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  • Address: 111 W Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 877-585-1085
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 3,000
  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Michael Evans & Matt Maloney & Mike Evans
  • Key People: Matt Maloney (CEO)

Grubhub Headquarters Location & Directions

Grubhub Headquarters Executive Team



Matthew M. Maloney

Founder, CEO & Director

Adam J. DeWitt

President, CFO & Treasurer

Stanley Chia

Chief Operating Officer

About Grubhub, History and Headquarters Information

Founded by Mike Evans and Matt Maloney in 2004, Grubhub Inc. was created as a substitute to paper menus. This online food ordering and delivery application/website was merged with another one, called Seamless, in 2013 and they both now operate Grubhub jointly.

Customers can choose to seek pick up as well as delivery services from over 115,000 associated local restaurants across more than 2,200 cities in the United States of America through Grubhub.

The headquarters of Grubhub is located on the West Washington Street in Illionis, USA. And the application is extremely convenenient for people who are extremely busy as they can now easily order food from their favourite local restraunts.

 One more advantage that Grubhub gives to their customers is access to number of coupons and special deals. This way the customers can enjoy their favourish dish from a famous local restraunt while sitting at their home, at best prices.

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  • Martin rapp says:

    I’m a grub hub driver been one for three or so years tonight I had a 22 dollar order going out of town but when I got to the restaurant it would not let me mark as arrived so I hit there’s a a problem button and it said deliver the order then call customer care so as I was heading to the delivery they took it from me because it was taking to long to get to the restaurant mind you I had the food in the car on the highway and delivered order when I called customer service they said I need to email driver service so I did that and they got back to me saying they can pay me if I have a picture or screen shot of me dropping off the delivery and they are not going to be paying me for that run. Its pretty bad when grub hub is ripping off there drivers.

  • DM says:

    My order never arrived. Called the restaurant and was informed the food was picked up hours ago. I text the driver asking where my food was, then called customer assistance. My money was refunded only after a lengthy discussion. I received a text from the driver statin the food was delivered, she had a photo and that I had watched her. She lied on all accounts. When asked for the photo, none was produced. I have talked with several at corporate and elsewhere and no one wants to advise except they will “handle it internally”. My recommendation is when food doesn’t arrive, check with the restaurant, if out for delivery and none has happened, call the police and prosecute!!

  • Brandi Delaluz says:

    Why are you guys committing fraud to people who are buying gift cards and the locking the cards so they can’t make purchases and no giving them their money you guys locked my card already over 3 months and your customer service reps hang up on me instead of fixing the issues BrandiDelaluz@gmail.com

  • Dip singh says:

    I am pretty distressed about this so I thought I will tell the readers about my experience. I am a grub hub driver in a small town. Most likely of participating restaurants in the are know me. This Wednesday I accepted a offer to run a delivery in a neighboring town. Restaurants there know me as well. As instructed I called and made order for food. When I arrived at the restaurant the grub hub card was declined. The food was already prepared and ready for pick up. I called grub hub and agent told me the restaurant wanted 97 cents more than approved. I asked agent if she can talk to cashier and maybe she would charge the lesser amount as food was prepared. Agent refused to speak with cashier and agent stated she would cancel the order. I then volunteered to pay the difference of 97 cents. There was a nice tip on the order and besides I needed to save face with restaurant and customer as I did deliveries for both on regular basis. The agent refused and cancelled order. The restaurant told me they will never work with me again and the customer texted me that he will never use grub hub. Mind I this is small town with four participating restaurants. Is this good customer service?

  • Djalimo Djalimo says:

    Pretty expensive…occasionally items missing!

  • Patricia H Outlaw says:


  • Christine Spatafora says:

    Christine Spatafora
    They are charging me monthly and I didn’t sign up for any kind of rewards or membership program. I will cancel my card and let everyone I know that Grubhub is a SCAM.

  • Michelle Henning says:

    I am being charged $10.59 every month on the 12th & the 13th for a service I did not sign up for. When I researched this I found they have been charging me since 3/3/2020 and in Sept 2021 they started charging me twice a month. I called to complain and ask for a refund, I was given to a supervisor named Miguel who told me he can only see one charge of $10.59 from 3/13/2022 yet when I call PayPal they show a total of 32 payments to GrubHub totaling $338.88. Miguel said he could only refund the last payment because he cannot see any other payments I have made. I asked to speak to someone higher up in the company and he told me there was no one higher up in the company than him. I said, so your the CEO and he responded he was the highest person in the GrubHub company. So not only does GrubHub charge people for services they didn’t sign up for, they double dip them and have supervisors lie! Way to run a company Matthew Maloney, Adam DeWitt and Stanley Chia.

  • Tamara says:

    After 9pm, when I order from Wendy’s there’s never any drivers for some reason. I don’t even live so far away. What’s the problem..
    I’m gonna start ordering from Door dash instead

  • Rose says:

    I’m a newer customer but I’ve used other delivery services before though. I was shockingly upset after I found out that Grub-Hub cancelled my order I had placed and when they decided to bother telling me it was cancelled, not really giving me any sort of good reason why they cancelled it, but when they did tell me of course it was close to if not after the delivery time they gave me. Does anyone have any idea how I could cancel my profile with Grub-Hub so they won’t have any of my information? After that BS I definitely won’t be using their service again.

  • Donald O. Keeney says:

    I have been a GrubHub driver in Annapolis md since 2018 and I just want to say thank you for giving me a job I’m doing the best I can to make you guys money but I think you should need to treat your drivers a little bit better. And respect the people that are out there through bad weather floods and everything else and make you guys money so…. I just want to say thank you for giving me that chance.
    And how do I become a driver’s care specialist?

  • Bradley Lackey says:

    I cant get an application filled out
    And nobody will help

  • Carol Reese says:

    This is the second time this has happened. At work placed by order for lunch. One hour later or should I say 30 min before my lunch they tell me something went wrong and my order was cancelled and refunded. I would like to know what went wrong and why did they wait so long to cancel it.

  • Howard Laisure says:

    My account has been locked for the vet 3 months. Have sent multiple emails and called customer service and have tried to reset password, AND create a new account but I am still not able to log into my account.

  • James says:

    I love Grubhub they are the best Food delivery service great customer service #1all day every day. Thank you, J H.

  • Raul S says:

    I am a restaurant owner with a grievance with accounting department of Grub Hub. I have done business with them for last 9 years. My account was hacked and the deposits were being sent to the hacker. Despite my history of deposits with my business account they are supporting a Customer Bank which opens accounts for hackers on line with no identification. They are sending me around to so called legal department which does not even know about Grub Hub. How can one support Grub Hub when they do not support a small business! Maybe the corporate has no clue that the support staff has no idea about the deep gravity of the situation. I have lodged a complaint with FBI, hopefully they will do something about it. Meanwhile I suffer as a small restaurant owner. Hopefully some one is reading my grievance on this matter. My Case ID for Corporate contact in Grub Hub is:178494563

    • Dip singh says:

      A lot of times when the money on the account is not enough to cover the cost grub hub agent will tell us drivers to just leave even when the food is already prepared. I feel bad for the restaurant but as driver have no remedies.

  • Ben Gerson says:

    I placed an order for a local restaurant in NYC; when I arrived to pick it up, a different order with my name on it was waiting for me. I have now spent an hour and a half on the phone with various people trying to get the cc charge reversed. At last it was accomplished.

  • Daylene Ponzar says:

    Ordered food, the food NEVER arrived. I called and they canceled it and refunded my money. They then gave me a “free grub” for 15$
    What they don’t tell you is that you have to order 15 dollars worth of food, for this to apply. Not including taxes, fees, and tip. So in order to get that free 15, you have to spend double what you ordered in the first place. That is entirely stupid. Why give me a free 15$ coupon when it isn’t free. Your wanting me to spend double just to even get it? When yall are the ones who messed up.

  • Rachel Foster says:

    Hello grub hub. My mom Karen foster never got her refund on the food you mad a mistake on. Her refund was about 55.00 that you all did not refund her.

  • cottage inn pizza says:

    is any one in this company doing their job!? i have been partnered with you for almost 2 months and no one will set up my menu so both of us can make money. wow, i cant even get a response from a real person just keep sending me to web sites that dont work

  • T Val says:

    I was a GrubHub driver for 6 years and due to cancellations I was paused. Due to lack of Manpower they did not investigate enough to find that I was completely innocent of any wrongdoing and decided to terminate my contract they stated it was due to customer complaints, but the customer complaints stemmed from the cancellations due to Renovations on restaurants one had no food and the fourth one was closed all Beyond My Control I’m extremely disgusted with these people and having started their business here and built their business here to not get enough professional courtesy for them to even perform their due diligence on the investigation and terminating me is ludicris! I’m giving a big thumbs down for GrubHub and everyone i tell wants to ban them! Boohiss i say!

    • Rose says:

      I am a driver for GrubHub, and I received an order cancellation that I’ve never delivered. And all my filled out request forms have been auto replied with a bunch of articles to read. Nothing has been made for removal someone’s delivery and cancellation from my records. And on top of that, I’ve received a letter of late delivery, when I don’t have any.
      Seems, that no one is caring in GH. That’s why they are driving the drivers away, all schedule is full of blocks, no one needs them, the order payment is decreasing daily.

      • Dip singh says:

        I too have received late delivery notice when none happens. Driver support is non existent in grub hub and neither is customer service.

  • Barbara Donnery says:


  • Deborah DeBarr says:

    They have a serious problem in my area. Half of the time they don’t even pick up the orders and customer service has to issue a refund which is hard to get also. What a cluster. I am trying to find out how to get ahold of their CEO. Someone needs to do something.

  • Martin Calli - HB says:

    Yesterday July 3rd I ordered from Pick up Stix in Huntington Beach California at the Seacliff location. The Grubhub deliverer shorted my order by not delivering my wife’s Chinese Chicken salad. I contacted the Pick up Stix (PUS’s) and was told that there was nothing they could do about it – and – I must contact the Grubhub driver. I looked every where for the driver’s phone number which was no where to be found. I called (PUS’s) and was told that I could “pick up a complementary salad”, and was told that PUS’s contacted Grubhub and they told them to refund the full charge. Later Grubhub called me to inform me that they were willing to only credit me for the salad. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE ON BOTH ENDS REALLY SUCKED! I will never order with your company or Pick up Stix’s ever again!

  • Randy says:

    Worst service ever every time I order this them they seem to cancel my order .I know for a fact that two of the three times they cancelled I went and picked my own order that’s not right I should not be doing there job .

    • Dip singh says:

      The driver does not control cancellations. When the card gets decline we contact driver support and instead of reaching out to customer for resolution the driver support cancels the order. When an order is cancelled the driver does not get paid. As a driver I too am very frustrated with customer and driver support. Grub hub could be making more more if they cared about driver and customer support.

  • Bill says:

    I had ordered from GrubHub at least 5 times and I have had a good experience. The delivery person was friendly and respectful. He apologize for taking a longer time, but it was not his fault, it was due to traffic and snowy weather. I would give a 4 of 5 star rating.

  • (Anonymous) says:

    Horrible Service. I ordered food from GrubHub and they always take a very long time to arrive. The customer service is horrible. I ordered another time and they did not come at all. I called customer service and they said we can offer 50% off the next order, yet I still did not get my refund. This is not fair how they treat others. I don’t think I would ever order here again!!

  • Ann & Family says:

    On Friday, October 17 2019, I ordered food from King Chicken & Gyro, Elizabeth, NJ through Grubhub to be delivered to the Newark renaissance hotel located at 1000 Spring St, Elizabeth, NJ, 07201 where I was staying on vacation. I gave specific instructions for the driver to drop the food off at the front desk. My name and room number were included with those instructions. But the food was never delivered. My daughter even waited in the lobby to look for that driver. The driver stated that he delivered the food but we never received it. The front desk stated that no one ever entered the lobby to deliver food for my room. My voice mail showed two calls I think could have come from the driver one for eight seconds in the other for three seconds. He never left a voice message. And I never herd the phone ring. I am upset because my Credit card was charged approximately $27 for food I never received. I spoke to customer service online and explain the situation. They believed the driver who said he delivered the food. He knows he never handed food to a person. He was not telling the truth. But customer service believed the driver. They offered me a 50% off coupon, which I declined because I was charged full price for my meal. Then I called your corporate office and spoke to customer service who also believed the driver. I gave them the same exclamation. The rep offered a $30 GrubHub coupon to compensate. But I never received it. I gave my email address and it never came through. I don’t think it’s fair to charge a customer for products or services that was never rendered. I am requesting a full refund of my money back to my credit card. if I don’t get my money back, it would like a billion company stole my money.This is my first experience with your company and it will be my last. I’m going to tell all of my friends what happened to me.

    • Dip singh says:

      Sorry to hear about ur experience. I am a grub hub delivery driver and try to go the extra mile to provide good customer service. But there are rogue drivers out there and the culture in grub hub is there is no customer service. Other than some of us good drivers it seems no on cares.

  • Regina Gamble says:

    Today we ordered lunch and when received it we found we had been missing one taco salad..so we called and was total we could either have a replacement or a refund. But I wanted both.. asked to speak with a manager (as if Marie was really one because she hung up on me!). I called back and talked to Edwardo. He finally agreed to give me my request of the replacement and refund; however, after waiting an hour for the replacement lunch, I called the restaurant and talked with the GM who told me he personally made our order to state with and made the replacement as well but GRUBHUB DIDNOT DISPATCH A DRIVER, SO IT GOT TOSSED OUT! He told me he made both of them personally. He also told me this kind of thing happens a lot ..the drivers eat whatever they want.. Customer Service needs training because if I had hung up on one of our clients I would be fired. Absolutely no respect for the Customer who pays there paycheck. What a disgraceful, awful company. I will never order from them again and I doubt this will ever be addressed by anyone in Corporate. As long as they put money first and not the business it will stay the same, horrible company.

  • Kimberly Zeller says:

    Used the app today as usual. Order submitted at 1:14 pm with delivery at 2:05. It then changed to 2:20. I was outside waiting when Grub hub called at 2:25 for which I spoke with them for 2 mins and 9 seconds while they gave the driver information on where I was and indicated Maria saw us (there were 4 of us) and would be driving over. She did not. I called back immediately and was told they saw the issue in the notes and were going to call the driver to determine why it was marked as delivered when we did not have it and would call me back. No call back, I called back again and spoke to two more people including a supervisor who told me there was nothing they could do because the delivery was attempted. Somehow the other conversations all vanished. No refund available on corporate order that did not arrive while I was talking to your customer service. I have all the phone logs and text messages. The best they can do is offer 50% off another order. Let me assure you there will be no other order. I will not work with a company that lies and clears the notes in the call log and does not intend to fix the issue. Done and I will make sure everyone I know and work with knows as well. Off to a good start as there was a meeting full of angry hungry people.

  • Chris and Family says:

    The requirement to tip before hand, without the option to tip after, doesn’t make much sense to me. When I go to a restaurant, I tip after I have received my meal; not before. Tipping is based upon service. Why am I going to tip before I received any service??? As a result, when I order Grubhub, I always tip in cash. Well my driver on 9/27/19 in Louisville, KY, decided to hold me food hostage until I explained to him why I didn’t tip him when I placed my order. He was too dumb to see that I had $10 in my hand to give him, which he absolutely did not get after that. The driver called me and ordered me to come outside. He wasn’t even at my house yet! The first thing he said to me was, “Why ain’t there a tip?” That’s the very first thing! He yelled at me in front of my neighbors. I eventually had to walk away. Needless to see, I will never, EVER, EVER order from Grubhub again. NEVER!

    • Rose says:

      Good day, Chris and Family! I am sorry for your experience. Just wanted to mention that not all Drivers are like that one. There are good people working there. Regarding to tips, please, keep in mind that payment for the orders (without tips) is not covering even gasoline expenses. GH is paying 20 cents per mile plus $1/per delivery.
      Wish you all the best and warm wishes, Rose

  • Lisa says:

    The absolute worst delivery service ever! I was also charged for food I never received, but was sent a coupon to use in the future…what a joke. I am cancelling my Grubhub Account right now and soo are the other 48 employees on staff at my company.

  • Sharon Bolden says:

    I was charged for food that was not delivered. When I reached out to Grubhub I was told to contact Firehouse. I kept calling Firehouse and was told I needed to talk to a manager. When I finally got to talk to a manager I was told I needed to contact Grubhub. I called and was told I had to contact Firehouse again. This all took place in April and I have still not been reimbursed my food or money. Today I was told by the Grubhub chat manager that it was to late and there was nothing they could do.

  • Marcus Stevens says:

    Terrible services

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