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  • Address: 9307 N Milwaukee Ave, Niles, IL 60714, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 847-581-8600

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1848

  • Founder: Charles Tollner

  • Key People: Richard W. Tinberg (CEO)

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Richard W. Tinberg

Chief Executive Officer

Fred Berns

President of Hammacher Schlemmer Institute

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About Hammacher Schlemmer, History and Headquarters Information

It started as a hardware store at 221 The Bowery, New York set up in 1848 and then transitioned to 209 The Bowery during 1859-1904. It was owned by Charles Tollner and Mr. R. Stern then.

The store specialized in hard-to-find tools and later became the first national hardware store in the country. Later in 1859, when Stern resigned, Albert Hammacher invested into the store and together with C. Tollner changed the company’s name to Tollner and Hammacher. During the civil war, the company was ceased by the government for minting their copper coins as “copperheads”.

 During the 1860s, William Schlemmer took over Tollner’s position after his death and thus had been running the store since. So, the name Hammacher Schlemmer. The present headquarters located in 9307 N Milwaukee Ave, Niles, IL 60714, USA.

 Presently, Hammacher Schlemmer has been operating as acatalogue retailer famous for its extravagant products.  It now stands as America’s longest running Catalog. Its popular items include the following, The Genuine Turkish Bathrobe, The Garment Steamer, The 18-pair Shoe-rack, television headphones and many more.

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  • Jeannette Fulton says:

    Customer Service

    Dec 16, 9:29am
    To whom it may concern,
    I need to have a supervisor or a manager call me. Your customer service has been the worst I ever dealt with. I have been on the phone about 8 hours trying to get this situation rectified and nothing ever happens.

    Last September I ordered a replacement tree because the lights stopped working on my original tree.(A5242318). The tree arrived on 12/27/2021 so I could not even use it. I never opened the box. I recently moved and realized that the tree would be too large for my space. I called you around Thanksgiving to ask if it is possible to exchange the tree for the smaller one. The agent told me that I could order the new tree and they would send it out and then would reimburse me the difference when you received my tree. When I called back to order the agent told me they would not send a new tree until they received my tree. There was no way I would have the tree in time for Christmas so the agent told me I could order my tree and pay for it and then when they received my original tree I would be reimbursed the full amount which was close to $1229.24.00. I printed the label and put it on my tree boxes, but UPS did not come to pick it up so I called and was on the phone again for a long time. UPS finally picked up my tree about a week later. Once I knew you had my tree I called again to see when I would get the refund. Then once again, after being on the phone on and off hold the agent told me she straightened everything out. Then another tree came to my house and I still have not received a credit on my charge and a refund on the charge for the first tree which the agent told me you received. I called again and once again I was on the phone for over an hour. The agent sent me a label for the second tree which has been sitting in my garage for over a week waiting for UPS to pick it up. Then I called again because you sent me a gift certificate for the difference in the two trees. I was told I would get a refund and you still have not refunded me the $958.45 I paid to have the replacement sent to me and all the while you have my original tree. I have called twice this week and many times before and each time I would ask to talk with a supervisor, but they were never available. I also asked to have an email sent to me verifying what the agent told me. They all told me I would get my full refund and they would send an email, but I have not received any kind of follow up.
    I will call the Better Business Bureau and a lawyer if this situation is not taken care of immediately. I expect the total refund for my original tree which would be $1298.24 minus shipping of $69.00= $1229.24 immediately. I have spent probably 8 to 10 hours calling and trying to get this straightened out. I also want you to contact UPS to pick up the second tree or I will donate it.
    I expect to have a phone call or an email with verification that you will refund my charge the amount of $1229.24 within the next 24 hours or I will be making phone calls to the better business bureau and my lawyer.
    Jeannette Fulton

  • William Harris says:

    On my last order you started charging my credit card $14.95 monthly for something you call Rewards which I DID NOT sign up for, at least not knowingly. This is known as “cramming” and is against the law and I will be filing a complaint with the AG of IL. I notice from comments about you company on other sites that you have done this quite often. I will never order from you again.

  • Dawn Burton says:

    Horrible and no service whatsoever! I’ve tried for 3 weeks to make an $800 purchase but cannot add multiple address to ship to . I’ve emailed and called customer service and been on calls for over an hour and no one can assist me ? I guess you don’t want my business . I’ll purchase elsewhere . How can a corporation be run so poorly ? It’s a disgrace . You should be embarrassed to operate as a business . I’ve spent hours of my time trying to buy something . All I got from customer service is they can’t do it and I was hung up on when I asked for a supervisor. The phone representative told me his supervisor was a dumbbell and couldn’t help me either !

  • Huge Jass says:

    I see this shady practice is a recurring problem with the customer service at Hammacher Schlemmer. I had to return this item, it broke due to a manufacture defect. Hammacher Schlemmer has received the returned item in January 2022. They offered a gift certificate for the full amount and then cancelled it. Then, they offered to replace the item when it returned in stock. As of this writing, 11-22, I spoke to three different customer service agents and they refuse to ship out a replacement item and refuse to issue a refund or gift certificate to repurchase the item. They say they are sending my request to a higher level of management, but no one reaches out to me to resolve this issue. They told me I can purchase the new item over the phone now and then they will issue the gift certificate. Fool me twice, shame on me. You better hope you never have to return anything to these people I guess. Good Luck

  • Deborah Green says:

    I have currently in my possession 2 tabletop jukeboxs,the first came November 1,2022 the second came November 10,2022. I called several times in regards to this I plan on calling the corporate office after I get back from my appointment today

  • Gail Mackey says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I am writing to express to you that I have not had a very positive experience with
    your customer service.

    I ordered a pair of shoes several weeks ago and still have not received them.
    I can’t believe it takes so long to return an item and
    Receive the correct size.
    Please if you could escalate the situation I would be grateful.
    Thank you
    Gail mackey
    732 2335782

  • Debra Hummel says:

    I suggest that you hire a NEW CEO.

  • Jim Milligan says:

    I have contacted your company over a dozen times. I have to supervisors Amber, Louis, Rose and several other customer service personnel on an order dating several months back.

    I returned a set of binoculars, I was then sent two of the same product after I requested a smaller less expensive pair.

    I returned three sets prior to getting the right set. My customer number is 0178200989.

    I was promised a check for the difference in product cost amounting to 73.85
    I received a check #386920 for that amount. It bounced and cost me $10.00.

    I left messages twice last week for a return call that your company promises a 24 hour return call. I am still waiting.

    I am trying this as my last attempt before writing to the BBB.

    It was apparent that your customer service had problems. Being honest I returned 3 pairs of the more expensive product.

    I am out 83.85 and have never dealt with a company confused to this degree.

    Promises were not kept. I copy your CEO/President on my letter of complaint to the BBB if this is not resolved immediately

  • JOANN GNECCO says:

    I was very dissatisfied with the phone service in Belize concerning an item I ordered. They told me zi would receive my item in 2 weeks it’s been 2 months and I was told it’s out in the oceanb.I am totally disgusted with dealing with people overseas people in United States need jobs. Y ok u are a treater to this country.

  • Jane Zawrotnak says:

    My credit card was charged immediately but no product received, Horrible customer service. No response to several emails. Finally part of order received, a battery charger which was totally useless as the heated sweater was never received, I am still waiting for a response from customer service after several emails sent to customer services.

  • Lucy Ann Cieply says:

    I tried to make my first purchase with your company. I gave my email address and my phone number so that I would be able to take $15 off my purchase. I placed my order online, and it was a necklace with four rings on a chain with Andy, Lucy Ann, Dr. Kyle R., GR Trenton. This represents my family. In checking the $15 off was “Automatically” applied. At the same time Hammacher Schlemmer was offerings free shipping. No matter what I did it would not take away the cost for shipping, so I called your customer service center. I was told you could not use two promo codes for one item. I told the customer service agent that the $15 was not a promotion. I actually sold my email address, and cell number to Hammacher Schlemmer for texting, and advertising the company‘s upcoming events. That to me is not a promotion….
    So thus, the free shipping should apply. No matter what I said or did they would not give me the $15 off and the free shipping. Besides the fact the shipping was totally ridiculous for a tiny small box with a necklace inside. Actually the amount for shipping was much more than the $15 that I was given for the information that you requested. Again, I felt this was a two handed situation. You’re giving your customer something, and just taking it back by the outrageous amount for shipping.
    I have been in the corporate world for 45 years and now I am retired. I was a controller for a major corporation. The company I worked for was totally 100% customer-based. No customers, no business.
    I told your customer service manager that there are rules and there are exceptions to the rule. She told me it is what it is, and nothing was going to change. I went on to tell her that this is my first purchase, and I was canceling the order, because I believed your two promotion policy was not applicable to my purchase.
    Lucy Ann Cieply
    North Port, Florida

    P.S. The last name on the necklace GR Trenton
    Is my only grandson who has a very rare genetic disorder which he will live his life out as a two year old for the rest of his existence. Dr. Kyle R. Is Trenton‘s father, Andy, and Lucy Ann are Trenton’s grandparents. Trenton will never really know any of us because of his genetic disorder,
    but I wanted to wear the necklace around my neck close to my heart. 💜

  • Nancy Crane says:

    I ordered an item that was at a cost of 250.00. The order I received was a 50.00 item nothing close to what I ordered. The only option they could me was a refund and free shipping on placing another order. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told 20 mins later no one was available. Looks to me customers mean nothing. Not to mention that its christmas gift and now I don’t have it. Thanks a bunch. “Not really” please contact me if this means anything to this company.

  • Penne Carpenter says:

    Sincerely the worst Customer Experience that I have ever had with ANY COMPANY in my 59 years.
    This Company needs to just go out of business.
    The CEO needs to be fired.
    I placed an order and the website said my items would ship within 24 hours.
    7 days later, the website says my products have NOT shipped.
    MY GOD… how long does it take to stick a mailing label on a package and get UPS to pick it up?
    I called the Customer Service phone number and wasted over 2 hours listening to their recording over the course of 3 phone calls… NO ONE ANSWERED.
    I called the corporate office phone number and tried every department suggested (press 1 for this, press 2 for that) I pressed every number at 3:30pm on Tuesday 6/9/20 and NO ONE ANSWERED.
    This company is mismanaged.
    SO BAD.
    I cannot believe any company would be in business if they cannot answer a phone in 2 hours.
    I am a business owner and I track how long it takes my Team to answer the phone. Our goal is to answer in less than 12 seconds, before the 2nd ring. My Team hits this 12 second answer time goal 91% of the time. Less than 1% of my incoming calls are answered in over 1 minute.

  • Helena Zpantaleo says:

    On December 4, 2019 Ordered I ordered W6528668. Shipped A2666056 on December 7, 2019, but was not told I had the wrong address. I called today and found that out! It’s Dec. 16 now and was told it’s my responsibility to find the status! I was not told that with the other 5 items I’ve ordered! This is going’s to be delivered now while my friend will be in California! So wrong of your company!

  • >