place does not care. Hopefully someone looks into this but they will probably notify management and that will be the end of it.

  • Roddy Thomas says:

    On Tuesday June 12, 2022 my mother and I stayed at the Hampton Inn San Antonio-Downtown located @
    414 Bowie St San Antonio, Texas, 78205. This was a trip for my mother, she hadn’t been able to travel in 3+ years due to COVID restrictions and then a hip replacement and finally cataract surgery. I specifically made reservations for accessible rooms with roll in showers, I made both room reservations this way so that in case of a mix-up at least one room would have a shower usable for her. When we checked in neither room had the requested shower. The front desk staff was apologetic but there was nothing that they could do to rectify the situation. I asked to speak with the manager and was introduced to one of the rudest people that I’ve ever encountered. She basically did nothing to rectify the issue. I doubt that I will stay at a Hampton property again based on this experience.

  • Wayne Hiebert says:

    Recently stayed 4 nights at Hampton Inn in Blue Ridge Ga. Needless to say it will be our last! I’ve never stayed at a hotel that did not have housekeeping. Not one time during our stay did our trash get taken out . My wife had to go to store and buy trash bags! Very unfriendly staff and breakfast to horrible! 4 days with no clean towels or room service is totally unacceptable!!!!

  • Roger Young says:

    Before I enter a comment I’m hoping that management of the Hampton inn in Laredo Texas will reach out to me I left number of calls left messages with the front desk but yet it’s been 3 days and I still haven’t heard from management so now I’m going to get in contact with corporate. I’m going to contact corporate in the morning July 14th 2022 hopefully they’ll be able to help me to get in contact with the management in Laredo.Roger

  • George C Lovell says:

    Recent stay at the Hampton Inn in Madison Georgia was disappointing. We have stayed there in the past and found the floors in the room very stickey and the towels stiff. The overall condition of the property was very poor.

  • Robert J Cairns says:

    My 3 children & I just stayed at the location Detroit/Belleville. We found bed bugs. I talked to the front desk. After talking to her 3 times she said, “oh yeah, sorry about today”. Didn’t offer me any kind of anything. I’m not expecting a free vacation, but a discount would of been awesome. The girl at the front desk really didn’t seem to care at all.

  • Vickie Koon says:

    From June 3, 2022 through June 5, 2022, we stayed at the Hampton Inn located at 2041 Schorrway Drive in Lancaster, Ohio. Confirmation Number 81517113. When using this Hampton Inn’s accommodations, I was disappointed. The pool I had to clean before using and there were no pool towels the second day. I have photographs of the debris that I removed from the pool both times it was used and showing no pool towels. The gym equipment had coffee spilled all over them. I mentioned the aforesaid to the management and was told the pool was cleaned every morning. Well by afternoon with the bug situation and other patrons using the pool, it was dirty by the evening. With the gym equipment being so dirty, I wondered and still wonder why it was so dirty since Covid is still on people’s minds. Needless to say, I cleaned everything I used while staying at this Hampton Inn.
    Additionally, I have photographs of emergency lights hanging from the ceiling, exposed wiring and tripping hazards at an emergency exit. If you want a copy of the photographs, please provide an email address.
    Please contact Vickie Koon at 304-225-8529 to discuss the same. I will be sending a letter via US Postal services’ snail mail as safety and comfort of patrons should be Hampton Inn’s first agenda.

  • Benedetta Evely says:

    We stayed in a Hampton inn and suites in CA. Not the greatest experience. Keys barely worked. Toilet kept clogged with out any toilet paper . Rooms weren’t the cleanest and someone was definitely smoking on our non smoking floor and I have asthma. Paid a lot for two night. So disappointing.

  • Robin jordan says:

    I thought Hampton Inn had a level of quality for all hotels that has the name Hampton, I am stay in your Hampton at Geneva NY this room is 235 per night for motel 6 quality, do you not have these hotels audited? If not maybe you should Develop standards and audit them to that.
    I will never stay at this hotel again I hope I can just make it for 4 nights the room and beds are so bad.

  • JAMES says:

    My name is James Lee, and I am a frequent guest of Hampton Inn….along with our company employees when traveling.

    Please see attached the reservations I made at your facility in Lakeland FL (Poke location) the middle of February….for my 10 yr. old daughters gymnastics competition. Please also see the 2nd attachment of hotels/prices that were blocked for this event that I could have/should have/ and will choose moving forward.

    I made these reservations….and was TOLD MY RATE WOULD BE $147.99 PER NIGHT….very comparable to attachment 2. When I went to confirm my reservations & total last week…I was informed it was almost $1200. When making reservations, I was NOT informed that Monday would be $152, Tuesday $177.00, Wednesday $4.99 cheaper at $172.01, Thursday back down to $156.01, and Friday a whopping $225.99! I could literally cancel the Friday reservation made 4 months ago and book the room cheaper now….

    I am a business owner, and usually take the time to write letters of excellence, not complaints…..because the service industries/employees don’t hear that enough. The lack of communication, honesty, and service in this transaction is simply not acceptable. I have a 10yr old daughter, a wife that battles a long-term illness (body will not digest food)….and the reason for even booking Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday was to enjoy a couple days as a family, get my wife out of the house and go to DisneyWorld. I could have booked with any of the 4 hotels in attachment two….but I didn’t because your reservationist said my room would be $147.99, and Hampton Inn has been the hotel we have chosen in the past.

    Thanks to your service and honesty…or lack thereof….I have had to cancel Sunday & Monday, tell a 10yr we can’t go this time, and alter my (our) entire week of travel….which alters how/when I give treatment to wife.

    Thank you for your time. I don’t expect a response… nor do I expect anyone to step-up and make this situation right. I understand the $ is more important….

    I do however want you to KNOW how this affects my family……

  • Natalie Mondella says:

    On May 31, 2022 my husband and I stayed at your Hampton in Exmore, VA. We stayed in Room 424. Left early the next morning as we had a long drive to upstate NY. When we finally arrived home, my husband realized he left his shorts with his wallet in one of the drawers in our room. We immediately called the hotel and someone went to check. It wasn’t there. She advised us to call the next morning around 9 and speak to the assistant mgr. At 8 the next morning we received a call saying they had everything and wanted permission/authorize payment to mail his belongings. I just want to commend the housekeeping woman (Sharon Bono) on being honest and turning in his things. Also, Amber Graham and Esther Evans on the professional way they handled things. In today’s world where everyone complains, I wanted to commend your staff in Exmore.
    Natalie Mondella

  • Diana J says:

    Completely disgusted stayed st hampton hershey bugs in room. No one ever refunded me

  • Maria M. says:

    Paula at Hampton Inn – 2144 West Willow Street Lafayette, LA, 70583 went above and beyond to try and accommodate our family. Paula even offered to call other hotels to find a room for our family. Thank you, PAULA!

  • Tonya kennedy says:

    I was assaulted in the elevator at the Hampton inn in Albany by an employee . I was vulnerable crying and alone and this employee came into the elevator and assaulted me
    To pour salt on the wound ,
    The hotel won’t even call me and apologise and I want them to veiw the cameras and I want an apology in writing

  • Kamala Nair says:

    I cannot believe the following negative responses about Hampton Inns.
    Hampton Inn is my favorite hotel to stay. Price is reasonable and always had the Best customer service plus clean rooms wherever I travelled. I used to work as a field Agent and always preferred to stay at the Hampton Inns when I travelled. I am retired now and still stay at the Hampton Inns while traveling. I love their breakfast every morning plus I met several interesting people at breakfast. I stayed for a week last month at Daytona Shores Hampton Inn. I loved their breakfast and all the employees started treating me as family. I am looking forward to staying at the Hampton Inn Tampa next week. I introduced Hampton Inn to my friends and they also like staying at the Hampton Inns when they travel.
    i am sorry some people had bad experiences staying there. All my friends in Atlanta know that I am a fan of the Hampton Inn!!!

  • Terry Erwin says:

    I’m sorry to say I don’t good things to say about your Hampton inn in Miami Florida 3449 NW 42nd Ave.
    Miami FL 33142
    I called late evening on the day
    Of our arrival and told the guy who answered the phone our flight was delayed would there still be a shuttle from the airport. I told him we would lane around 12:30am he replied no problem proceed to the ground pickup area for shuttle buses when you get there call this number and we’ll send the shuttle over. So I did as he instructed me but when he answered this time he stated our shuttles are done for the night we stop at 11:pm then he sarcastically said it’s all over our website. I had just flown over 1000 miles I was tired but after this comment I was instantly angered over his sarcastic attitude toward a customer. I know what the website says that’s why I called to see if they still had services after hours to which he assured me they would send the shuttle over. I then asked him since there’s no shuttle what am I supposed to do he stated take an Uber , I asked at who’s cost he then stated yours it’s not my fault your stranded at the airport . Once we arrived at the hotel check in was another joy , the room they had is booked in was totally wrong ,I purchased the cruise shuttle package which they told me it starts after 10am when I told them our cruise check in was 9:930am again sarcastic attitude from the guy behind the desk well we don’t have that early of a time I guess you’ll have to take an Uber seems this his is answer for everything use Uber . This angered me even more I stated I want my money back for the Shuttle which he did return. Oh yes he did make sure we got our complementary bottles of water for being Hilton honors customers that was a joke . He could plainly see I was upset and did nothing to try and ease our frustrations but give use a bottle of water. I. In the morning it still bothered me the way we were treated so I approached the morning desk
    Clerk and told her my
    Dissatisfaction with this particular Hampton inn. She said oh I’m sorry I’ll tell the manager , when I asked to speak with them she said they’re not available right now but I will tell them for you . I asked about the 100% satisfaction guarantee and making it right , she stated. She couldn’t do anything about that but she would tell the manager the one that wasn’t available and I couldn’t talk to. So to make a long story short I’m out over 80 dollars for two ubers the 100% guarantee is nothing but a marketing scam and the Hilton honors program is nothing more than a way to collect and monopolize customers data . I used to be a loyal Hampton inn customer , we always stay at Hampton because of the great service we used to get but this situation has changed my mind about Hampton inn going forward and Hilton in general probably won’t be using Hampton in the future .
    A used to be loyal customer
    Terry Erwin

  • Monica & Dan Wells says:

    My husband and I stayed, for our 30th anniversary, at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Longview, TX, March 30-April 3. The room was great and the service was great until Saturday night. We were told at check in that since we had an extended stay, if we wanted service we would need to fill out a slip and turn it in to the front desk. We didn’t need or want service and even had the Do Not Disturb sign out on the door when we left our room on Saturday.
    When we returned to our room we noticed right away that someone had been in our room. The bed had been made and trash and towels removed. This alone would have been fine but several of our belongings had either been moved or were completely missing! Our clothes which we had left in two separate drawers had been thrown all together in one drawer. Our bathroom items,(toothbrushes, toothpaste, toothbrush covers, shaving cream, razor, contact solution, contact case & deodorant) were all completely missing from the bathroom counter where we had left them. We had over $50 of leftovers in the fridge that was now gone. My husband had left his medications in the side table drawer but one of them we thought had been taken, was found in the bathroom. My reading glasses that I left on the side table were finally found at the bottom of our duffle bag where we had our dirty clothes. My books had also been moved from where I had left them.
    We immediately went to the front desk and told the lady what happened. She gave us toothbrushes etc. to use that night and said she would have to contact the GM and that they could look at who used their keycard to enter our room. The next morning, we again went to the front desk to see if they had any news but they didn’t know what we were talking about so we had to rehash the whole story again to the lady at the desk and to the housekeeping supervisor. They thought that we should be able to get some kind of compensation but didn’t tell us what we would need to do once we got back home.
    We know that this complaint might sound minimal, but just knowing that someone came in our room, even though we didn’t ask for service, and rifled through all our personal belongings is very upsetting! We needed you to be aware of this incident and hopefully this won’t happen to anybody else.

    Dan & Monica Wells

  • Tom & Karon Rue says:

    We have been blessed with one of your assistant managers, Tyrone Cavitts at Hampton Inn off Thomas Rd in Phoenix, NV. He treated us with respect and kindness above & beyond the call of duty. He had a compassionate & helpful personality which I might add we are not use to with most our stays at a Hampton or other Hotels. What a guy!!!

  • Charles L Derus says:

    Mr. Brandon Philpart
    General Manager
    Hampton Inns – Ft. Lauderdale Airport North
    2301 SW 12th Avenue
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33315

    Dear Mr. Philpart:
    We were very pleased to have stayed at your Hampton Inn on our recent trip to Florida. But were quite surprised regarding several aspects of you hotel that I would like to bring to your attention, especially before recommending your property to anyone else.
    • Our room was nice, but was surprised that there was only laminated flooring and not carpeting; I guess that this is latest décor for Hampton Inns
    • The breakfast area was not clean; specifically the microwave as it had food residue both inside and out.
    • There was no coffee nor hot water in the erns at the front desk area when we arrived. Second only to the fact that the afternoon desk clerk as well as the overnight clerk failed to refill them. I had looked at this being an available perk at Hampton Inns.
    • Our room, 314, had no identifying number on the door/wall. We guessed as the room’s location only by comparing other room numbers along the hall.
    • The floor numbers in the elevators were not illuminated. Again we guessed that when the elevator stopped, we were on the correct floor.
    • None of the front desk people wore any kind identifying clothing (shirts) or name tags indicating that they were actual employees of the hotel. (They seemed more interested in their phones)
    • Having worked in a Hilton Hotel property, I know how important it is for good customer service, something I felt that you front desk personnel lacked. They did not seem all that familiar with other businesses (food/beverage) establishments around the hotel. Only by venturing out ourselves did we find such.
    • The snack shop adjacent to the front desk contained very few offerings, eight at best.
    • We were also surprised to learn that there was an additional charge for the airport shuttle; although your website only states that transportation was available (but not as ‘free airport shuttle’).
    Surely our travels will take us back to cruise sailing from the Fort Lauderdale area. But just as sure, I will more than likely select another Hampton Inn, if not another hotel brand in which to stay.
    Sincerely yours,

    Mr. Charles L. Derus

  • PAMELA L. Davis says:

    Kokomo, INDIANA

  • PAMELA L. Davis says:

    Bugs in sheets. Room not cleaned after request in advance when booking & arriving. FRONT DESK HEAVY SET ERK TOLD ME THETE WWAS NOTHING THEY COULD DO. UNEXCEPTIBLE!!!!!!!
    BAD SERVICE!!!!!

  • PAMELA L. Davis says:


  • Mary Zimmerman says:

    I am trying to help someone how do we get workers compensation information when the manager and management is not being helpful with the accident. Mary Zimmerman 7659948521

  • Kevin K. says:

    I checked in tonight to the Hampton Inn & Suites in Carolina Beach, NC. A manager named Jeremy was on duty and checked me in. When I told him that I would be back to the lobby for the extra bags I was traveling with, he immediately came around and brought them to my door. Later, after returning from dinner, I selected a bag of chocolate from the hotel’s kiosk area and asked Jeremy whether I should pay by cash or cc. He hesitated and then smiled and said: “This one’s on me. Enjoy a sweet treat at the end of your day.”

    This young man is a class act. Those small gestures mean more than any corporate outreach. Thanks Jeremy for making my day.

  • Ed H.Cohen says:

    We have spent Saturday night
    . and Sunday morning at the North lake hotel in Atlanta. Stayed in room 211. The place was nice and clean but around us. Everybody smoke marijuana. The rooms were known smoking. They didn’t matter to anybody. We don’t smoke ourselves but the smell around us was disgusting. When we complained to the front desk they told us they cannot do anything about it. It is illegal to smoke marijuana in Georgia….

  • Jack Fillers says:

    We have stayed at this one Hampton Inn for a couple years for a NSRA show. We made reservations last year for this year. Now they call to let us know that the price has gone up $100 more per night. Are they just ripping us off? The website has the old price. I guess we are done with them.

  • Teresa Martin says:

    This is all concerning our “handicapped” room.Bed was very hard, too tall and hard to get onto. When attempting to do this if you were only sitting on the edge you could slide off. Why have a chair with wheels in the handicap room? Also the sofa bed was too low and impossible to get out of. Had to have help getting up. Entrance door stuck and very hard to open. Luckily we were getting to leave and we found roaches. We had visitors who wanted to swim in the pool which was closed due to it was dirty. Also handicapped parking should be near the front door not around the side near no door. Next time you are creating a handicapped room consult a handicapped person. See no reason to stay at a Hampton Inn again. Miserable experience!

  • Lj says:

    It is 6:45 am. A dog in the adjoining room is barking continually. The desk clerk acted like it was no big deal. . It is a terrible mistake that corporate is allowing pets beginning April 1. We have relied on Hampton’s for comfort, cleanliness and a good night’s rest. Looks like, no more.

  • W. Brandt Piepenbrok says:

    For the past several days I stayed at one of your Hampton inn’s in ft.wayne Indiana , DuPont ,I just wanted to say my stay was the best stay that I ever had, the people who work there were the best at what they do, so friendly and went out of there way to accommodate my durning my stay. From the manager to all the people that work there. I will recommend this hotel to everyone who ask for a good stay. Thank you for everything;. W. Brandt Piepenbrok:

  • Alan Weber says:

    My wife and I stayed at Hampton Inn in Texarkana AR one night….and, never again. When we arrived, we noticed the hand support in the shower was actually pulled out of the wall on one end with the screws hanging out. We should have left, but didn’t. The shower had mold all across the bottom seam. The chair was absolutely filthy. And the floor in front of the toilet was so sticky that we laid a towel there. The carpets were old and dirty…and dirt was in the almost all corners of the rooms. If possible, I’ll attach photos. Otherwise, I’ll try to post them on travelocity. We are Hampton Inn fans and stay at them almost exclusively. But this is one that needs a surprise inspection. Just aweful!

  • Mabel says:

    So. Who do I call in corporate office. The Hampton inn and suites Manteca just took 1539.81 from my account. Which I had payed everything I owed very dissatisfied with Hampton inn

  • Lee Stopher says:

    I recently returned from a yearly (except the last two) retreat at a retreat center in Carefree Arizona. This is a lovely community set in the mountains and desert north of Scottsdale. The homes and businesses are natural colored stucco and blend with the surroundings. Imagine my dismay when I showed up this year to find a Hampton Inn in all it’s gigantic cuboid ugliness sitting right in the middle of this lovely community. Carefree governance should never have allowed this to happen but I am also so sick of corporate jerks with no taste whatsoever just plunking down these ugly architectural monstrosities without any regard to their surroundings. This building is just like all of their others that you see looming over freeways throughout our country. In an age when people are obviously preferring Airbnb and VRBO to hotels for their vacations, the corporate world is still insisting on cranking out the same old formula buildings. Wouldn’t want to reduce the obscene profits and just make due with decent profits. I will NEVER, of my own volition, stay at a Hampton Inn.

  • Pamela Williams says:

    I’ve lodge at many Hampton Inn & Suites and always had great experiences. Unfortunately, upon arrival at this location I was thoroughly disappointed.

    I made reservations with specific room requirements to ensure the needs of an ADA friend who traveled with me. However, the room type needed didn’t exist in the property even though the desk agent advised me that most of the rooms in the hotel were the type I needed.

    I accepted the room (119) that was available for the benefit of my friend. While getting settled in the room, I pulled the sofa bed out to place the linen on. To my shock, there was a huge stain on the mattress (see picture). I spoke with the desk clerk, Eric, who came to the room. He offered me a discount to stay in the room, I responded by letting him know that I was not willing to sleep on the mattress regardless of the price. After some discussion, my friend and I relocated to room 212 even though it was not very appealing (see photo). I asked if I would be given a reduced rate because of my experience. Eric denied my request even though he was willing to give me a reduced rate to sleep on stained mattress.

    I had the opportunity to talk with the assistant manager, Daniel Wilson, about the mattress. He responded with very little concern and said he’d tell someone. He showed absolutely NO concern for me as a guest. I later advised him that I was going to do a review with hopes that no one else would have the experience I had. Hopefully, my review will help improve overall management of this Hilton property. I have photos available but was unable to add them to this post.

    Pam Williams

  • Phyllis Borecki says:

    I just wanted to bring to your attention that we have stayed at your Springfield Illinois Hampton it’s an end it’s usually the only hotel I stay in nationwide. But I need to tell you though we stayed there on December Either the 9th or 10th of December 2021 the betting was so filthy we oh filthy we had to keep requesting for clean bedding the pillows were also filthy and when I asked for another pillow he gave me a pillow with a filthy pillow case on it. I will never stay at another. Phyllis BORECKI. 847-840-3203

  • Deidre Holmes says:

    We had reservations for three nights. And paid for three nights. This morning at 6:30 a.m. when we left the hotel for the day I specifically told them to clean our room. Forgot to mention that we had to take the stairs down 4 floors because elevators were not working. Upon return at 3:00 p.m. the elevators were still broken so up the stairs we go to 4th floor. Went in room to it being UNCLEANED and bathroom sink full of ants. Needless to say we left the hotel and headed home. I was not walking down the stairs again for clean towels. I will be contacting for a refund for the night we paid for.

  • Dana Robinson says:

    I checked into Hampton Inn Amarillo I-40 West on Feb. 23, 22. It was just ok. But, we had a death in the family and I was traveling with my elderly mother. We were eaten up by bed bugs. I reported it once we discovered what the problem was to the young girl working the front desk on the 25th. She was supposed to have a manager call me. There was no housekeeping. We had to beg for towels. In 5 days we got 2 clean towels. They never took our trash either. Went in this evening after my Uncle’s viewing and talked to Nathan at the front desk, who said he was a manager. There were no notes of me talking to the daytime girl so pretty much he told me the problem didn’t exist. Made us pay for tonight because we didn’t check out earlier. Hello, visitation. And how is any of this my fault??? Very unhappy. VERY! Have always stayed at Hampton Inn’s. Will never stay at another one ever!!! $700+ to live like a homeless person. Shameful and I plan to discourage everyone I know from staying at a Hampton if I’m not contacted by someone immediately and this made right.
    As well as, leave bad reviews all over the internet.

  • Laura Potts says:

    We would like to know why you are charging your guest to park in the parking lot of the hotel? Where else would we park? At that price we could of gotten a condo which is what we will be doing next time. We come alot and were very disappointed with having to pay for parking.

  • Kenneth Lee Abshire says:

    So I stayed at the Hampton inn &suites in Green River Wyoming I stayed there for two weeks The first week the hell down almost $1900 in my account the first week they held out almost 1900 in my account the second week at the end of the second week I moved out because they held out $1,200 on my account and didn’t cost but $815 for me to stay there that second week so I’ll leave Sunday here it is Wednesday I get on my check I checked my balance on my checking account they done took out $1,068 and some change plus $815 and some change I’ll call to complain for the fourth time they telling me it’s nothing they could do about it I will never ever stay in your house hotel again trying to find a number to get a hold of somebody to see what we can do about this you can’t find the number you can find one for the Hilton because that’s who owns the Hampton but it you can’t find nothing for the Hampton or you can find is all I can complain on this and write this down I’m very unsatisfied I just want my money that’s owed to me I’m tired of them taking money out of my account and holding on to it especially when I’m not even there anymore somebody needs to get a hold of me and give me back my money

  • Dusty says:

    For $300 a night I expected a little nicer room the breakfast was a joke and no laundry service even though it was listed I will never be staying at another Hampton after this trip

  • Randy Atkinson says:

    We spent 2 nights in Munster, IN at a Hampton Inn and Suites 2/19/22-2/21/22. We booked 3 rooms for this stay. We specifically booked this hotel based on it having a working pool and hot tub so our three families could enjoy the pool and hot tub. Upon check-in, we were informed that the pool did not work and hot tub did not work. We could not cancel our reservation at that late notice. We were also informed that the pool and hot tub have not worked for months. I really can’t believe that Hampton Inn and Suites welcomes this kind of misinformation. As people who travel all over the US- we will not stay at Hampton Inns or their affiliates. I really can’t believe that the website wasn’t updated about the pool/hot tub, we weren’t updated on status of pool/hot tub before check in. Seems like we should be getting some compensation back to make up for our disappointing stay.

  • Deirdre and Jeff ibsen says:

    My husband and I stayed at a Hampton Inn in Van Horn, Texas on Feb 12, 2022. We were incredibly disappointed in the condition of the room we stayed in. The room/bathroom was dirty with stained tub and shower walls. The wallpaper was peeling up and the towel rack that should have been over the toilet was missing. There were also holes in the doors. It was the quality of something I would have expected to pay $59/night (or less) but we were charged $159!!! You should really be ashamed of yourselves. This has definitely made me reconsider staying at any of your hotels in the future. I have pictures and would be happy to send to you as I was unable to upload them to this message.

  • Ed and Kathy Petrelli says:

    My wife and made a reservation while traveling before a snow storm in New England on January 6, 2022.
    We were heading to Fairfield,CT and called the Hampton Inn to make reservations while in route. Realizing that the reservation confirmation email was for Fairfield, NJ we called back, the same number, to cancel that reservation and booked a room at the Hampton Inn in Milford, CT .
    We were charged for both rooms for the same night and I called to dispute the second charge and was told I had to call the third party to put in dispute. We call the Hampton Inn website reservation phone number!
    I filed a dispute with our credit card and the Hampton Inn rejected our dispute because of there cancelation policy. WE STAYED AT THE HAMPTON INN IN MILFORD, CT THAT EVENING!
    So disappointed that the Hampton Inn could not resolve this issue. Having reservations making future reservations at the Hampton Inn(s).

  • J. L. Scott says:

    I stayed at the Hampton Inn in Salinas CA on 9Feb22. On my many road trips the Hampton Inn facilities are my first choice due to consistency of comfort, etc. The facility in Salinas CA on Work St was very disappointing. Pillows were lumpy, the bed made noises when rolling over loud enough to wake me up. The shower head apparently was partially plugged up and did not provide a comfortable shower. As stated, I have stayed in many Hampton Inn hotels across the United States and this one was quite different and un comfortable. Additionally, my Honors number and password no longer are recognized.
    J. L. Scott, retired military and retired law enforcement..

  • Connie Livingston says:

    For the past 25 plus years, I have stayed at the Hampton Inn in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I am over 60 years old and have only made a complaint one other time in my lifetime. I don’t do this unless I think it will benefit everyone involved. This Gatlinburg Hampton Inn REALLY needs an update. I want to go back to the Smokey Mountains and take my family, but I don’t, because I want to stay at that inn. It really needs updated. Our tradition is going there and staying at that inn. I would be happy to pay more if that would mean the inn would make you leave with a good feeling about it.

  • Burke says:

    Hi, Christopher I’m a traveling contractor and have always took an exception to your facilities and just having a bad experience today at battle creek mi. For starters I booked in advance a king room with a sitting area/ study. To only told my room is not available and I will have to take a double for the next couple nights also there is no maid service and towels are available at the counter… (like a roadside motel) I then walked up to my room to a door that is stuck in the jam and only opens with force along with wires hanging from the ceiling where a smoke detector should be. (Room 314) little did this attendant know I am expected to be here for the next 7 weeks so I will not be using Hampton inn for my trip.

  • Keitha Osterhaus says:

    I wrote the following letter on Jan. 7 to the manager of the Hampton Inn in Iowa City, Iowa. I never have received a reply. I then sent the same note to what I thought was the corporate office. Still no reply. They don’t care one way or another about their customers!

    Dear Mr White,

    We stayed at your Inn last night.
    Though your establishment was acceptable your front desk customer service has a lot to be desired.
    I entered and went to the front desk. The young man working was on the phone.. I new he was busy and waited to at least be acknowledged. This never happened. He could have taken a second to look up and mouth the words I will be with you shortly. This would have been appreciated. Instead he continued for 5 minutes or so while my husband waited out front in the car. Finally he got off the phone with no apology for the wait and looked at me as if I should be the first to speak. Instead I should have heard and apology for the wait and how may I help you this evening. We had a reservation and finally got checked in to room 217.
    It was an adjoining room with 219. The TV from 219 was very audible to us in 217 through the cracks of the adjoining door. It was on well past midnight. I realize not everyone cares to try and respect the comfort of others and you can’t help this. It goes along with so many slamming hotel doors. Seems people do not even try to hold it down, if their up everyone should be up! Anyway your breakfast area and food were outstanding! We appreciated the kindness of the nice ladies that worked in that area.
    We then went to check out and there was no one at the front desk. I and another guest needed some assistance that neither of us ever received. This is not acceptable! She wanted to talk about scheduling and I simply wanted a receipt. We were told by a women sweeping the floor that the person was in the bathroom. I had to laugh as it had been quite awhile. When we went to breakfast no one was there either.
    I looked for a note pad or something to write on. Being in customer service most of my life I know the back of a desk. I went around looked for a notepad, there was nothing to write on. I happened to see your printer and took a sheet of paper out of the tray, went back to the front and left a note.
    I simply wrote “Please email a receipt to me. Your customer service is very poor and left our room cards on top of it. I have yet to receive that email please see that I get a receipt!


  • Teodoro Rodriguez says:

    My wife and I stayed at the Hampton Inn in Parker, Az. Great place great staff. Then as we were loading our things into our truck an older woman with a Hampton Inn shirt said to us and I quote. So you know the next time you “MEXICANS” come here instead of the motel 6 you people park across the street. We were very upset and left. We stay at the Hampton Inn all over the United States and this is the first place anything like has ever happened we were shocked!!!!

  • Bert Neff says:

    The Hampton in Clinton Ms, was one of the dirtiest motels I have stayed in. Not only dirty but breakfast was not prepared and no coffee in the coffee pot for nearly an hour. Please correct these issues

  • Michael Conte says:

    Nice to know hotel revenue is more important to you than kids being able to swim. Absolutely disgusting …There is not even a manager on duty to talk to..or cares to phone me back. I will advise all my colleagues never to stay with you again.

  • LaShann Latimer says:

    My name is LaShann Latimer, I called your Hampton Inn in Xenia, Ohio (937) 347-1029 to change my reservation from Saturday, January 29, 2022, to Sunday, January 30, 2022. I was greeted very politely by your employee, Darius. He changed the reservation dates without a problem. But I asked him if, any handicapped accessible rooms were available? “I jokingly said, ” Come On, Darius.” He totally lost it on me”. I requested that he take a breath he was so worked up! Then I replied, “Darius I am a school teacher in Xenia, please don’t speak to me like that. ” He replied, ” I don’t care if you went to or taught at Yale do you want the room or not?” I requested to speak with the manager and I was told that when he returns he will pick up the phone. I have been on hold presently for 20 minutes and I am still on hold.
    I was just told the manager is in a meeting and he was not available after being on hold for 30 minutes and Darius hung up the telephone.
    I am very offended and I know that your employees are taught to speak to your customers better than this. I am expecting a verbal apology from Darius at your earliest convenience and I would like for someone from corporate to reach out to me.

    LaShann Latimer

  • Dusty Gregory says:

    How do I file a complaint with Hampton?

  • Mike and Pam Sondag says:

    My family spent three nights this past week at the Hampton Inn and Suites MSP, Bloomington MN in order to attend events and fly out for a vacation. We were not impressed. The pool was closed but not told to us when booking. The elevators shake and groan that you are unsure they are safe. The bathroom ceiling drops paint on you as you shower (room before we flew out). We were told to call as soon as we landed for the shuttle. We waited until at baggage claim to call. We watched the shuttle drive away as we walked out. We called again an they said there was no one there so he left. Three rooms of guests stood out there for almost an hour. Returned finally and loaded bags but didn’t let us board. When finally allowed on was a woman that wouldn’t look at anyone. Made multiple stops forcing people to double up. When we finally went back to hotel she quietly snuck out. She was the front desk clerk. Super weird and was an embarrassing walk of shame look. Our room had a pull out that had a single thin blanket and no pillow. No person should ever attempt to sleep on that thing. Our bath had no tub and the floor tiles were broken and not attached to the floor for several feet. You need some serious updates and training.And for that unpleasant experience I paid plenty of money.

  • Bruce A.Cervone says:

    I’d like to complement Ms. Cipriana Hudson, your employee at Hampton Inn located in Chula Vista California. This young employee assisted me with perfect customer service, patience, and understanding. Please acknowledge that this assistance is what all companies need to provide. Thank you very much Cipriana and Hampton/Hilton Inn.

  • Ernestine Lipsvomb says:

    No bangels and cream cheese

  • Shugg says:

    I stayed at the Hampton Inn in Pine Bluff, Arkansas Thanksgiving Eve and Day 2021.The clerk (young African-American female with a two-tone wig. (One side was black and the other side was brown/blonde)She was working the desk during check-in and was totally Disrespectful!!. I booked 2 rooms she mentioned a incidental fee. I was trying to explained to her that was not mentioned to me at the time of booking. She call me poo-poo????? Her exact words were “POO-POO every hotel has incidental fees.”I immediately let her my name is not POO-POO and that’s was a low comment and that l did not appreciate it. Well the manager called me did not apologize saying he will speak to her about the situation. WHAT HAPPENED TO GOOD DOWN HOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

  • Amat says:

    I stayed at a Hampton Inn in Jacksonville Fl. An emergency came up with a guest. I’m RN , evaluates the guest no pulse started CPR . Asked staff members to call EMS and get the AED. Was informed. We don’t have AED. EMS came in and took over the guest. I asked the manager, why don’t the facility have a AED. No answer.

  • Rebecca says:

    I am a formal employee at Hampton inn, Port Richey, Florida, and I only worked a few hours. The place was dreadful. I am still waiting for my paycheck. It has been 3 weeks since I left and when I contact the Manager, she tells me she mailed it. What do I have to do to get what is owed to me?

  • Mark says:

    Great beds and clean facilities. However, I left my metal blue Yeti thermos the following morning and housekeeping or the staff decided to keep it for them selves. No one called back when I informed them I left it and the manager called me a lier and said I must have left it somewhere else.

  • joanne ridgeway says:

    Victoria McFadden
    15 mutual friends including Selena Floyd and Chevonie Godfavorsme Kellar
    Lives in New Zion, South Carolina
    Studied at ITT Technical Institute
    Feb 4, 2021, 8:26 PM

    Victoria sent February 4 at 8:26 PM
    Hey Joanne I heard you were tested positive for covid.. Sorry to hear that but why would you come to the hotel yesterday knowing that you were waiting on your results.. when you get tested you are supposed to quarantine until your results come back.. Now I have to be worried rather I have the covid or not this is most definitely not cool.. This covid is nothing to play with and it’s sad that people like you are the ones who spread it 🙄
    If you reply, Victoria McFadden will also be able to call you and see info like your Active Status and when you’ve read messages.

  • joanne ridgeway says:

    your GM at the hampton inn in manning need to be fired for slandering i have a tex message she sent to me and its not right i work there for years and one of the girl stay on after i was fired she got up in my face and i push her and the girl jump me in the GM office and she did not firer he and im sending this letter of her telling me i was wrong going there after geting tested for the virues that not why i went to my doct for i went do to a head cold so to me safe that it was not the flu or a virues she tested me and 3 days later i tested pos so this is what your GM sent me u eather firer her or ill get a law sute out she is racies and the girls i fired in the past the i gave 3 chances to for not changing beds she hired them all back so yes im mad

  • Tonya Dorsett says:

    To whom it my concern, my family and I were on a vacation July 9-13 2020. We had 3 rooms when we checked in we were having problems getting inn with the general manager. The next day I wanted room service for all 3 of my room bed made and a set of clean towels every day of our stay wish I went to the desk to see if we could get that they said yes upon request so I did, Friday night the air went out in one of my rooms which I told them about and we left for the day so when we returned late that night the air still was not fixed no phone or anything to let us know that we were going have to move to another room to add on rooms were not clean at all or anything we to get clean towels and everything 3 days out four…..Really I’m looking for a refund or or something
    I would greatly appreciate if someone will get back to me
    I also have called for 2 days in a row and left a message and spoke with him he said we going to call me back and I have not heard from in 4days now
    Thank you so much
    Mrs.Tonya Dorsett



  • Tim says:

    I have been attempting to get a refund for a month. I get told it will be done in 24 hours, then 72 hours. I’m being moved to priority etc. still have not received it. My case number is 65856535. I am extremely disappointed in Hampton inn. Please let me know what is being done to get my refund.

    Tim 361 777 3991 x 107

  • Neal Glover says:

    I am a Black male, mature, professional, Army veteran, who is seeking employment at your properties. At each of the listed properties, the management informs me, that ALL positions for each property has been filled, when I enter the property doors. (Managers, ASM AND GM). However, on the company’s website, plenty of job employment exist. Is this an isolated problem, with the city and state of Ann Arbor, MI, or is this standard company policy.? I don’t wish to be involved with a company that employs discrimination practices. I’ve found out that Corporate doesn’t know of the practises of some properties, and wish for a response to this pertinent issue.

    Thank you sincerely,

    Neal M Glover 248-275-4769 (cell #)

  • Patricia Gianni says:

    Arriving at the Hampton Inn on Sunday the 22nd of December. I entered the lobby, proceeded to the front desk . I immediately fell, my purse scattered , my knees have rug burn sore marks. Of course my body is sore. The rug directly in front by the door had/has a small rug “bump”. Enough to catch my right foot and tumbling me to the floor.
    Front clerk (Tiffany) as did another guest helped up off the floor and helped gather my purse belongings.
    I had to soak my body in the bathtub after checking in. My knee skin was scraped and required a bandaid to stop the bleeding and throbbing.
    Tiffany moved the rug away from the front door so as not to catch your foot as you enter the hotel.

  • Julia Siordia(CEO) hotel guests was my staff says:


    I would like all of you to know, my company staff had the worst experience last evening/early morning (3:00 a.m.) at the Hampton INN & Suites in Colleyville, Tx near Arlington. The rooms were prepaid via hotels.com. My Project Manager provided the PAID receipt for 6 rooms; however, Quincey working at the front desk mentioned the card was been declined. We all know when you prepay the third-party offer their corporate credit card to pay for the rooms, not the customer’s card as protection. What happened, Quincey charged incidentals on the hotels.com credit card since the amount was exceeded the room charge amount the card automatically declined. Quincey did not follow proper protocol. He did not call hotels.com, he did not offer the option to provide a live credit card, etc… My staff (12 Hispanic females) were exhausted due to working several hours, it was 3:00 in the morning. Quincey told my Project Manager he was going to talk to his manager, but never returned. After 20 minutes of waiting my Project Manager knocked on the door, he refused to open, five minutes later the police show up. Apparently, Quincey felt threaten by 12 Hispanic women, that could barely move and told the police they were being destructive. We have live video of the entire situation and will prove to the world, my staff was not rude, disrespectful or did not cause any form of destruction. The humiliation due to Quincey’s error and not handling the situation with the proper protocol was and is traumatizing to my staff. This was an act, from my perspective, discrimination toward Hispanic – Hispanic females.

    I will be contacting our legal representation, additionally post the videos on social media.

    I hope this will serve as an awareness to the world, discrimination still exists.

    Hampton INN & SUITES, I hope you investigate this matter profoundly, terminate Quincey’s employment and train your staff – to prevent incidents like ours from happening to others.

  • Mona Odom says:

    On Friday July 19 at approximately 8:30 p.m. I attempted to check into the Hampton Inn on 600 Harper Lee Dr. Tuscaloosa, AL. Upon arrival I was asked for credentials proving I qualified for a government contract rate at which time I told them I didn’t have those documents nor had I ever been asked for such documents upon check in. It was explained to me that this was the policy and without the documents (orders) I wouldn’t be given the rate. I was not pleased and called the person who had made the reservation for me and ask was this the standard practice, she then spoke to the front desk clerk and words were exchanged. I was not privy to what was said, but I did try to end the conflict by stating that I would simply check in under a different rate, as I was tired and so were my children. The clerk was so emotional over the conversation she had on the phone that she first said she wouldn’t check me in and then started crying and left the front counter. As I stood there wondering what in the world just happened (this situation literally went from 0-100) another clerk Brandon comes out and asks what’s the problem. I then explain to him what happened and he got on the phone with someone (I assume a manager) and I was told once again I could not check in without orders. At this point I explain once again that , that was not what I wanted, I wanted only to check in using my military ID for a government discount. He then hurriedly cancelled my existing reservation, although I asked him to “change” the reservation. I then said “sir I am trying to check in using my military ID for a government rate, he then asks for my ID, I presented it to him and his reply was “Thank you for your service and I’m a Trump supporter” Need I tell you the conversation went south from there. Not because he is a Trump supporter, but due to the fact that his political preference had nothing to do with me checking into your hotel and obtaining lodging. I asked him why did he say that and he then said he would no longer be able to check me in and asked us (me and my children) to leave your hotel because in his words the situation was getting hostile. There was no aggression presented, simply a customer asking an employee what his political views had to do with me checking into the Hampton Inn. This is has nothing to do with the rate, orders or anything else. This notification to you is due to the statements made by an employee of your hotel to a customer.


    Mona Odom

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