Where is Haggen Corporate office Headquarters

Haggen Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2900 Woburn St
    Bellingham, WA 98226

  • Phone Number:
    +1 360-676-5300

  • Fax Number: 360-650-8235

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 723

  • Established: 1933

  • Founder: Benett and Dorothy Haggen

  • Key People: Clement Stevens

Haggen Headquarters Location & Directions

Haggen Headquarters Executive Team



Clement Stevens

Senior Vice President of Merchandising

Scott Smith

Vice President of Marketing

Becky Skaggs

Vice President of Strategy & Consumer Insights

About Haggen, History and Headquarters Information

With headquarters in Bellingham, Washington, Haggen Grocery was a retail grocery store which has the food and grocery available in top quality.

In 1933, when it was established, it was practically the only retail grocery store in the Northwest Pacific area. Initially it was named The Economy Food Store. However, it was later rechristened to Haggen Grocery.

The unique feature that Haggen Grocery hosted was. That it hosted Starbucks Coffee house within its store, for all its employees and customers.

Gradually it expanded its business widely. However, there was slow down when in 2015, it faced bankruptcy and had to close down some of the stores.

According to the deal, the remaining set of stores were sold to Albertsons in 2016. It finally shut out and winded up from the northwest Pacific area thus. All its stores across all the states were acquired by Albertsons.

Haggen Headquarters Photos

  • Kate says:

    I have had so many problems in the last two years with Haggen pharmacy Olympia messing up pharmacy refills and orders. Most recently, I tried to get an important medication refilled and Mitch, the pharmacist, said I couldn’t get it because I had picked it up 1/15/24. This was untrue. The next person I spoke to said I couldn’t get it because it needed a prior authorization, and that I hadn’t picked it up for months. Haggen never sent the prior with to my provider, which is standard. Now, I am still doing without the Rx going on one month because they say they don’t have it in stock and maybe my dr should change my prescription dose! I have been without this medication through no fault of my own for at least one month. Please feel free to look up how many Rxs my family receives through Haggen pharmacy. I considered myself a loyal customer but I am literally blown away at how Haggen performs and treats customers. And I still cannot get this Rx! I’m commenting here because your app won’t let me submit my comment and email is not an option that I could find.

  • Linda y Carlson says:

    Ok, I give up. I have tried 7 times to create an account for grocery pick-up for the Marysville store. Each time I have received a message that there are “technical difficulties” to try again later. I even called the 800 #, but a young man with an Asian Indian accent, could not create my account. Was supposed to receive an email link, but that did not arrive either. So Haggen’s does not have grocery pick-up. I must do grocery pick-up now, as my husband had a heart attack and I am not mobile enough to walk the store. Shame as I like Haggens and shop here regularly. I hate Safeway, so I guess it’s Fred Meyers from now on. Your website sucks too as you can’t even leave an email. Shame on Haggens. L. Carlson, Marysville, WA

  • Ron oradat says:

    Prices are high compared to Fred Myers. Customer care is poor. I called corporate office at 10:30 a.m to speak with VP operations or any officer regarding my experience. All we’re “out of the office”. Left message with receptionist for a return call. No one returned my call to discuss my concern. Shows how little they care about the customer experience.

  • Angry wife says:

    Great store but horrible treatment of their employees. This is why people quit and they are short staffed. They have zero respect for time off and don’t care about respecting posted schedules. They do not give 48 hour notice of changes half the time you’re lucky if you’re told 5 hours before the shift. If you have a family They don’t care…if they promised you days off they don’t care. I had better respect of my days off in the military in iraq!! Over priced food because they pay so much overtime for the 5 employees they keep calling in to cover shifts for people taking their 5th vacation in a year while the workers struggle to get the days off they had scheduled.

  • Leonard Arnold says:

    I’ve been going to the Lake Stevens Haggen since it opened up. I’ve always have enjoyed all the employees and the store. I still go to Haggen almost everyday but I don’t do my large order shopping there anymore. I understand the theory of utilizing your real estate and getting more products out on the floor but what you’ve created is a complete and utter nightmare to try and shop at the Lake Stevens store anymore. Just try to get down one of your shopping aisles, next to impossible. You have cases of stuff all over in every aisle. Don’t even think about going to the meat department…… If someone is searching through the different meats you are at a complete stop… I know by now you get what I’m saying, and I have talked to many other customers that are fed up with trying to shop there. Please do me a favor, why don’t you come down and do your grocery shopping there one day, and see how disgusted your customer really are. I’ve talked to so many Haggen employees and they whole hardly agree with me, and tell me lot of customers complain but they have no say so in the matter. IT’S COORPERATE !!

    Thanks for your time,


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