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Golden Nugget Hotel & Casinos Corporate office Headquarters

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casinos Headquarters Address and Contact

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casinos Logo
  • Address: 129 E Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 702 385 7111

  • Email:
    Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 2,000

  • Established: 1998

  • Founder: Timothy Poster & Thomas Breitling

  • Key People: Mike Leonard

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casinos Headquarters Location & Directions

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casinos Headquarters Executive Team



Mike Leonard

Sr. Vice President of Casino Marketing

Cathy Bonnell

Executive Director of Player Development

John Giannos

Director of Player Development

Julie Hall

Director of Player Development

Mary Johnson

Director of Player Development

Steven Wright

Director of Player Development

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casinos, History and Headquarters Information

Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino company is a luxurious hotel and casino resort property in Nevada. The hotel and casino offer slot machines and table games, restaurants, luxury rooms and suites, convention spaces, and a spa. Currently, the Company has five casino resorts in Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, and Mississippi. The original store was the golden nugget Las Vegas that started in 1946. The golden nugget hotel and casino is a subsidiary of Fertitta entertainment. The headquarter address is 129 East Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States. The phone number is (702) 385-7111 and the website www.goldennugget.com.

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  • Angry customer says:

    My husband and two friends, for my birthday weekend, booked a room at the HardRock in Tahoe. The rooms and hotel, on the site looked nice. Once we arrived we saw construction changing the name of the hotel to the Golden Nugget. I went to check in, before 2 pm, the room was ready, however they still charged me $25.00 to get an early check in. Mind you the hotel was empty! My friends waited until 2, then checked in. Once they got into the room, they found the carpet in the room soaking wet! They moved to room 2 and that room was worse. The carpet was soaked, the room smelled like mold and was dirty!! The third room did not have wet carpet but was not very clean. When I went down with my friend to change rooms, Jennifer knew of the floods from a toilet and still put them in those disgusting rooms knowing there were rooms that weren’t dirty or with wet floors yet still tried putting them in there??????? She was rude, yelling at us the rooms were clean when they were not!!
    My room was dirty with broken furniture, and they charged me $400.00 for the night??????
    Now here’s the best part. I was at a machine when I was quickly approached by security. One security officer blocked me and demanded my ID. I said for what? He said give me your ID. I said, again, for what????? He then said “I have you on camera taking a left paper ticket off of a slot machine.” I then replied no, I did not do that! He then said ” I have you on camera.” I then said show me the video. He replied NO! We argued for a while and he then said , ops, I was looking for a woman in a grey shirt, I was wearing a green hoodie!!!!!! He then said its a crime to take paper tickets left behind. I said, WHAT? Again I didn’t take it! No apology … nothing!
    So now since I was attacked wrongfully by security, I will be getting a lawyer! This must stop! He was aggressive and not allowing me to walk away …. I was cornered.
    Please, do not stay there, The entire hotel is filthy, no lighting, elevators did not fully operate and the staff was beyond disrespectful.

  • Jesse and Cassandra Hawkins says:

    Who would be the very best person to explain to my wife and myself why after paying a lot of damn money to stay at your accomodations why we are first barged in on while unclothed by room service when we clearly verbally said not now and thank you then front desk makes the mistake of an error in booking said. We need to check out today then realized their mistake right before we inconvenienced ourselves to go down to the front desk with receipt and were then treaty rudely and degrading by hotel staff without so much as an offer to rectify the entire situation which was their fault from beginning to end. Signed very angry customer!!!

  • Frustrated patron says:

    On March 2023, I went with my husband to the Golden Nugget casino in Atlantic City. I LOVED IT!!! We won big time, so when I started receiving perks in the mail I thought why not go to their website and create a profile online so I can see what perks I received. Man was I wrong!!!! I couldn’t even do so because I kept getting a error message. So I sent them a email because I could’nt get ANYONE on the phone- they don’t believe in having real people answer the phone, only a automated system: See my email below:

    I was trying to sign up on your website with my players card to see if I had any offers from your casino. I attempted to sign up using my card number, zip code and birthday and it kept saying that it did not recognize my information, I tried numerous time, and eventually it locked me out. I also attempted to contact your phone numbers listed on the website, and ALL I GOT was a AUTOMATED SYSTEM. No one picked up the line, or not even a voice mail I let the phone ring @ 609-441-2000 for over 15 minutes each time and still NOTHING, it eventually hung up the line.. This can’t be how the Golden Nugget does business. I was looking forward to booking a 3-4 night stay at this location but the fact I can’t seem to get anyone on the line and your casino is suppose to be open 24 hours a day is very frustrating.
    I got a response from Jim Byrnes Senior Vice President of Casino Marketing who copied Korin Benmoh and Kim Hermman on the email requesting they look into the issue, that was on June 30th. As of today, I’ve had to send 2 emails to Kim Hermann requesting a status because she advised me that a profile would be created for me because there seems to be a issue with their website-but I’ve gotten no response from ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems that Golden Nugget has a pattern of providing TERRIBLE customer service.
    **Now after reading these reviews, I understand why I haven’t gotten anywhere**.

  • Ray says:

    My wife and I checked in on Saturday 12-24-22 and checked out at 6:30 a.m. Sunday 12-25-22. We had water in our room 1747 for a very short time. By 1:00 a.m. we noticed the ground floor had water. As I was ordering us a late night snack at Lillie’s Asian Cuisine, my wife went to the front deck to get an update on the water issues. She was told we still didn’t have water on our floor, but the lady at the desk assured her we would have service by morning. This was unacceptable as we smelled like cigarette smoke and wanted to shower before going to bed. She asked for a manager to move us to another room. He refused to do so telling us they we at capacity. We know that wasn’t true as we’ve been there many times overnight when the both the parking lot and casino were packed. On this visit neither was the case. We were very unhappy but decided to stay anyway since the ground floor had water and we were ASSURED there would be water service by morning. When we woke up at 6:00 a.m. we were still without water. We decided to immediately checkout and leave earlier than we planned. When I went to the front desk the woman was on her personal phone and had it on speaker. Shae asked for my name and I gave it to her. I then added I had issues and wanted to speak to a manager. She responded by saying “You’ll have to wait, I’m on the phone”. I told here that I still want to speak to a manager. As I stepped away from the desk as she said in a voice very loudly and sarcastically “I’m the manager and I’m on the phone and you’ll have to wait!” I already know it was a personal call since it was on a cell phone propped up to the computer screen and on speaker. I responded by saying you can’t talk to me like that I’m a customer and I have issues about my stay. At this point I was 10-15 feet from the desk and she yelled as if she was out side, “I said I’ll be with you in a minute”. I responded by saying I’m gonna find a manager. By now there were two people that came in line, when she got off the phone I was still with in the front desk area, but she instead of handling my issues she made them worse by taking one of the people in line. I responded to her ” so now your gonna ignore me and not take care of my issues…… this is bullshit”. I left and went to the casino entrance and ask the man to get me the hotel manager. I heard him respond on his radio that I wanted someone from quest services. Instead I got the floor security lead with 3 other people from security. I told her the issues and they walked down to talk to her at the front desk. NOTHING HAPPENED! I told them I wanted to speak to her boss as she reports to somebody. I was told her boss “Brittney” was not here. I repeated my request that I wanted to speak to the hotel manager. They said that they were not here as well. I responded that there is SOMEONE here that is overseeing the hotel and casino and I want to talk to them. Security said all I could do is wait for Brittney to come in at 10:30 or write a statement. Since after my experience there was no way in HELL I was waiting 2-3 hours for someone to show up. So we left after I wrote a statement.

    Since then I’ve spoken to Brittney once. I had to call 5 times before she answered. She has made no effort to make a follow up call and I’m unable to leave a message as the mail box is full. I’ve tried several calls to the Golden Nugget hotel manager but I’m unable to leave a message as well because the mailbox is full. There are times I’m placed on hold as long as 30+ minutes with no one answering and then if someone comes on and when I say “hello” they hang up. This just shows how much the Golden Nugget cares……….. not only won’t address what happened, but unwilling to even compensate me for the inconvenience and treatment of the hotel staff!

    Being in upper management I frequently entertain business clients at the Golden Nugget Lake Charles for lunch, dinners, concerts and other entertainment. I will not be back to do so in the future for either business or personal stays, dinner or entertainment. With a nice hotel/casino next door and a new hotel/casino now in the area we will be checking out there venues in the future. For the less than 24 hour stay we spent over 2k including dining (attached), entertainment and room. I understand losing my business will not affect your revenue. But I do have many clients as well as how a good portion of our business development budget is spent. Therefore I will be sharing my experience with my company, in addition to friends, family and social media.

  • Bonnie Terrell says:

    I visited on 9/22/22 upon exiting premise I got locked in elevator for 40 Min. Elevator started then dropped. None of the emergency buttons would work in elevator. Fire truck had to come rescue me. Since then none of the hotel staff will return my calls. No one came out to apologize. I’m a regular customer there. They treated me with lack of concern about what happened while trapped. Tried to contact them and no response. Still traumatized. No longer can ride in a elevator. I have fire report, pictures, video etc. Trapped alone for almost a hour. Horrible experience. If a accident happens you are on your own. Terrellbonnie@yahoo.com

  • Scott Motsenbocker says:

    No hot water in the room they gave me
    Also The ice machine was not working on my floor
    So had to go to the upper or lower floor to get ice
    Talked to casino host (Gary)
    Told him about it
    He blue me off, didn’t even have a business card.
    Won’t stay here again,
    What a night meir this place
    Is. Tried to get corp to address the problems, to no

  • Diane Olivier says:

    After registering for our room on May19, 2022 In Biloxi Mississippi, we received a free upgrade to a suite with a Jacuzzi. That was great. (We’ve stayed at this location several times a year) We entered the room and I was totally surprised to see that the toilet had been used with a bowel movement and not flushed. Room 649

    Unfortunately, I did not take a picture at the time because I was just so discussed. I just quickly flushed the toilet. Evidently someone did not inspect the room. I quickly wiped the toilet with my sanitizer. And mentioned it to my partner. At checkout I mentioned it to the clerk she apologized and then gave me the bill. (I should have called before flushing unfortunately)

    Why are the elevator not working to get to the pool area at ground level. Persons with disability may not be able to use the stairs. It’s been 2-3 years broken.

    I expect someone
    to reply

    • Bonnie Terrell says:

      My elevator jammed on me. I was stuck for almost a hour by myself. I guess the elevators are not maintained well. Horrible scary experience for me. Once out, do you think anyone from guest services came out? NO! Horrible experience!

  • Trying to be a guest says:

    To whom it may concern
    I was trying to reserve a room in 2 weeks advance. In Atlantic city NJ golden nugget.
    The person who answers the phone to make reservation said there was no guarantee for smoking room. So I guess your casino don’t want me to gamble there. He wasn’t helpful, sounded like thats it.
    Sorry but got a room at hard rock casino for smoking room.

  • Katrina L Harris says:

    I got marry and stayed at the golden nugget the rooms was so so to. Me. It’s like staying at a motel 8 front desk was rude and the floor i was on. The ceiling tiles onthe ceiling was missing and whoever did the work didnt Finnish the job and left old ceiling tiles in a trash basket in. Hallway im very dissatisfied i want come back no more

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