Where is Greyhound Lines Corporate office Headquarters

Greyhound Lines Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: Patriot Tower, 350 North St. Paul Street, Dallas, TX 75201, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 214-849-8966
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1914
  • Founder: Eric Wickman
  • Key People: Dave Leach (CEO)

Greyhound Lines Headquarters Location & Directions

Greyhound Lines Headquarters Executive Team



Dave Leach

Chief Executive Officer and President

Bill Gieseker

Chief Financial Officer

Bill Blankenship

Chief Operating Officer

About Greyhound Lines, History and Headquarters Information

Greyhound Lines Inc, usually called Greyhound, provides affordable long-distance bus transportation services in over 3,800 destinations across North America. The first route of the company began in 1914 in the Hibbing City in Minnesota and the company gained its name in 1929.

Greyhound is owned by one of the leading transport operator in Canada and the United States - FirstGroup plc- and serves over 2.2 billion passengers each year. Greyhound Lines headquarters is located in Patriot Tower, 350 North St. Paul Street, Dallas.

Along with providing safe and comfortable intercity travel services to their customers, Greyhound now also offers a variety of other services like early-next-day and same-day package deliveries to a number of destinations in North America. Customers can also send in charter packages to businesses, schools, and other groups at best prices through Greyhound.

By making sure that their customers receive nothing less than convenient mobility at best prices, Greyhound now receives revenue of almost £5 billion per annum.

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  • Carolyn Brown says:

    Greyhound canceled my trip on December 23rd and I have yet to get my refund. I really need my 148.99 put back on my card ASAP. I think this is rediculous that I have to wait this long for a refund. I would like for someone to call me and discuss this matter. It’s absolutely impossible to get a representative on the phone that can tell me where my refund is. I can be reached at 513-497-1747.

  • Susan Fant says:

    Many rude and indifferent employees
    The layover locations are totally and completely inadequate except for Little Rock, Ark and Okla.City,Ok. They had decent rest rooms and you could buy food inside and didnt have to go outside and there was a designated Greyhound Counter and employee and a waiting area inside…..
    (My trip was from Spfd. Mo to Denton, Tx)
    No notifications for change of bus departure location
    No notifications for when bus was leaving station
    Internet Service was intermittent throughout the bus trip going and coming back
    No help available to help with luggage when changing buses( EXCEPT ONE FINE EMPLOYEE NAMED AARON AT OKLA. CITY!!!!)
    The food locations did not accommodate the bus riders time limitations

  • Georgia Crawford says:

    I purchased a ticket for my sister Nov 21st/2022 from Lexington to Montgomery Al. She had the most horrible experience. She was to board at 2;20 but the bus didn’t come until 7pm the gentleman inside told them it would arrive at 6pm and would not let them inside and it was 37 degrees outside. He told them greyhound did not own the building. When she arrived in Georgia I was so upset with how she was treated I went and got her. December 2 they stopped on the expressway to exchange drivers that made her afraid of her safety, it was dark and the driver look very questionable of his ability to drive. When she return to Lexington she had the same treatment by the gentleman in the building and again it was very cold and this time it was raining extremely hard. Your DRIVER TOLD my sister go under the bus and get her luggage. She refuse to crawl under there and another gentleman said that is not right so he ask that gentleman to get it. When do you start asking the passengers to do your jobs. I told my Sister I’m going to have to find another way of transportation for her because this was unacceptable.

  • Pastor Richard James says:

    I’m standing outside your station in Amarillo Texas with several customers
    Your website says y’all open at 2:00 and it is now 2:48
    We are being told that they will not open until 3:00
    Since this is your business, I thought you might like to know how your business is being ran.
    Any questions, please call me at (806)206-9111
    This is Pastor Richard James and I’m just trying to buy a friend a ticket to Memphis Tennessee.
    Thanks for any help that you can give me.
    Blessings !!!!!

  • Lakeisha says:

    Like many others, I’ve had the worse experience with Greyhound. It was involving my daughter which is a minor. I’ve tried calling to reporting it and the customer service reps were not helpful and hung up on me twice. I’m not stopping until the driver is reported properly and until something is done. It’s extremely sad to see all the comments on this site and no one from corporate have responded or tried to investigate. It’s disappointing a company would even allow the rudeness that happens on a daily basis by their employees. I’m reporting my issues to the BBB as well.

  • Crystal Y says:

    Greyhound Bus Please help our bus broke down on the side of the highway. The passengers had to get taxied after being trapped on the highway with our safety on the line for 2hours. The driver mislead and said he had no access to our luggage although he secretly had a key. I can be reached at 2103640224 My confirmation #14096824 San Antonio to Austin. After getting
    taxied to 123 Shady Ln Austin, the supervisor is gone for the day and the employee said he could not refund the fare Although we never made it to the final destination.

  • Christina says:

    Greyhound has a driver who put a bus load of people in danger on a trip where he drove from Atlanta to Cincinnati ohio with low air brakes just so he could get home to Cincinnati Ohio. He should not be driving at all because he has no regards for people’s lives that was on that bus. And I’m told to go on line an make a complaint. I want to speak to someone an find out why he is even driving a bus.I want something done as well as compensation for being 6hrs late to my destination. I paid to be there on time. I’m disabled which made it 10 times worse an the temporary bus station is 10 miles from the orginal bus station. Closest place for foodies 3 miles away. Lawyers need to be contacted

  • Stephanie says:

    So this company can totally be held liable for a lawsuit. they offer a service and take your money therefore this is false advertisement. the legal term is payment in lieu of notice, you can definetly file in small claims court you dont need atty,you can collect all your cost plus damages you suffer due to their behavior,also contact a national consumer organization like call for action and consumer action. contact the BBB, or FTC to report fraud as i have done ive contacted everyone. They will have to answer to this!

  • Asia Lewis says:

    I need to speak with human resource personally my number 347-236-1589 Asia

  • Disgusted Q Public says:

    Read the comments. Greyhound is a scam. They charge you, cancel trips and refuse to refund you. They disconnect their customer service line so all you can do is try to submit forms on the website. The only way I could get through was to try to go through handicap help as they thought I was handicapped and accidentally answered the phone. They told me what to do to get a refund but their emails constantly tell me sorry no refunds! What a scam. I think I’m hearing class action lawsuit.

  • Thomas Stilwell says:

    Bus #86854
    Traveling from El Paso to Houston greyhound employee and luggage takes priority over disabled vet and needs of the labeled disabled seat. I was simply ignored by the employee in the seat and the driver. When asked why the bags and employee took priority I was told to place my bag under my seat. I’m 6’5 300 lbs. I’ve had multiple knee surgery and severe nerve damage on lower extremities. This is lousy at best customer service and quite the example Mr. Dave Leach approves of? I think not. I have video of the disabled passengers seats where the “disabled” luggage sits.

    ~Extremely disappointed ticketed disabled veteran.

    If anyone wants the video.

  • Vicki says:

    Horrible terrible customer service! After Hurricane Ian hit Orlando I purchased 2 tickets. Got to terminal on Friday September 30th and there was no bus! The terminal was CLoSeD!!! And they won’t refund my money. Worst disrespectful treatment ever. This company has a bottom feeder reputation and is the worst place to do business with in the world. I don’t see how the people that work there sleep at night!

  • Jean Nadolski says:

    Your service has been absolutely horrible. I wouldn’t let my dog ride your bus

  • Nancy says:

    I don’t recommend Greyhound Bus travel to anyone have had bad experiences for 3 days and unable to get any help at all. Ihave called all the numbers they wanted me to call to no avail they can’t do anything even when I had a confermation number as well as a name . NO HELP AT ALL in Charlotte NC Augusta Ga and as big as Atlanta Ga bus station is NO HELP .I’m through I will be filing complaints. VERY VERY BAD EXPERIENCES !!!!!😡🤬😡🤬🤬😡 Went to corporate offices page nothing but BAD experiencess1 age if ull of them even one from a former driver.

  • Willie Lane says:

    I am sitting in Cincinnati Ohio because greyhound driver was not available I paid for a ticket so I can be home so I can get to work. Because there wasn’t a driver when I arrive in Cincinnati I won’t be getting home till Thursday and today is Tuesday 7th 2022 Wow Greyhound has very POOR service and I will not be doing this again

  • Joshi says:

    This bus company canceled my ticket and the don’t want to refund money. To you its little money but to us it something big. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Debbie H says:

    Subject: Richmond Va Bus Station

    Commenting as an observer

    Today I was unnerved by the appearance of the Richmond VA bus station. I sent my 6 year old granddaughter and her mother on the 2:45 bus back to NYC which actually didn’t arrive until 3:50 pm. Bus #86355

    I do understand that they are redeveloping that area, BUT, the fact that my granddaughter and her mother had to walk thru the front door of smokers, homeless people sitting and just plain loitering leaves, for me at least, that the Greyhound reputation has really gone downhill!

    In fact, even the building, which is directly across the street from the Richmond Diamond baseball field looked dirty!

    I know my letter will probably not make a difference but this bothered me so much that I need to write.

  • Lydia williams says:

    The employees in your Missouri and Kansas bus terminals the black employees have terrible attitudes they swear at the cup and customers they say that they’re not going to break their back lifting their luggage to put into the luggage carriage of the bus they were very rude to me and very nasty to others I witnessed it and I was very shocked and appalled they need a refreshers course or they need to in service or they need to just get plain on fired they were so rude it was unbelievable the way they were speaking to people and telling people stop talking to me and saying all sorts of things that they should not have been saying being professionals representing such a long-standing company you really need to reevaluate the employees of Missouri State been Greyhound employees the baggage handlers and the bus drivers very very rude unbelievably rude

  • Lola says:

    The worst service ever!!! Driver never showed up, so trip never happened. Sat at bus station with 2 small children for over 8 hours & they are refusing to refund me. Saying the best they can do is a voucher. After this terrible service & the rude disrespectful workers when calling, why would they think anyone would want to utilize their services. So basically during these hard times they are expecting me to lose $240. So they are not doing refunds even if it’s their fault.

    • Disgusted Q Public says:

      Same!! My son had to try to arrange a ride from his campus as a college student to get to the bus station to try to get home. They canceled it and left him having to find a way back to campus. I assumed without a doubt since they canceled the trip they would refund him. But they are telling him no refunds sorry. I feel like every response we get is from a bot – every response comes from a different person and the last one just said “customer service.” Very discouraging and disgusting I would never ever ever try to ride greyhound again. I noticed they disconnected their customer service line. I feel like the whole thing is just a scam.

  • J says:

    Bad service ever!!! Miami to final destination colorado spring, one station at jackson MS bus reject my daughter and her friend ticket , they said full of seat waiting another day 3:40am bus didn’t show up erd time try get on I spoke to security person that my daughter and her friend need get on the bus. Atlata grey hound station was waiting to spoke supervisor 2hrs straight up the ticket. Call grey hound customer and actual front desk person explaining reticent swing back spin between customer service and front desk no one solved issues. Waiting forever to speak supervisor. Horrible service that I never had before anywhere like this. They should handle better than this.

  • Henry Bernacki says:

    I was in a massive collision while traveling on a Greyhound bus in Virginia. We were left smashed to hell on the interstate for 9.5 hours, no food no water, until the Virginia State Police brought us water then commendeered a school bus to transport us off the highway. It was another hour or more till a rescue bus arrived. There is more to this story that is not any better. The only good part is unlike many many others who ride on Greyhound busses none of us that died day. FYI Greyhound I did get medical treatment within the 48 hours, I am messed up, there will be litigation. Feel free to contact me I’ll give you 48 hours to respond.

  • Desire'e S says:

    Greyhound in Cleveland Oh is full of shit. They make u wait until their done B’s to get you your ticket, then they don’t explain shit. The bus drivers come when they want to which are leaving customers hanging and sitting around waiting several days without any gift cards to get a hotel and food. Very inconsiderate!! The airport does the sa
    me thing. Their Rude and very inconsiderate!!! I give the greyhound a f. Fuck your fucked up staff. Your black staff on second shift are busy flirting with bus drivers while we had passengers are being left not helped until their done laughing and joking with those drivers and with that black nigga behind the desk, who did not work back there. He had alot to say in behalf of my refund.
    Now give me my refund back.
    Contact; 216-224-8486, $90
    Desire’e S

  • Alfredo Ruvalcaba retired driver 04/01/2009 says:

    I’m a retired greyhound driver with 31 years of service. I have not Trabel on buses for 14 years and on 8/2/22 at 10:20 pmI went to L.A office talks to the supervisor on duty at so I can get on the bus to Las Vegas.and he refused to let me ride.he had a bad actitud and walk away from me.to avoid confrontation with him I bought a tiket to get home.and later I find out by the tiket clerk that I supposed to call the main cop to get a confirmation to get a ticket why this so cal supervisor don’t explane to me the new rules of the company .if he dose that with all customers he don’t need to be a supervisor.i had to buy a ticket to ride home..people like him runs customers away.with that actitud.where is the greyhound we used to have years ago whe customer are treated like family .now with this supervisors they treat people like crap.

  • Tammie Astorgia says:

    On July 1,2022 my mother Alyce Martinez coded on the bus. Her baggages is all I have let of her. They have not found any of her baggages since. I have email with ticket number baggage numbers. I have spoken to a lawyer. They said that the station driver should have protocols when a person codes. They know that from a lot of incident. Why they won’t find my mothers baggages and not being able to speak to anyone. I am waiting a call from the news station I want this never to happen to any others family

  • Latoria Smith says:

    I tried to get a refund because of my job wouldn’t allow me to go on my trip. So when I called them to get a refund they said I sign up for a promotion so there’s no refund. Which I didn’t sign up for one. And now I can’t even have them hold tmy ticket til I can. So I have to keep paying $120 for me and my kids til I can take my trip. That’s a $1200 trip. This is scam written all on it. Never again. I should report to BBB..

  • Nisa says:

    Hi, I recently had to cancel a bus reservation and wasn’t able to get a refund for a two passenger trip, even though I bought economy, which I didn’t realize was non refundable. Is there a way we can waive over that? Those $66 need to be used for grocery money

  • Leah G. says:

    I requested a refund for my trip on route 1511 from Knoxville to Memphis on June 24th departing at 710p and it was a complete shit show from the start. Our original driver was a no show until 1am and a .5 star motel stay, but a driver was located at 945p. You brag on your current cleaning and sanitation policies, that’s a joke when the bus was NASTY, the bathroom was NASTY and your terminals were NASTY. And you have the nerve to sell food in these places. I paid to have access to outlets to charge my phone and NONE of them on the bus were working.

    Once we enter Nashville after being 2.75 hours behind, we are stuck in Nashville for an additional 2 HOURS because a passenger on a different bus was shot and killed by another passenger ON THE BUS. So now I have to worry about people carrying weapons on the bus. Mind you, I have limited charge on my phone because i was unable to charge it. Trapped for 2 hours while Nashville PD conducts a homicide investigation.

    FINALLY get on the road home after being 4HOURS behind for NOT 1 but 2 tires blow on the bus and we continued to drive.

    I NEED a refund. I understand your policy, however too many instances NOT listed in your policy put me at risk and in danger.

  • Felipe de Jesus Cisneros says:

    Looking for employment

  • Charles van kirk says:

    Ticket refund

  • b says:

    I was traveling from Jacksonville to Miami we stopped in Daytona at a Wawa I went and got something to eat when I walked outside the bus was gone with my bags on the bus I have been sleeping on the streets for three days nobody nobody at greyhound will help me this is a horrible Company

  • Adam Blackburn says:

    One of your drivers left me stranded at first stop because he got there a hour late was gonna leave us all but took everyone back on bus except for me I paid 300 bucks too go get my daughter didn’t get too use any of my tickets and had too find a way back home after I rented a hotel when I shouldn’t have had too he cursed at me tried like he was gonna assault me then told me find my own ride when I paid 300 for tickets then had too spend a extra 200 because he stranded me there I want my money back all of it or I will sue for sure he can’t be allowed too leave me cuz he was late especially when he took eveyone else who was going too same place that missed the bus because of him was stuck in strange town six hrs from my destination so getting tickets was pointless I always use the bus too see or get my daughter for summer she was wait for me but didn’t see me cuz he left me stranded and was very unprofessional not too mention he sat in cafeteria for a hr eating instead of getting ready too leave which is why immissedy bud I was there hr wary like I always am we was late cuz of the driver ir cuz if greyhound and I would like all my money back or I can’t take legal matter this is ridiculous crushed my daughter and myself and spent all that money too not get anywhere cuz of him or cuz of greyhound the drivers can’t threaten passengers or leave them stranded I know that for a fact

  • Luis Araujo says:

    This is Make a Wish foundation
    Trying to see if we can surprise a man who’s dieing by seeing if Greyound would let us slide an 80 by 34 by 34 inch sofa in bus where luggage goes and take.to it Philly to Boston. We would bring and pickup.at terminal.with all the happy.memories
    This would be an absolute surprise to him .
    Luis Araujo
    207 550 5712

  • Amanda Barbara Hynson says:

    Greyhound ruined my departing trip from Phila Pa to Augusta Ga on Mar 23,rd the driver departed a half hour early.I arrived & my bus was gone

  • Tyler Miller says:

    I have a warrant and traveling from Hibbing Mn to San Antonio Tx. My confirmation number is 89690863

  • Melissa Batiste says:

    The greyhound bus service is a joke and the employees all have nasty dispositions

  • Robert bowman and shawn hathaway says:

    Mu lawyer needs ur info for a lawsuit, ur racist driver took our bags after leaveing before departure time

  • Dominique Graves says:

    I’ve been trying to file a complaint against one of greyhound employees for using racial slurs and discrimination but the numbers given to me either was not in service or told me to go to the website which I did but it asked for me to put a confirmation number in which I do not have one meanwhile greyhound bus station has an employee who uses racial slurs and nothing has been done about it so far

  • Dominique Graves says:

    Complaint against an employee for using racial slurs

  • Amy says:

    THE BUS DRIVER UPON ARRIVAL TO ORLANDO SAID WE COULD LEAVE OUR BELONGINGS ON THE BUS IF WE WERE TO ATLANTA. I SAT I THE FRONT ROW AND I SAID TO HIM IM GOING TO ATLANTA SO I CAN LEAVE THIS HERE HE SAID YES, later he told me that they clear everything off the bus to clean and that my belongings were stolen or the cleaning ladies have it.
    X2 boxes
    X1 plaid green and purple roll luggage
    X1 purple large laundry bag with a skull and crossbones girl with a ponytail
    X1 black trash bag rectangle in shape
    X1 king size pillow
    X1 standard size pillow
    X1 tan, cream and dark tan blanket
    X1 navy blue and polka dot blanket
    X1 gold bag with a rainbow key chain
    X1 hunter green winter jacket
    X1 fuzzy off white pull over
    I have tried endlessly to contact Orlando and Jacksonville lost and found with no avail
    I have been treated inhuman by greyhound employees
    I have been hung up on you customer service agents
    I have begged and pleaded with all customer service agents
    There is not one employees or phone number provided that anyone will answer.
    I’ve been reputed on numerous call to the customer ticket and price department
    These items are everything I own in the world

  • Cheryl Jennings says:

    Good morning I am very upset my son miss th ees bus and I was trying to get me refund back l need you to give me a call at 954 274 7005

  • Theophile Lapre says:

    I wish that I had a chance to read all the comments before I had jumped on this bus I took a bus from Nivea Missouri to White River junction Vermont I was assured that all baggage that was placed under the bus was only touched by people that worked for the bus lines that my belongings would be fine not only did my bag come up missing but the person that took this bag took my phone number off of the bag and called my house nobody can locate my bag the person is not taking my calls again to find out if they have dropped my bag off I had to ride the rest of my ride another day and a half with no money nothing to drink nothing to eat uncomfortable not being able to change clothes brush my teeth and I keep getting in a run around every time I call a new number two people have assisted me and we’re cordial and respectful when they talk to me if this is the way that Greyhound wants to run a business how do they stay in business why would anybody want to be disrespected have they belong stolen or misplaced told you cannot touch things under there but yet they hand out the wrong things to the wrong people how is this right how am I being punished for paying for someone to transport me my belongings are lost I cannot talk to a human being without being disrespected I cannot get answers and I keep being referred to numbers that are not in service any longer very discouraged very upset and I wish I could change this I wish the company would get a hold of me 603-523-74 93 is my house number please give me a call if you are a corporate and give you the answers that I need make my trip through Greyhound something that I will not forget in a good way don’t make me put on this every time I get a chance how horrible of a trip it was how horrible corporate is how horrible they treat their people that pay them to be respected and treated as a human being to have their belongings arrive at the same place that they belong during destination I call out to everybody that works for Greyhound to be village and getting my belongings back to me every bit of it only the right person will read this and the right person won’t answer to this yours truly via filipree

  • Ana Almanza says:

    Mi viaje de regreso Laredo Texas to Oklahoma mi boleto es directo trasbordar en dallas . No fue así me bajaron en San Antonio y silo de allí a 1:30pm llegamos a Dallas 7:45Pm mi bus ya se había ido a 7:05 aquí estoy 24 hrs en dallas para el bus de 7:05 en 3/14/22 i want my money back from my trip de 3/13/22

  • Donna Smith says:

    Hi My Name is Donna Smith last week I book a trip on your grayhound bus line worst experience ever no driver for my crossover bus treated very poorly felt very disrespected by 2 of your worker long very long layovers do to bus drivers canceling at last minute what would have normally been a 1day trip turned into a 4 day very uncomfortable trip I’ve contact my lawyer simply because I feel as being a paid customer I should have been treated better behind a 200.00 ticket I caught a anxiety attract one of the workers had to help calm me down wasn’t a good experience at all I would like to be refunded for my troubles wouldn’t recommend your services to no one

  • Ashley says:

    So we got a ticket from greyhound paid for it then the day the bus was to leave greyhound canceled the bus and the ticket and never gave us our money back and tells us they can’t reimburse us. So how does a business charge you for a ticket take your money then cancel the same ticket and say we are not giving your money back.

  • Lisabeth Lilly says:

    Please contact due to lost luggage with no response.

    Lisa Lilly
    Conformation # 7311404701
    Luggage #
    Wasn’t put on the bus
    L. A

  • Robert/Bob Gilbert says:

    The bus location in a Norfolk,VA was disturbing I used a NetSpend Card /Greendot are Card for a June 28-29 20/21 reservation I paid I filed a robbery report of my wallet and cell phone being stolen paying for a reservation at Norfolk VA location on the phone with my Visa Card Items was stolen on the bus on the date June 29 2021 I called the corp and Dallas and Houston Main Street Location office that dirty bus station and experience traveling alone bymyself with the rudest noises bus drivers I ever seen

  • Michael Brown says:

    My name is Michael Brown from Charleston,SC and I may have had some identity theft due to a lawsuit on greyhound and would like compensation asap but I’m still receiving treatment at this time.I have to go back home now but I’m at the Lamar St location with an over charged ticket that I further would like to be compensated on and would like to speak to risk management again to tell them not give out any settlement loans.

  • Hubert Plummer says:

    I really wished I would have read all these negative comments before I would have even bothered with Greyhound. The Little Rock Greyhound bus depot is by far the worst place that I’ve ever had to deal with people in my life. The nasty people that work there talk to me and treated me like a dog. I bought my ticket online and went to show up at the bus station to get on the bus and they informed me that my bus doesn’t run. There have been three buses everyday for years to go from Little Rock to Texarkana and for some reason that bus wasn’t running that day and they had no idea why nor would they transfer my ticket to another bus time or refund it. Can’t get a hold of a regular person at corporate office or on the 800 line. I will never use Greyhound again and I will tell everyone I run into about the s***** service. They’ll be lucky if I don’t go around popping tires on every Greyhound bus I see to make up for the money that I’ve lost

  • Connie Wilson says:

    There about over 50 or more some of us here and you a lot of delayed trips because I was told you don’t have any drivers I’ve had a six hour delay in El Paso I’ve had and a eight hour delay over in Amarillo Texas they had to Uber me to Lubbock Texas so I can get to Dallas I’ve been here in the Dallas bus station since 10 last night till 7 AM Monday morning and they tell me that you don’t have any Jarvis to love me from Dallas to San Antonio they have also lost my luggage in Albuquerque New Mexico I am expecting to hear from someone in corporate office or I will be writing you Connie wilson

  • JR says:

    Been trying for three days to get a hold of any of your facilities in Conroe Houston corporate nobody answers very very frustrating

  • Sheri says:

    We bought 2 roundtrip tickets from Boston to NYC and back several days later. Going down we were supposed to leave 7am and board 6:40 am. At 8:30 am still no bus and we were finally told no driver showed up & they could not get a replacement. We could rebook for next bus at 9am which we did. Bu 9:30 still no bus we bought tickets on Peter Pan & took that bus! Coming back from NYC the bus driver was on the phone the entire time doing other business & even stopped at a rest stop for 20 minutes to get food for himself!! his is a horrible bustling!! STAY AWAY!!!

  • Morgan Lambert says:

    I’ve started out traveling with greyhound since 16, as i grew older i invested in my own car, i now begin teaching my owns kid to ride greyhound. I am on a travel assignment (CNA) for WA. I purchased a ticket to go home but a family er came up. So serious that my 3 children are left home alone. So my agency paid for me a flight to leave ASAP. I emailed explain to greyhound my situation, they will not refund nor credit me a ticket for future travel. This is awful. If it wasn’t for travelers there wouldn’t be greyhound moving. I am so angry however i am going to work on going forward with this because i don’t have money to give away.

  • Tomara Andrews says:

    My husband is being treated like trash by this company for someone who has been faithful and dedicated for almost 31 years the treatment he is getting is horrible and something needs to be done IMMEDIATELY!!! The managers act like slave owners and the employees are working for little pay. The promises that were made to my husband and others were never kept I hope greyhound starts to see the value of their employees and treats them better if not things will start to decay.

  • MARK liner says:

    MARK LINER please contact me lost luggage at 3143994809or markwlinertrucking@gmail.com

  • Irene Munoz says:

    Why when purchasing a recent ticket the window states Indian Trails ?? My brother transferred from a In. Trails bus , which he said was pretty good , comfortable , to a Greyhound which was dirty , seats were like sitting on a board . That ticket was over 400. 00 . This company needs to clean up . Will ‘NEVER’ do this again .

  • Thomas Hasler says:

    My friend took Greyhound from NYC to Baltimore on Friday but there was mix-up re. a suitcase. She took the wrong suitcase which had a name and number and contacted the person and that was picked up. But her’s is supposed to be in Washington DC, with the label Elizabeth M. Taylor. None of the phone numbers are answered, there’s no email so no way to confirm that the suitcase is there. Greyhound should improve the process…We plan to go to Greyhound at Union Station tomorrow to retrieve suitcase, assuming it’s there!

  • Diane Gunlogson says:

    I purchased a ticket online for a friend this morning who does not have internet access. Her credit card was used. Unfortunately the ticket says my name as I did not realize that the website defaulted to my name since I signed up a while back. I was told I cannot have the ticket put in her name or cancel and do another ticket. This is so wrong, as you can see it was an honest mistake. She recently had a stroke so this is beyond stressful for her. I can’t believe you, such a large corporation, cannot resolve this for us. The ticket was paid for on her card and now she is stuck in Jacksonville, FL having to stay in a motel which she cannot afford either. All I have been asking for all day is to please change the ticket somehow so she can use it.

    • Robert/Bob Gilbert says:

      They promised a refund of a robbery on June 29 20/21 I wrote to the Greyhound Online Website I waited for the refund I’m filing a affidavit at Houston Claim Court Report #885151-71-2021 for my debit card stolen drives license cash stolen phone slept and missed 1 Stop to think they stood up out there window seat and crossed my path stand up and help thereself after I traveled 2 days alone watching people sleep with nothing begging everybody aboard at the Dallas Texas,Houston,Texas Main street Paul Street ,Dallas ,Texas.

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