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  • Address: 2089 N Beltline Blvd, Columbia, SC 29204, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 803-782-0351

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 2,000

  • Established: 1967

  • Founder: Howard Walker

  • Key People: Mark Parmerlee (President and Chairman)

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Mark Parmerlee

President and Chairman

About Golden Chick, History and Headquarters Information

It is one of those companies that have been there since the beginning of a trade. When it comes to fried chicken, people may not be unfamiliar with the name of the Golden Chick.

The company that has established roots in Richardson, Texas; it grew to national prominence with time as its flavor and taste spread through the nation and attracted more and more number of patrons. It started in 1967 and has since opened up in many more places. It is known for its delicious and succulent chicken that people love to savor.

The key to its phenomenal success is its signature recipe, the spices that set apart the taste of the chicken from any other outlet. You will not find any other outlet serving the same taste of chicken. The outlet has made it a matter of pride to have kept its recipe guarded for such a long time.

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  • JB says:

    Hello ,I’m ready to drop y’all as my place to eat .There 2 place I visited need to SHUT down now…. Cause everything I visited the restaurant it take’s 3 chances to get my order right…The is never hot it’s just warm …. Please solve this issue….. Thank you

  • raquel vasquez says:

    First time n last time dining a Golden Chick. Yesterday the 14th went to store located 4525 Gus Thomasson Road Mesquite, TX 75150. Horrible service!! Manager n other 2 workers never greeted any customers. Seemed bothered n very rude when a customer asked to purchase extra rolls. I needed ice since ice machine on self serve was empty she totally ignored me. Will never go back! Horrible experience so tense.

  • June Hanna says:

    I went to the Golden Chick in Forney, Texas on FM548, ordered 4 piece tenders meal, they were out of fries so i asked for okra, and gravy with a diet dr pepper. Their soda machine was leaking carbonation and i returned my drink for another (zero pepsi) it too was nasty. The tenders were cold, the gravy tasted as if it was left overs, the okra was also cold. I spent the night in the hospital from food posioning. Please inspect this establishment.

  • Norma Cerda says:

    Store in San Antonio, Texas
    2503 SE Military Dr
    GM Rebecca Jackson

    Bad experience in store and when i made my complaint to Rebecca she first had nothing but excuses about her not doing her job and changing the menu prices just on the register in order to charge you more but menu had different prices displayed,, then she lied about how she was going to replace all my meals I had on my receipt. Because not only were they charging me a different price from the menu and not letting me know ahead of time, my sodas were all flat. When i got to store found her finally correcting the menu prices and she refused to honor her promise and replace my drinks that came along with the meals I purchased. What a low class #####! I Would never go back, She shouldn’t be allowed to manage, she has no sense on how to treat her customers and how to do her job right, she couldnt even change prices on the whole menu until I complained to make her aware they are falsely advertising, because they didn’t even let me know prices had gone up just charged me for the higher price.

  • Gilbert McCarley says:

    Store in Hutto Texas
    What is up with them? Today no catfish no coleslaw no corn fritter
    No white meat chicken no dine in doors locked. Tried drive thru but they were out of everything. Wanted summer special, all they had was legs & thighs. Cancel my order, glad KFC was close. They got my business. Not sure if I will ever go back to golden chick, they sure sucked today.

  • Discussed a custom says:

    Golden Chick in Forney, Tx . This is the worst Restaurant in the world. I went there several times. Each time my order was incorrect. I bought this to the manager attention
    (Marlyn) she was extremely unprofessional, fabricating what happen, had a low class attitude. While setting in restaurant waiting for the manager to correct their mistake. Another’s customer said I heard you speaking about your order was wrong? That no surprise at this store. This store should be name Golden chick surprise you will be surprised if your order is correct. The customer service Is nonexistent. Her staff do care, because the manager Unprofessional and uncaring and unconcern and will fabricate if she has to save her face. I will never spend money there again.

  • Scott Madison says:

    Horrible service Craig street fort Worth Texas


    I was in your restaurant in Belton TX and ordered a family size corn nuggets to go with our meal and they weren’t in the bag when I got home, so I called and was told by the manager that she would replace the when I came back in. I was unable to come back thru until today when I called ahead for them to be made and was told that they only keep my name for 7 days. I asked her why she didn’t tell me that, she said she thought I would be in the next day. well I don’t always go get food to bring home so I didn’t stop in for about 6 weeks, my question is how hard is it to keep my name on a board. I am not the one who didn’t put them in my bag. just wanted you to know that I don’t think I will be going back again. SINCERLY JUANITA MEYERS

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