Where is Hair Cuttery Corporate office Headquarters

Hair Cuttery Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1577 Spring Hill Road
    Suite 500
    Vienna, VA 22182
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 703-883-0800
  • Fax Number: 703-269-5418
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1974
  • Founder: Dennis Ratner & Ann Ratner
  • Key People: Dennis Ratner, Gary Levy

Hair Cuttery Headquarters Location & Directions

Hair Cuttery Headquarters Executive Team



Dennis Ratner

Co-Founder, CEO & President

Gary Levy

Owner of United Kingdom Region

Ann Ratner


About Hair Cuttery, History and Headquarters Information

Salons have always been in demand. Once in a while everybody visits the salon and why not, it is necessary. It always had been necessary even in 1974.

Hair Cutterywas the first ever salon that was opened and established in Virginia. It was a unisex salon that had approximately 5 branches initially. Today it has crossed the mark of thousands and has specialisation in numerous latest cuts which are in trend and people opt to style for.

It is unique as it can be termed and stated as the largest owned family business salon that has grown over the years. Today, it has spread to 16 states with thousands of employees and numerous salons outlets.

This is probably one of the best services which are running successfully since the time it was inaugurated, to date. If you are living in the area in and around Virginia, this is surely a place for all the pampering and care of your hair.

Hair Cuttery Headquarters Photos

  • Sherry Stone says:

    Hello ….. Im emailing you to file a complaint as Im in Port St Lucie Florida and I called the hair Cuttery in prima vista crossings and I was told that a haircut was $18 I go there to get it done and they tell me $24 if I wanted to pay that much as ridiculous as it is I would call my personal hairdresser and pay $25 but cause Im on SSDI now and can’t afford it thank you

  • Sheila Redmond says:

    I inquired about an appointment to get my hair roller set at Hair Cuttery located at 8223 Elliott Rd Ste 105, Easton, MD 21601. I was told by a salon employee that they do not have any African American stylist at that location to do my hair. I was also told that they do not carry products to do Afican Americans hair. The employee made it very clear that African American services were not available at this public salon. I suggest hair cuttery do some serious reevaluation of all of their salons for more equitable services. This is a huge red flag.

  • Leslie Riedel says:

    Why does your ph # come up as doesn’t exist? How do I get in touch with the leaders above district manager in Delray beach Florida as the district manager assured me I would get my refund for my hair being damaged and pain caused after the woman scrubbed my scalp after washing it 3x as if my head and hair was a steel frying pan. It was a very bad experience. The damage to my long thick hair at the scalp is very concerning as it is missing hair and broken hair all over. I asked her to do an easy wispy like in the front framing my face…. NOPE…I asked her to just take an inch off she took at least 2. I had been to this woman 2x previous and the 3rd time when she overused dye and ripped my hair out. I was in pain. Then 12 to 13 days later ny gray was as obvious as if I hadn’t dyed it in 6 weeks. Can someone call me regarding my seemingly forgotten refund. 166 dollars including a 35 tip because I always tip well and I wasn’t aware yet my hair was ripped out while scrubbing me scalp like crazy. The store manager in the Delray beach Florida store basically called me a liar. I would expect a call today Leslie Riedel 856 676-3245

  • Leslie says:

    My hair is falling out after being dyed. Also after 13 days my gray is standing out terribly. The woman that dyed my hair washed it out by using such painful scrubbing I was almost in tears and told her Lisa, in the Delray beach on Linton Ave how much it hurt and her reply was “I have to get the excess dye out” she also told me not to use a light colored pillow case as the amount of dye she used was a lot. I liked Lisa as a person if she would have stopped telling me over and over again about the fact that she is a recovering alcoholic and meth addict. She also did not cut my hair the way I wanted. I didn’t realize that because she didn’t blow dry my hair . I paid 132 plus a35 dollar tip for my long thick hair to be gray after 12 to 13 days and way worse the front of my hair is ripped out from her scrubbing my head like a metal cooking pan. The manager was not nice when I told her what happened and she assured me she would call the district manager to get my money back. I went to Lisa 2x before Nov 13 2922 and she wasn’t as rough and didn’t rip my hair out. 166 dollars I paid to rip my hair out and now my hair is falling out like crazy and I have a lot of hair. Lisa even charged me more she said because I have a very thick head of hair. Why , also did the lady with a thick Russian type accent yell at me and when I called to speak to Lisa and or the mngr she said they weren’t there after she put me on hold for a minute. I went to the shop 15 minutes later and Lisa was there. Why did they lie? I expect a pH call today or there will be other avenues I take. Leslie Riedel 856 676 3245

  • Kelly says:

    This is the Dekalb Illinois Annie Glidden road location, I came here for a simple highlight low low-light I’m normally blond I had a picture for inspiration I kept asking ( Kelly) the stylist that I wanted my hair predominantly blond with chunky low lights throughout tye whole session she wasn’t listening I could have used only about 6 low-lights she put in a full head well after washing it out I noticed she wasn’t letting me see my hair I was faced to the wall not the mirror finally after several minutes I asked can i see my hair?? She said fine but I’m not done well when she turned it around it was almost a dingy gray brown the whole head I said this is not what I asked for then they proceeded to argue with me, Kelly the stylist said she would fix it well and not charge me until it was right I said okay because at this point my hair looks like a bad box die color and they were charged $185 I will add pictures so I came back to get it fixed and they refused to do anything to fix it because now they said it’s damaged so they can’t guarantee it won’t break off and said your going to pay for the color even if you don’t like the way it is or its retail theft???? Mind you it’s like a bad box die they won’t even repair they are NOT customer friendly the manager is awful her attitude is beyond awful and whatever management called me she didn’t care or wasn’t concerned either normally I don’t write reviews but this time I am I’ve never been treated so awful by any business ever and even worse I purchased $70 shampoo I should return.
    I don’t recommend this establishment sadly.
    I’ve added photos the first 3 is how it’s supposed to look the last one was my original hair color sadly I have to go pay again somewhere else to fix this.
    This was a birthday present to myself I’m very disappointed and would give 0 stars if possible.I can’t get over how awful and nasty the manager was I’ve never been treated like that by a business in my life her tone her voice absolutely awful.

  • BarbaraDH says:

    HC customer, exclusively since 2005. I recently moved to the Richmond, VA Metro area, and sought a new HC. I washed my hair before going & added product, but mentioned that future visits I would bring my own products. They said new corporate policy did not allow that (unless products were prescription). It’s taken several years for me to find the products that work best, and I alway took them in at previous HC. I got a trim & blowout. This was a master stylist, but she did not use a concentrator on blow dryer (claimed she didn’t have one). So my naturally curly/wavy hair was wavy when I left & frizzy by the time I got home. Stylist didn’t understand why I was unhappy, nor did she seem to care. This was a highly recommended location & likewise for stylist. I’m now searching for a different salon, and not a HC.

  • Veronica Bisher says:

    Went to get my hair done yesterday woman did not put enough highlights I am not happy it was too dark try to go back to get it fix but was put on hold manager said she was too busy went in at 12:00 on 9-22-22

  • Michelle Miller says:

    I went to the Aurora location on New York St. to have my hair toned. First the girl turned my hair green, she washed it out right away didn’t even show me, she then retoned it and turned out an ugly purpleish gray. I spoke with someone, I think she said she was the manager of that location or something like that, her name is Beth. She was very unhelpful, and rude, she suggested I go back and have Alba fix it. Beth told me it was basically my fault and only the amount I paid would be covered anything else would have to come out of my pocket. I don’t believe it was my fault, I believe Alba did something wrong turning it green in the first place, then left the second toner on way too long to mess up my hair further. And you think I’m going to go back and let her at my hair again, you must be crazy!! My credit card was charged $77 I would like that refunded please and thank you!

  • Bernadette says:

    My awful experience from the Millville NJ location…

    2 1/2 weeks ago I booked my appointment online for August 13th @1pm with Lyn.. booking went well, got a confirmation email that it was booked.. Also during the time I booked and my appointment date I also received 2 texts confirming my appointment.. I get to my appointment this past Saturday on the 13th I was a little early the gentleman at the counter checked me in.. he than asks my name and I tell him Bernadette.. he than looks back at a stylist cutting a client’s hair and says Angie her appointment is with Lyn… Angie than proceeds to tell me that they can’t take me today and that Lyn has been out for over a month and how was I able to make my appointment.. like yelling at me… how am I supposed to know because if she wasn’t available than her name should have been taken off the schedule… I was livid to say the least.. than Angie proceeds to say we had no idea about your appointment today and it just can’t be done.. I said well doesn’t anyone look at your schedules and kee track of clients appointments??? She continues to be unprofessional and says well I am very short staffed and if you want to call the main office to complain than go ahead.. that’s not the point I said!!!!!!! .. if I got a call explaining that Lyn was out and maybe we could reschedule than that would have been ok!!! But I never did and that is unacceptable and very bad customer service!!! I could have booked somewhere else and had my hair done but now I have to wait again for a appointment elsewhere!!! So thank you for the poor customer service and the extreme inconvenience!!! I wish you could choose zero stars because you don’t deserve a 1 rating at all… ”

  • Carolyn Palmer says:

    Made an on-line appointment. Got here ten minutes early. Waited until 10 minutes past my appointment. One of the hairdressers, Chyna, came to me to say it would be at least 30 minutes as she had added on a hair color. I said i wished someone would have called me . She said she did not know it would be so long since it was an add on. Why didn’t she tell
    Me this when i walked in instead of making me wait 20 minutes? I left the store. Not sure i will go back. I have been getting my hair done here for a while . Not a new customer. This is not customer service. Location is Waymesboro Town Shopping Center in Waynesboro, Va.

  • R Roth says:

    I was at Maplewood Plaza Coral Springs,Fl 33071.
    I wanted only a hair cut told the hairstylist Alison no blow dry. She blow dried to see how it looked. This big fat lady that works there said I had to pay for the blow dry I told her no. She has called me from her own cell phone and lied that she was the district Mgr harassing me. I tried to call the head office no answer real professionals don’t go there!

  • Jane Smith says:

    I was in Franklin Farm location in Reston VA wash, cut and blow dry. Stylists at this are very rude and loud. Most of them speak foreign language across the salon to one another. That I can ignore however a stylist who is oblivious of common courtesy is unforgivable. Her name is Naomi. She was cutting another person next to me. When spraying water on his head most of it hit me, she bumped I to me multiple times, and even when cleaning her tools brushing the cut hair on her tools toward me. And NOT ONCE did she apologize or smile to show she was apologetic. These young girls need to learn manners.

  • Terri says:

    After reading most of these reviews I can tell Hair Cuttery is just an awful place all the way around. Stylist completely chemically burned my hair from roots to end. My hair was LITERALLY coming out in my hands. Everyone from the salon leader to the regional manager know about this. The only resolution is to go back there and have them give treatments by combing it through my hair. My hair is mush and can not withstand combing out while wet. Even I know that much about hair. I hope Hair Cuttery truly goes out of business. I’ve never witnessed so much negligence and very unprofessional. Sent many emails to the people care email – how ironic because they truly do not care about their clients.

  • Ellen M Sterrett says:

    Displeased with service at Chesapeake location. I got my hair cut yesterday afternoon and when I got home where I could get a good look at my hair I noticed that one side of my hair way cut uneven now it is 10:32 the next day and I am sitting in front of the location and there is no one there, no signs in the window indicating hours of operation and I want to get hair fixed right this time and I can’t sit here all day waiting for someone to show up. I am upset now but I am really going to be passed if I have to go somewhere else to get my hair fixed. This is unacceptable.

  • Kyle ring says:

    What a crap way to operate now. There was not a single person in the store but I was turned away because some people virtually signed up?? Give me a break. Can’t wait to see your company tank.

  • Angela Mahoney says:

    I had a bad experience today at Hair Cuttery located at the Publix Shopping Center location in Jacksonville Florida. I have been a long long time customer i bought a can of hair spray 6 months ago i do not like it nor do i need it. I wanted to exchange the product for a hair cut i was never told i had 30 days to return it mind you i had been there a few times within the 6 months everyone said just bring it back well i did that today. Your assistant manager was very rude and made it clear to me that she wasnt going to lose her job over a can of hair spray she also told me to sale it or give it as a gift. Angela has been my stylist for many years with your company i know she is leaving the busy next Sunday it will be a sad day for your company she is the best stylist at your company. Im upset because i was never told it had to returned in 30 days i know it has been 6 months just never found the time to bring it back. I hope there is something you can do for me for not knowing and having a very rude assistant manager.

    Thank you
    Angela Mahoney

  • Gwyn says:

    I was charged twice for a service I received on 10/21/2021. I didn’t realize this until I received my credit card statements for December due date. I called the local store and they told me to dispute the charge with my credit card company. With holidays and covid diagnosis for both myself and my husband my request to the credit card company was submitted in January and denied on 2/9/2022 because it was more than 60 days after the error appeared on my statement. I called the local store where the service was rendered and talked with the manager she provided me with her regional directors name and email address. Stated that she had filled him in and if I send him all of the documentation he would reimburse me. I sent an email with supporting documentation on 3/9 & 3/30. He still has not responded. I’ve called to talk with the store manager (which is very difficult to connect with) and she stated she will reach out to him. Still nothing… I’m out $200 and no one is willing to fix this. No communication, no returned phone calls, no response to email communication. With prices rising all over the place I don’t have to tell you that this $200 would be better used back in my wallet. If ANYONE who can do something is reading this PLEASE provide me with some assistance in getting this resolved! At this point I’ve more than exhausted my attempts to solve this through the proper channels and will begin posting this on line where ever I can. Social media, Yelp, Google

  • Dana says:

    It doesn’t matter what picture you give them or how much time you spend explaining, they give you the wrong haircut. I think they actually only know a couple of cuts and just give the same one to everybody, no matter what you say. The last time, it wasn’t even close to what I requested. Other times, I’ve walked out with only one side cut because I didn’t want the other side ruined as well. What is actually wrong with this company that you have no expectation to receive the cut you request? A simple bob cut or a few small layers at the bottom is too much to ask. When you leave you have nothing left and have to start the grueling process of “growing it back out.” They don’t even understand enough English to convey what you want. My hair has been ruined by them for the last time. I do a better job in front of the bathroom mirror at home.

  • Debra Staab says:

    I went to hair cuttery in person to schedule an appointment for the following week. They scheduled it but, the day I came to appointment the stylist named Dana from Roosevelt Mall Hair Cuttery put me in a chair, put cape on me, then when I took my bun out and she saw my hair was long and thick; she told me that they don’t have any brown colors! My mom went there the following week to get root touch up, they told her they didn’t have black either; I guess because she had thick hair too!! So I feel we were lied too because they didn’t want to put the work in!!! I’ll be sure to tell all of my friends n family!!

  • Sylvia Bush says:

    So just want to share my experience no longer can you walk into your stores. So now you have to make appt well I have to say you have lost anther customer. Made another appt only to be told they are over booked an I could reschedule or come back next week. Well I have try to do walk in for just hair cut and told next week we’ll make appt and still not able to take care of me cause they don’t have enough time lotted for me.

  • david R Drutz says:

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  • Dr. Nancy B. Higgins says:

    I have been to hair cuttery in Maryland on several occasions, however, my hairdresser not from Hair Cuttery is leaving the area and I would like to use Ti who is very good at the Bethesda location every week. I have been paying $25.00 not to include tip and Ti wants $29.00 not to include tip. Can you speak to her to give me a better price due to going every week???? Thank you, Dr. Nancy Higgins, Professor, University of MD online classes in USA, Europe and Asis

  • Debra says:

    Haircuttery in Lemont Il is the worst! I received an awful haircut, that took all of 10 mins and when I called to ask if it can be fixed I was told it would be 2 days. 2 days? I’ve been a stylist for 30 years and even worked for Haircuttery. I would never have given such poor customer service. I always thought it was a good company. Apparently no so much anymore.

  • Cathy Reidy says:

    And by the way I live near Jacksonville, Beach and there is a great deal of customers that live here, I just shared this on my Facebook Page.

  • Cathy Reidy says:

    I have a complaint against (Rachelle) located at the Pablo Creek East, 13740 Beach Blvd. Ste 1, Jacksonville, Florida 32224, phone number (904) 223-1455.

    Hi Cathy,
    Exciting news – your appointment is booked! Here are the details:
    Classic Blowout (RACHELLE) on Wednesday, Mar 09, 2022 at 6:00 PM
    Pablo Creek East
    13740 BEACH BLVD STE 1
    JACKSONVILLE, Florida 32224
    (904) 223-1455
    To review COVID guidelines click here. If you need to reschedule for any reason, please call us at (904) 223-1455. We look forward to seeing you soon!
    Stylishly yours,
    Pablo Creek East

    I have not seen my son in 4 months, flying in from Colorado and I wanted to look my best, I arrive at this location, and I have never had an issue with any other stylist there (very sweet at best). This Rachelle the first thing she states well “I did not bring my stuff, I did not know I had an appointment” The other employers were being so nice stating I would do it, but I am sorry I am booked for the rest of the night, they tried.

    Rachelle, well she did not even apologize, that she did not bring her stuff, (what is stuff?) who goes to work without her so called stuff she called it. I was appalled. I do not know how your going to handle this but she needs to be talked too! She needs to be taught some manners. She did not even offer a solution and away I went. I went back after I cooled off and thanked the others for trying to help me, but I did not speak to her, I was too disappointed that she did not give a rats ass (sorry) She is rude and unprofessional.

    Cathy L. Reidy
    Very Upset Customer

  • James epright says:

    I made a an appointment on the app it confirms my appointment,when I arrive to the Hair Cuttery it says no appointment scheduled something is seriously wrong with Hair Cuttery’s Computer system.had to go to Supercuts where they excepted my walking in

  • Bobby Boland says:

    Idk how you can fix the problem but here it is. I live in NC Charlotte area. Every haircuttery around Charlotte has always done a great job. I work full time in south Florida I’ve used haircuttery in south Florida. They are absolutely the worst place to go. There’s no way half the employees went through hair school. There has to be a way there getting there licenses. I went the other day and it is thee absolute worst haircut I’ve ever received. I’m a 44 yr old man that builds power lines for a living. A bad haircut I’ve always said it will grow out. Not this time i have to wear a hat. I don’t want nothing i just wanted to bring it to your attention on why business is slow in south Florida. I went to the one in Pembroke Pines Fl

  • Bonnie Ruettermann says:

    Went prima Vista crossing hair cuttery was disgusted with results went in with pictures of a long Bob looks like paper was used for Templet nothing like pic and my hair was way long enough for style a waste of money I’m never going there again, girl nice but ruined my cut

  • Katherine Higgins says:

    I went to hair cuttery for cut and die my hair long and thick and is a lot of work so don’t let hairstylest blow dry it or actually blow it up it’s too much to expect hair dresser to do that it would take hour ..well I bought Nike jacket which was $50 and had receipt of the date on it and hoodie . The hair dresser was so sweet and great service . But my hair wasn’t cut how I asked and didn’t notice till hair dried and my peach Nike jacket was covered on the back hair dye. Down back if hoodie and not little spots like soaked I don’t even know how was possible I have a vape plastic thing wrapped aroundd(like a cape LOL(don’t know terminology sorry ) I didn’t say anything because didn’t realize how bad it was. I didn’t want to give her a bad complaint or get her in trouble she was so sweet but just maybe alittle ditsy ..so my mom went next day to the hair cuttery and explain she slacked it in 24 hours in oxy clean and soaked in spot removals and it came out alittle but still black as hell and I couldn’t wear it again. After my mother calling for reimbursement cause it was just bought day before the manager kept saying she’ll send to cooperate nothing she can do. This was October 4th my birthday I believe and I just received $50 reimbursement check 4 months or little more 3 months later and my name is spell wrong it’s with a “K” not a “C” for Katherine Higgins (manager asked me ten times how spell my name because it was miss spelled and doesn’t match my name. So I will send back check but I need a new check sent the correct way is Katherine Higgins my new address is 8106 Burholme ave Philadelphia pa 19111. I moved end of weekend to that address no longer on 2237 Dickinson st. Please send me info if I need mail check back or u can stop payment and I hope this correct check comes within 2 weeks if no before not waste almost 3 months . Thanks for your diligence and taking time to rectify this I’m extremely grateful
    215-602-0469 feel free to contact me please

  • Eileen says:

    I went for a routine root touch up as i have for 6 years same format same formula same location Prima Vista Port Saint Lucie Florida . my requested beautician was out sick so i received a replacement. Shouldn’t have been an issue its same formula it only requires a basic skill to follow directions and apply. I wish the sight would allow for pictures so i could show you the horrendous mess im wearing. I could say ALOT. More but i believe it pointless.

  • Anum says:

    This is my review at the south elgin location that they keep deleting:

    ********This is my 4th time posting this because you deleted it last three times. The fact that you guys have time to delete my review and not reach out speaks alot. Ill keep reposting this review every time you guys delete it! Deleting my review won’t stop me from reposting********** I wrote this in May 2021 sadly it keeps getting deleted so here it is again:

    Worst experience I have ever had in my life. I left in tears and drove home bawling my heart eyes out. I came in for an updo but decided to go with a nice fresh blow dry. I was told my hair is dry and lady recommended a deep condition saying it was a couple dollars more.. no it was $12 more. Then I asked can we cut my hair in layers to frame my face and some on the back. My hair was cut straight. Its been only a week today so I can happily show my hair is NOT in layers. She snipped like 5 bunches of my hair not sure what kind of deluxe hair cut style was that. Then I said I want the blow dry with curls on bottom using the round brush but instead she so aggressive brushed my hair, scratched the back of my neck with her pointy nails and was sooo aggressive that it hurt so bad getting my hair brushed by her. Then she put like 5-7 products in my hair and when I said I didn’t like it she said I barely put any products. My hair felt like I had 3 day old oatmeal in it at which I just told her to stop as I wanted to leave and she charged me $75 dollars. FOR WHAT??????? I can’t even remember her name but she had long purple extensions in her hair and all she cared about was telling me to upgrade to this product or that and so many times her nails scratched my neck and she was just so aggressive not sure what I did wrong!!!! I was a bridesmaid and didn’t end up going to a wedding dinner that I was part of hosting coz I went home crying and just showered and slept. Im writing this a week later because I was so traumatized on and my husband was also unwell so I put my energy in to taking care of him! I barely ever leave reviews but she was just plain aggressive and rude. Literally went home bawling my eyes out!!!!! Worst worst worst service ever!!!!!!!! Didn’t get the hair cut I wanted or the style and was charged $75 for a haircuttery deluxe?????? Appalling

  • Lynn says:

    I had an appt on 12/10/21at 8303 Champions Gate Blvd, FL for full foil highlights at 11:15AM. It took the stylist over 2 hours just to put the foils on my hair which is way too long for the chemical to stay on. Then the toner was put on and it stayed the same color no change from before the toner. Then that was washed out and more toner was put on and the end result is I have ash color on the top, orange in the back with some gold color. I was told by the store manager that it would get lighter in time. After paying a lot of money I left with my hair looking worse than when I came in the shop. I am very concerned about my hair for it is completely damaged/kinked and dried out. I have had my hair colored for years at different Hair Cuttery stores and have never experienced this problem before. It is obvious the stylist was not experienced enough with color processing. I was in the shop for over 4 hours only to leave with the wrong color result and damaged hair. I would like to know what Hair Cuttery will do about my issue.

  • A Anonymous Witness says:

    Please explain how it is appropriate for a Manager of a location to be dating a employee and this employee gets special treatment. This manager needs to be done! This has to be a violation of Hair Cuttery’s policy! Exton, Pa – please help the other employees who are getting ready to leave!

  • Steven says:

    I have been coming to hair cuttery for over 35 years. The Dundalk Maryland Hair cuttery will not take walk in service for months now. The web site for this store says that they do accept walk ins. Well I’ve tried several times and they said I need appointment. Tou have lost a long time costumer. Atleast change the web site info to the correct info. Sport cuts here I come!

  • Florence Anderson says:

    I am highly upset that I booked online for a hair appointment for an available 9 am slot at your Governor Square Bear Location in Bear, DE. I drove 20 miles to get there. Arrive at 8:58 am. 1 stylist. The other stylist walks in after 9:05 am. Takes a gentleman says he booked an appointment a week ago. This is the worst system ever in the 21st century! Booking online makes no purpose for your employees don’t follow the protocol. Online says to chose stylist I did not specify who for it stated any stylist can service at schedule 9 am. The salon stylist even stated a stylist Lian who prances in after 9 am always comes to work late. Customers have also tight schedules and what’s the point in making appointment. The other stylist who open salon said after I requested for a manager name to file complaint to apologize and said they were short staff. It is the obligation of better appointment bookings online appointments that your employees assure staffing for the slots that the customers book for. Worst customer experience ever! I assure you I will and blow up social media and word of mouth pass the message to never patronize this location!! High turnover, understaff and rude workers. I sat there a good 10 minutes observed the phone ringing with no stylist even acknowledge the phone or answer the phone! In a pandemic honored the book online policy and your employees don’t even follow the process ! Along with this message will be a follow up call to corporate office!!!

  • Mari Melz says:

    How dissatisfied I was to find out “ Hair Cuttery “ and it’s false advertising are so obvious.

    I visited one of their location on Friday after 5ish 9/10/21, located at Shoppes of Palm Bay Florida only to be dismissed by its personnel..

    Who stated they were understaffed and could not see walk ins, the humiliation as 4 people walked out NEVER AGAIN.

  • Lanie Paul says:

    Bought my 83yr old elderly mother a $100 gift card for Christmas pre Covid and now the location I bought at is closed and other salon will not honor. She is on a very fixed income and that is what she asks for so she can get her hair cut. Sad! They just took her $$ and ran.

  • Kimberly Snook says:

    I am very disappointed with Hair Cuttery. I went into the salon on 8/4 to get my sides completely shaved and my hair cut into a Mohawk. My sides still have hair and I got no Mohawk cut . I spent $20. & a $5 tip and it looks like it was when I went in. They never took my $3 coupon off either.

  • Arafa Daniel says:

    Hi! I wanted to know why they are change there prices for the service without letting customers know.

  • Paul P Tascione says:

    30 year+ customer but since moving to King Of Prussia had several awful experiences. Most recent on Memorial day 2021 I complained to manager on duty about stylest trying to gouge me extra $ for professional service that I never requested. Had to haggle over base price of $23. STYLIST TOOK AN F BOMB TYRADE, SCREAMING AT ME AND CALLED POLICE.

    LATEST HAIRCUT JULY 28, stylist pulled every passive aggressive behavior in the book. Unnecessary questions and Innuendos of a derogatory and denigrating nature with no follow up. Disparaging and insinuating questions that work obliquely by allusion. Cheap shots and digs about my hair length, whether I dyed my hair, suggested product for my thinning hair UNWARRANTED. A young girl with blue/black hair, tattoos with a bad attitude and daddy ISSUES. KATIE AT KOP.

  • JOHN M FEIGH says:

    Last time going to hair cuttery. Face still mandatory unreal company doesn’t follow CDC guidelines . I am totally vaccinated but still have to wear a mask not easy to get hair cut properly with mask. Your company needs to get on board with other companies and stop being a bunch of fear breeding liberals…

  • Jodi Green says:

    Terrible experience, employee was doing 3 heads at a time. I had an appointment but she also accepted a walk in for color as well. She put color in my hair so recklessly. Washed my hair in cold water and cut my hair so unevenly I had to go back next day and another stylist (Bey) fixed it as much as she could. There was also another woman who overheard my plea for help and told me the same stylist Dorsey ruined her hair the last time she was there. I spoke with a manager who told me that a refund would be give but I didn’t receive anything

  • Barbara says:

    I’ll definitely be escalating the matter at hand. I’ve been waiting two months for a refund. This is ridiculous.

  • Teresa says:

    I have been a customer for about six years; visited not only my regular location it several others for various occasions. Once or twice there were some staff out but overall the price was affordable, the operators and stylists were respectful and assisted me. As a person with a disability the service was the same and the location was prepared for me. Thank you so much for taking great care of my hair.

  • Dorothy Blair says:

    I was treated very poorly at the Lucy layne hair cuttery in waynesboro, va I have been a patron there for years I had an appointment for 3:00 only to have my eye brows waxed and they where already behind and they continued to take walk appointments in front of me no one took the time to explain why people where taken in front of me .I will burn my eye brows off my face before I go there again and hopefully it wasn’t because of my skin color. So I will be letting all my friends please do not go to this salon even if it is to buy nail polish

  • Susan says:

    I went to the crown point Indiana becon hill location I am a 10 year client and for the second time in a year my same stylist has ruined my hair I came in with 3 inch light brown roots on a beautiful blonde balayage I asked for some baby lights to help hide the dew greys I had showing Claudia said ok so like hi light low light I was like I guess I assume that means using my natural as low light adding that in and adding hi light but nooooo I am 90-95% DARK DARK brown and just a joke of baby light blonde wtf who darkens someone who is blonde hair in the beginning of summer I never said I wanted dark brown hair with baby lights I never said take out my balayage all I asked for was baby lights my hair is soooo ugly I’m embarrassed to uncover it looks dark brown with grey baby lights it’s gonna cost me hundreds and hundreds to fix this without damaging my hair beyond repair and to top it off your employee stole from me I left her a tip which I should’ve of I was still in utter shock and she helped herself to 10 more then I told her 50 as a tip was completely over paid as it was but again shock so to take an additional 10 and get 60 she’s out of her mind she owes me money and money to fix this horrible job she did I’ve been blonde since I was 18 I’m 42 you don’t just go dark brown completely horrible experience

  • Darlene Bell says:

    June 23, 2021, around 11 a.m., Virginia Ford was scheduled for a Perm and Hair Cut at a cost of $105. The Hair Cutlery was located in Owings Mills MD. Ms. Ford arrived at the scheduled time for her services with Jeannie. She walked in stated her purpose for being at that facility and stated she was scheduled with Jeannie. About an hour later someone came to the desk to speak to Ms. Ford and informed her Jeannie was not at work that day. AN HOUR LATER, what the F ! Ms. Ford was using a walker and when she came in sometime during the hour she was waiting and standing in the reception area. A male worker approached the desk and told the person sitting in the chair to give the chair to Ms. Ford. Which she gladly accepted for she was getting tired standing in the reception area.

    When I made the appointment for Ms. Ford on the June 20th I received a text message informing me that Jeannie would be doing the services requested. I also, received text messages on the 21st and 22nd of June again informing me Jeannie would be doing the services requested. But, if we needed to cancel we should call the Owings Mills facility. We did not call to cancel nor did I receive a text that Jeannie was not on duty on the 23rd of June. Ms. Ford found this out by arriving at the facility after an hour went by. People came in after Ms. Ford and received their services but Ms. Ford was told to wait. After the hour someone came up to Ms. Ford and stated she would do the perm and cut but she was not available for another 25 minutes. As you suspected, Ms. Ford was tired and disappointed and decline the offer. If Ms. Ford had accepted the offer she would have waited 1 hour 25 minutes for the services she was scheduled for around 11 a.m.

    A little background on Ms. Ford. She has been hospitalized and sent to rehab to regain her strength from 3 strokes plus 2 heart attacks. The trip to the Owings Mills Hair Cutlery was her first excursion from her hospital/rehab/house in over 10 weeks. She was looking forward to the cut and perm to help boost her morale. Well the Owings Mills Hair Cutlery did not boost her morale but exhausted her and let her down in the dumps.

    The service/non-service Ms. Ford received tired her out, made her angry and really disappointed with the Owings Mills Hair Cutlery. Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve been trying to find out who the district manager of that Hair Cutlery or the CEO/President to write a complaint. But no matter how much I searched the internet that information or emails for those individuals were not found. Therefore, this means to comment on your website was our only option..

    You made Ms. Ford’s who is 75 years old outing a total disaster. Instead of boosting her morale you stepped on it instead. If you want to discuss Ms. Fords experience, contact her daughter (Holly Ford at 443-602-5323) who was with her the entire time waiting for her appointment as well as her grand daughter. She will never go to the Owings Mills Hair Cutlery for their services for they do not live up to taking people who had appointments and was down right rude to her and her family. If you apologize to Ms. Ford and make it right for an appointment at your cost, please send her to the Westminster Hair Cutlery.

    Darlene M. Bell, 410-804-1774

  • Angie says:

    When are your companies going to be waxing again? I have been a customer for over 10 years. The mask mandate has been lifted and still companies are requiring it. It definitely needs to be brought back asap. Please consider changing this at least in Dyer Indiana. Thank you

  • Lucy says:

    To all hair dressers Never work for this company, they mislead you and use you !!!

  • Tiffany Shaffner says:

    I hope this finds correct personal- bottom line is I’m not a person that needs Guide and through any portal but what I do need is a job and I’m not completely understanding the stupid letter that was written over 10 years ago and I’m not understanding what fucking retard you fucking higher they can’t give a call back if you could please call me back at 410-463-4472 that would be great because it’s clear that your company is questionable just like over ten years ago and you can keep the bullshit excuses and have some real reasons when you do fail my number. Furthermore assholes… Why is it only when I apply for this shitbag company does my phone act up- do dumb ass shit- or I held back from in old time websites- So I’m also clear I fuck with Mexicans or Niggers…

  • Shelby Blanchard says:

    My daughter was overcharged for a hair cut and highlight.The stylist made my daughter get up and she set another customer in the same spot while my daughter stand while highlights was cooking.everytime my daughter goes in there the charge her different prices and damand tips of $10 or more my daughter is on a fix income I feel like five hours in a salon for haircut and highlights is crazy for $185.00

  • Florenta says:

    i was charged for a diff style than i ask, i want spirals and she didi regular perm and my hair is all burned

  • Florenta says:

    i got a old style perm instead of spirals ? i was charge $140 , please do something

  • Kay says:

    Email me………. I want to show you the hair cut I waited 2 weeks for!! I want my money back!!

  • kay says:

    I want my money back for a awful hair cut! Im not going to have a pissing match with the manager…. I want my money back!

  • Linda Schwalm says:

    I am wondering where all salons in Massachusetts have been closed what have you Decided to do about the hair cuttery gift cards that people have. Please let me know
    Thank you kindly

  • Karen Flanagan says:

    Pensylvannia (Philly & Montgomery county, etc) is In the GREEN zone as of today, June 26th! When will you open Andorra Shopping Center, PA location? Or any of your PA locations? Am all set to find another hairdresser after 15 years of loyalty….please find a way for people to come back and make appts!!!!

  • Barbara Jahnke says:

    I am inquiring about your Danvers, MA store. I would like to know if, or when, it might be opening. Please email me. Thanking you in advance for you help.

  • Katherine Olson says:

    No one answers the phone for appointments at the Burke Rd. location. You need better customer service. This is a loss of employ and company funds. I do no want to be required to make appointments only online.

  • Edward Ritchie says:

    Credit card compromised at Hair Cuttery in Warrington Pa on 1-16-2020

  • >