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  • Address: Via de’ Tornabuoni, 73r, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

  • Phone Number:
    +39 055 264011

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1921

  • Founder: Guccio Gucci

  • Key People: Marco Bizzarri (CEO)

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Gucci Headquarters Executive Team



Marco Bizzarri


Alessandro Michele

Creative director

About Gucci, History and Headquarters Information

The Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci is ever famous for the wide variety of classic products that it sells; ranging from accessories, clothes, handbags, shoes, décor, and beauty items. It was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 in Florence, Italy, and its headquarter is located at Via de’ Tornabuoni, 73r, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy.

Influenced by the urban guests who carried luxury luggage with them, Guccio Gucci who was a hotel worker at that time, established a small shop in 1920 in his birth town Florence, that is known worldwide for its high-quality materials and expert artisans.

 Now, 98 years later, with 278 stores operating in several locations, the iconic fashion brand ranks as the 38th most valuable brand according to the Forbes magazine.

By highlighting the craftsmanship of each of its designs and products on its e-commerce website and social media, and by collaborating with various social media influencers and Hollywood celebrities, the brand has gained its place as one of the top brands in the fashion industry.

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  • Andrew Peacock says:

    I bought a Gucci belt in 2018 – it cost 450 pounds . I expected it to last . The shank has bent . I reported this to customer service and sent images . They refuse to look at it or replace it . They won’t even consider trying to bend the shank back .
    I was actually very shocked . Clearly Gucci belts have no long life !

  • Shelita Taylor says:

    I purchased $800 shoes from your Tyson’s Galleria store. I decided I did not like them and returned them to the store. The store refused to accept the return because it was over 14 days. It was less than 30 days and unworn. Why do you have 30 day return policy for online purchases but 14 days in store? This was my first purchase from your store so I was obviously disappointed. I assumed returns were accepted within 30 days. The manager (Lindsey) refused to come out to speak with me. I sent a message to your customer service and got no reply. What a shame on Gucci!

  • Kay Ross says:

    I have 2 Gucci wristwatches purchased in the 1990’s. I would like to gave the batteries changed. I took to a jeweler and was told they did not know how to open the case to change the battery. I live in Orlando, Florida. Is there a recommendation to have the watches repaired, if needed.
    Thank you so much, I would love to wear the bangle watch with mother of pearl face.

  • Julie Adler says:

    I’ve been a GUCCI client since about 1980 when I lived in Florence. That’s hundreds of thousands spent on luxury items both in Europe and here in South Africa. I bought sunglasses about 6 months back, and started wearing them about 2 months ago. So they’re pretty much brand new. One of the metal GG hardware logos fell off the one arm. Cape Town store says there is NO HARDWARE anywhere on the planet to replace it. What a shame and what an enormous disappointment after over 40 years of loyal patronage. Surely there’s something to be done – other than buying another frame ???

  • Sumeth A. says:

    Please advise which of the current Gucci scent is close to the Nobile. I wish to buy some.

  • Mark Andrew Sproston says:

    Hi I purchased a bracelet which you will see on a photograph in a moment My name is Mark Sproston I live in England DHL delivered a beautiful and I mean a beautiful bracelet. Unfortunately my builder would not sign for it which to be honest I don’t blame him I return home five minutes after the delivery left I phone DHL immediately hoping I would get the driver to come back. Unfortunately she could not get hold of the driver so I was happy to receive the delivery the following day the item was fully paid for and that was the very first attempt to deliver it DHL have informed me they tried three times to deliver then return. To my amazement around 420 in the morning of that day and night Gucci from Florentina in Italy put a stop on the bracelet for a reason that nobody has explained. The company I purchased it for was called Farfetch they contacted DHL and to their amazement DHL said they can no longer deal with Farfetch as Gucci it’s Self put a block on the item so to try and cut this short. If I told you the story behind the reason of me one thing that particular bracelet you would not believe it. I feel very aggrieved that nobody in Italy has had the decency to call me to explain. I think by concerts in the senior management team yourselves at Gucci I would be absolutely surprised if you did not agree with me this was a massive mistake by Gucci they stopped an item which I’ve been paid for which was in a warehouse less than 7 miles from my house. And I don’t need to explain how long it took for me to get my money back because you are intelligent people I think you know the answer to that. So basically I am asking for compensation to see if you treat your customers as good as your merchandiser is in my opinion I am going to try and send a picture which I hope you receive. Basically I will buy the bracelet straight away if you gave me compensation on the price let’s be honest we are all adults. It is a very small gesture I am asking for if you want to give it me for free which is within your powers the 21.8 thousand followers I have would get the best review ever. Thank you for listening or reading I should say 😂. Unfortunately it’s not letting me add a picture to this message if you speak to customer service in Florentine They will have an email with a picture God bless stay safe

    Waiting in anticipation

    Mr Mark Sproston

  • Helen says:

    The employees in client services and the employees at the fifth avenue store in Manhattan were super nice and helpful.

    Hope Gucci corporate decides to open their next NJ boutique in Englewood!!

  • Evelyn Lim says:

    I made a purchase in Hong Kong but there is a defect on the logo.. wrote to Hong Kong client service but no response… who can help ?? Thanks.

  • Trisky Singian says:

    I have a beautiful belt form the 1990’s. The buckle is in perfect condition but the leather that is attached to is too short for my waist since I gained weight. I would like to find out if I can have the leather replaced. I contacted your US repair center but they could not help. I will be in Milan and Florence in October and wondered if you can help.

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