Where is Hair Cuttery Corporate office Headquarters

Hair Cuttery Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1577 Spring Hill Road
    Suite 500
    Vienna, VA 22182
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 703-883-0800
  • Fax Number: 703-269-5418
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1974
  • Founder: Dennis Ratner & Ann Ratner
  • Key People: Dennis Ratner, Gary Levy

Hair Cuttery Headquarters Location & Directions

Hair Cuttery Headquarters Executive Team



Dennis Ratner

Co-Founder, CEO & President

Gary Levy

Owner of United Kingdom Region

Ann Ratner


About Hair Cuttery, History and Headquarters Information

Salons have always been in demand. Once in a while everybody visits the salon and why not, it is necessary. It always had been necessary even in 1974.

Hair Cutterywas the first ever salon that was opened and established in Virginia. It was a unisex salon that had approximately 5 branches initially. Today it has crossed the mark of thousands and has specialisation in numerous latest cuts which are in trend and people opt to style for.

It is unique as it can be termed and stated as the largest owned family business salon that has grown over the years. Today, it has spread to 16 states with thousands of employees and numerous salons outlets.

This is probably one of the best services which are running successfully since the time it was inaugurated, to date. If you are living in the area in and around Virginia, this is surely a place for all the pampering and care of your hair.

Hair Cuttery Headquarters Photos

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  • Teresa says:

    I have been a customer for about six years; visited not only my regular location it several others for various occasions. Once or twice there were some staff out but overall the price was affordable, the operators and stylists were respectful and assisted me. As a person with a disability the service was the same and the location was prepared for me. Thank you so much for taking great care of my hair.

  • Dorothy Blair says:

    I was treated very poorly at the Lucy layne hair cuttery in waynesboro, va I have been a patron there for years I had an appointment for 3:00 only to have my eye brows waxed and they where already behind and they continued to take walk appointments in front of me no one took the time to explain why people where taken in front of me .I will burn my eye brows off my face before I go there again and hopefully it wasn’t because of my skin color. So I will be letting all my friends please do not go to this salon even if it is to buy nail polish

  • Susan says:

    I went to the crown point Indiana becon hill location I am a 10 year client and for the second time in a year my same stylist has ruined my hair I came in with 3 inch light brown roots on a beautiful blonde balayage I asked for some baby lights to help hide the dew greys I had showing Claudia said ok so like hi light low light I was like I guess I assume that means using my natural as low light adding that in and adding hi light but nooooo I am 90-95% DARK DARK brown and just a joke of baby light blonde wtf who darkens someone who is blonde hair in the beginning of summer I never said I wanted dark brown hair with baby lights I never said take out my balayage all I asked for was baby lights my hair is soooo ugly I’m embarrassed to uncover it looks dark brown with grey baby lights it’s gonna cost me hundreds and hundreds to fix this without damaging my hair beyond repair and to top it off your employee stole from me I left her a tip which I should’ve of I was still in utter shock and she helped herself to 10 more then I told her 50 as a tip was completely over paid as it was but again shock so to take an additional 10 and get 60 she’s out of her mind she owes me money and money to fix this horrible job she did I’ve been blonde since I was 18 I’m 42 you don’t just go dark brown completely horrible experience

  • Darlene Bell says:

    June 23, 2021, around 11 a.m., Virginia Ford was scheduled for a Perm and Hair Cut at a cost of $105. The Hair Cutlery was located in Owings Mills MD. Ms. Ford arrived at the scheduled time for her services with Jeannie. She walked in stated her purpose for being at that facility and stated she was scheduled with Jeannie. About an hour later someone came to the desk to speak to Ms. Ford and informed her Jeannie was not at work that day. AN HOUR LATER, what the F ! Ms. Ford was using a walker and when she came in sometime during the hour she was waiting and standing in the reception area. A male worker approached the desk and told the person sitting in the chair to give the chair to Ms. Ford. Which she gladly accepted for she was getting tired standing in the reception area.

    When I made the appointment for Ms. Ford on the June 20th I received a text message informing me that Jeannie would be doing the services requested. I also, received text messages on the 21st and 22nd of June again informing me Jeannie would be doing the services requested. But, if we needed to cancel we should call the Owings Mills facility. We did not call to cancel nor did I receive a text that Jeannie was not on duty on the 23rd of June. Ms. Ford found this out by arriving at the facility after an hour went by. People came in after Ms. Ford and received their services but Ms. Ford was told to wait. After the hour someone came up to Ms. Ford and stated she would do the perm and cut but she was not available for another 25 minutes. As you suspected, Ms. Ford was tired and disappointed and decline the offer. If Ms. Ford had accepted the offer she would have waited 1 hour 25 minutes for the services she was scheduled for around 11 a.m.

    A little background on Ms. Ford. She has been hospitalized and sent to rehab to regain her strength from 3 strokes plus 2 heart attacks. The trip to the Owings Mills Hair Cutlery was her first excursion from her hospital/rehab/house in over 10 weeks. She was looking forward to the cut and perm to help boost her morale. Well the Owings Mills Hair Cutlery did not boost her morale but exhausted her and let her down in the dumps.

    The service/non-service Ms. Ford received tired her out, made her angry and really disappointed with the Owings Mills Hair Cutlery. Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve been trying to find out who the district manager of that Hair Cutlery or the CEO/President to write a complaint. But no matter how much I searched the internet that information or emails for those individuals were not found. Therefore, this means to comment on your website was our only option..

    You made Ms. Ford’s who is 75 years old outing a total disaster. Instead of boosting her morale you stepped on it instead. If you want to discuss Ms. Fords experience, contact her daughter (Holly Ford at 443-602-5323) who was with her the entire time waiting for her appointment as well as her grand daughter. She will never go to the Owings Mills Hair Cutlery for their services for they do not live up to taking people who had appointments and was down right rude to her and her family. If you apologize to Ms. Ford and make it right for an appointment at your cost, please send her to the Westminster Hair Cutlery.

    Darlene M. Bell, 410-804-1774

  • Angie says:

    When are your companies going to be waxing again? I have been a customer for over 10 years. The mask mandate has been lifted and still companies are requiring it. It definitely needs to be brought back asap. Please consider changing this at least in Dyer Indiana. Thank you

  • Lucy says:

    To all hair dressers Never work for this company, they mislead you and use you !!!

  • Tiffany Shaffner says:

    I hope this finds correct personal- bottom line is I’m not a person that needs Guide and through any portal but what I do need is a job and I’m not completely understanding the stupid letter that was written over 10 years ago and I’m not understanding what fucking retard you fucking higher they can’t give a call back if you could please call me back at 410-463-4472 that would be great because it’s clear that your company is questionable just like over ten years ago and you can keep the bullshit excuses and have some real reasons when you do fail my number. Furthermore assholes… Why is it only when I apply for this shitbag company does my phone act up- do dumb ass shit- or I held back from in old time websites- So I’m also clear I fuck with Mexicans or Niggers…

  • Shelby Blanchard says:

    My daughter was overcharged for a hair cut and highlight.The stylist made my daughter get up and she set another customer in the same spot while my daughter stand while highlights was cooking.everytime my daughter goes in there the charge her different prices and damand tips of $10 or more my daughter is on a fix income I feel like five hours in a salon for haircut and highlights is crazy for $185.00

  • Florenta says:

    i was charged for a diff style than i ask, i want spirals and she didi regular perm and my hair is all burned

  • Florenta says:

    i got a old style perm instead of spirals ? i was charge $140 , please do something

  • Kay says:

    Email me………. I want to show you the hair cut I waited 2 weeks for!! I want my money back!!

  • kay says:

    I want my money back for a awful hair cut! Im not going to have a pissing match with the manager…. I want my money back!

  • Linda Schwalm says:

    I am wondering where all salons in Massachusetts have been closed what have you Decided to do about the hair cuttery gift cards that people have. Please let me know
    Thank you kindly

  • Karen Flanagan says:

    Pensylvannia (Philly & Montgomery county, etc) is In the GREEN zone as of today, June 26th! When will you open Andorra Shopping Center, PA location? Or any of your PA locations? Am all set to find another hairdresser after 15 years of loyalty….please find a way for people to come back and make appts!!!!

  • Barbara Jahnke says:

    I am inquiring about your Danvers, MA store. I would like to know if, or when, it might be opening. Please email me. Thanking you in advance for you help.

  • Katherine Olson says:

    No one answers the phone for appointments at the Burke Rd. location. You need better customer service. This is a loss of employ and company funds. I do no want to be required to make appointments only online.

  • Edward Ritchie says:

    Credit card compromised at Hair Cuttery in Warrington Pa on 1-16-2020

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