Where Is H-E-B Corporate Office Headquarters

H-E-B  Headquarters Address and Contact

H-E-B logo
  • Address: 646 S Flores St
    San Antonio, TX 78204

  • Phone Number:

  • Number of Employees: 100,000

  • Established: November 26, 1905

  • Founder: Florence Butt

  • Key People: Charles Butt, Martin Otto

H-E-B Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact H-E-B Corporate Office

Purveying the Texans since 1905, H-E-B believes in thinking like the customers rather about the customers. This is possibly the secret for it to maintain consumer-friendly services thereby, being an award-winning grocery giant so far.

For contacting H-E-B, customers can have the following set of reasons:

  • To enquire which items are available for home delivery.
  • To enquire about policies like an exchange, return, refund, etc.
  • To report inconvenience in using the services.
  • To enquire about a purchase in case the desired item is unavailable.
  • To register their feedback, queries, or issues.
  • To get information regarding doorstep delivery.
  • To ask about any available discounts, offers, and coupon codes.
  • To complain about any payment stuff.
  • To report any technical glitches while using the website or mobile application.

There might be several other reasons for consumers to contact the H-E-B headquarters. As the company targets consumer satisfaction to be its topmost priority, its headquarters and customer care support will help each user in the best light.

Ways to Contact H-E-B

The customer base of H-E-B is very vast and strong. Thus, the company provides multiple ways by which you can contact its headquarters and customer support for fast response. You can pick any of the following ways to contact H-E-B:


Visiting the headquarters directly might be a rare occurrence for the customers. Such a method of contact is usually used for important matters like business inquiries, partnership inquiries, distribution discussions, etc. If you’re looking forward to visiting the headquarters of H-E-B, you can go on the address given below. For customers to pay a visit or send their written word, the following address to their headquarters can be noted:

646 S Flores St San Antonio, TX 78204

Phone number

To get help solving a query, raise a complaint or register any issue, the mentioned phone number will help the consumers talk to the customer support representatives directly.



Customers can look at the H-E-B’s official website to know more about the company. To get help related to any query, they must visit the FAQ page or Contact Us page. The website is mentioned below:


H-E-B Headquarters Info & Photos

The headquarters of H-E-B Grocery Company LP was designed by Lake Flato Architects. Located in San Antonio, the five-storied head office building is spread over 170,000 sq. ft. space. The construction is tentatively believed to get completed by summer 2022. The building will cross over Arsenal Historic District’s 84 feet height, itself being 96-feet tall. It has a concrete foundation, mass timber hybrid structure, and a limestone exterior, an amphitheater, multiple courtyards, collaboration areas, conference halls, and workspaces equipped with advanced technology.

H-E-B Headquarters Photo
H-E-B Corporate Office Photo

H-E-B Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

2512 E. Riverside Dr., Austin, TX 78741


United States

3780 Gattis School Rd., Round Rock, TX 75573


United States

5008 Gattis School Rd., Hutto, TX 78634


United States

2216 North Conway, Mission, TX 78572


United States

105 N. Sunset Strip St., Kenedy, TX 78119

H-E-B Headquarters Executive Team

Charles C. Butt

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Currently, the Chairman and CEO of H-E-B Grocery Company, Charles Butt is an American businessman with a net worth of USD 10.7 billion as of November 2019. He the son of Howard Edward Butt, former president of H-E-B Grocery Company, and grandson of Florence Thornton Butt, the founder. He completed his bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and later finished his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Florence Butt


Florence Thornton Butt who started H-E-B as just a one-room grocery store, was born and brought up in Mississippi. She attended Clinton College and was the only female student in her class. She later got married and then shifted to Kerrville where she established her grocery store in 1905. Her younger son handled the store later in 1919.

Randy Vaclavik

Senior VP of Sales

Name Title
Darrell Taylor Vice President Security Loss Prevention and Emergency Preparedness
Monica Amiri VP of Grocery Procurement & Merchandising
Bill Anderson Executive Vice President SAFD Retail Division
Paul Anderson Vice President of Design
Mike Arnold Vice President of Deli
cory basso Group Vice President
Kevin Blessing Vice President of Bakery
Tommy Brownfield Unit Director
Esther Castelo Vice President eCommerce eStore/Retail Operations
Richard Castillo Regional vice president
Christopher Cecchine Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Natalie Cover DIrector of Global Sourcing – GM Drug and Beauty
Jorge Elizondo VP Customer Insights
Richard Ellwood Vice President
Ellery Fisher Vice President Ecommerce
Rebecca Frechette Senior Vice President Own Brands
Mark Gothard Produce/Floral Director Central Texas Region
Michael Graham VP of Transportation
Steve Habarka Director Distribution Planning
Jody Hall Vice President
Mayerland Harris Group Vice President of Talent
Winell Herron Group VP of Public Affairs Diversity and Environmental Affairs
Richard Hoalst SVP Pharmacy Drugstore & General Merchandise
Mabrie Jackson Director

About H-E-B


Established in 1905 in Kerrville, Texas, the company is serving its partners, consumers, and the community as the best in its domain. It was 26 November 1905, when Florence Thornton Butt shifted to Kerrville, where she started Mrs. C.C. Butt’s Staple and Fancy Grocery with a sixty-dollar loan. The grocery store equipped a one-room space on the ground floor of their home building. Florence’s youngest son, Howard Edward Butt took over the store in 1919 and eventually in 1971, became the president of H-E-B.


H-E-B stands for Howard Edward Butt, which is an American private food retailer, supplying households all over Texas and Mexico with more than 340 locations as yet. It is recognized as the best of all the grocery retailers for maintaining its legacy and values like saving energy, reusing materials, and conserving natural resources. The company also runs Central Market, an upmarket organic and fine food retailer.


  • The business is the largest private employer in Texas.
  • H-E-B has a net worth of around USD 10.7 billion.
  • The company has won the following awards and recognitions up to now:
  • America’s Best Employers recognition for Diversity- by Forbes (2020)
  •  Best Place to Work– by Glassdoor (2021)
  • Top-Rated Workplaces: Best for Veterans– by Indeed (2020)
  • Best CEO’s for Diversity- by Comparably (2020)
  • America’s Best Employers recognition for Women– by Forbes (2020)

  • Pilar says:

    September 19, 2023

    Terrible curbside experience at HEB Plus Pearland at Business Center Drive on September 18, 2023. There was an overflow of vehicles at the curbside pick up from 2 directions which was not properly handled. Had to wait more than 45 minutes even after I indicated that I put my location and an hour from when I got the text that my order was ready. Then I asked to talked to a manager. Well, he said he was the manager. The rudest manager I have ever encountered. And instead of apologizing and appeasing customer for the inconvenience, he was hot tempered and ill-mannered. HEB management this manager, Angel Ibanez, needs a lot of customer service training. He is no ANGEL like his name. So sad to say that the gentleman who was assisting whom I did not get the name was very calm, patient and well-mannered. He deserved to be the manager. I hope HEB management will do something about this.

  • Marsha Hunt says:

    heb complaint

    June 8, 2023
    1. scanned groceries using TO GO app
    2. at kiosk machine I scanned barcode and got error… sorry that transaction didnt work or something
    3. asked worker to help…they got same respone…that worker walked off
    4. another worker tried it on the second machine…same error
    5. I have changed form of payment, deleted app and reinstalled before getting to tje store…app only works part time
    6. worker and I ended up rescanning my stuff
    7. worker finally got machine to work.
    8. Several days later I checked my bank account..HEB charged me for the first attempt which we never saw go thru. No receipt no acknowledgement. HEB charged me for the second attempt where we rescanned every item.
    I saw this come out of checking acct June 9
    9. Went to store that day, asked worker for manager, they asked why, they sent me to CS.
    10. CS said no they handle refunds I had to call Corporate and gave me the number . Ehile I was in tje atore I attempted to pull the app up hoping to recover my receipts. The app just kept blinking and scrolling back and forth.
    11. went home called CS number, they sent me to Treasury. Treasury said oh no not them I neede ecommerce.
    12. Get answer on ecommerce. Tell lady the problem, give her my information, she puts me hold to speak to “accountants.”
    13. After going back and forth with lady and being put on hold so she could speak to “accountants” accountants could not find any such charges. The lady said she would call the store and speak to them about the situation and woulld call me back.
    14. No call back.
    15. Went to store next day asked for manager. Some chic came over and no she could not answer the question. Obviously she was NOT the manager.
    16. That chic went to get the manager Kathy. This sis at the HEB Plus store in Kyle Tx
    17. I tell her my story and she says to go to CS they can give me my money back. If this sounds familiar it is exactly where I started and have come full circle with the HEB run around. She told me it was probably my older phone. The app has worked on my phone forever. It doesnt matter if I have an old phone YOU people owe money for a double charge.
    18. I told her this was unacceptable and I want my money. I have HER my information which she wrote down.
    19. She said she would call corporate for me and bet back to me.
    20. It is Friday June 16. I started this venture Monday June 12. I have gotten no where exactly!
    21 you owe me money for double charges.
    22. One charge was for $75.94. One charge was for $78.72.
    23. Why are they different??? I bought 2 plumbagos. They had two tags on them. One said $9.99 and the other tag $5.99. As workers were teying tohelp those prices got changes by two different people.
    24. The bottom line. is you owe me money. I have been given the run around.I do not have my money. I am a senior on a fiixed income. I need my money. I will promise you this…I will call KVUE NEWS Defender in Austin and share my story with them!

    Marsha Hunt

  • Kaylie says:

    My family lives in Houston and have been loyal to HEB for years. I was alarmed to recently learn about Apeel coating technology, currently applied to fresh fruits and vegetables in 65 countries.

    I was happy to hear that H-E-B is not carrying Apeel coated products, and I’m writing to ask you to continue to avoid them for health reasons.

    Read more at this link: muneezaahmed.com/toxic-foods-alert-apeel-coating-technology
    It is disturbing that both organic and conventional foods can be coated without disclosure or labeling. The manufacturing process requires the use of toxic solvents, heptane or ethyl acetate, toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and mercury, and other toxins like arsenic and citric acid, which are often derived from GMO corn. The grape seed oil raw material is put through “esterification” and “transesterification” processes – it is not natural as their marketing claims.
    I strongly encourage you to continue to avoid Apeel-coated products both now and in the future. Consumer awareness and concern are growing around this additive, leading to major product supplier Stemilt Growers to discontinue its use as of May 19, 2023. Please join them in prioritizing consumer health.

  • Sandra Sills says:

    HEB in Texas City, TX is not honest. Not delivering ordered items that have been paid for. Telling me they’re sending out groceries and then not sending them. Called the number given on website for corporate office and kept getting a local store where I was informed that it wasn’t the corporate offices. No wonder they don’t give you the real corporate office number. They don’t want to hear any complaints.

  • Mary Walls says:

    We need a larger HEB in Stephenville, TX — Please

  • Delores Hudson says:

    Risk management Amber Wilkerson are very disrespectful an discrimination I both some bad pork chops IN Lufkin. Tx investigation! All she did was use my Name on a claims she wrote up.an then wrote 3 weeks later deny the true. Keep from paying me for my medcial. Soon as she found out i was black. Oh she said it would last time talk with her on phone. I would have to write a P.O.box. This is sad! The meat had worms

  • Tammy says:

    I asked the manager to cancel my curbside order for a birthday cake after being treated rudely after expressing my concerns about how they handled my situation. I received a phone call hours later asking why I haven’t picked up the cake. The employee told me no one cancelled my order.
    I sent my concern and the same manager stated that they had all ready talked to me about it. The manager did not address the fact they did not cancel my order like they said they would.
    I will be taking my business elsewhere.

  • Carol Willis says:

    Please bring back brand name products! Hill Country Fare and HEB brands that you are filing your shelves with are not making the mark in quality like Kirkland or Safeway Select. Give your loyal customers a choice.

  • Robert Campbell says:

    Why was I treated like a dope attic when buying insulin needles. I was asked was I an opioid abuser! Is this HEB policy? Does she ask everyone? If not why me? Is it because I am a 60 year old Black man? Can someone please explain this to me?

  • Rhonda says:

    I would normally rate higher. I see today that heb sports child drag shows. Heb is about to be boycotted from majority of Texans unless heb publicly denounces it

  • Erika armstrong says:

    I feel like a robot with special powers

  • Pancho Wyche says:

    My wife brought home some of your creamy creations ice cream. The DULCE DE LECHE is great. We have been traveling to the closest Lowes grocery store for several years to buy Kemp’s ice cream she bought home several small ice cream for me to try, so far I like them all. No more traveling to get ice cream accept to HEB. One suggestion or idea, put almond’s in the DULCE DE LECHE. I think it would be great
    Thanks y’all

  • Kyle Lester says:

    For two years I have used the same Visa cash back card to charge curbside groceries at Victoria TX HEB. Then in March 2022 it is no longer being ‘authorized for payment’ by HEB eventhough it has not been declined anywhere else….not Walmart, not Home Depot, not Lowes, not Tractor Supply and not even HEB gas pumps in Victoria or Wharton…..not anywhere. No where else. A dozen or more calls to HEB curbside technical support 855.803.0611 has so far yielded only excuses and ‘we are working on it’ for 2 months now. Excuse #1: “Our system requires a ‘pre-authorization’ from Visa, call and make sure your card can be used for online purchases”. Four calls to Visa confirm ‘No Restrictions on your card and No attempts for authorization or pre-authorization by HEB during this time period’. And yes I have deleted said Card and re-entered it several times. Is anyone else having this issue? Where is the ‘fix the problem’ button? Is the HEB excuse therapy indifference or incompetence? I am a senior citizen and the little bit of cash back helps offset relentless price escalations. Any suggestions or help appreciated.

  • Megan Strickland says:

    This company don’t give a fuck about service dogs or they’re handlers. I went into the new location in New Braunfels Texas. For a bite of lunch. When my service dog was barked at by a pet. This pet was barking, jumping on people, eating off the floor and was dragged onto the elevator. I’ve on numerous occasions reported pets to management and corporate. But they don’t give a fuck. I’m going to the health department and the news stations about this soon. To actually show the public what happens to disabled people and service dogs. I have even seen pets in the produce like standing and laying in the produce. I’ve heard of pets even peeing and pooping in the store and the owner doesn’t care to clean up. Claims that it’s not their job to clean up after their nasty pets.

  • Bonnie Perkins says:

    What is happening with the Elgin, Tx. HEB? The last few years have been a huge disappointment. The products that I have always bought are seldom available. The shelves are not stocked and many are bare. Either get better management that knows how to manage or hire more stockers or build a bigger store that can keep up with customer demand. Thank you for looking into this problem.


    You need to drop your request for a rail crossing in Forney. Union Pacific is requiring closure of three other crossings, two of which are in the old downtown which have been used for 100 years. It’s causing a rift in town and dividing the community. I don’t know if you at corporate are aware of this. Public sentiment is in favor of your store, but live with the location you bought without the crossing, find another location, or move on. It’s come to that and it’s a shame. “Good people who happen to sell groceries” , live by your motto.

  • Eddie Chambliss says:

    We need you to build a store in Paris, tx. This place is screaming for a great supermarket.

  • Georgianne Johnson says:

    I live I. Houston, Texas and shop at HEB. On more than one occasion I have used curbside and thought it was a good thing. The prices on the HEB website (used for curbside) are supposed to be 3% over the in store prices. I recently discovered that prices are over that! I confirmed with curbside that they are still 3% over. I reported a discrepancy with the 18ct Hill Country Fare eggs only by shopping in the store! The in-store price is $1.99. The website lists the eggs for $2.90 (more than 3% over). If there is one item out of whack on the price there are more. I have tried many attempts to get this fixed and addressed by not only the store I shop at (Grant & spring Cypress) but calling the Corporate Office/Customer Relations. I discovered today that they don’t care and don’t intend to address the problem. The only way anyone will know if they are getting overcharged is to shop in the store after they do curbside. I don’t think I will recommend or use curbside any longer. We don’t need to pay more than we should for groceries. I am writing this to alert other customers who are watching their costs. I wish HEB would be more transparent and list the in-store prices along with what they charge on curbside.

  • Ronnie wyatt says:

    Look into building a store in Lavon, texas. Nearest store 12 miles away.

  • Bobbie pavlacka says:

    Hey motherfucker im blow ur head off with a double Farrell shotgun if u do t get the fuck on the same tv ur ass is on all the time and tell the fucki g truth say hi to the kids e e all will

    • Douglas says:

      I’m not sure what your saying but it sounds like this company heb has fucked you the way they did my family. I’m a retired vet and I fantasize of meeting all these phoney Harvard 10 billion dollar executives in there company and there entire e commerce management team especially this one bitch specifically that caused all of my family’s issues by provoking us and preventing us from getting grocery delivered and destroy there entire carreers where they have to file for SSD and suck dick for an income. How do I get a hold of you brother as I don’t put up with wanna be people that are disrespectful like they have been with us.

  • Maria Ema Cruz says:

    we here at the North would like an HEB there are good places for one there is a food king building that would be good for an HEB there is a lot of park space its on Bryant st and Martin Luther king thank you very much

    • Bobbie pavlacka says:

      Hey girl they work the big wigs with a child pirn ring they videoed me as a child ask me to do sexual things for them dont take ur children to heb

    • Adamic Man says:

      Martin Lucifer King. (Moses 7:22) Serpent seed descendants of Cain are the blacks.

  • Charles Cezeaux says:

    I am trying to find out when the Moderna booster will be available in Humble , Kingwood, Atascocita, Texas.

  • Esmeralda says:

    I live in SanAntonio Texas in converse are by fm 78 and Foster 78244 we sure need another HEB around this area bc it’s so packed with people hard to find parking long lines and this area is growing more and more houses being build and more people and just one HEB store ..
    Please build another one around this area in need of another store

  • Sherry Clark says:

    My name is Sherry Clark from Houston Texas I’m calling about the H-E-B on Westheimer and Kirkwood I ordered some groceries on the 17 and so the guy claimed that he came in and dropped it off which he did not I don’t know where he took the groceries to a whatever but he did not bring it to my house and told he might about that so what I want to know what can I do cuz I’ve been calling and trying to get my money back but I don’t hear from anybody so hopefully you let you know you can help me out at this point I just want my money back so if you can my email address is S h e r r yamor @gmail.com the delivery service guy would normally call me and ask me for my address and I don’t know why but my address is on my profile but they saying when it comes to trying to deliver to me it has the store address and I don’t understand that and so the guy wasn’t able to talk to me because my phone was off and I tried to explain that but they still won’t give me my money back so I want to know what can be done so I can get my money back .

  • Judy Gunn says:

    While shopping this afternoon in HEB, Woodway, Tx, I noticed a grackle bird trying to get out of the store through the glass windows on the second story. No one seemed too concerned. Rob, the “MIC” told me the bird had been in the store for about 4 days, and no one had called animal services to have it removed, but he assured me it had been living “it’s best life” inside the grocery store. The bird would fly around the store attempting to find another exit, but return to the front windows as Rob told me the bird had been observed drinking water from the floral department and was eating from remnants on the floor of the grocery store. I didn’t have the nerve to ask if he realized the bird was also pooping inside the store, but after he told me “they” were trying to find the bird’s nest, I told Rob he was a moron. Woodway’s Animal Services Department closes at 5 each day, but apparently the manager hasn’t thought about the bird’s welfare or the germs being spread inside the store. And no, the manager had left for day. “MIC” stands for man in charge. I prefer moron in charge. I am certain this poor creature will die.

  • Lindareese says:

    Do you carry Tuscany Roasted garlic bread? My sister in law in Florida purchased it at Publix and says it’s fantastic. Please advise

  • AlbertaArredondo says:

    Asap looking for work

  • T Brown says:

    Please, do not force your employees to wear masks that have been proven not to stop Covid-19!! Things need to become normal again in our country and masks are NOT normal nor are they safe to wear!! The choice should be on the individual to wear a mask!! This is still the land of the free!! Thank you.

  • Jaymie Bedel says:

    Please do not mandate masks for your employees or customers. It’s a fact they do do not work. If people want to wear them, it’s their choice. I have many friends and loved ones who work for HEB and making them wear a mask that does nothing but make them sick from breathing in carbon dioxide and germs is harmful. Masks cause people with asthma to have more asthma attacks. The only reason to wear a mask is to make someone else “feel” safe. We are losing our freedoms! Please don’t be a part of these Draconian measures. Thank you, Jaymie
    PS. This doctor speaks about the ineffectiveness of masks.

  • Dot Johnson says:

    Wish they would come to Mississippi. I visit my family in n LaPorte, TX and I love that store. Why could Mississippi get one?

  • James says:

    Purchased blackberries at an HEB in Spring. They taste as if they were soaked in gasoline. No one at either store or corporate seems to care. Cannot reach anyone

  • Elsa says:

    I can not express how upset and angry as well as humiliated by your store customer service and the food and products i have purchased online for delivery. I order delivery for a reason there was family Domestic violence abuse cruelty for 23yrs I finally escaped. Everyone gave us their back and of course that monster dressed up as a man is no longer here but still is by controlling financially he never let me work he took every think left me with nothing I still feel like I’m against a wall with a knife on my throat.To get to the point I can not waste the money I can get on things that are necessary! I have already emailed you, even called have left messages. I’m so tired and frustrated with the lack of integrity and empathy you have. This year your quality on food and other items have been poor I even asked you all to please check my items to please not send almost expired fresh fruits and vegetables not spoiled especially the milk cheese meat you name it, on top of that missing items first four orders I did not complaint just kept to myself and I’m talking about more less around 140.00 to 250.00 did not want to get anyone upset. Then next time i called I called no answer just left a message and the it happened again and I emailed them expressing my concern and to please check my items before they brought them to the house. I can not afford to be wasting money on bad food products and missing items. I know I am a nobody no one cares but my children do matter. Just yesterday I ordered when my order came and the young lady she was very kind and caring I told her I have missing stuff and she said that’s what they gave me so I showed here my order on my old laptop so she could see it was not a lie she advised me to call Heb and she called some where else. I called Heb and yes they did realize they made a mistake and had the young lady bring the missing items I thanked her and left. As im putting everything away I still had some items missing at this point Im was just in shock here I am in a very bad situation trying to make the best of what I have and here I have a company that cant even be so kind enough to at least send everything. I was just embarrassed to even call again and let them know. It wasn’t that much this time but I’m on a budget its not fair. I did not bother to call again. So I Just wanted to express my concern to corporate how ashamed and heart broken and worthless you all have made me feel again I will not thank you or say I’m sorry because i did nothing wrong for your lack of integrity, poor quality of your items and bad customer ! I am in tears how a big company like heb can make someone feel this horrible way!

    • Judy says:

      Your issue is not one HEB can resolve. Contact your local police department or domestic violence shelter for assistance. Everyone is on a budget, and there are many survivors of domestic violence. Get some help, please, for the sake of your children. Stop trying to take your issues out on HEB.

  • Janet Cummings says:

    I will start by saying “Thank you” for your “shoppers program” and your “home delivery” program! I grew up in Kerrville, so have shopped HEB all my life! Went to school with Danny Butt! I have two requests:

    1) We need to get a shopping RECEIPT just like we would if we went through the line at an HEB Store. It is difficult to return items w/o one.

    2) We also don’t get coupons that come on the back of a shopping RECEIPT. And, since we pay a little more, pay a shopper’s fee, and a delivery fee PLUS have to tip the deliverer – I feel we should get the coupons.

    Also, please caution your “shoppers” to be a little more careful. One item I wanted was a sack of “Round Tostidos” What I got was a sack of Round Tostidos all broken up! And I specifically ask the shopper on the order to find a sack “not broken up”. I mean, every single one in this sack was broken like someone had SAT ON IT!

    I also will no long purchase beef or pork at your stores. The last few times I did, it was horribly tough – even the pork. Had to throw all away!

    The hardest thing for me is to return something. I am 77 years old, live alone, and can hardly walk – which is why I use your program. I have no one who can return “botched” items for me. Can you create an easier way to return items which are incorrect or have something wrong with them?

    I will anxiously await your reply.

    Janet Cummings

  • >