Where is Great Clips Corporate office Headquarters

Great Clips Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 4400 West 78th Street Suite 700 Minneapolis, MN 55435 United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 952-893-9088

  • Fax Number: 952-844-3444

  • Email: franchise@greatclips.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: September 22, 1982

  • Founder: Steve Lemmon & David Rubenzer

  • Key People: Steve Hockett

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Great Clips Headquarters Executive Team



Steve Hockett

Chief Executive Officer

Rob Goggins


Sandra Anderson

Chief Legal Officer & VP

About Great Clips, History and Headquarters Information

Great clips is a 100 percent Company with more than 4,200 salons all over North America. They offer great haircuts at best prices at good destinations. They provide with their customers with the haircuts on evenings, weekends, and also appointments are not necessary. They are different from all by their online Check-in method and also clip notes that are an advanced technology that allows you to keep access and record customers’ hairstyle and is applicable at any their salons. Their franchise employs around 40,000 stylists who also get continuous training to learn the customer care system of the Great Clips and also their advanced technical skills. Through their Great Deeds programs at their franchises, they were decimated towards a few communities and focused on volunteering activities. The headquarters are situated in 4400 West 78th Street Suite 700, United States. You can also contact them on franchise@greatclips.com

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  • Kristy says:

    Newport, TN. I went today for a shampoo and cut. Shampoo lady was awful didn’t even wash my scalp, forgot the conditioner and had to go back to the shampoo bowl. Cut is half way right, did not thin like I requested 3 times. Will not blow dry my hair! It’s freezing out here!!! Said they were not allowed to dry hair without charging $30!!! What?!! I get a style but blow drying!? It’s 10 degrees here and my hair is soppy wet! Do better great clips! This is a tiny town and for the price ppl won’t be coming here, guarantee it!

  • Gustavo V Moreno says:

    I was given a coupon for 7.99 next hair cut price then I calling to confirm, but was told it would cost 8.99 I don’t understand why is this so. It was preprinted on the receipt. It also said bring it back by 1/10/23 to get a lower price (From Houston Tx salon #3489 Invoice # 19875

  • Diane rilry says:

    I just went to the Great Clips Salon in the Mountain view area of Hickory, nc, at 9:20 this morning..had to knock on the door 3x to rouse anyone, and when the lone woman finally came to the door, she had a dirty look on her face, did not answer my ‘good morning!’, and was not helpffg ul in locating the hair products I came to purchase, barely spoke to me, one word answers, never said thank you..now, i know everyone’s shortstaffed, but this was rude, to say the least..i felt sorry for lady waiting for a haircut!! Wouldn’t let that one touch a hair on my head! I worked in customer service for 26+ years, I’m unusually patient, bc Ive BEEN on that side of the counter..this woman, if she hates the job so much, needs to get a nonservice related job! I hope u follow up on this, for unsuspecting clients coming in..they need to be more like the Hickory Ridge Team..you’re made to feel wanted over there, at least. Thx.

  • DAWN says:

    November 5th in Boynton Beach I asked the young lady to give me a slight trim and not to touch the back of my hair she ended up chopping off the back of my hair leaving practically no length and 2 hairs and completely leaving unevenness on both sides of my head so much so I had to put a bandana to hold down the unevenness. The next day I ended up going to another Greatclips salon so that they can repair the damage based on their guarante. I did not want to go back to the same location not to mention they were closed till Tuesday. Well guarantee did not work I ended up paying an additional $7.99 on top of the $16 that was initially spent on the 1st haircut cut it’s been at least 3 days and I still have not gotten a response back to my complaint. I am not happy with the way I look nor am I happy with the cut that I received. I am happy however with the young lady who fixed the slap job that was initially done. Even she was highly upset at the initial job that was done.

  • Kevin says:

    How can I ask great clips for sponsorship money for our mma /boxing events

  • Rob says:

    Consistently have to wait 2 to 3 hours for a haircut in Duluth Minnesota
    What’s the deal?
    Down south walked into one and got right in
    This is about the 7th time
    Done with this location
    They never seem to be able to hire or schedule staff to go with customer demand

  • Tiffany Elliott says:

    Got a shampoo and blow dry today and they charged me $22 dollars . After telling me to stop in after work to get a price adjustment once getting there they told me they were advise thats what’s a shampoo cost ! Really !!’ I could buy a whole bottle of shampoo for that . Will never return to a great clips again

  • Katt says:

    I “worked” on Fort Bliss @ Great Clips after repeatedly telling other employees and management to stop clocking me out, signing my name with the code they issued everyone(same code). They don’t allow me to claim my cash tips on my taxes therefore signing my name to my income by using my electronic code to sign, didn’t pay me on my pay date, then fired me after I stood up for myself and said I won’t except late payment of wages owed. They refused to allow me access still to this day for my check stubs that are only online through there system that they must make me a account for .

  • Steven Deitch says:

    I recently brought my 99 yo father who I care for in for a haircut. The manager was the only stylist in at the time was very rude to him and insulted him for no reason. Never will I go back to a salon like this!!

  • Sandi says:

    I can’t even get in they are always overbooked and close at 5 which is ridiculous and I have my great clips card. I think I’m gonna have to change salons one that stays open later. Great clips has become such a hassle. I use the one on Constitution & Powers in Colorado Springs CO. Pissed off customer. Can’t even use the coupon.

    • Timmy phpps says:

      I go to the one in fort lupton they close at 6:00 as it says on their door they’re never open past 5:00 every time I go there they’re closed but 5:00 they need to close this door down and put someone else in here Great clips is a store I will not go through anymore I can’t stand them the door says they close at 6:00 and they’re always closing at 5:00 or earlier than 6:00 she just refused me right now it’s 5:21 their scientists close at 6:00 why are they closed not to mention she’s rude about telling you that there’s all these people pulling up here right now that want haircuts and she’s refusing them turning them all away every one of them and this happens every day you want to fort lupton Colorado

  • William Parks says:

    No one returns their phone calls there. They are certainly looking like they are all hiding behind their voice mail boxes, their e mail boxes, et cetera. That’s no way to run a railroad or a Haircare Franchise Company, either!


    (860) 639-6699

  • Steph Williams says:

    I’m in need of someone to contact me. I had the most horrible experience today at the store in Commerce City, CO. It had to do with my little 9 year old girl and her race!!!! Please contact me.

  • Alexandra Williams says:

    The wait is forever even if you sign in online and come in when the app says too. You still have to wait another 30 mins

  • Victoria Wright says:

    Great Clips I “Checked In” n there was “0” wait at Ingram Ave, Fresno CA. I called and person said there said they’ll hold my “Check In” fir 45 mins, bcuz I inquired I was leaving my house that rages 12 mins to get there. I entered and saw their “Customer Wait” I was up next and there was a person after me. After waiting for 30 mins the hair dresser/salonist took in the 2nd person in the list after me. That’s not unprofessional.

  • linda says:

    I just had a great cut by a woman who’s chair is close to the door. Just called to get her name and the manager kept interrupting, instead of listening, for my phone number. Then he hung up on me! Guess he didn’t want to give her any future business. (she’s in her 50’s, should length black hair with glasses).

  • Natalie says:

    Pam at the North Ridgeville, Ohio location was terribly rude to my daughter and I. We waited 25 minutes past our promised check in time (we checked in online) and when I asked how much longer, she gave me a dirty look and snapped at me. She continued to glare at me while working with her next client. Because of this horrible customer service, we will not be returning to that location.

  • Tom Borresch says:

    My former Cost cutter hair salon closed in St. Joseph Mn. I decided to find a new location..Not a good move as my cut I always ask for (just 3/4” all the way around) started with continued questions about how I wanted my cut.. Just 3/4” all around. I stated….Well you otta see pictures after my cut.Some places 1 1/2” off. My ears -1 side no hair over my ear other side 1/2 ear showing. Would like to see my $50.00 back for that haircut plus my new one to straighten me out at $20.00 each plus tips…320.250.3305 for my address

  • Jason Suitor says:

    Just wondering wy one can’t wear nice clean jeans with button up shirt,tie and vest but it’s ok to wear camo fatigue or holes in pants, spandex and logos like pizzatime on t-shirts. I always wear a 3 pice suit with tie and $1500.00 shoes. Was trained in germany and have a international Master licence since 1996 and still being told how to do it the great clips way. Are you kidding me? Your lucky to have someone like me. If anything, I can teach your so called want to be stylist how to cut. I have not ever seen as many bad cuts walk out of a salon in my life as great clips, and I’m being told not to cut hair in 8 minutes but to slow down and make it last 12 minutes or longer. Whatever….

  • george gilbert says:

    I live in Irwin PA been going to this Great Clips for 10 years and sadly to say i am no longer going. Last Tuesday checking out I always received a Military Discount. This owner of this franchise has eliminated this discount. Well i support Businesses that support the Military and this Business has stopped. I called Corporate HQS and they stated the owner would call but nothing.

    Sorry Great Clips you lost a value customer of 10 years!

  • Sondra Wulfsen says:

    You use the promo code on DazzDeals page to get a discount when cutting your hair

  • Bart says:

    I received a haircut on the afternoon of 4/6/2022 at the store number of #2087 they pulled my info and history up and I confirmed the length that was to be cut was 1 ½ inches off scissor cut and trimmed with tapering back and off the ears, the tech asked me and I confirmed,
    She proceeded to use a shaver and shave my head, I had to stop her but it was too late, she had already shaved off the right side of my head down to the skin! as well as 1/18th inch as you can see in the photos,
    I discussed this back and fourth with the tech and another employee as they stated I wanted 1 ½ off!
    Yes I did but not SHAVING IT OFF, scissor cut is what I usually get at that store and another store and this was not in the directions nor did either one tell me one way or the other, the tech also joked stating she could put it back if I like, when I started going to you for haircuts the service was great and they did a great job, but as the years went on it seemed to get worse. Never the less I am appalled at what has happened this time!

  • Robin South says:

    I would like to inform you of a situation that happened yesterday April 10 2022 at your 3065B N Bend Ave in Hebron KY. My husband and I arrived at 4:15. He walked in, there were two stylist working and talking. Neither one of them greeted him, spoke to him or acknowledged him in any way. He sat there for 20 minutes with NO one speaking to him. Another customer walked in at 4:35. Immediately one of the stylist asked the other customer if he had checked in on line, he replied yes. She said you’re next with my husband still sitting there. I mean who does this? My husband walked out at 4:40 with still no interaction with your so called staff. This was totally unacceptable and your stylist need to be held accountable. Why would you allow this in your salon? I do except a reply via email as to what actions will be taken.

  • Joseph Alvo says:

    Today I checked in for a haircut in Mount Pleasant, SC (Bell Hall location). I checked in at around 11:45, just over 2 hours before I would get off work at 2pm. At the time, the check in said I had a 2 hour wait before my haircut so it appeared that I timed it just right. Over the course of my last two hours at work, I kept checking the app, and it usually showed a long time period remaining, as if my name just kept getting pushed out while walk ins may have been allowed to go first, thus extending my wait time. It was just a guess at first. When I got down to 25 minutes left, I headed to the salon for my haircut. At this point, its like 3:30pm. On arrival, they asked me if I checked in already, and I told them that I did, and gave them my name. Other people were aggravated by their wait times and I felt like I should just leave and reschedule on a better day. The app was crazy. People were showing 3 minutes one minute, and then it would change back to 20 minutes, and essentially the check ins were going the wrong way. Complaints were all over the room, and one woman stepped in briefly with her dog to check in on a man that was still waiting for his haircut too. The woman had an attitude and asked why they promise appointments if they can not even get close. Her husband was in line 5 spaces below me. When one of the hairdressers finished up, she took him next, instead of about 7 people that were in line in front of him. This check in app stinks, and the flexibility that the hairdressers have to give some people preference over others is complete bullshit. They should not be allowed to advance one patron over another. I am disappointed and will not renew my prepaid haircut card there ever again.

  • Nancy Schiebert says:

    We went to a Great Clips on Douglas in Midwest City, OK and after seeing the price for a senior cut we changed our mind and as we left the salon the cashier yelled out good luck finding it cheaper across the salon so everybody heard. It was very inappropriate and not knowing if we had the $16. She was overweight and still represent your brand well. We will never go to another Great Clips again and your price is ridiculous for the beginner hair cutters you employ.

  • Maureen Landis says:

    Tried to send Email- attention is needed at the Cocoa Beach Salon!
    Never in all the years I have been a customer has someone not been qualified to work at this franchise- until now! Unless this is addressed ASAP your customer base will decline expeditiously! The stylist in question does not have the styling expertise
    or the personal growth requirement to function in a salon. This is not fair to customer
    or other stylists! Thank you for addressing this situation!

  • Carol Higney says:

    Went March 7, 2022 for my regular haircut. My reg. Girl was not there. Hairdresser went over how I normally get my hair done. What she did to me was horrible. You guys have taken care of me since I was diagnosed with cancer, all through my chemotherapy and radiation. My hair was finally growing back into a decent hairdo. Emotionally you guys have set me way back. This is not something that can be fixed. I would like to forward you pictures. This girl should not be cutting hair. Your GM SAID SHE IS ON 3 Month probation. My hair won’t even be back in 3 months. Please contact me so I can show you pictures.

  • Brenda says:

    Why did Great Clips start penalizing walk-in customers by giving priority to on-line sign-in when the successful business model was based on the walk-in without need for appointment?

    • Bart says:

      Damn joke of a business, that’s the problem with franchises they get out of hand and out of control and still make the shareholders$

  • Robert Powell says:

    Salon #9724

    Kim does Not Understand English..

    I asked about a Senior Discount..

    She had No idea what I was Saying..

    Too Bad.. She Did a Good job on Cut…

    And Great Clips Does a Great Job of Hiding…

    I tried the TellUsQuickly.com

    Could not reach Anything..

    Tried the GreatClipscustomersupport email it Also Failed..

    Someone Forget to Pay the Email/Web designer???

    If is Not Professional !!

    And Of Course with the Results I have experienced with Great Clips Today, I Really Doubt if Great Clips will Respond..

    So Very Sad !!!

  • guest says:

    Had the worst experience at Warner Robins, Georgia location today. Staff extremely rude to my 12year old son. Called the manager and she was just as rude to me and wouldn’t take my complaint seriously. They just lost a family 6 paying customers because we will never be back there nor will we probably go to a different location that will be determined after head quarters responds to my complaint.

  • Jennie estep says:

    I am so upset with the haircut I cut from the greeley haircut rep I got. I don’t even want to leave the house. I am 62 years young I never had one this bad in my life. My scalp is even showing. It should not be like this. I have pictures.

  • Peter Rushkoski says:

    Whomever Redesigned the Great Clips Website, NEEDS TO REDO!
    Before the Redesign when Checking in, it was VERY SIMPLE, click the Check in button for certain Salon, and you were Done! Your name showed up on the local salon! NOW, they have made it MUCH HARDER when you check in, You have to Type Your Name AND Phone Number!
    Its Terrible! PLEASE FIX! Or Fire the IT PERSON! Thanks

  • Allen M Sawyer says:

    Awful treatment from 1 of the staff , informed me of 45min wait on walk-in “ok” , 30min later a walk-in was put top on list an called next.
    Naturally I spoke up an they did more BS, at my insistence I was told you “were next”. “Forget it MF” I left.

  • Justin Reed says:

    Great clips and their check in system is a fucking joke. I waited outside the place in my car waiting til 10am when they opened to check in. In the meantime like 5 people showed up after me and stood in line until they unlocked the door. I tried to check in immediately at ten and the check in system wasn’t working. She checked these people in and then i walked in and was like i was here before all these people and tried to do online check in and she said sorry it doesn’t start working until 10:15. But im like you open up at 10. Now all these people are ahead of me and thats messed up. All she could say is sorry now you have a 85 min wait. I said forget it and forget great clips all together. Maybe great clips needs to fix their online check in system. Was the worst fucking experience ive had at a hair cut place yet.

  • Benn says:

    Checked online. No one else here when arrived. Person available at counter but instead doing full inventory check in and sticking shelves of order that arrived. Now 3 people waiting.

  • Henry C. Williams JR says:

    I went to Great Clips at 2401 Rt22 in Union New Jersey on July 27, 2021. I showed the hair stylist a photo of how I wanted my hair cut. She proceeded to unbelievable botch my hair cut. She lied about her name before she stated to cut my hair. The owner Ronak S. Modi told me her name is Marcia Jefferson but would not give me her license number so I can file a complaint. New Jersey license board has not hair stylist by the name he gave me. Ronak S. Modi has been dishonest and deceptive in this matter. Go there at you own risk.

  • Ruth McCormally says:

    In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic I put on my mask and went for a haircut. Every single customer I saw come and go wore a mask. The staff? NO MASKS. This is unacceptable. Store on Collins Road, Cedar Rapids, IA.

  • Lori says:

    I was at a great clips I checked in online and the idiot mgr named Nino told me that the lady was before me, I said no she checked in after me. He stood there and instead of checking it out he decided to argue with me.. Very unprofessional.. I was right all along, Ya think he would apologize , No way.. By the way the salon had many customers waiting and he stayed in the back for VERY LONG TIME.. NOT COOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike says:

    This counter staff was extremely unprofessional. They refused me a haircut for absolutely no reason at all. It’s not like they were busy either. There were literally three barbers sitting there doing nothing. I used to go there all the time. Not after today. Not after I was told, “I know you come here all the time, but we won’t cut your hair.” This type of unacceptable, unprofessional and unethical discriminatory treatment of a return customer is by far the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed. Never use the location at 11628 Clifton, Cleveland OH 44102.

  • Linda Fowler says:

    Oct 17,2019; Great Clips, Dripping Springs, TX. THANKS to young man who helped me after i fell, and hair dresser who also helped me get off the floor. They were considerate and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated them. Linda Fowler

  • Cindy says:

    Feeling humiliated. We went to Great Clips today to get my daughter a hair cut. Lady calls me back and says are you mom? I said yes, she goes I am sorry but we can’t cut your daughters hair. Does she have headlice? I said what? Oh we found knits! I said my child does not have bugs. OH I THINK YOU NEED TO CHECK HER ETC. I told her my child does have dandruff. I MEAN HECK SHE SAID THIS STUFF LOUD ENOUGH SO EVERYONE COULD HERE!!! I had to storm outta there as I was very angry. As I walked out I did make it clear they would never be getting my business again. ALSO THEY SHOULD BE CUTTING HAIR INSTEAD OF DISCUSSING THE LUNCH MENU AND GETTING READY TO ORDER. Sorry to say but at one time I really liked this place. Never again. My 10 yr old cried when we got home. By the way my child does not have cooties. Taking my business elsewhere. (This WAS IN PA.)

  • dian bailey says:

    today 4/22/19 I went to go get my hair cut. my husband put in for online check in. when I got there they didn’t have my name and told me it would be a 50 min. wait. but if no one comes in we will take you. so I waited 10 and no one showed up. but, 4 people came in and had registered online so she told me it would be a 57 wait time. I don’t own a smart phone. I don’t think its fair to people like me who don’t own a smart phone. than take down the signs that says walk ins welcome. I think you come in and if no one is there than they take you. this is wrong. I won’t go back and I have friends who go here. I will sure let them know. would you wait 50 for a hair cut? if people came in and said they made appointment and that scooted you down the line.? that’s not a good company if you do this. before the online started people could walk in and wait there turn.

  • beverly floden says:

    I will never have great clips as my to go hair cut. You change the people working there, and I have to tell each new one as to how I want my hair. Then the next time I go they are gone. last one I showed a pic of the kind of hair cut I wanted, did not end up at all like I wanted. So no more.

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