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  • Address: Pauline Dr, York, PA 17402, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 717-747-0360
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1984
  • Founder: Promus Hotel Corporation

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Hampton Inn Headquarters Executive Team




President & Chief Executive Officer


General Counsel & Chief ESG Officer


Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer


President, Americas


Chief Financial Officer & President, Global Development


Chief Brand & Communications Officer


EVP & Chief Commercial Officer


President, Europe, Middle East & Africa


President, Asia Pacific

About Hampton Inn, History and Headquarters Information

Hampton Inn is a brand of hotel trademarked under the popular Hilton Worldwide with the name of Hampton by Hilton. This stands to be one of the biggest hotel franchises in the U.S that includes over a 2000 hotel across the States and other countries as well. It’s headquarter is situated in Pauline Dr, York, PA 17402, USA.

Originally the hotel chain was found under the name of Hampton Inn by Holiday hotels in 1984 which offered budget hotels to its customers. At first, it started with a two-story building with over 100 guests room located at Memphis, Tennessee.

In late 1989, the Promus Hotel Corp. was launched under which Hampton Inn along with some other suites was included. Under Promus Hotels, Hampton Inn expanded significantly, taking in more than 200 hotels and 20,000 rooms.

It expanded even more after Promus Hotel Corp was bought by Hilton Worldwide in 1999, today Hampton stands as an upper midscale hotel chain that is competing against the world’s finest.

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  • Rebecca says:

    I am a formal employee at Hampton inn, Port Richey, Florida, and I only worked a few hours. The place was dreadful. I am still waiting for my paycheck. It has been 3 weeks since I left and when I contact the Manager, she tells me she mailed it. What do I have to do to get what is owed to me?

  • Mark says:

    Great beds and clean facilities. However, I left my metal blue Yeti thermos the following morning and housekeeping or the staff decided to keep it for them selves. No one called back when I informed them I left it and the manager called me a lier and said I must have left it somewhere else.

  • joanne ridgeway says:

    Victoria McFadden
    15 mutual friends including Selena Floyd and Chevonie Godfavorsme Kellar
    Lives in New Zion, South Carolina
    Studied at ITT Technical Institute
    Feb 4, 2021, 8:26 PM

    Victoria sent February 4 at 8:26 PM
    Hey Joanne I heard you were tested positive for covid.. Sorry to hear that but why would you come to the hotel yesterday knowing that you were waiting on your results.. when you get tested you are supposed to quarantine until your results come back.. Now I have to be worried rather I have the covid or not this is most definitely not cool.. This covid is nothing to play with and it’s sad that people like you are the ones who spread it 🙄
    If you reply, Victoria McFadden will also be able to call you and see info like your Active Status and when you’ve read messages.

  • joanne ridgeway says:

    your GM at the hampton inn in manning need to be fired for slandering i have a tex message she sent to me and its not right i work there for years and one of the girl stay on after i was fired she got up in my face and i push her and the girl jump me in the GM office and she did not firer he and im sending this letter of her telling me i was wrong going there after geting tested for the virues that not why i went to my doct for i went do to a head cold so to me safe that it was not the flu or a virues she tested me and 3 days later i tested pos so this is what your GM sent me u eather firer her or ill get a law sute out she is racies and the girls i fired in the past the i gave 3 chances to for not changing beds she hired them all back so yes im mad

  • Tonya Dorsett says:

    To whom it my concern, my family and I were on a vacation July 9-13 2020. We had 3 rooms when we checked in we were having problems getting inn with the general manager. The next day I wanted room service for all 3 of my room bed made and a set of clean towels every day of our stay wish I went to the desk to see if we could get that they said yes upon request so I did, Friday night the air went out in one of my rooms which I told them about and we left for the day so when we returned late that night the air still was not fixed no phone or anything to let us know that we were going have to move to another room to add on rooms were not clean at all or anything we to get clean towels and everything 3 days out four…..Really I’m looking for a refund or or something
    I would greatly appreciate if someone will get back to me
    I also have called for 2 days in a row and left a message and spoke with him he said we going to call me back and I have not heard from in 4days now
    Thank you so much
    Mrs.Tonya Dorsett



  • Tim says:

    I have been attempting to get a refund for a month. I get told it will be done in 24 hours, then 72 hours. I’m being moved to priority etc. still have not received it. My case number is 65856535. I am extremely disappointed in Hampton inn. Please let me know what is being done to get my refund.

    Tim 361 777 3991 x 107

  • Neal Glover says:

    I am a Black male, mature, professional, Army veteran, who is seeking employment at your properties. At each of the listed properties, the management informs me, that ALL positions for each property has been filled, when I enter the property doors. (Managers, ASM AND GM). However, on the company’s website, plenty of job employment exist. Is this an isolated problem, with the city and state of Ann Arbor, MI, or is this standard company policy.? I don’t wish to be involved with a company that employs discrimination practices. I’ve found out that Corporate doesn’t know of the practises of some properties, and wish for a response to this pertinent issue.

    Thank you sincerely,

    Neal M Glover 248-275-4769 (cell #)

  • Patricia Gianni says:

    Arriving at the Hampton Inn on Sunday the 22nd of December. I entered the lobby, proceeded to the front desk . I immediately fell, my purse scattered , my knees have rug burn sore marks. Of course my body is sore. The rug directly in front by the door had/has a small rug “bump”. Enough to catch my right foot and tumbling me to the floor.
    Front clerk (Tiffany) as did another guest helped up off the floor and helped gather my purse belongings.
    I had to soak my body in the bathtub after checking in. My knee skin was scraped and required a bandaid to stop the bleeding and throbbing.
    Tiffany moved the rug away from the front door so as not to catch your foot as you enter the hotel.

  • Julia Siordia(CEO) hotel guests was my staff says:


    I would like all of you to know, my company staff had the worst experience last evening/early morning (3:00 a.m.) at the Hampton INN & Suites in Colleyville, Tx near Arlington. The rooms were prepaid via hotels.com. My Project Manager provided the PAID receipt for 6 rooms; however, Quincey working at the front desk mentioned the card was been declined. We all know when you prepay the third-party offer their corporate credit card to pay for the rooms, not the customer’s card as protection. What happened, Quincey charged incidentals on the hotels.com credit card since the amount was exceeded the room charge amount the card automatically declined. Quincey did not follow proper protocol. He did not call hotels.com, he did not offer the option to provide a live credit card, etc… My staff (12 Hispanic females) were exhausted due to working several hours, it was 3:00 in the morning. Quincey told my Project Manager he was going to talk to his manager, but never returned. After 20 minutes of waiting my Project Manager knocked on the door, he refused to open, five minutes later the police show up. Apparently, Quincey felt threaten by 12 Hispanic women, that could barely move and told the police they were being destructive. We have live video of the entire situation and will prove to the world, my staff was not rude, disrespectful or did not cause any form of destruction. The humiliation due to Quincey’s error and not handling the situation with the proper protocol was and is traumatizing to my staff. This was an act, from my perspective, discrimination toward Hispanic – Hispanic females.

    I will be contacting our legal representation, additionally post the videos on social media.

    I hope this will serve as an awareness to the world, discrimination still exists.

    Hampton INN & SUITES, I hope you investigate this matter profoundly, terminate Quincey’s employment and train your staff – to prevent incidents like ours from happening to others.

  • Mona Odom says:

    On Friday July 19 at approximately 8:30 p.m. I attempted to check into the Hampton Inn on 600 Harper Lee Dr. Tuscaloosa, AL. Upon arrival I was asked for credentials proving I qualified for a government contract rate at which time I told them I didn’t have those documents nor had I ever been asked for such documents upon check in. It was explained to me that this was the policy and without the documents (orders) I wouldn’t be given the rate. I was not pleased and called the person who had made the reservation for me and ask was this the standard practice, she then spoke to the front desk clerk and words were exchanged. I was not privy to what was said, but I did try to end the conflict by stating that I would simply check in under a different rate, as I was tired and so were my children. The clerk was so emotional over the conversation she had on the phone that she first said she wouldn’t check me in and then started crying and left the front counter. As I stood there wondering what in the world just happened (this situation literally went from 0-100) another clerk Brandon comes out and asks what’s the problem. I then explain to him what happened and he got on the phone with someone (I assume a manager) and I was told once again I could not check in without orders. At this point I explain once again that , that was not what I wanted, I wanted only to check in using my military ID for a government discount. He then hurriedly cancelled my existing reservation, although I asked him to “change” the reservation. I then said “sir I am trying to check in using my military ID for a government rate, he then asks for my ID, I presented it to him and his reply was “Thank you for your service and I’m a Trump supporter” Need I tell you the conversation went south from there. Not because he is a Trump supporter, but due to the fact that his political preference had nothing to do with me checking into your hotel and obtaining lodging. I asked him why did he say that and he then said he would no longer be able to check me in and asked us (me and my children) to leave your hotel because in his words the situation was getting hostile. There was no aggression presented, simply a customer asking an employee what his political views had to do with me checking into the Hampton Inn. This is has nothing to do with the rate, orders or anything else. This notification to you is due to the statements made by an employee of your hotel to a customer.


    Mona Odom

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