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  • Address: 15810 Indianola Dr Rockville, MD 20855 USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-466-3945
  • Fax Number: 651-379-5803
  • Email: contactus@goodwill.org
  • Number of Employees: 216,000
  • Established: 1902
  • Founder: The Reverend Edgar J. Helms
  • Key People: Jim Gibbons

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Jim Gibbons


About Goodwill, History and Headquarters Information


Goodwill was founded in the year 1902. The organisation has been active for over 117 years now. The founder of the organisation was The Reverend Edgar J Helms. The organisation was started as a ministry of the founder's Morgan Methodist Chapel in Boston. The founder along with its employees began to collect all kinds of clothing and goods that were being discarded in the wealthier sections of the society and then using the unemployed people and also training them, on how to mend and repair these products as well. After the repair, the products were again redistributed to people who were in need of such and also to the people as well who had helped the organisation to repair them as well.

In the year 1915, the founder of the company had hosted a routine visit to the Morgan Memorial, along with representatives of a workshop mission being held in Brooklyn, New York, USA. It helped the representatives to learn more about various other innovative programs and also learned the way Morgan Memorial Cooperative Industries and Stores Incorporated operated as well. In this way, Brooklyn in New York started to adopt the way things were done in Morgan Memorial. Therefore, Brooklyn's workshop was named as Goodwill Industries, which was also preferable to the Morgan Memorial name too. Thus, Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries was officially born as well. Along with that, the interest and even the ties with the representatives in Brooklyn, New York, also became the main foundation on which Goodwill Industries was built as an international movement for the masses. In the year 1999, almost 84 million pounds of goods were donated to the stores located in Portland, Oregon, USA. By the year 2006, the organisation had nearly a network of 207 member organisations along with 23 participating countries including the USA and Canada. As of the year 2011, the organisation has over 160 Goof will members in the USA and Canada. Each independent social enterprises operate on their own regional Goodwill retail stores and also programs that include job training too. The company also auctions products on its online e-commerce website as well as on eBay too. The headquarters of the company is based in 15810 Indianola Drive. The name of the place is Rockville, while the name of the state is Maryland, USA. The pin code of the area is 20855.


Goodwill is an American not for profit organisation, that focuses on providing various kinds of job training programs, placement services for gathering employment and also other types of community-based services and programs as well. The organisation currently serves over 17 countries all over the world. The current president and CEO of the company are Steven C Preston. As of the year 2012, the total amount of revenue generated by the company is more than $3.53 billion. As of the year 2015, the company has served more than 37 million people, along with gathering employment for almost 312,000 people as well.


The primary services provided by the organisation include allowing people to obtain various kinds of community, training and employment services, for people who are in need of monetary help and are also unemployed as well. The company also hires veterans and other individuals who lack any kind of job or education and face problems in obtaining employment as a result.

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  • Unhappy Prior Good Will Customer says:

    I called my local Good Will store yesterday (12-31-22) 3186 New Berlin Rd. Jacksonville, Fl. 32218 to ask if they were accepting donations. I was told yes, until 5:30 pm. My husband arrived at 4:00 p.m. with our donations. The drive thru for donations was roped off so he got out of his car and was told they weren’t taking donations that they were full and busy and could not take any more donations! I have never heard of such a thing! My husband said there were cars backed up in the parking lot all turned away from making donations! He came home and told me that he was denied making the donations so I went to the store and asked to speak with a manager as this was the last day of the year to make donations for tax purposes. Trinity, a sales representative was in the front and was the person I spoke to on the phone who was very nice went to get the manager. It took 15 minutes of waiting and finally manager Aiden appeared giving me the same answer that they couldn’t take any more donations because they had too much to do. Now, keep in mind this is 5:00 p.m and they closed at 6:00 p.m. I asked for the Corporate phone number and a name to contact someone and if this was a corporate policy. Aiden said it was a store policy in which I replied that I had never heard of Good Will turning away donations. Aiden disappeared and after many minutes returned with a local phone number and no name, acting like he had no clue as to whom to contact. I will never shop or donate to Good Will again after this ordeal! Now my donations aren’t eligible for tax deductions for 2022. Good Will shame on you for not training your employees to be better representatives of your organization and equip them with correct information for customer contact and customer service. Aiden was hiding in the back and initially told Trinity that he couldn’t come out of the back because he was busy! What kind of a manager is this? Only did he come out when I persisted to speak with the manager. He had blue/purple hair with matching finger nail polish? I don’t discriminate, however I guess I come from an era of more professionalism. I am sure many others that were turned away from making their donations were just as upset as I was. Oh well, Good Wills loss as I have many things that were profitable for their store sales.

  • Danielle Jackson says:

    Tonight I was shopping in the Goodwill in Portland Oregon on SE Powell Blvd and SE 90th place, when I had asked if I could PLEASE use their restroom. The lady (I’m assuming manager) was standing there talking to the security guard when I walked up and asked. My cart was OBVIOUSLY FULL because I’m in between sizes and I HAVE TO try EVERYTHING on BEFORE I PURCHASE the item. Ok so the lady was letting me in the bathroom, and she felt the need to tell me that I can not bring ANYTHING inside the restroom other than MY stuff and replied that I was grabbing MY belongings, such as my purse and MY 2 bags I brought to transport the stuff I purchased from them tonight. Then out of NOWHERE some lady named (I BELIEVE( Cindy) or something like that, comes out of LEFT FIELD and proceeds to tell me that I had JUST TOSSED the jeans and she was going to ask me to leave. FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHAT SO EVER, OTHER than MAYBE she was ASSUMING I was a broke ass and I didn’t have the money to BUY my shit, which by the way was NOT the case AT ALL. I have MORE THAN ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY THE NEXT 10 CUSTOMERS STUFF THEY ARE WANTING, and as far as tossing the jeans, I was the one who was hanging stuff that had fallen off the racks with prior customer’s and their shopping habits. I’m just saying that the second lady who walked up to me and asked me to leave was EXTREMELY RUDE, and she EMBARRASSED me SOOOOO badly in the store for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL, and she needs to be talked to, taught a thing or 2 about customer service and how we are supposed to treat our customers and or she needs to really go find a different job cuz she absolutely sucks at the one she is SADLY ATTEMPTING to fulfill!!!

  • Upset Mother says:

    Went to Goodwill in Fort Morgan, Colorado.. My 7yr old daughter who has multiple disabilities. One of them vision, bumped into a rack and knocked down two glass. A manager who was walking by us pointed her finger yelling at my daughter and I because the glass “could” have broken….I understand it could have broken, I am fully prepared to purchase anything my child might break in goodwill store, especially with the accidents her disabilities can cause….But for Gods sake does this store enjoy going around yelling at mothers and children???? Especially children with disabilities??? This Manager has NO right working for a company who prides themselves on kindness, helping others and especially people with disabilities…. disgusting

  • Linda fregede says:

    At good will in thorndale pa an elderly veteran with one leg and on a walker bought a radio and asked for bag to carry it in ,was store policy no bags but he could buy one. I bought the gentleman a bag and he left. The bag had kindness printed on it , when I question the clerk why she was so unkind she she did not want to get in trouble. I talked to her boss and same response

  • Irritated says:

    Why don’t ALL the Goodwill stores take the same kinds of donations and have the same programs????? Alot of the stores have their own websites AND take diff donations. For example, Goodwill used to take broken electronic items to teach people how to work on electronics. Used to take old clothes, almost rags for textile recycling. What happened to these programs?

    Why is Goodwill NOT consistent and why isn’t there just ONE webpage for Goodwill?????

  • Mrs. Ladd says:

    I was shopping in goodwill store#36 on 8/13/22. I was waiting in line about 20 minutes, when I got to register, I was returning an item and had other items to purchase and asked if I could pay for them after cashier gave me the goody bucks card she said.. she couldn’t open the drawer and didn’t give me a receipt, I had to ask for the receipt. I worked in retail and was trained customers are always first. Her name is on receipt as Jamie.

  • Richard lamb says:

    I’m at your office in Spartanburg South Carolina the Goodwill I’m from New York I have contributed to this organization for quite a few years along with salvation army community action and so forth I came here to help my sister fix her house up because her husband died I’ve been robbed steel everything my my my whole identity’s been stolen South Carolina and everything I was banning and now I have nothing only my disability now I’m waiting for right now because of my nephew still my amenity he’s been taking my money for the last couple months I’ve almost died a couple times anyways I come to your store once I asked if they could hold some clothes for me until I got some money out to get some clothes because I got evicted from the house of my sister had me fixed and kicked out of two this lady I just asked her for the the password for the gas domain internet service and she totally just turned her back on me and walked away she looks down at me because I’m almost for and I’ve been homeless in my life all right I’m very kind person I do a lot of voluntarily since I’ve been here I do whatever I can for the community I live in I would like something done I want something done with this lady I think I forgot her name I think of Jan they said that her name is Jen I want something because I’m here today just got out of church God blessing me you know and thought maybe she could help me out by giving me the password to this this home I didn’t have service so I can get try to get some money for my family anyways my name is Richard lamb my contact phone number is 864-431-2382 I appreciate it I’ll call back and I really would like to speak to somebody first first thing you know I mean because I’m really hurting I’m hurrying I tried to kill myself three or four times because I never lived like this I never had to live like this I’ve always ruined my money I have 10 kids paid for I’ve always paid my child support I’ve always been on time my credit is ruined because my nephew please contact my name is Richard lamb l a m b please contact me about the situation because I mean I think it’s very rude I’ve heard just turning it back on me again

  • Inez Killen says:

    Company is really going downhill . I tried to call a store where I made a purchase and didn’t get home with all my items . All I can get is a recorded message . Rediculos. I live 1 hour away from that location. Your new policies and gonna cause us long time customers to stop shopping . No dressing rooms. No money back on returns . No discounts. No military or senior discount. I believe I will stop donating to this cause. No longer a good organization. Gust a greedy company prices have soured on all products . I’m sure people will stop spending their hard earned money at a business who are no longer a caring company.

  • John Bleything says:

    My friend Jeff has worked at goodwill 20 years. What did he get in appreciation for 20 years of dedication and hard work?…. A certificate and cheap plaque. Pitiful

  • Robert says:

    I’m concerned about the employee @one of store location in Pa.One store has a outbreak of the virus and some customers as well. Please look into this

  • Sarah Braciszewski says:

    I applied for job at maple shade store and still waiting for back ground check

  • Tammy Johnson says:

    Have a complaint about some one who works at the goodwill in Romney WV

  • cynthia says:

    Your a non profit corporation, yet the pricing of such items are out of control. I use to buy stuff all the time, now I can go to my local stores and find “NEW” items cheaper.

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