Where is GoFundMe Corporate office Headquarters

GoFundMe Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 855 Jefferson Avenue P.O. Box 1329 
    Redwood City, California 94063
  • Phone Number: (619) 721-3863
  • Fax Number:  N/A
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 366
  • Established: May 10, 2010
  • Founder: Brad Damphousse & Andrew Ballester
  • Key People: Courtney Ludwin

GoFundMe Headquarters Location & Directions

GoFundMe Headquarters Executive Team



Tracey Drake Weber

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Brad Damphousse

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Courtney Ludwin

Chief Software Architect

About GoFundMe, History and Headquarters Information

Located in Redwood City in California, it is one of the most recognizable brands in the recent past. Many people have lent their support to the causes that people put up on this site. One has to just reach out to the website and start a proposal for funding.

The campaigns on the website are generally crowd funded, and there are some of the most touching stories behind the people on this site. All over the world, they have been actively functioning to change the situation that they can help in. The company is majorly an online entity with an offline address for handling office work.

If you have any interaction with the company then you will do best to contact them via an online channel. They are operational all year round and help out as many people as they can. The company started in 2010 and has been rising since.

GoFundMe Headquarters Photos

  • MGB says:

    Something I do independently is research, background check, identify gender by writing styles, facial identification and look at every single detail in photos provided, and in around 10 minutes easily spotted four fraudulent accounts. What exactly does your 366 employees do, because you have a useless and lazy fraud investigation department.

  • Harville Coombs says:

    I having a problem transferring funds for beneficiary Anastassia Harris

  • Angie Von Haden says:

    Go fund me has been absolutely worthless in helping us get the donations out of the go fund me account we set up for my brother who is dying of stage for colon cancer. It’s been 30 days now and the donations are about to go back to the people who donated the money instead of to my brother who really needs the money and this last part of his life. There’s no phone number to call go fund me to actually speak to a human being we just keep getting email after email after email after email going round and round in circles. It’s so frustrating I wouldn’t recommend go for me to a dog.

  • Cauzzort says:

    Did someone ever get someone from the company to help get the funds? I am embarrassed in front of friends because I can not get the funds and because I tried to many times now it is under review and locked

  • Olya Wright says:

    I’ve set up an urgent account over 3 weeks ago. Responded to gofundme email with additional questions and still cannot transfer funds. Is this a scam? Nobody is responding to any of my emails!

  • Stacey Reyes Castelo says:

    There’s a GoFundMe Out of San Antonio Texas the dad Jacob Arce is doing to.keep.himself and his daughter a 5 mths old safe From The Mom .Which Is My Daughter Micaela Macy Castelo.This Guy is lying a the abuse he is saying she did to him no I took my daughter in so many time before the baby during the baby after . My daughter was his punching bag . She didn’t want to be that person to.put the law on Jacob .but on 2-11-22 she finally called the laws and well she was arrested the laws that showed up we’re a male cops. My daughter need to be w her baby . My granddaughter Ezlynn Sky Arce needs to.be w her mom she is 5 months old . Jacobs is saying lys the last time I call to check on my granddaughter was about 3 weeks ago they blocked us so there’s no threats . Thank you Stacey Reyes Castelo San Antonio Texas ; p.s. he need to stop his lysss

  • xmilitary says:

    Just saw a post where you stole money from some truckers. I will be listing your top people and their personal home address. Shame on you. I didn’t donate to this but I have other ways to contribute. Think twice next time.

  • Paul Johnson says:

    Your company is un American. Your company is an enemy of the American people. Brad Damphouse I hope you are charged with fraud and jailed over the trucking go fund me account. You sir are a leftist piece of shit.

  • Crystal says:

    GoFundMe is a political tool that allows fraudulent organizations like BLM to set up accounts to steal MILLIONS from ignorant citizens , while shutting down and attempting to steal millions from movements such as the Trucker Convoy of Canada. Boycott this shitty business and use the Christian app that the trucker convoy went to

  • Madduck says:

    Pathetic what they did to the freedom Convoy I hope you are severely penalized to every letter of the law

  • Steven Osborne says:

    They are a post office box, AKA Gofraudster

  • Dewey says:

    Your company is a joke! You are nothing but thieves buy not giving money that belongs to the truckers in Canada. I’ll do my best to make sure anyone I know will use another fund raising company. Your company has to be run by idiots.

  • Hans Helutin says:

    OTTOWA DISGRACE. Rather than just acting as a facilitator for financial transactions, the trucker situation in Ottawa has revealed that that this organization is not politically neutral. In addition, the resulting publicity has shed light on the complaints of smaller individuals about this organizations fiscal and operational weaknesses. As a 501(c)(3) “public charity”, GoFundMe should be subject to a financial audit, and a review of its policies, procedures, and internal controls.

  • Trucker says:

    You lot are scum, my dog rescue used to use you but with what you have done to the Canadian truckers you can now GoBlowme

  • Charles F. says:

    How can you use a post office as your business headquarters? You are shameless and a scam. You aren’t as big as you think you are

  • Deborah Songer says:

    Have used Go Fund Me countless times to help others, will NEVER use again
    Will still help others but not through GFM.
    Shutting down funds to Freedom truckers, stopping supporters funds….BIG MISTAKE! Shame on you.

  • Damnyou says:

    You people are woke hypocrites and lier’s ….the way y’all are silencing and shutting down fundraising accounts you don’t agree with and allowing the ones that cause death and distruction to raise money not to mention for bail money for murderers and rapists

  • Freedom. says:

    The American people are so disgusted with your company and what you’ve done to the people in Canada you funded BLM as they burn cities down and didn’t hold their money and people that are peacefully protesting for a constitutional rights and freedom you take their money I pray to God and hope that your company goes down and completely gets destroyed to where you cannot operate as a business anymore it is sickening what you people are doing to American people that have rights sickening we will never use your business again.

  • Suzanne Simonis says:

    Send the truckers money to them.

  • Ronald S Walker says:

    Thieves! All I have been hearing about this Company is Thievery! From Private People to Truck Drivers! When will it End People???

  • Nic orriss says:


  • Marie says:

    We will never support your organisation for the donations in Canada, you are not trusthworthy with the funds collected for the Freedom Convoy. You are not true to what you promise, and I will ensure people are aware. Another WE scandale.

  • Reece Lester says:

    From everything I am seeing people can send their money to go fund me but are having big problems withdrawing money.

    So is GoFundMe in money problems and having to borrow from the people that donate?

    Something is certainly going on here.

  • True Patriot says:

    Your handling of the freedom convoy 2022 is deplorable and will be the end of your company! Bye bye!

  • Anonymous says:

    Go Fund me is a fraud scheme stop using it. Open their books and indict.

  • Sarah says:

    Friday, January 28, 2022*

  • Sarah says:

    I need a response by the end of today, Friday January 27, 2022. I have been getting dicked around by two of your Indian representatives via email for almost 2 weeks now trying to withdraw my funds. I will open up a lawsuit and go to the BBB if I am not responded to!

  • Barry Gravity says:

    Bunch of cunts

  • Kaylea Beougher says:

    I have beem trying for day to contact support! I am not receiving the verification e-mail so that I can withdraw my funds. My brothers funeral is tomorrow and now I wont be able to be there. I have had family and friends donate hundreds of dollars to get me there. I am extremely upset!!! 😡

    • Sarah says:

      Did you ever receive an answer? I’m filing a report by the end of today and contacting the BBB

    • Nic orriss says:

      dont refund!! charge back!!! they get a large fee when you do that. thats why they coward and decided not to steal

    • Ronald S Walker says:

      hieves! All I have been hearing about this Company is Thievery! From Private People to Truck Drivers! When will it End People???

  • Frankie says:

    I set up a time sensitive gofundme and I’ve been receiving donations that are not showing. I cannot get answers with live chat, there are no options for an email and your phone number in California headquarters does not exist. These are my friends and family members who are donating to my emergency. I hope to get a response soon you have a lot of angry people on your hands who would like to know where the money is. Including my self.

  • Arica Ingram says:

    My name is Arica Ingram. I have set up my account but although listed..it won’t accept my banking information. Therefore I can’t complete my withdrawals. Please help.

  • Pearlene Hamler says:

    You are plainly out of order: You have absolutely no right to input corruption into my application. I am filing a complaint with SEC. I cannot get this terrible thing deleted. Your actions are based on racial discrimination & political bias.

    • Ronald S Walker says:

      hieves! All I have been hearing about this Company is Thievery! From Private People to Truck Drivers! When will it End People???

  • Cathy Edison says:

    Please help me figure out how I get the funds donated to me account.

    • Frankie says:

      Just curious if you ever received an answer. I am having similar problems and it is impossible to reach anyone. I am about to make the 4 hour drive to their office but I’m afraid it doesn’t exist

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