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Where is Golden 1 Credit Union Corporate office Headquarters

Golden 1 Credit Union Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 670 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 877-465-3361

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 2,000

  • Established: 1933

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Donna A. Bland, (President/CEO)

Golden 1 Credit Union Headquarters Location & Directions

Golden 1 Credit Union Headquarters Executive Team



Allyson Hill

Senior VP & CFO

Dustin Luton CPA

Executive Vice President of Finance, Risk & Administration

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About Golden 1 Credit Union, History and Headquarters Information

It is located in California and operates in the 238 of the 58 counties located in the state. It has more than 80 offices and has its headquarters in Sacramento. The company is deeply rooted in a financial background and has made a name for itself as one of the most reliable credit companies.

You can approach the company regardless of the nature of your need. If you have a requirement of credit, then the company will make way for yout get help from one of its branches.

More often than not, failing businesses have found their savior in the company and have been able to get back on their legs and pay the company gratitude. If you are c=someone in need of money, then you should reach out to them and let them know of your need. Get in touch with them online or through one of their offices.

Golden 1 Credit Union Headquarters Photos

Golden 1 Credit Union Resources

  • Alice Rosenthal says:

    This company, Golden 1 Credit Union, sucks. I can’t see why anyone would have an account with them. I am closing mine as soon as I have a chance.

    This company is a perfect example of corporate bureaucracy. State of Ca employees have their accounts at Golden1 and are given terrible service. The employees move slow and put up extra inconveniences to make getting your money back more time consuming than necessary. All banks suck but this one is even worse.

    So if you are reading here is what happened to me.

    To start off I want to let you know that my husband and I have linked accounts at Golden1 Federal Credit Union. My husband has regular monthly transfer that go from his account to my account each month.

    In August 2019 my husband wanted to buy something before he left town on vacation for $8000. He didn’t have the cash in his Golden 1 account but he did have it in his Fidelity brokerage account. So my husband asked me if he could borrow the cash from me, give me a check for the cash loan. The plan was that when the Fidelity check arrived, I would drive to Golden 1 in downtown Oakland and deposit his Fidelity check into his account and then deposit his check for reimbursing me into my own Golden 1 account.

    When the Fidelity check arrived at our house I brought my husband’s Fidelity check to Golden1 in Oakland and I waited on line to deposit his Fidelity check into his Golden1 account and then I asked the bank manager who was helping me at the time if they could NOT put a hold the Fidelity check since it was from a big financial institution. I explained that I had a check from my husband’s account I wanted to deposit into my account so I could get reimbursed.

    The bank manager told me; “only the account holder can ask to release a hold on a check in person” but she said he could call the 800 number and ask. So I called my husband right then and asked him to call the 800 number which he did. He reported back to me that they would not release the funds immediately and they “had to put a hold on the check”.

    Both the Oakland Golden1 manager and the 800 customer service rep told us it would be a “two day hold” on the funds. The Oakland Golden1 manager told me that I risked bouncing his check if I deposited it before the Fidelity check cleared.

    Ten days later the check still hasn’t cleared! and I keep asking my husband to call the bank to see if and why it hasn’t cleared. My husband is acting annoyed at me for pestering him, but I am the one waiting on getting reimbursed for his stupid purchase back in August!

    It is 10 days since I deposited his Fidelity check into his Golden1 account. I want to deposit his Golden1 check made out to me into my Golden1 Account and get my money.

    I call Golden1 Customer Service and I ask why this check hasn’t cleared and the
    customer service rep told me that “there was a 2 day hold on the check but then then SOMEONE in the branch put an additional 7 day hold on the check”!!!!

    Like why would anybody do that? and who else knew about the check? As far as I can tell the only one who knew about this check was the Oakland Branch Manager! so it had to be her. Who else at the branch is going out of their way to put additional hold time on the check? And why did I waste my time asking her to not hold the fund and then calling my husband and asking him to call the bank to ask them to not hold the funds. What kind of customer service is that? We are married, our accounts are linked, there is a history of him transferring money to me, why would this be a suspicious activity? Not to mention that I can deposit my husband’s check using the photo option on my cell phone app because the amount is over my limit!

    Are banks and credit unions really in the business of serving their clients or acting as barriers to prevent their clients, their associates and family from accessing the funds they are entitled to?

    You may think $8000. is a lot of money. Yes I agree but I have over $20,000 in my account sitting there doing nothing. Why are they giving me a hard time about getting the money from my husband’s account to my account?

    If this is not the WORST customer service story you have ever heard, I would like you to tell me a story that is more unreasonable than this.


  • donald says:

    is your last name walton?

  • Luke says:

    Is golden one going to stand behind the Sacramento Kings calling a woman an opportunist

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