Where is GoPro Corporate office Headquarters

GoPro Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 3000 Clearview Way, San Mateo, CA 94402, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 650-980-0252

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: investor@gopro.com

  • Number of Employees:  1273

  • Established: 2002

  • Founder: Nicholas D. Woodman

  • Key People: Brian T. McGee

GoPro Headquarters Location & Directions

GoPro Headquarters Executive Team



Nicholas D. Woodman

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Brian T. McGee

Executive VP & CFO

About GoPro, History and Headquarters Information

Gopro is an American company which leads in technology and gives camera which is pro, literally professional in the action and motion photography. Surely with this, sports and water sports where there is constant motion can be captured beautifully without any haze.

It was developed out of a desire and needed to capture the surfing photos by Nick Woodman. He planned and launched this camera along with his friends who were ardent fans of surfing and wanted to promote with excellent pictures. They named their series of camera, Hero. Successfully its first camera was sold in 2004 which had 35 mm film. Today, as of the latest of 2014, it has a camera model which has the 170-degree angle camera, which can be made in the full 360-degree view. Gaining immense success,  in January 2018, it has a workforce of around 1000 people.

The company now hosts its headquarters inSan Manteo, California.

GoPro Headquarters Photos

  • Robert says:

    My Girlfriend bought me a GoPro7Hero White and call customer service because it turn off wend I’m recording they told that is the battery but you can not replace the battery on this is internal but is not the battery is a software issue customer service told me to buy another one why should I buy another one I just need a replacement this camera has issue went online and Google it and it seems like I am not the only one

  • elaine flores says:

    GoPro doesn’t care about their customers and their cameras are inferior products. I paid $323.24 for a Hero10 Black underwater camera and it only lasted three months! It was a gift for my granddaughter’s graduation. CS said it failed because she used it underwater! well that’s what they advertise it for.they said they would send me a replacement for $99 !!! I contacted the BBB, the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Consumer Affairs and the California Atty, General .I noticed on the BBB that they have a two star rating and tons of complaints. I will also get the word out on FB and twitter.

  • Clyde Dottin says:

    I purchased the GoPro Hero 10 with all the accessories three weeks ago. After the second day the camera kept overheating. Contacted Customer Service, they said that I needed to remove my battery after each time of use. I contacted them the same day identifying that the camera had been sitting for five hours and was hot. They said the camera was defective. Receiving an RMA, I paid to have it delivered to them in three days. They acknowledged receipt of the camera on 9/23. I asked to personally pay to have the camera returned to me for a 10/1 two week vacation to Europe. I was notified that the replacement camera would be shipped to me the next day, but I would receive an email. I received nothing. I contacted them for four days asking to pay for its return to me, each time they said that I would have it by 10/1. Today Customer Service said that it was sent out to me via UPS AIR. I just spoke with UPS, it has been shipped back to me via ground being delivered on 10/3. For four days of verbal conversations they lied to me. My trip to Europe is without my camera. I do not call this Customer Service!

  • Scott Gates says:

    Their customer service is horrible.

  • Teriyaki says:

    Go pro has the worst customer service ever!! The fact they are so quick to take your money for a purchase but deny you the right to speak to a supervisor when extremely needed was not available!

  • Shar says:

    I purchased a Go Pro Hero 10 bundle from the Go Pro website for my fiance this past Christmas. The Go Pro website advertised a $349.99 Go Pro Hero 10 bundle, which “Includes 1-year subscription”. I ordered this bundle in November for a Christmas gift, and the receipt shows the total is $376.05 with tax, which is what I was charged. The Subscription is listed as a $0 charge on this receipt, however, I was subsequently charged an additional $53.70 separate charge showing as “Go Pro Subscription” on my credit card statement. I have contacted Go Pro about this at least twice now, and they argue that this is correct. It is clearly false advertising, as it specifically states on the site “1-year Subscription included”. I have attempted to escalate this matter with your customer service team, but haven’t heard anything back as of yet. I was promised a case # and follow up, and neither have happened weeks later.

  • Lois Gallina says:

    I have spent hours trying to cancel my subscription to GoPro due to the fact that I am losing my vision FOR DETAILS and have not been able yto use my GoPro for more than a year. I finally reached a person at GoPro and she told me that I needed to do the canfcellation ONLINE. I can’t do it – I have no login. It appears that GoPro has done EVERYTHING possible tp prevent a cancellation!I am disgusted and furious at the lack of customer service and I am going to let the world know. Do you kn ow that the CUSTOMER SERVIICE NUMBER they give out…when you call it, you get a recodring that tells you to go to gopro.com/help and then they hang up ! The wesite is a waster of time. I am going to send a registered letter to corporate and block gopre from my credit card. WHAT A DISGUSTING COMPANY.

  • Rod says:

    GoPro will not respond to my request for a refund of service that I canceled after 4 days of trouble shooting. The corporate office does not call you back. The only people GoPro customers can interface with are not in the continental United States and those contractors don’t have access to customer records. If a customer has a bad experience the only resolve is moving onto a competitor after losing money to this company.

  • Matt says:

    I wish go pro would work better with their customers!

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